Dorothie BLOWHOLE / Blowbole (almost certainly) married 6/24/1541 in Heveningham Suffolk, buried Wingfield 5/9/1596

Spouse: James BELL husbandman, buried 11/8/1589 Wingfield, will dated 11/4/1589 at  Wingfield proved 1/7/1589/90  in Blythburgh, widow  executrix

Children:  Margaret married _____ Wellam; Dorathie married George Barrell; Ellen married  _____ Sampson; William


Vital Records from the NEHGS Register: George Barrell, Emigrant to Boston in 1638, and his Children and Grandchildren [Part I]: Though the will of the emigrant's father was published in the Register in 1911, various questions about his family have remained unanswered.  The emigrant's wife was Anne, what was her maiden name and was she his only wife? Where in England were the emigrant's children baptized?  These questions and others have now been answered thanks to the efforts of two English researchers: Philip Barrall of Thetford, Norfolk, who for many years has privately explored Barrel origins in Suffolk and throughout England and America, and Dr. Joanna Martin of Ipswich, Suffolk, who has undertaken research in Suffolk on behalf of Russel Moe of Wildwood, Florida, and his wife Thelma, a descendant of the emigrant George Barrell. The discoveries required the two English researchers to examine extensively Suffolk church records in the parishes surrounding South Elmham and beyond.  My complementary research o this side of the Atlantic has further illuminated the lives of George and Anne and their adult children Anne, Willliam, John, and their youngest son James, who accompanied their father and mother to Boston in 1638 or arrived soon after. As a result of this Research, "Anne Gawood," mentioned as a grandchild in the emigrant's 1642 will has been identified.  1.  George Barrell, the emigrant's father, was born say 1550, probably in Suffolk, and was buried at St. Michael's, South Elmham, Suffolk, 30 May 1620. He married in Wingfield, Suffolk, 20 Oct 1576 Dorothy Bell.  She was buried at St. Michael's South Elmham, 27 July 1624, as Dorothy Barrell widow. Dorothy Bell was the daughter of James Bell, who was buried in Wingfield 8 Nov 1589. The will of James Bellj, husbandman, dated 4 Nov 1589 at winefield, was proved 7 Jan 1589/90 in Blythburgh, Suffolk, his widow Dorothie appearing there as executrix of his estate.  In the will James mentiond  wife Doroythie, daughters Margaret Wellam, Dorathie Barrell, and Ellen Sampson, and son William. According to the will, William Bell was to pay Dorathie Barrell five shillings a year for nine years beginning in the second year following James Bell's death. James Bell was almost certainly the James Bell who married Dorrithe Blowhole 24 June 1542 in Heveningham, suffolk, a parish about thirteen miles from Wingfield, ten miles from Hevingham, and four miles from South Elmham. The will of George Barrell, the emigrant's father, dated 27 May 630 at South Elmham, just three days before his burial in St. Michael's churchyard, was proved 3 June 1620 in Beccles, Suffolk. In the will George Barrell, carpenter, mentioned wife Dorothy, son George Barrell, daughter Ellen Barrell, wife of Jacob Barrell blacksmith of Layston; daughter Alice and grandchild John Baker, and grandchild John barrell of the City of Norwich. Wife Dorothy and son George were to be executors of the will.  Children of George and Dorothy (Bell) Barrell, baptized in the parishes of Wingfield, Cratfield, and Linstead Parva, Suffolk (both parents were named in all the baptism records).  i.  James Barrell, bp Wingfield 5 Oct 1578; bur there 14 Oct 1578.  ii. Gregory Barrell, bp. Cratfield 16 Oct 1580; bur there 10 Nov 1850

English Marriages 1538 - 1973: James Bell, 6/24/1541, Suffolk England, Marriage, Dorrithe Blowbole 


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