Branch, Branche, Braunche, Braunch, Brainch


Spouse:  Joan, married (2) Peter de Boxted, she was dead by 12/11/1279

Children: Nicholas


Nicholas BRANCHE

Spouse: Robrye / Robriga

Children: Sir Andrew died 23 Edward III (1354), married Joan de Kyngeston, Eleanor


Elinor / Alianore / Eleanor BRANCHE died 1333,  heir to her nephew Thomas by a fine levied 9E3

Spouse: Richard de WYNSLADE

Children: Stephen, heir


An Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Gallow ... By Francis Blomefield, Charles Parkin: Thomas Braunch died lord about the year 1361 and Mary his wife remarried John Giffard as appears from the clause rolls in the 44th of Edward III, she was daughter of Walter Whitehorse and in the 34th of the said King, Stephen Winslade assigned to her this manor for life in full dower. Stephen was son and heir Alianore by her husband Richard de Winslade and sister of Sir Andrew Braunch to whom this inheritance came.
//P// BRANCH'S MANOR This was the principal manor and held by a family that gave name to it under the Waucis; Ralph Branch was lord as appears from the Register of Walsingham, and Richard was his son but sans date. //P//  In the 26th of Henry III a fine was levied between William Braunche and Joan his wife impedients Thomas Trivet and Alianore his wife, querents of the moiety of a knight's fee and advowson of the church of North Barsham passed to Thomas &c; this Thomas was in arms in the barons wars against King Henry III and his lands here given to Henry de Lacy, but in the second year of Edward I the King directed his writ to the Barons of the Exchequer to discharge Thomas Trivet from 20s 1d ob charged on him for the issues of this manor during the time of its being seized into the hands of King Henry III the Archbishop of York and Robert Walerand testifying that he constantly adhered to that King during those wars though all his lands were seized on a sinister suspicion after the battle of Evesham; this Thomas is said to have been a knight, one of the King's justices and father of Nicholas Trivet the historian who wrote the reigns of several Kings of England. In the 57th of Henry III he was a judge of Norwich and in the 7th of Edward I a commissioner to enquire after the authors of the quarrel between the monks and citizens of Norwich which begun in King Henry's time but still it appears that the family of Branch had an interest in it. Nicholas Braunch held half a fee in the reign of Henry III and in the 8th of Edward I. Nicholas son and heir of Joan paid relief for lands which he held in capite. //P//  In the 29th of Edward I. Henry Hamond impleaded Nicholas son of John Braunch &c for the flinging down his fold in this town who pleaded it to be an innovation and in the 32d of that King, Reginald de Pavely and John de Higham settled by fine a messuage, one carucale of land, and a mark rent, here, with the advowson of the church in tail, on Nicholas Braunch and Robriga his wife; and in the 7th of Edward II the lordship and hundred of Frome in Somersetshire were settled on Sir Nicholas Branch and his wife Robergia. //P// Andrew Braunch was lord and Joan his wife in the 14th of that King and in the l6th of Edward III. Sir Andrew Braunch granted to Mr Hervey de Stanton parson of Elm in the Isle of Ely and Henry son of Aungier de Staunton for the life of Mr Harvey, this lordship and advowson.  Hervey held it for life, being of the inheritance of Thomas son of Andrew Braunch who was under age and in the King's custody held of the Earl of Arundel as of the honour of Cattleacre. Thomas Braunch died lord about the year 1361 and Mary his wife remarried John Giffard as appears from the clause rolls in the 44th of Edward III; she was daughter of Walter Whitehorse and in the 84th of the said King, Stephen Winslade assigned to her this manor for life in full dower. Stephen was son and heir Alianore by her husband Richard de Winslade and sister of Sir Andrew Braunch to whom this inheritance came 

Calendar of the Close Rolls Preserved in  the Public Records Office: Order to deliver to Stephen de W ynslade, son and heir of Eleanor who was wife of Richard de Wynslade and sister of Andrew Braunche, and cousin and heir of Thomas son of Andrew Braunche tenant in chief, all the lands of Andrew...

The Battle Abbey Roll: The Norman family of Branch whose estates lay in the Caux, accompanied William de Warrenne to England 1066, where Ralph Branche received a grant of two knight's fees, of which Gresham was the chief seat. --The Norman People. Sir Nicholas de Branche held Peperharow, Surrey, temp. Ed. I (Manning's Surrey). About the time of King John, William Braunche married the heiress of Ralph Fitz Bernard, "and in her right became possessed of the hundred, Manor, and town of Frome, with other property in this and the neighborhood counties; and 23 Henry III paid 100 for the relief of the land of his wife's inheritance. This William bore on his seal the fleur de lis , surmounted with a file of three points. He died 8 Ed. I and was succeeded by Nicholas Braunche."  (Probably the Nicholas above mentioned.) "who with Roberga his wife, held the manors of Frome and la Valice, with the hundred of Frome, by the service of one knight's fee 7 Ed. II. Sir Andrew Braunche, son and heir of Nicholas, 19 Ed. III, granted two mills in Frome, with the bailiwick of the bedelary of the hundred of Frome, to Robert Ademont for life, which mills and bailiwick were certified to be held of the King as parcel of the Manor of Frome-Braunche. He died 23 Ed. III, leaving issue Thomas his son and heir, but he dying in his minority, the manor became the property of Richard Wiynslade, who married Ahanor sister of the said Andrew Braunche. Collinson's Somerset. 

A topographical history of Surrey: the geological section by Gedeon Mantell By Edward Wedlake Brayley, Mantell: Parish of Peper Harow....The superiority of this manor remained vested in the descendants of Fitz Other until the time of Richard the Second though the usufructuary property had long been transferred to others. Walter called Fitz Other or Fitz Otho from the name of his father being governor of the castle of Windsor his descendants adopted the surname of De Windsor. The manor of Peperharow was subsequently held by Walter de Windsor the great grandson of Fitz Otho who dying without male issue his daughters Christian married to Duncan de Lascells and Gunnora the wife of Ralph de Hesdeng divided the paternal inheritance in the reign of king John when probably this manor was alienated for we learn from the Testa de Nevill that William Branche held it of the Honour of Windsor in the time of Henry the Third by the service of one knight's fee. and he was subject also to the payment of 6s 8d in lieu of the service of castle guard at Windsor for twenty four weeks. The superiority of the manor thus reserved became vested in the posterity of William de Windsor brother and heir male of Walter from whom it appears to have descended to Sir Miles Windsor who died in 1388 leaving his interest in the estate to Brian his son and heir. William Branche and his wife Joan obtained from Henry the Third a grant of free warren throughout this manor which Joan held as lady of the manor after his death and subsequently to her remarriage with Peter de Boxted in the 7th of Edward the First. The estate appears to have been afterwards mortgaged for in 1298 Henry de Guldeford recovered the manor from Sir Nicholas Branche the son and heir of William by a writ of Novel Disseisin in 1303 he obtained a charter of free warren and he died seised of this property in 1313. It was next held by the family of Stockton or Stoughton but at length reverted to that of Branche. In 1354 Andrew Branche died seised of the manor of Peper harow which he as well as his predecessors held of the honour of Windsor paying for castle guard the sum of 14 shillings and 5 pence every twenty four weeks. Thomas Branche died unmarried in 1361 when the inheritance devolved on females and the estate was transferred to other families 


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