Colburn, Colborn, Colbron, Colebron

William COLBURN of Brentwood, South Weald, Essex, born circa 1593,  migration 1630 Boston,  died Boston 8/1/1662 

Spouse: Margery / Margaret ____; married by 1621 or earlier

Children: James born circa 1619, buried South Weald 5/9/1621; William baptized South Weald 4/17/1621, buried 6/2/1621; Sarah baptized South Weald 8/25/1622, married ___ Pierce; Mary baptized South Weald 4/25/1625, married John Barrell and (2) Daniel Turrell; Elizabeth baptized South Weald 5/7/1627, married by 1646 Moses Paine


Mary COLBURN baptized South Weald, Essex 4/25/1625

Spouse: John BARRELL, cooper,  baptized Cookley, Suffolk 3/1/1617/8, died Boston 8/29/1658, member Military Co. of MA, sergeant, ensign, Mary married (2) Roxbury 1659 Capt. Daniel Turrell/Turell/Turel

Children:  John Barrell born circa 8/1/1645, baptized 8/3/1645, died before 3/15/1652-3; Mary Barrell born circa 3/16/1646-7, baptized 3/21/1647, died Boston 3/10/1664-5; James Barrell born circa 3/28/1649, baptized 4/1/1649, witnessed deed dated 1677; Hannah Barrell born 4/23/1651, baptized 4/27/1651, married Daniel Turrell Jr.; John Barrell born 3/15/16520-3, baptized 3/27/1653, died Boston 3/27/1653; William Barrell born 7/28/1654, baptized 7/30/1654, married Lydia (Turner) James; John Barrell born circa 2/18/1656-7, baptized 2/22/1656-7, married (1) Elizabeth ____ (2) Sibella Legg, (3) Abiah (Sanderson) (Buttolph)) Beard; all children baptized at First Church Boston


The Great MigrationWilliam Colbron. Origin: Brentwood, South Weald, Essex.  Migration: 1630. First Residence: Boston.  Church Membership:  William Colbron was one of the church wardens of South Weald, Essex, in 1626 [S. Weald Churchwardens' Accounts, 1585 - 1717; f. 62R, D/P 128/5/1, Essex Record Office,  Chelmaford, Essex].  "Willyam Colborne" admitted to Boston church as member #9 which would be in late August or early September 1630 [BChR 13].  On 25 Oct 1630 John Winthrop recorded that "Mr. Colburn (who was chosen deacon by the congregation a week before) was invested by imposition of hands of the minister and elder [WJ 1:44; WP 2:268].  On 1 July 1660, "William Colebron aged sixty-seven uears or thereabouts, heretofore Deacon now Ruling Elder of the First Church of Christ in Boston" deposed that in 1639 the Church sold to Robert Thompson of London, merchant, then "resident in Boston" the old meetinghouse in Boston with the land belonging to it for 160 that "was employed towards the erecting the great meeting house now standing" [SLR 3:386].  Freeman: Requested 19 Oct 16330 (as "Mr. Will: Colbron") and admitted 18 May 1631 (as "Mr. Wm. Colbran") [MBCR 1:80, 366].  Education: He signed deed of 1654 while his wife Margery made her mark [SLR 2:35]. On 1 Aug 1636 he gave 8s. to the support of the school master [BTR 1:160[. His inventory included "books" valued at 1.  Offices: Deputy for Boston to General Court, 9 May 1632, 4 Mar 1634/5, 6 May 1635, 2 Sep 1635, 7 Dec 1636, 18 Apr 1637, 2 Nov 1637, 12 Feb 1637[/8]] (did not serve) [MBCR 1:95, 135, 145, 156, 185, 191, 205; BTR 1:15, 20, 31]. Boston member of committee to build bridges over Muddy River and Stony River, 56 Aug 1633 [MBCR 1107].  Committee on bounds between Watertown and Cambridge, 4 Mar 1634/5 [MBCR 1:139, 144, 254]; on bounds between Boston and Chaarlestown [MBCR 1:148], and on bounds between Boston and Roxbury, 20 Jan 1639/40], and Boston and Cambridge 2 Oct 1640 [MBCR 1:341-42].  Colony assessor, 15 Nov  1637 [MBCR 1:209].  Committee on "rates of wharfing," 11 Nov 1647 [MBCR 2:205].  Boston selectman, 21 Mar 1635/6. 16 Sep 1636, 20 Mar 1636[/7], 16 Oct 1637, 23 Apr 1638, 5 Nov 1638, 13 May 1639, 16 Dec 1639, 28 Aug 1640, 17 May 1641, 6 Dec 1641, 26 Aug 1642, 20 Feb 1642[/3], 17 May 1644, 10 Apr 1645, 18 Mar 1646[/7], 13 Mar 1647[/8], 12 Mar 1648[/9], 11 Mar 1649[/50],  [BTR 1:9, 11, 16, 20, 34, 35, 41, 44, 55, 61, 65, 70, 72, 79, 84, 90, 92, 94, 99]. Rater, 6 Oct 1634 [BTR 1:2].  Committee to dispose of publlic lands, 18 Dec 1634 [BTR 1:3, 7].  Committee to set prices and wages, 30 Nov 1635 [BTR 1:5].  Fenceviewer 17 Apr 1637, 25 Mar 1639 [BTR 1:17, 39].  Highway overseer, 20 Aug 1638 [BTR 1:35]. Highway and lotlayer, 25 Nov 1639, 10 Mar 1640, 29 Jan 1643[/4], 18 Mar 1643[/4], 29 Apr 1644, 26 Aug 1644, 23 Mar 1645[/6] [BTR 1:43, 52, 78, 79, 81, 87]. Committee to build a bridge at Muddy River, 26 Oct 1640 [BTR 1:56], Appointed to repair the common gate next to Roxbury, 29 May 11643 [BTR 1:74]. As "William Colbron, deacon," chosen to treat with neighboring towns for a convenient way to fortify Castle Island, 8 Jan 1643[/4] [BTR 1:77]. Committee to set bounds, 29 July 1650 [BTR 1:101].   Estate:  "Received the 8th of May 11629 of Mr. Will[ia]m Colbron of Brentwood the sum of twenty & five pounds for his adventure towards London's plantation in Mattachusetts Bay in New England in America for which su a division of land and an adventure of stock is to be allotted to him as to every of the adventurers proportionable to each man his underwriting shall be concluded and agreed upon I say received the sum of 25 per me George Harwood S[ecretary]" [MA Arch 100:60].  Based on this contribution of 1629, Colbron petitioned in 1658 to receive a grant of land, and in "answer to the petition of Mr. William Colebron, the Court judgeth it meet to grant him three hundred acres of land where he can find it, & is in reference to twenty five pounds by him formerly paid into the common stock" [MBCR 4:1:336-37]. On 16 Oct 1660 there was "laid out three hundred acre of land, in obedience unto an order of the General Court, dated the 19th of the third month, 1658, for Mr. W[illia]m Colebron, of Boston, lying in the wilderness beyond Meadfeild, adjoining unto the east side of Nicholas Wood's farm" [MBCR 4:1:441].  On 16 Mar 1630/1 John Winthrop noted that "About noon the chimney of Mr. Sharp's house in Boston took fire (the splinters being not clayed at the top), and taking the thatch burnt it down, and the wind being N.W., drove the fire on Mr. Colburn's house, being [blank[ rods off, and burnt that down also, yet they saved most of their goods" [WJ 1:567-58; see also WP 3:21, which would seem to place the event on 26 Mar].  On 14 Dec 1635 the town of Boston agreed that "Mr William Colborne shall have his proportion of ground for a farm unto him laid out at Muddy River, near unto and about his house which he hath there built" [BTR 1:6].  On 4 Jan 1635[/6] the town agreed to set out an allotment at Mount Woollyston for William "Cobourne" and others, with a convenient proportion of meadow "according to their number of cattle" [BTR 1:7].  In the 1637 town grant, "Mr. William Coulborne" received one hundred and fifty acres and ten acres of marsh and Muddy River [BTR 1:26-27].  On 27 Jan 1639[/40] "Mr. Wiliam Coulbron" was granted a parcel of fresh meadow [BTR 1:48].  The possessions of "Mr. William Coleborne within the limits of Boston" in 1645 included house and garden [BBOP 33].  On 24 June 1654 William Coleborne "one of the ruling Elders of the Church of Christ in Boston," and Margery his wife, deeded four acres of meadow at Muddy River to Edward Devotion [SLR 1:128-29]/.  On 14 Aug 1650 "Mr. William Coleborne of Boston," with the consent of Margery his wife, granted to Peter Aspinwall & Robert Sharpe his farm of one hundred and fifty acres at Muddy River [SLR 1:128-29].  In his will, dated 1 Aug 1662 and proved 29 Oct 1662, William Colbron bequeathed to the Church of Boston "whereof i was a member" 40; to "my loving wife"  60 and "all my estate both real and personal during her natural life"; wife sole executrix; to "my daughter Sarah Peirce & her daughter Sarah Colpit" one quarter of the estatwe; to "my daughter Mary Turand & her first children which she had by John Barrell as James, William, John & Mary & Hannah" one half of three fourths of the estate; to "my daughter Elizabeth & her children which she hath or may have by my son Paine" the other half of three fourths of the estate to be equally divided betwixt them; "Mr. Ransford & Jacob Elliott" overseers to be paid 20s. each [SPR 1:398].  The inventory of the estate of "Mr. W[illia]m Colbron deceased," taken 15 Oct 1662, totalled  895 8s., of which  680 was real estate: "dwelling house & orchard & the barn & land about it,"  350, "ten acres of salt march at Muddy River,"  30; and "two parcels of asture land,"  300 [SPR 4:116-17].  On 22 Jan 1663[/4] Margery Coleborne, widow, executrix of the estate of her husband William Coleborne, deeded four acres of land in Boston to Henry Phillips [SLR 4:99].  Birth:  About 1593 (deposed 12 Jully 1660 aged sity0seven years or thereabouts [SLR 3:386]).  Death: Boston 1 Aug 1662 [BVR 85].  Marriage:  By 1621 (and probably earlier) Margaret or Margery ___; "Margery Colborne the wife of Willyam Colborne" admitted to Boston church as member #15, which would be in late Aug or early Sep 1630 [BChR 13]; she died after 22 Jan 1663[/4] [SLR 4:99].  Children:  i.. James b say 1619 (or earlier); bur. South Weald, Essex, 9 May 1621.  ii. William, bp South Weald 17 Apr 1621 "son to William Colborne & Margrett his wife"; bur. there 2 June 1621.  iii. Sarah bp South Weald 25 Aug 1622; m ____ Pierce. (Although Savage has this Sarah marrying one of the men named William Pierce in Boston, this is not certain. The name of her daughter as given in the nineteenth-century copy of the will, Sarah Colpit, has probably been corrupted, and if we knew that name correctly we migh learn more about the elder Sarah's husband.)  iv.  Mary, bp. South Weald 25 Apr 1625; m. (1) by 1645 [BVR 21]); m (1) by 1645 John Barrell (eldest child b Boston 6 Aug 1645 [BVR 21]); m (2) Roxbury 10 Nov 1659 Daniel Turrell [recorded BVR 72, where she is called "Mary Barrell widow, daughter of Elder William Colebron"].  v.  Elizbeth bp South Weald 7 May 1627 (mother's name given incorrectly as "Eliz[abeth]"); m by 1646 Moses Paine (eldest child b. Braintree 16 Jul 1646 [BVR 630]; see also TAG 21:189).  Associations:  William is probably the "cousin William Colbron of New England" to whom testator Henry Colbron of St Antholin's, London, scrivener, bequeathed 200, 1 Aug 1655 [PCC 1655 folio 88].  William was possibly the son of Anthony Colbron, tailor, of Little Harley, Essex, who mentioned a son William in his 1618 will [D/ABW 11/152, Essex Record Office, Chelmsford, Essex].  Comments: Brentwood, now a separate parish, was in 1629 a village within the parish of South Weald, Essex.  A William Colbron, aged 16, sailed from London for New England on the James in 1635, and Savage thinks that this was a son of the immigrant, but as we have seen above William and Margery Colbron had a son William in 1621 who died in that same year, and so the 1635 passenger must belong to some other family.  On 15 Jan 1637/8, Governor Winthrop wrote to William Coddington, John Coggeshall, and William Colburn objhecting to their remonstrance which probably related to the trial of Ann Hutchinson; this difference of opinion probably explains why Colbron did not serve as deputy after his appointment 12 Feb 1637[/8] [WP 4:8-9].  On 14 July 1648, as one of the feoffees in trust for William Hudson, Sr. of Boston, William Colbron sold eighty acres of land in Braintree to Henry Neale and Peter George of Boston [SLR 1:93].

Vital Records from the NEHGS Register: George Barrell, Emigrant to Boston in 1638, and his Children and Grandchildren: Jonathan A.. Shaw (concluded from Register 165 [2011]:14):  4. John Barrell (George 1, George A) was baptized in Cookley, Suffolk, 1 March 1617/8]. He died in Boston MA 29 Aug 1658.  He married in Boston before 6 Aug 1645 (when their first known child was born) Mary Colburn, baptized in South Weald, Essex, 25 April 1625, daughter of William and Margery (___) Colburn/Colborn/Colbron.  Mary married second in Roxbury MA in 1659, Daniel Turrell, and she died in Boston 23 Jan 1697, as Mary Turrell, wife of Captain Daniel Turrell/Turrell/Turel.  John Barrell, cooper, was admitted to the First Church of Boston on 14 June 1645, and his wife Mary was admitted on 12 March 1648[/9]. In 1643 John Barrell became a member of the Military Co. of MA (later called the Ancient and Hon. Artillery Co. of MA). In 1654 he was called Sergeant Barrell when he was sent to Narragansett to meet with the Indians to determine if they were conspiring with the Dutch against the English colonists. In 1656 he became ensign of the Co.  In his will dated 27 Aug 1658, roved 16 Sep 1658, John Barrell gave "all my proper Estate that is my owne to my wife to bring up the children, and to maintaine my mother." He stated that "the old house and ground is my mothers dureinge her life" and made his wife "sole executril." The inventory of the estate was valued at 434 13s. 5d., and Mary Barrell, the widow of John, desposed 18 Nov 1658.  William Colbron, in his will dated 1 Aug 1662, proved 9 Oct 1662, made numerous bequests.  His "daughter Mary Turand [sic] and her five Children wch she had by John Barrell, as James, William, John, Mary & Hannah" were to receive half of three/fourths of his estate. Margery Colborn, William's widow, in her will dated 27 Oct 1673, proved in Boston 30 Jan 1673/4, made a bequest of 10 to her grandson William Barrell.  On 11 Mar 1671/2, Daniel Turrell, Sen., of Boston and "Mary, his wife Executrix to the Estate of John Barrill her former husband late of sd Boston deced," for 215 sold to Thomas Dewer of Boston "a certain house and Land sometime in the possession of the sd John Barrill deced," located on the street that leads from the dock to the water mill.  Daniel Turrell, Sr., a blacksmith and anchorsmith, served as a selectman of Boston from 1676 to 1690. He was buried there 24 July 1693. As Daniel Turrell, Sr., anchorsmith, he left a will dated 12 July 1688, proved 4 Aug 1693, mentioning wife Mary, sons Daniel Turrell, Jr., Colborn Turrell, and Samuel Turrell, son Joseph Turrel's two children, Humphry and Sarah, and Sarah and Lydia Foster, children of "my deceased daughter Lydia Foster." The inventory of Capt Daniel Turrell's estate was taken 14 Oct 1693 and totaled 877. Children of John and Mary (Colburn) Barrell, all born in Boston and baptized at the First Church there:  i. John Barrell b ca 1 Aug 1645; pb 3 Aug 1645, aged 3 days; d before 15 Mar 1652-3 when a second child named John was born.  ii. Mary Barrell b circa 16 Mar 1646-7; bp 21 Mar 11647, aged about 6 days, d Boston 10 Mar 1664-5.  iii. James Barrell b ca 28 Mar 1649; bp 1 Apr 1649 aged about 4 days. He was mentioned as an "of age" son of John Barrell in a deed dated 15 June 1674, from Daniel Turrell Sr. and Mary his wife to John Hull. James witnessed a deed dated 17 Aug 1677.  5. iv.  Hannah Barrell b 23 Apr 11651; bp 27 Apr 1651; m Daniel Turrell Jr.   v. John Burrell b 15  Mar 1652-3; bp 27 Mar 1653; d Boston 27 May 1653.  6 vi. William Barrell b 28 July 1654; bp 30 July 1654; m Lydia (Turner) James.  7. vii. John Barrell b ca 18 Feb 1656-7; bp 22 Feb 1656-7; m (1) Elizabeth ____ (2) Sibella Legg; (3) Abiah (Sanderson) (Buttolph) Beard.  5. Hannah Barrell ... ... ...  6.  William Barrell (John 2, George 1, George A) was born in Boston 28 July 1654, and was baptized at the First Church there 30 July 1654. He died in Scituate MA 7 Nov 1689, age 35, and was buried in the Second Church Cemetery, now in Norwell MA. He married in Scituate 20 April 1680, Lydia (Turner) James, born in Scituate 24 Jan 1652, daughter of John2  (Humphrey1) and Mary (Brewster) Turner, and widow of John James. She died in Scituate 20 June 1714 age 62, and was buried in the Second Church Cemetery.  ... ... ...

Inhabitants and Estates of the Town of Boston: 1630 - 1822:  Last: Barrell First:  William  Died: 1639 REFCODE: 4607.  
Last: Burrill First: William Deed: Jan 4, 1652 Jan 4, 1653 4(11)1652/3 William Burrill NW of Thomas Clark (SD 1:289) North St. Abutters: Tho Clark is/ REFCODE 10319.  
Thwing Collection:  Colburn / Colbrone, William, Spouse: Margery; Children: Sarah, m 1st Wm Pearce, m2nd Colpit; Mary m 1st John Barrell, m 2nd Daniel Turell; Elizabeth m Moses Paine of Braintree. Event: Aug 27, 1630 admitted to Church; June 22, 1634. His servant Garrett Bourne admitted to Church.  Office: 1636 Selectman, 1637 Selectman, 1638 Selectman, 1639 Selectman, 1640 Selectman, 1641 Selectman, 1642 Selectman, 1643 Selectman, 1644 Selectman, 1645 Selectman, 1646 Selectman, 1647 Selectman, 1648 Selectman, 1649 Selectman, 1650 Selectman Deacon Elder.  Deed:  Possessions - housee and garded, High St. E, Lane and Edward Belcher S., Jacob Leger N (BP 85) W side of Washington St., N corner of Boylston St [Colburne's field was W of Washington St., and S of Boylston St., extending to Castle St. In boundaries of BP, but not recorded. Sept 14, 1697 Estate of Elder William Colburn: Articles of Division between William Payne (joiner) grandson of Elder Wm Colburn of the 1st part, Mary Small (widow) and sister of sd William Payne and one of the grandchildren of the sd Wm Colburn of the 2nd part Thomas Powell (mariner) with w Margaret one other sister of the sd Payne and granddaughter of the sd Wm Colburn, dec'd of the 3rd part; Thomas Walker Jr. (brickurner) with w Rebekah one of the sisters of sd Payne of the 4th part; 1st Wm Payne a piece of pasture land at the South End, E by the highway going to Roxbury, N land of the late Jacob Eliot W land of Richard Bellingham; S land set forth to Thomas Powell; Also one other piece of pasture land; S by the Neck; E by the aforesaid highway; W by the sea; N by land of sd Powerl [W side Washington S of Boylston]. 2nd Mary Small (widow) a piece of land on W which her house now stands at the South End N land of Michawel Shaller; E on the street leading toward Roxbury; S land of Asaph Eliot and W [W side Washington beetween West & Boylston]. 3rd That Thomas Powell with w Margaret pasture land at South End; N land of sd Payne E by the highway leading to Roxbury; S land of Thomas Walaker Jr and W Rebecca; W land of Richard Bellingham. Also one other piece of land; S land of sd Payne, E upon the highway, N Thomas Walker Jr and Rebecca his wife; W by the sea [W side Washington S of Boylston St.] 4th Thomas Walker Jr. with w Rebecca pasture land at the South End; N land of Thomas Powell with w Margaret; E by the highway; S by a piece of undivided land, W land of Richard Bellingham. Also another piece of land; N land of Alexander Simpson; E by the highway; S by land of Thomas Powell and wife Margaret W by the sea (SD 47:201-202) W side Washington S of Boylston St all in Colburns Field Apr 27, 1700 Estate of Elder William Colburn. William Paine with wife Sarah, Mary Small, widow, and Thomas Walker, Jr (brickburner) and wife Rebecca, which sd William Paine, Mary Samuell, and Rebecca Walker are three of the children of Moses Payne, late of Boston (innholder), deceased, and grandchildren of Elder William Colbourn, deceased deed to Thomas Powell (mariner) 3/4 Boylston St all in Colburns Field. April 27, 1700 Estate of Elder William Colburn; William Paine with wife Sarah, Mary Small, widow, and Thomas Walker Jr (brickburner) ad wife Rebecca, which sd William Paine, Mary Samuell, and Rebecca Walker are three of the children of Moses Payne, late of Boston (innholder), deceased, and grandchildren of Elder William Colbourn, deceased, deed to Thomas Powell (mariner) a3/4 of house and land known as the White Horse, at the south end; SE upon fore street leading to Roxbury, NE John Barrel, NW Thomas Platts (butcher) SWW Michael Shaller (SD 19:147) W side of Washington St between West and Boylston Sts.  Died: 1662 Will: August  1, 1662 1(6)1662  Probate:  Oct 29, 1772 29(8)1662 William Colbrone. Ex: wife. Legatees: Old Church of Boston 40 to be paid in 2 years. My wife all my estate during her life. After her decease to my daughter, Sarah Pierce, and her daughter Sarah Colpit 1/4 of my estate. Daughter Mary Turand and 5 children she had by John Barrell, James, William, John, Mary, and Hannah, 1/2 of the 3/4. Daughter Elizabeth and her children, which she had by my son Paine the other 1/2 of 3/4. {SPR 1:438) Inventory: Oct 15, 1662 895.8 j(SPR 4:117).  Text:  Aug 26, 1629 One of the signers of the Agreement at Cambridge, England. They agreed to pass the seas, and inhabit and continue in New England.  Reference:  wife Margery is / daughter Sarah is / daughter Mary is / daughter Elizabeeth is / Garrett bounre is 6646 / granddaughter Sarah Colpit is / John Barrell is / grandson James Barrell is / grandson William Barrell is / grandson John Barrell is / granddaughter Mary Barrell is / granddaughter Hannah Barrell is / grandson William Payne is / granddaughter Mary Payne is / Thomas Powell is / granddaughter Margaret Payne is / Thomas Walker Jr. is / granddaughter Rebekah Payne is / Moses Payne is / Old Church of Boston is /  Abutters:  Edwaard Belcher is / Jacob Leger is / Jacob Eliot is / Richard Bellingham is / Asaph Eliot is / Alexander Simpson is /  Thomas Platts is / Michael Shaller is /.  Ref Code: 16160





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