Thomas LINCOLN, "miller", came in 1635 to Hingham, before 1650 removed to Taunton MA, will of 8/28/1683 calls himself aged 80 or thereabouts, will proved 3/5/1684; probably brought 2 or 3 children from England; tradition says that he erected at Taunton the old grist mill where in 1675 King Philip and his chiefs met the pioneers of the place for a peaceful interview.

Spouse: (1) Elizabeth _____ married by  1628 (2) Elizabeth (Andrews) (Harvey) Street married 12/10/1665

Children: Thomas, husbandman, baptized in Hingham 2/1637-8 by Rev. Peter Hobart, married Mary Austin daughter of Jonah 10/11/1662; John became resident of Taunton married Edith ?; Samuel baptized in Hingham 2/1637-8 removed to Taunton; Mary baptized 10/6/1642 married (1) William Hack (2) Richard Stephens; Sarah baptized 12/1645 married Joseph Willis


Samuel LINCOLN baptized Hingham 2/1637-8, removed to Taunton MA

Spouse: Catherine / Jane ? married by 1661-4 Taunton MA

Children: Samuel born 6/1/1664; Hannah born 3/24/1665-6; married Daniel Owen of Braintree; Tamson / Thomason born 10/27/1667; Elizabeth born 4/24/1669 married William Briggs of Taunton; Ebenezer born 10/15/1673; Rachel born 9/16/1677 married Thomas Randall; John born 9/15/1679; Thomas born 9/1683; Daniel


Tamson / Thomason / Tamason LINCOLN born 10/27/1667, married 4/20/1692 Taunton

Spouse: Jonah AUSTIN born 8/17/1667 Taunton MA,  died circa 1755

Children: Jonah, John married Priscilla (2) Deborah Carswell; Sarah married Samuel Knapp; Ebenezer married Deborah Cooper; Zachariah married Lydia Waldron; Jacob married Betsey French (2) Abigail Walker; William married Elizabeth Walker


Torrey's Marriages: Lincoln, Samuel (?1638-) & ?Catherine/?Jane _____ (-1698+); by 1664+, by 1661; Taunton/Hingham {Lincoln (ms) 329; Hingham 3:21; Lincoln (G LIN 12) 10; Woolson-Fenno 107; Reg. 16:326}

Another source says Robert born circa 1525 Hingham ENG died circa 1556 Hingham married Margret Albereye, children: Stephen

Topographical pg 117: LINCOLN, Thomas; Hingham Norfolk; Hingham MA; Ref Cushing Mss. Pg 122: LINCOLN, Thomas; Wymondham Norfolk; Hingham MA; Ref Cushing Mss.

Abraham Lincoln, an American Migration Family: THE LINCOLNS IN MASSACHUSETTS: The history of the Lincolns as we have it now from various sources shows us that they came from Hingham in England and settled at and near Hingham Massachusetts. The first settlement at Hingham Massachusetts was made by the Rev Peter Hobart and twenty nine others who had land apportioned to them by lot September 18 1635. The next year  lands were granted to the  following Lincolns: Thomas Lincoln the miller, Thomas Lincoln the weaver, and Thomas Lincoln the cooper. The following year 1637 land was granted also to Samuel Lincoln the brother of Thomas Lincoln the weaver. Thomas Lincoln the miller was born in England in 1603 and died in Taunton Massachusetts in 1683. He first settled in Hingham Massachusetts and removed about 1652 to Taunton. He was called the miller to distinguish him from the other prominent Thomas Lincoln of Hingham who was a large land owner and was known as Thomas Lincoln the husbandman thus making the fourth Thomas Lincoln who settled in Hingham. This Thomas Lincoln the husbandman came from Wyndham England 1638 and married about 1642 Margaret the daughter of Richard Sanger of Hingham. In addition to these four Thomases and Samuel Lincoln two other Lincolns settled in the same region Stephen Lincoln the brother of Thomas Lincoln the husbandman and Daniel Lincoln. /P/ Samuel Lincoln who came over as a servant or apprentice seems to have been the most modest of all the Lincolns in point of property In the Office of Rolls in London is found the following reference to him Francis Lawes born in Norwich Norfolk County and lining weaver aged and Liddea his wife aged 49 with one child Mary and two servants Samuel Lincoln aged 18 years and Ann Smith aged 19 years ar desirous to pass to New England to inhabit. These people went to New England with William Andrews of Ipswich Master of the ship John and Dorothy of Ipswich and William his son Mr of the Rose of Yarmouth April 18 1637. It was this Samuel Lincoln the servant who by the irony of democracy became the progenitor of the family of Abraham Lincoln the President of the United States of America. Samuel Lincoln thus came from Norwich England in the year 1637 at the age of 18 years. He died May 26 1690. He married Martha Lewis who died April 10 1693. Ten children were the issue of this union. The eldest son Samuel became the progenitor of Lincolns of prominence in Massachusetts .The fourth son Mordecai was born June 17 1657 in Hingham and died October 13 1727 in Scituate Massachusetts. This Mordecai was the great great great grandfather of Abraham Lincoln the President. Mordecai Lincoln was a blacksmith by trade and established the first smelting furnace in New England. He was a large contributor towards the erection of the Iron Works at Bound Brook Massachusetts which comprised as their chief feature a Catalan forge for making wrought iron. There is record of him as a foot soldier of Hingham Massachusetts in 1679 and as a blacksmith in Hull about 1680. In the years 1680 to 1685 he is found among the taxables and is assessed 2 4 Bull for money there in 1684. His land or residence is mentioned in the deed given by Benjamin Bosworth and his wife Beatrice to Robert Gould Hull December 14 1682. His uncle Thomas Lincoln the weaver appears as witness of a deed in 1698. A deed in the possession of George Lincoln of Hingham dated December 21 1713 contains the following information. George Jackson of Marblehead sells to Mordecai Lincoln of Scituate blacksmith two parcels of salt meadow land lying and being in Cohassett then the Township of Hingham one of which is bounded East by a brook or river called Bound Brook.

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