Lowell, Lowle, Lole, Lowl

William LOWLE of Yardley in co. Worcester, circa 1250 (below until Persival per visitation of Somersetshire in 1573, 1591 & 1623)

Spouse: daughter of LYTLETON

Children: James; Andrew; Samuell



Spouse: daughter of BASKERVILLE

Children: Raffe; George; Edmond; Andrew



Spouse: daughter of HASELRIGG

Children: Walter;  Thomas; Anthony; Sabity


Walter LOWLE

Spouse: Joane RUSSELL

Children: Richard


Richard LOWLE died at Yardley in co. Worster and is there buried with his coate, ie. Sable, a dexter hand couped at the wrist grasping three pointless darts, one in pale and two in saltire arment

Spouse: daughter of TURNER / TUENER

Children: Thomas; Richard slain at Bremieham (Birmingham) in co. Worwick


Thomas LOWLE

Spouse: daughter of MAYHOUSE

Children: John; William; Thomas; Roger


John LOWLE died at Clyvedon Co. Somerset

Spouse: daughter of WAKE

Children: John; Roger married Joane daughter and heir of John Gage of Walton in co. Somerset; Mary married a Collins



Spouse: Apolyn LEVERSEDGE daughter of Richard

Children: Richard; Edmond; John; Mary married Collins


Richard LOWLE. of Portbury, administration of estate granted to relic Christianna 6/7/1577

Spouse: Joan _____  buried at Portbury 11/4/1568 (2) Christianna PERCIVAL daughter of  Edmond, married circa 1570

Children: (1) Richard baptized  Portbury 6/14/1564, buried 10/30/1564; by wife (2) Percival born circa 1570; Margaret baptized 12/15/1574 buried 9/1/1575; Thomas baptized 3/23/1575-6; Richard baptized 12/15/1577


Percival LOWELL of  Portbury, Weston-in-Gardano, Somersetshire & Briston Glochester, born circa 1570-1, in Newbury NE 1639, died 1/8/1664 Newbury MA age 93; had a large mercantile establishment in Bristol Eng named Percival Lowle & Co.

Spouse: Rebecca ___ married circa 1600, died 12/28/1645

Children: Christian baptized 4/21/1600; Richard baptized 1/3/1601-2, died 1682 married Margaret ___; Agnes baptized 7/31/1603;   John baptized 10/11/1604;  died in Newbury 7/10/1647; Thomas baptized 2/24/1607/8; Gerardus baptized 1/6/1609/10, buried 9/11/1610;  Edward baptized 3/17/1610--1; Peter baptized 8/19/1614; all baptized Portbury


John LOWELL born in Eng 1595 died in Newbury 7/10/1647, probate 1647

Spouse: Margaret/Mary __ died soon of birth of 5th child 1639 soon after arrival in NE, married by 1629; he married (2) circa 1641 Elizabeth GOODALE died 4/23/1651

Children: John born in Eng 1629 died in Boston 1694 married Hannah Proctor & Elizabeth Sylvester & Naomi Sylvester;  Mary born in Eng 1633 married Thomas Wyburn of Boston; Peter born in Eng circa 1635; James born in Eng circa 1637; Joseph born in Newbury 11/28/1639 died in Boston 1705 married Abigail Proctor sister of Hannah; Benjamin born Newbury 9/12/1642; Thomas born 6/4/1644; Elizabeth born 2/16/1646  died 1731 married Capt. Philip Nelson;


Benjamin LOWELL born Newbury 9/12/1642 died 10/22/1714, sergeant

Spouse: Ruth WOODMAN born 3/28/1646 married 10/17/1666

Children: Ruth born 9/4/1667; Elizabeth born Newbury 10/16/1669; Mary born 11/18/1671; Benjamin born 2/5/1673/4; Sarah born 3/15 or 19/1676 died soon; Sarah born 5/6/1678 married 1699 Nathaniel Knowlton of Ipwich; Mary born 11/6/1679 married Thomas Williams 1696; Joseph born 9/12/1680 married Mary __; John born 2/22/1683 married Mary Davis & Sarah Bailey


Elizabeth LOWELL born 10/16/1669

Spouse: Francis WILLET married 1/29/1696

Children: Mary married John Foot, Jr.; Judeth born 5/10/1702; Ruth born 5/2/1704

 The historic genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899: 1 PERCIVAL LOWELL Lowle b in England 1571. Percefall dyed Jan 8 1664 at Newbury Mass, m in England Rebecca ___ d in Newbury Mass Dec 28 1645. He was therefore 68 years of age when he came to New England and 93 when he d. In England he res at Kingston Seymour Clevedon Portbury Weston in Gardano all of Somersetshire also Bristol of Gloucestershire. He came to Newbury Mass New England from Bristol England 1639 in the ship Jonathan. In 1597 he was assessor in Kingston Seymour England. The early parish records covering his early life in England unfortunately are lost leaving much unknown that would have been of great interest. Percival and family must have been well conditioned people in England They had their well authenticated coat of arms with other evidence of their high position. They had in Bristol England a large mercantile establishment under the firm name of Percival Lowle and Co. This firm was composed of the father Percival, the son John, and perhaps the son Richard and possible William Gerrish who came over with the Lowles and subsequently m Percival's sister Mrs Joanna Oliver widow of John Oliver.  Children of Percival I and Rebecca Lowell 2 I JOHN b in England 1595 d in Newbury Mass July 10 1647 m 1st in England Margaret d soon after the b of her fifth child 1639 the same year of her arrival in New Engiand; m 2nd in Newbury Mass 1639 Elizabeth Goodale b in Yarmouth Norfolk Co England d in Newbury Mass April 23 1651 dau of John Goodale and wife widow Elizabeth Taylor of Newbury Mass. Elizabeth Goodale with her mother and family came from Yarmouth Norfolk County England 1638 to Newbury Mass. The Goodale family consisted of the mother and son Richard daus Abigail or Ann who m 1st Thomas Millard of Boston Mass and 2nd in Newbury Mass Dec 20 1654 Daniel Pierce; Elizabeth who m John Lowell and Susanna Taylor a half sister who m Abraham Tappan of Newbury. John Goodale's will is dated at Yarmouth England June 1625 in which is mentioned Elizabeth and others. For will of John Lowell see A in appendix. For will of his wife Elizabeth see B in appendix. John Lowell came to New England 1639 with his father bringing wife and four children. He was a man of good education for those early days, was a man of prominence and influence in the community. Feb 2 1640 he was made freeman, was constable Dec 10 1641, Deputy in the General Court March 7 1644, was appointed May 14 1645 as one of three Commissioners of this town to settle small disputes involving less than 20 shillings and reappointed holding the position until his d, he held the office of town clerk at his d. While yet in England he apprenticed himself in 1619 when 24 years of age to Richard Baugh of Bristol England who was a Glover. He was admitted as a citizen of Bristol England in 1629. Sept 7 1637 he had Richard Dole apprenticed to him for seven years. Dole came with the Lowells to America and became a merchant of wealth and prominence in Newbury where he settled. 3 II RICHARD2 b in England 1602 d in Newbury Mass Aug 5 1682. He came with his father's family from Bristol Eng 1639. III JOAN or Joanna b in England 1609 d in Newbury Mass June 14 1677 age 68 years, m 1st in England 1639 John Oliver b in Bristol England 1613 d in Newbury Mass before June 1642 age 29 years. He and wife Joan must have been married just before emigrating to New England as they were m in 1639 and came over the same year with Percival Lowle and settled in Newbury Mass. He was an importer of English goods and left at d an estate inventoried at 420 .... Children of John 1 2 Percival1 and 1st wife Mary Lowell 6. I JOHN3 b in England 1629 d in Boston Mass Jan 7 1694 m 1st by Mr William Hibbins Jan 3 1653 Hannah Proctor dau of George P and Edith Proctor and sister of Abigail who m Joseph Lowell 10, m 2nd by Mr Hatherley in Scituate Mass Jan 24 1658 Elizabeth Sylvester of Scituate Mass b Jan 23 1644 d 1666 dau of Richard and Naomi Tarreyin Sylvester....  John Lowell was a cooper early removed to Boston Mass where he was first m where his two eldest children were b and where his first wife d. He then moved to Scituate Mass m his 2nd wife and had five more children b there. After m in that place his third wife he removed to Rehobath Mass where five more of his children were b. He then returned to Boston Mass where the last five of his children were b. In 1677 he and his brother Joseph signed a petition in Boston March 2 1669 while in Rehobath he received a grant of land in that place by the Court. In 1656 while of Boston he purchased a house and lot of Thomas Venner Sept 27 1694 his widow Naomi was appointed to administer his estate which inventoried at 77 8 6 In the administration papers he is called Cooper For deed given by him and others see appendix C. 7 II MARY3 b in England 1633 m Thomas Wyburn of Boston Mass. Mary Lowle dan of John deceased, 17 years old petitioned the Court Oct 15 1650 to obtain her dowery then held by her Uncle Richard who had been appointed guardian over his brother's minor children at John's death 1647 so that she could return to England. Her request for the 10 was granted. (Mass Records Vol Ill p 213) After receiving the money she suddenly changed her mind and m Mr Wyburn instead. 8 III PETER b in England about 1635. He was living and mentioned in his father's will in 1647 but I have found no further trace of him. 9 IV JAMES b in England about 1637. He was mentioned in his father's will 1647 also in the will of his step mother Elizabeth 1651. A James Lowell Oct 29 1668 petitioned the court at Plymouth Mass for swampy land 12 acres near his land (Plymouth Colony Records Vol V p 5). It must have been the above for he was the only James Lowell at that time in America so far as I can discover. 10 V JOSEPH b in Newbury Mass Nov 28 1639 d in Boston Mass Aug 19 1705 and is buried in the old Granary Cemetery beside Park St Church at Boston m by Major Humphrey Athertou March 8 1660 Abigail Proctor b 1635 d June 27 1707 age72 years sister of Hannah wife of John Lowell  and dau of George P Proctor of Dorchester Mass. He was a cooper in Boston Mass having removed there early as he and brother John signed a petition there in 1677, June 15 1700 he, a cooper of Boston, was appointed administrator of the estate of his nephew John Lowle of Bristol England a mariner lately deceased on board of ship Amity of Boston. This nephew probably was John 16 son of his brother John 6. Jan 24 1708 Joseph Rogers was appointed administrator of his estate which inventoried at 640 Rogers d and Arthur Jeffrey a merchant of Boston was appointed in his place March 10 1710 he also d and John Bulleutine another merchant of Boston was appointed in his stead, April 17 1712 1695 he purchased a Negro of Benjamin Pemberton (Mass Records Vol IX p 142) By 2nd m 11 VI BENJAMIN b in Newbury Mass Sept 12 1642 d in Newbury Mass Oct 22 1714. Int pub Oct 17 1666 with Ruth Woodman b March 28 1646 still living Feb 2 1724 dau of Edward and Joanna Woodman who came from Southampton England June 3 1635 in the ship James of London England. Edward1 Woodman was a wealthy and prominent man was Lieutenant in a company sent against the Pequods in April 1637 He and his brother Archelaus came over together and settled at Newbury Mass Archelaus d without issue Edward was living 1687 but date of d not known He Edward had seven children 4 sons and 3 daus The following are their names and in order of their b's 1 Edward Woodman 2 John Woodman 3 Joshua Woodman b 1636 4 Mary Woodman m 1660 John Brown 5 Sarah Woodman m 1666 John Kent 6 Jonathan9 Woodman 7 Ruth Woodman b 1646 m 1666 Benjamin Lowell On the Town Rate of Newbury Mass 1668 Benj Lowle was set for 1 Head 1 horse 2 cows 8 sheep 1 hogg May 19 1669 Benjamin Lowle was made freeman 1695 he was called Sergt and in a deed at Newbury Mass 1697 he was called blacksmith He with others had along law suit over his parent's estate which is on the records of the clerk's court Mass R6C 3 125 Salem Mass also in Boston Court House Case No 1791 estate Vol 1 12 VII THOMAS 1 b in Newbury Mass June 4 1644. Savage says he probably dy. He certainly was not mentioned with the other children in his father's will dated June 29 1647 nor in that of his mother dated Jan 10 1650. 13 VIII ELIZABETH b Newbury Mass Feb 16 1646 d in Rowley Mass Dec 14 1731. Int Pub Nov 1 1666 and m Jan 1 1667 Capt Phillip Nelson of Rowley Mass b in England 1636 d at Rowley Mass Aug 19 1691 son of Thomas and Joan Dummer Nelson who came from England Dec 1638 to Salem Mass and the next spring settled in Rowley Mass. Philip received a double portion by his father's will dated 1645. He was grad by HC 1654 was freeman 1655, was captain of a Rowley Co in the expedition to Quebec 1690. He was an eccentric character and is said to have been frequently disciplined at the University and to have stirred up the sedate people of Rowley Mass. He was probably the largest land owner in the town holding nearly 3,000 acres. One of his descendants says His landed estate was immense probably more than 3,000 acres much of it bounded by the Merrimac above and below Haverhill Mass. He m 1st 1657 Sarah Jewell d Feb 14 1665 and had two children by her one was Philip b in Rowley Mass April 16 1659.  .... Children of Benjamin 11 John2 Percival1 and Ruth Woodman Lowell 41 I RUTH b at Newbury Mass Sept 4 1667, 42 II ELIZABETH b at Newbury Mass Oct 16 1669. Int Pub in Newbury Nov 10 1695 and m in Newbury Jan 29 1696 Francis M Willet (Daniel2 Andrew1) of Newbury Mass. They had 1 Mary Willet b Sept 20 1698, 2 Judeth Willet b May 10 1702, 3 Ruth Willet b May 2 1704. Probably others. MARY b at Newbury Mass Nov 18 1671 dy, BENJAMIN b at Newbury Mass Feb 5 1674. His father is called Sr in 1698 hence he probably was then living. SARAH b at Newbury Mass March 15 or 19 1676 d soon, SARAH b at Newbury Mass May 6 1678 bapt July 14 1678. Int Pub Jan 9 and m Feb 14 1699 Ebenezer Knowlton 11 1674 son of Nathaniel Knowlton of Ipswich Mass, son of William Knowlton who was brother to Deacon Thomas Knowlton Sr. Ebenezer Knowlton was a tanner and removed to Newbury Mass the same year of m. 47 VII MARY b at Newbury Mass Nov 6 1679 d Dec 81 1711. Int Pub at Newbury Mass Dec 1695 m Jan 15 1696 Thomas Williams of Newbury Mass. They had 1 Mary Williams b July 2 1697, 2 Henry Williams b Sept 27 1699, 3 Hannah Williams b May 4 1701, 4 Abigail Williams b June 4 1703, 5 Sarah Williams b Dec 27 1705, 6 Judith Williams b Dec 7 1707, 7 Benjamin Williams b May 1708, 8 Thomas Williams b June 24 1710. 48 VIII JOSEPH b at Newbury Mass Sept 12 1680 bapt Sept 19 1680 d before April 8 1753 as his widow Mary then made her will. A Joseph d Oct 10 1736. Int Pub Dec 6 1707 with Mary Hardy only dau of Mary Hardy widow of George Hardy. George Hardy d before m of his dau Mary and his wife administered his estate. She m 2nd Benjamin Poor who quit claimed to her all his right in her former husband.  4 VI Geo Hardy estate Sept 26 1717 at which time Mary was the wife of said Benjamin Poor (Essex Co Mass Prob Eec Vol 12 p 57) Mary the widow of Joseph Lowell made her will April 8 1753 which was proved May 14 1753 which is recorded in Essex Co Mass Prob Kec Vol 81 p 158. Her son Joseph was sole executor 1708 and 10. Joseph is called a blacksmith. He owned and sold considerable real estate in Newbury Mass where he resided. 49 IX JOHN4 b at Newbury Mass Feb 22 1683 bapt Feb 25 1683. In the record of his bapt his name is spelled Lole. M 1st about 1707 Mary Davis of Newbury Mass b March 23 1683 dau of John and Sarah Carter Davis who were m April 8 1681. John Davis was b Jan 15 1645 and was son of John and Mary Davis who were in Newbury as early as 1645. Sarah wife of John Davis d March 6 1696 and he m 2nd the same year Elizabeth Kidder. John Lowell probably m 2nd at Salem NH April 3 1729 Sarah L Bailey. See below No issue by 2nd m. In 1754 he is called in a deed a blacksmith.s His whole family with wife Mary Davis is recorded at Haverhill Mass on the city clerk's records original book No 3 p 110. In 1728 by vote of the selectmen of Haverhill he with nine others was permitted to transfer his membership from Haverhill to the Amesbury church West Parish which now is the first church of Merrimac Mass .See original book of Haverhill Town Rec Book 4 p 20. Either by removal or change of state boundaries he was soon after in what is now Salem NH where some of his descendants have constantly lived, 1747 he and son Samuel signed a petition in Plaistow. Both the church and town records of Haverhill Mass show that he had a dau Sarah b and bapt there in 1722. He with his sons David, Moses, Samuel, and John were in the Louisburg campaign in 1746. John the father was of Methuen. John and Samuel were of Plaistow or Haverhill. David was in Major Hale's Co. Moses was of Nottingham. In the Salem Church Records I found the mark of the family as follows Mark for John Lowell's Cattel and other Creatuers. A Cropt of ye near ear and a slit in ye top of ye Same & a Slit in ye uper side of ye Same ear.

 Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal ..., Volume 2: The ancestry of Percival Lowell the American emigrant of 1630 is traced back in the Lowel line for ten generations viz: I William Lowle of Yardley in county Worcester married Lytleton and they had children James see forward, Andrew, Samuel. II James Lowle son of William Lowle 1 mar __Baskerville and thev had children: Raff see forward, George, Edmond, Andrew. Ill Raffe Lowle son of James Lowle 2 married ___Haselrigg and they had children: Walter see forward, Thomas, Anthony, Sabity. IV Walter Lowle son of Raffe Lowle 3 married Joane Russell and had one son Richard see forward. V Richard Lowle son of Walter Lowle 4 died at Yardley in county Worcester and is there buried with his coat of arms viz Sable a dexter hand couped at the wrist grasping three pointless darts one in pale and two in saltire argent. (From the Heralds Visitations of 1573 1591 1632). Richard married __Turner and they had children: Thomas see forward, Richard slain at Birmingham county Warwick. VI Thomas Lowle son of Richard Lowle 5 married ___Mayhouse and they had children: John Lowle see forward, William, Thomas, Roger. VII John Lowle son of Thomas Lowle 6 died at Clyvedon Somerset county England married ___Wake and they had children: John see forward, Roger married Joane Gage daughter and heir of John Gage of Walton Somersetshire ancestor of the Willing family of Philadelphia. VIII John Lowle son of John Lowle 7 married Apolyn Leversedge daughter of Richard their children were Richard see forward, Edmond, John IX Richard Lowle son of John Lowle 8 married Percival daughter of Edmond and Elizabeth Panthuit Percival of Weston in Gordano, Edmond was the son of Sir James Percival born 1468 Knight of the Bath grandson of Sir John Percival Lord of Eastbury Weston in Gordano born 1447 died September 25 1493. For thirteen generations back of Sir James this very distinguished family has a well authenticated pedigree. The first ancestor was Endes Sovereign Duke of Brittany first cousin to Robert the father of William the Conqueror. His grandson Asceline called also Lupus the Wolf was given Weston in Gordano and other estates in Somerset county England, in 1087 he commanded the Norman forces at Mantes Normandy and died 1119. The family seat has been at Eastbury and Weston for many centuries. Two of the Percivals in this line both Richard by name were famous Crusaders in 1190 and 1191 with Richard I. Another Roger was one of the Barons who compelled King John to sign the Magna Charta. The son of Richard Lowell named for his wife's family Percival is mentioned below. X Percival Lowell son of Richard Lowle 9 was born in England 1571 and died in Newbury Massachusetts January 8 1664. He was sixty eight years of age when he immigrated to America and ninety three years old when he died. In England he resided at Kingston Seymour England. He and his family had a large mercantile establishment at Bristol England under the firm name of Percival Lowle and Co This firm was composed of Percival his son John perhaps son Richard and possibly son in law William Gerrish who came over with the Lowells and subsequently married Percival Lowell's daughter Mrs Joanna Oliver widow of John Oliver. The Lowell and Percival families were both wealthy. Percival Lowell came to Newbury Massachusetts where his sons John and Richard had already settled in 1638 39 from Bristol on the ship Jonathan possibly not his first trip as he was a proprietor of Newbury in 1638. He was a freeholder when the town was incorporated March 17 1742. Percival wrote a poem on the death of Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts which was printed on a broadside and generally circulated. Children of Percival and Rebecca Lowell were John born in England 1595 died at Newbury Massachusetts July 10 1647 married first Margaret married second 1639 Elizabeth Goodale, Richard see forward, Joan born in England 1609 died in Newbury June 14 1677 married first 1639 John Oliver married second in Newbury April 17 1644 Captain William Gerrish. XI Richard Lowell son of Percival Lowell 10 was born in England 1602 died in Newbury Massachusetts August 5 1682. He married first in England Margaret who died in Newbury January 27 1642 married second in Newbury Margaret born November 27 1604 she was living his widow 1685 86. Richard settled according to Pope in 1637 in Newbury according to the genealogy he came with his father on the ship Jonathan in 1639. In 1674 he and his wife were members of the Newbury church. He had a freehold right No 63 in the upper common. His will is dated June 25 1681. Children of Richard and Margaret his first wife were Percival born 1639 40 see forward, Rebecca born at Newbury January 27 1642 died June 1 1662. Children of Richard and Margaret his second wife were Samuel born at Newbury 1644 was in Newbury 1681 and 1686 but probably returned to England to live in 1690, Thomas born in Newbury September 28 1649 probably died unmarried after 1711. XII Percival Lowell son of Richard Lowell n was born in Newbury Massachusetts 1639 40.

  The last will & testament of John Lowele late of Newbury made this nine & twentieth of the fourth month 1647. That I John Lowle of Newbury being in pfect understanding Knowing my frailety doe declare this to be my last will & testament Stedfastly believing that when I goe hence I shall rest in Glory through my savior the Lord Jesus Christ. As for the estate the Lord hath given me heare I thus dispose of it I give vnto my Wife Elizabeth Lowle one halfe of my Estate whether it consists in goods within or without land, houses, Cattell, household stuffe, meddows land broken or unbroken, or what else also my said wife to choose. Twenty pounds out of the residewe of that Estate w came by her mothers formerly or latter. The rest of my Estate to be divided Equally betweene my Sonn John Lowle & Mary Lowle, Peter Lowle,James Lowle, Joseph Lowle, Beniamine Lowle, Elizabeth Lowle. Also I doe humbly Intreate these five my christian deare loving friends & brethren my brother William Geerish, Richard Lowele, John Sanders, Richard Knights, & Nicholas Noice to be my Executors & Administrators of this my last will & testament as also to be the overseers of my wife and children in a friendly Christian way towards them & that you five should take advice of our Elders in case any one of my first Wifes children dye before they have their portion in their hands that it be equally devided among the rest that are living the same I say concern g my second wife's children Beniamine A Elizabeth.These portions for my children to be paid them when the Court Judge them wise and able to manage an Estate as they shall receive information from Sixe of the Wise Godly men of the Towne with the Elders. Also I will that before the goods be divided that my daughter Elizabeth shall take tenn pounds worth of her owne Mother's Clothes for her use, also y my daughter Mary take twenty pounds worth of her own mother's clothes. Also if my Wife Marry I will that my daughter Mary then shall Live with my Sister Johan Geerish if my Sister please if my daughter Mary Chuse to Live with my Sister before my Wife and that my two daughters shall hare their thirty pounds worth of oloathes taken out before the estate be divided. Dated as above written In witness wheareunto I have put my hand the day and yeare above written BymeeJOHN LOWLE Witness Edmund Grenleife. Testified the 27th of the 8 mo 1647 by Ed William Oeerish mnnd Greenleife and William Geerrish before the Robert Long. Court Increase Notes Sec John Lowle's inv June 30 1647 amt 345 0 0 Real Estate consisted of dwelling house & 4 acres of land, Another house & 2 acres of land, A Barne with half an acre. Six acres of ground. 9 acres land, eighteen acres of land, 6 acres of Meadow, thirteen acres of marsh & 4 acres of Meadow.

Recorded in Office of Clerk of the Court Probate Reeds of Essex Co Mass with other matter in a long lawsuit brought by Benjamin Lowell when he became of age concerning the terms of his parent's will in which papers various relationships are mentioned 4 344 in 1681. The will of Elizabeth Lowell late wife to John Lowell deceased made the 17 first mo 1650 that I Elizabeth Lowle considering my fraile condition doe commit my soule unto the Lord Jesus my Redeemer who hath bought me with his blood not doubting my resurrection together with all saints I do therefore, while I enjoy my senses, dispose of that estate God hath lent me as followeth. I give to my Sister Tappan one Sute of my Wearing linning as one forward cloth one one handkerohiefe. I give to my three sons in law John Lowle, James & Joseph ten shillings apiece. I give to my son Benjamin one silver cup and three silver spoons with one third part of the household stuffe, I give to my daughter Elizabeth all the remainder of my household stuffe, childbed linning & else wearing apparrell, 1 silver cann, 1 silver tipped Jugg, 3 silver spoons, 1 gold ring, 1 silver bodkin, 2 desk and the rest of my estate equally divided between my sonn Benjamin and my daughter Elizabeth after my debts be satisfied with all funerall charges & else I will that my brother Thomas Millerd Keep my sonn Benjamin & his estate until he goe forth to be an Apprentice and then be placed forth as my over seers think fitt. I desire my four brethren to be my overseers namely Thomas Millerd, Richard Lowle, Peter Tappan, & William Gerrish desiring them to see my daughter Elizabeth be brought up to her needle and what else they Judge meete fe dispose of her as I desire to Such as are Godly & meete to instruct my child in the feare of God. In witness hereof I have put to my hand tenth first month 1650.. I will that if my Sonn and daughter dye ere they come to age that then their portions be divided between my husband's children John Lowle & James & Ben Mary & Peter Lowell ELIZABETH LOWLE Witness Geoboe Emery, Peeter Tappan, William Gerrish. This will as attested upon oath by William Gerrish in Court held at Ipswich the 30 7 1651 per me Robert Lord Cleric. Inventory taken 6 mo 1651 Amt 143 7 11 All personal estate.

Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine, Volume 1: LOWELL This name is of Norman origin and first appears on the Battle Roll of William the Conqueror where it is spelled Louelm when the family emigrated to America and for two generations thereafter they spelled it Lowlem and it is the same as Lovell and Lowell, The word is derived from the Latin Lupus meaning wolf. The family were of good position in England and had a coat of arms as well as other evidences of their high position. I Percival Lowell the emigrant was born in 1571 in England and died January 8 1664 at Newbury Massachusetts. He was a resident in England of Kingston, Seymour, Clevedon, Portbury, Weston in Gardano, all of Somersetshire, also Bristol of Gloucestershire, and in 1597 was assessor at Kingston. He did not come to America until he was sixty eight years of age embarking from Bristol in 1639 on the ship Jonathan and settling at Newbury Massachusetts. He was a man of unusual attainments for his day and wrote a poem on the death of Governor Winthrop which would not meet the standards of the present day but shows the spark of genius which appeared later in his descendant James Russell Lowell and proves its author to have been well versed in ancient literature. The Lowell family came to Newbury later than some others and had no grant at that time, being men of wealth they purchased land at first but later shared in a division of land made by the town. Percival Lowell married in England his wife Rebecca who died December 28 1645 at Newbury. Their children were John, Richard, and Joan. II John the older son of Percival and Rebecca Lowell was born in 1595 in England and died at Newbury Massachusetts in 1647. He came to New England at the same time as his father bringing his wife and four children. He was a man of influence in the community and had a very good education for the time. In 1640 he was made a freeman and he served as constable, as deputy to the general court, and as town clerk. When he was twenty four years of age he apprenticed himself in England to Richard Baugh of Bristol a glover. He married in England his first wife Margaret who died shortly after her arrival in New England soon after the birth of her fifth child. He married second in 1639 at Newbury Elizabeth daughter of John and Elizabeth Taylor Goodale who was born at Yarmouth Norfolk county England and died in 1651 at Newbury. Children of John Lowell by his first marriage were 1 John born 1629 in England died 1694 at Boston Massachusetts married Hannah Proctor sister of Abigail who married his brother Joseph, 2 Mary 1633 in England married Thomas Wyburn, 3 Peter 1635 in England, 4 James 1637 in England, 5 Joseph November 28 1639 at Newbury Massachusetts. By his second marriage he had 6 Benjamin September 12 1642 Newbury Massachusetts married Ruth Woodman, 7 Thomas June 4 1644, 8 Elizabeth February 16 1646 married Captain Philip Nelson.  

The Royal Ancestry of Percival Lowell (Fradd & Richardson):  Percival Lowell emigrated in 1639 from Somerset, England, to Newbury, MA. He was the founder of a family that included many noted politicians, academics, writers, and industrialists, including Abbott Lawrence Lowell, president of Harvard University, and the poets James Russell Lowell, Amy Lowell, and Robert Lowell. A discussion of his ancestry is presented in The Historic Genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899, at pages xxxiv to xlix.  Most of that information came from the heralds visitations of Somersetshire in 1573, 1591, 1623, and 1639, and is not documented by other sources. Walter Goodwin Davis presented a more careful analysis of this ancestry in The Ancestry of Phoebe Tilton at pages 207 through 219. However, he provided little additional information on Percival Lowell's mother. Recently information from primary sources have come to light that clarifies her ancestry -- and leads to two descents from King Edward I of England.  "Lowell of Portbury, Somerset: Percival Lowell, gent., was the son and heir of Richard Lowle, gent., by his wife, a "do: of percevall," that is, a daughter of a man whose surname was Perceval. Richard Lowle, gent., of Portbury, Somerset, was married first to Joan ____who was buried at Portbury 4 Nov 1568. They had one child Richard, baptized at Portbury 14 June 1564, buried there 30 Oct 1564. Richard Lowle married second about 1570 ____ Perceval. The marriage record of Richard Lowle and his seconbd wife has not been found, but administrationb of his estate was granted on 7 June 1577 to his relict "Christianna," and commission was given to swear to Walter Simons, clerk, rector at Weston-in-Gordano, Somerset. This statement suggests that after her husband's death, his widow was living at Weston-in-Gordano. Three children of "Mr. Richard Lowle" or "Richard Lowle, gent." were baptized at Portbury: Margaret, baptized 19 Dec 1574, buried 1 Sep 1575; Thomas, baptized 23 Mar 12575/6 and Richard, baptized 15 Dec 1577.  Since Percival Lowle is listed in 1591 as son and heir of Richard Lowle in 1591, he was probably born about 1570 --- before the other children. Combining the information from the baptisms, the administration of Richard Lowle's estate, and the 15691 visitation, we conclude that Richard Lowle's second wife was Christian Percival and that Percival Lowle was named for his mother's family, a common practice. We can feel reasonably confident of the visitation information as it comes from the visitation of Somerset taken in 1591, when Percival Lowle was about twenty years old. His father's first cousin, John Lowle (son and heir of Roger Lowle), born about 1537, living in 1591, gave the information for the pedigree, and he would have known personally his cousin Richard and Richard's son, Percival Lowle. /// Percival Lowle married about 1600 Rebecca ____, and they had eight children baptized at Portbury (the first two children named for his parents apparently); Christian 21 Apr 1600; Richard 3 Jan 1601/2; Agnes 31 July 1603; John 11 Oct 1604; Thomas 24 Feb 1607/8; Gerardus 6 Jan 1609/10 (buried there 11 Sep 1610); Edward 17 Mar 1610/1 (buried there 22 Oct 1614); and Peter 19 Aug 1614.  Percival of Weston-in-Gordano, Somerset: Weston-in-Gordano was the ancient seazt of the Percival family.  Edmund Percival, esq., lord of [the manor of] Weston-in-Gordano died 21 Sep 1551. His Inquisition Post Mortem includes his will dated 24 Aug 1550. In the will, he describes himself as Edmund Percyvall of Weston in Gordon. He leaves his manor Eastbury in Carhampton to his wife Elizabeth for her life, remainder to his right heir. He names his daughters Elinor, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Christian [in that order] and gives them 10 each to be received at age 20 or upon their marriages. He also gives 20 each to sons Andrew, Edmund, and Thomas.  All these children are described as minors. His son and heir James is to be executor, and overseers are to be Mr. Edmund Gorges and Mr. John Bulbeck, each of whom becomes executors if James refuses to act as executor.  The Inquisition Post Mortem mentions that son James was age twenty-one or more at his father's death. Between 1558 and 1579 James Percival, son of Edmund, sued Walter Symons, clerk concerning tithes of Weston rectory, Somerset.  John Bulbeck, named bny Edmund Percival in 1550 as an overseer and contingent executor, provides a link between the Percivals and the Lowles.  In 1547 Richard Lowle's grandfather, Edmund Leveredge, left his estate in Kingston Seymour, Somerset, to the same John Bulbeck (of Clevedon, Somerset, equire), if Leveredge's daughters (who were co-heiresses) did not leave male heirs.  We conclude that Christian Percival, named in the 1550 will of Edmund Percival, apparently as his youngest minor daughter, was identical with "Christianna" Percival who married about 1570 Richard Lowle of nearby Portbury and who may have been living in Weston-0in-Gordano after his death.  Chart -- James Percival m. Joan Kenne; their son Edmund Percival - 1551 married first Isabel March; Their son James Percival ca 1530 - 1594 his son James Percival 1584.  Roger Yorke married Eleanor Luttrell, their daughter Elizabeth York 1601 married Edmund Percival - 1551. Their daughter Christian Percival married Richard Lowle - 1577. Their son Percival Lowell ca 1570 - 1665.  The Two Wives of Edmund Percival:  The visitations do not make clear the marriages of Edmund Percival.  In the 1623 visitation, the lord of Weston-in-Gordano was James Percival, son of James Percival by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Morris Berkeley of Bruton, and grandson of "James Percivall of Weston Corgon in con. Som. by d. of Luttrell.  James Percival signed the pedigree. The 1591 visitation shows Edmund as having had two wives: (1) Isabel Marsh ("de Marisco") of Huntspill, Somersetshire, by whom he had his heir James, a daughter Elinor who married William Rouse, and a daughter Joan who married Thomas Francis; and (2) Elizabeth Panthuit [sic[ by whom he had sons Andrew, Edmund, and Thomas, and daughters Anne, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Christian -- all shown as dying without issue.  A pedigree largely based on the 1591 visitation, but supplemented by other sources, shows the same marriages for Edmund and also shows that his heir James married five women (in this order): Mary Gorges; a daughter of Lattrell; Elizabeth Kenn (daughter of Christopher Kenn's Court), Joan, widow of John Marshall; and Elizabeth, daughter of Morris Berkeley -- having had children only by Elizabeth Berkeley. Finally, a Harleian manuscript shows that Edmund married (1) Isabell, daughter of John Marsh and had James, heir, lord of Weston in Gordano in 1592 (who married Elizabeth daughter of Morris Berkeley) as well 


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