Count of Luxembourg

Wideric / Wigeric / Wiric / Ricvin, Count of Ardennes, Count of Bidgau, claimed descent from Charlemagne, died before 923

Spouse: (1) Eva (2) Cunigunda, daughter of Ermentrude, granddaughter of Louis the Stammerer  of France, & a descendant of Charlemange

Children: Siegfried, first Count of Luxembourg; Frederick died 978, count of Bar, Duke of Upper Lorraine from 959;  Adalberon died 962, bishop of Metz; Gilbert died 964, count in the Andennes; Sigebert; Gozlin died 942, count of Bidgau married Uda of Metz


Siegfried, first Count of Luxembourg born 922 died 10/28/998, count of Moselgau, count of Ardennes

Spouse: Hedwig of Nordgau (937-992), married c. 950,  of Saxon origin, daughter of Eberhard IV of Nordgau 

Children: Frederick; Cunegunda, died 1040, "beautiful & pious", married Saint Henry of Bavaria & both were ordained saints; Henry I of Luxembourg; Siegfried; Dietrich Bishop of Metz; Adalberon, canon of Trier; Gislebert, count of Moselgau (d. 1004); Eve married Gerard, Count of Metz; Ermentrude, abbess; Luitgarde, married Arnulf, Count of Holland; Daughter married Thietmar; Siegfried Kircheis, Admiral


Frederick, Count of Louxemburg, Count of the Moselle, Count of Salm in Ardenner Walde, born 965, died 10/6/1019,

Spouse: Ermentrude of Gleiberg, daughter of Meingard, Granddaughter of Megingaud, Count of Gelders [or d. of Heribert, Count of Gleiberg & Ermentrud] (2) Gerberge daughter of Godfrey; Uncertain of wife

Children: Gisele; Otgina or Ogiv died 1029, married Baldwin IV Barbatus, Count of Flanders; Giselbert, Count of Luxembourg, count of Longwy, count of Salm 1007 - 1057; Henry II count of Luxemburg and duke of Bavaria; Frederick 1003-1065, duke of Lower Lorraine; Adalbron III bishop of Metz; Thiery; Ogive 990 - 1036 married in 1012 to Baldwin IV count of Flanders; Imiza married Welf II of Altdorf, count in Lechrain; Oda canoness of Remire then abbess of Saint-Remy at Luneville


Gisele 1019 died after 1058

Spouse: Raoul II or Radulfe de GANT, 1034 Advocate of St. Pierre and Seigneur d'Alost, died between 1052 - 1056, lord of Aaist, parents to Gilbert de Gant

Children: Baudouin (Baldwin), Seigneur d'Alost; Raoul (Ralph); Gilbert

Fenwick allied ancestry: ancestry of Thomas Fenwick of Sussex county, Delaware:  Wideric or Wigeric Count of Ardennes had Siegfried first Count of Luxembourg who died 998, married Hedwig and had Frederick Count of the Moselle Count of Salm in Ardenner Walde Count of Luxembourg who died 1019 married the granddaughter of Megingaud Count of Gelders and had Otgina who died 1029 married Baldwin IV Barbatus Count of Flanders.

 Legends of the monastic orders: as represented in the fine arts: Henry, on assuming the Imperial dignity, married the beautiful and pious princess Cunegunda, daughter of Siegfried count of Luxembourg, who shares her husband's celestial as she shared his earthly crown. She is Saint Cunegunda, adored by her people while living and the subject of innumerable legends and ballads since her death. After a union of several years during which they lived together in love and harmony but by mutual consent in the strictest continence, the holy empress was suspected of infidelity to her husband and Henry though perfectly convinced of his wife's immaculate purity was somewhat affected by the malicious reports concerning her. Cunegunda herself would willingly have submitted to these accusations as a trial sent from Heaven to test her patience and humility but considering that Providence had placed her in a position of life wherein an evil example would cause much mischief and scandal, she appealed to the trial by ordeal and having walked unhurt over the burning ploughshares she was acquitted .This story of the Empress Cunegunda is as popular in German poetry and German art as the story of our Queen Emma, the mother of the Confessor, was formerly in England. Henry endeavored to make his wife amends for the indignities to which she had been exposed by treating her with more respect and tenderness than ever, but she obtained his permission to retire from the world and withdrew to the cloister. Henry died in 1024 and was interred in his Cathedral of Bamberg. Cunegunda, on his death, assumed the Benedictine habit and not only set an example of piety and charity but of industry working continually with her hands when not engaged in prayer for this most holy empress had often on her lips the words of St Paul that those who did not work had no right to eat. 2 Thess iii 8. She died in 1040 and was buried at Bamberg by the side of her husband. The influence of the monks of Bamberg which became one of the greatest of the Benedictine communities procured the canonization of their founder Henry by Eugenius III in 1152 and that of Cunegunda by Innocent III in 1200.

 In further Ardenne: a study of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Now there was a certain Wigeric or Wiric or Ricvin rich in wine Count of Ardenne claiming descent from Charlemagne and owning great property in the vine growing basin of the Moselle. Weirich is a name to be met with there to day. Upon his son Henry Archbishop Bruno conferred the administration of High Lotharingia and this Henry's brother Siegfried was the founder of the illustrious and romanceful House of Luxembourg.

Royals and Nobles: A Genealogist's Tool: Frederick, Count of Luxemburg, Count of Moselle, and Count of Salm, died 1019, married Ermentrude, daughter of Meingard, Count of Gelders, married Gerberge daughter of Godfrey


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