Spouse: Thomas CURRIER 1570 - 1627 of Salisbury Eng, intentions 1610, married 1/14/1610-1 St. Thomas' Salisbury Wiltshire

Children: Thomas born 1613-14; Richard; Margaret born 1619


Richard CURRIER born 5/3/1616 in Salisbury Wiltshire England, came to America 1640, original settler of Salisbury and of Amesbury, in Narragansett war, drowned 2/22/1686-7, planter and millwright, ancestors granted land in Buxton ME for his service in Narragansett War

Spouse: Ann _____ married prior to 1643 died 1675-6 (2) 10/26/1676 Joanna Pindor Rowell died 1690 widow of Valentine Rowell and William Sargent, Richard lived with her son Philip the last years of his life

Children: Hannah, Thomas, deacon,  born 3/8/1646 in Salisbury MA married Mary Osgood had 9 sons & 3 daughters, died 1712; possibly Samuel born 3/8/1636 of Haverhill MA married Mary Hardy, died 1712-13


An octagon for the Curriers, pub 1995: Henry Currier - Thomas Currier m Martha Osborne 1570 - 1627. They had Thomas b 1613-14, Richard b 1616-17, Margaret b 1619

Wiltshire Parish Register: Thomas Currier and Martha Osborne 1/14/1610-1

 New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the ..., Volume 4: Richard Currier immigrant ancestor of the Curriers of New England was born in England or Scotland May 3 1616. He was one of the founders of Salisbury Massachusetts in 1640. He was granted land in Salisbury 1 11 1641-42 and in what is now the town of Amesbury in 1654, 58, 59, 62, 64, 68. He sold land February 16 1642 to Abraham Morrill and bought Joseph Moyce's house January 20 1644. He was a commoner and taxpayer in 1650. He was one of the signers of the articles of agreement between Salisbury and Amesbury, in 1654 and his name heads the list of first commoners of the new town in 1654-55. In 1652 he and Anthony Colby were appointed to lay out a highway from the mill bridge to the plain that goeth to the Lion's Mouth. He served on various other town committees. In 1656 he and Thomas Macy were empowered to build a saw mill on the west side of the Powow river. Macy sold his interests in 1658 and Currier operated the mill for many years. He was elected on the prudential committee March 10 1660. He was acting clerk of Amesbury 1660 61 and town clerk in 1662 serving until December 14 1674 when he was succeeded by his son Thomas. He was also clerk of writs commissioner to hear small causes and selectman for fifteen years. When he declined to serve further as selectman he was fined. He was on the committee of three to build the meeting house in 1665 and on the committee of two to secure a minister. In seating the meeting house at Amesbury 1667 his name has the place of honor. He was elected to present a petition to the general court May 14 1666 asking for separation of Amesbury and Salisbury and was successful in his mission. The name was changed to Amesbury in 1667 and the change confirmed by the general court May 27 1668. He was a planter and millwright as described in various documents. He deeded his real estate to his heirs before his death excepting one lot of land and his rights as commoner in Amesbury. Twenty five years after he died his grandson Richard Currier was appointed administrator November 6 1710. He was a soldier in King Philip's war and his descendants were granted land in what is now Buxton Maine in payment of his service. His last days were spent in the family of his wife's son Philip Rowell. He died February 22 1686 87 by drowning. He married first Ann second October 26 1676 Joanna Pindar widow of Valentine Pindar and of William Sargent daughter of Henry Pindar. Children by first wife Samuel, Hannah born July 8 1643, Thomas of whom further.


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