Spouse: ___

Children:  Elizabeth; John of Stradsett named in John Goodale's will, he also named William Parlett Sr. a friend and loving kinsman; Thomas Pratlett will 1593


Elizabeth PARLETT born circa 1583 Stradsett , came to NE 1637/8 on "Mary Ann" with daughter Susanna & son-in-law, Abraham Toppan/Topham, of Newbury MA, died 4/8/1647. She had brother John of Stradsett  named in John Goodale's will

SpouseJohn GOODALE born circa 1563, wealthy chandler, lived in Downham then Great Yarmouth from circa 1613 until he died,  will dated 6/24/1625 at Yarmouth Norfolk ENG, will proved 9/1625; she married (1) a Taylor, and (3) Percival Lowell of Newbury MA.  John married (1) Bridget Portler 9/21/1588 in Downham, she died 1607, he married Elizabeth before 1610

Children: Elizabeth; Richard baptized 1594 Downham, of Newbury & Salisbury, died 1682 Salisbury, married Dorothy Whiterent; Abigail / Ann died 1678married Thomas Millard & Daniel Pierce; Joanna married John Oliver & Capt William Garrish; Joseph; Mordechaus; Christopher;  children of husband (1) Susanna Taylor born 1607 died 3/20/1689, married Thomas Milward & Abraham Tappan in ENG; Peter Taylor


Elizabeth GOODALE baptized 6/5/1614, died 4/23/1651 Newbury MA, married 1639 Newbury, born Yarmouth Norfolk co. ENG

Spouse: John LOWELL born in Eng 1595 died in Newbury 7/10/1647; he married (1) Margaret/Mary __ died soon of birth of 5th child 1639 soon after arrival in NE

Children: children of Mary/Margaret (1) John born in Eng 1629 died in Boston 1694 married Hannah Proctor & Elizabeth Sylvester & Naomi Sylvester; Mary born in Eng 1633 married Thomas Wyburn of Boston; Peter born in Eng circa 1635; James born in Eng circa 1637; Joseph born in Newbury 11/28/1639 died in Boston 1705 married Abigail Proctor sister of Hannah; Children of Elizabeth (2)  Benjamin born Newbury 9/12/1642 married Ruth Woodman; Thomas born 6/4/1644; Elizabeth born 2/16/1646  died 1731 married Capt. Philip Nelson;

 The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 29: The marriage of Daniel Peirce and Ann Milward took place in Newbury 12/26/1654. She was the youngest daughter of Elizabeth Goodale of Yarmouth England by her second husband John Goodale. Bv her first husband Mr Taylor she had one daughter Susannah who married Abraham Toppan or Tappan the first of the family of that name m Newbury 1637. By her second husband Goodale she had three daughters 1 Elizabeth who married John Lowle Lowell who was of Newbury In 1639. 2 Joanna who married first John Oliver of Newbury in 1639 and second April 17 1645 Captain William Gerrish of Newbury in 1640 by whom she had ten children, 3 Ann who married first Thomas Milward and second Daniel1 Peirce above named, By the l named Ann had no children by her first husband she had three daughters vii Aim b Nov 1 1642, Rebecca b in 1643, and Elizabeth b in 1644.

Admissions to Gonville and Caius College in the University of Cambridge: Parlett, Nicodemus son of John Parlett gent. Born at Stradset. Norfolk School Lynn under Mr Raylingson seven years. Admitted scholar April 27 1636. Surety Mr Glisson. 

Biographical Register of Christ's College: Parlet, Francis: mat. pen 1564  Oct. B.A.: (Perlet) 156 7/8. Son of Thomas Parlett of Downham, "mediocris fortunae" : admitted as B.A. at Caius 11 Sept 1568, aged 20 (Venn. 1.62)  Described as "of Lynn" in 1598, when his son was admitted at Caius. Lord of the Manor of Stradsett and patronage of the vicarage.

 Estate of Mrs Elizabeth Goodale of Newbury. Inventory of the estate of Mrs Elizabeth Goodalle, widow of Newbery late of Yarmouth in old England, taken Mar 27 1647 by Edward Rawson, Henry Short and Richard Knight. in mony Gold & Silver 7li 13s 9d, 5 gold Rings 2li 18s, 2 silver beakers 3li 10s, a guilt bowle 1li 10s, a little broke silver bowle 16s, 12 silver spoones 4li, a double silver salt wth a Civer 2li 5s, total 22li 12s 9d. In hir wearing Apparell a watered Silk grogrin gowne 4li, a Cloth gowne 2li, a silk mohaire petticoate 1li, a turky mohaire peticoate 1li 10s, a cloake hood & safegard 2li, 2 old black gownes 2li 1s, a figured grogrin hood & cham lett Cloake 1li 5s, a stitch taffaty kertle & a chamlet kertle 16s, a shagg petticoat 15s, 2 old waskoats & 4 old peticoats 1li 10s, a greene say Apron 6s 8d, a muffe 5s, a night wascoate 1s 6d, 2 pr of shoes & stockings 12s, 4 Clothes 1li 10s, 2 holland Aprons, 12 small handchrchrfs, old shifts 15s, 12 old quoives ,12 neckcloths, 12 Cross 11s, 2 pr of gloves, 1 ell of lace, 1 pr of bowes 8s, a grt Truncke 13s 4d, a boxe wth some pinns, peeces of taffaty Fillitin & other smale things 15s, a looking glasse 5s, 2 Hatts1li total 22li 19s 6d. Severall books 1li 6s 8d, 3 botle glasses, peece of Canvas, pinns other triviall things & 2 boxes 9s, old peece of sarsnett 1s, old sattyn doublett & figured sattin Jackett 1li, 2 casements & 3 panes of glasse 10s, chest, 3 cheese clouts & other triviall things 12s, a little deske & other triviall things 5s, in another boxe peece of figured sattin wth some remnants 14s, an old peece of s ay 1s 6d, 3 yds of kersy 15s, lace Inckle binding copy fustion wth other smale things 1li, a boxe peece of bl copy stjuffe threed & other smale things 13s 4d, peece of blake taffaty 18s, total 8li 5s. 5 pr of sheets 2li, 12 napkings 6s, 2 holl pillowbyes, 2 cloth pillowbyes, 2 pr of Courser copy 17s 6d, table cloth & old Shift copy 4s, 3 prs of holland Sheets copy 3li, 2 pr of sheets wth a towell copy 2li 10s, diapr tablecloth & large copy towel 1li 2s, lardg Damaske Xapkin copy & a diapi napkin 4s, diaper tablecloth, 12 diaper napkins wth a lardg damaske napkin 17s, 1 pr of fine holland pillowbyes & 2 pr of copy other pillowbyes 1li 4s, 1 pr of sheets 6s, 1 paire copy of canvas sheets copy 6s 3 copy old Canvas sheets copy 8s 8d 4 copy kerchefs 9s 6d table cloth & cupboard copy cloth & long copy Towill 8s, chese clout & 6 towells 8s, pr of smale canvas sheets copy & table cloth 8s 6d, 2 Rawhides & a bundle of Ferret copy ribbon 1li 1s 6d, napkin long binder & a bundle of old Ruffes 2s 6d, a milded towell some canvas sheets 9s 6d, 2 course pillows pillowbeers copy 2s 6d, pr of body 2s 6d, 2 Towells one bage 1s, five holland apron copy & 3 course Aprons 16s, one napkin, 1 holld copy hecherchrf & an old wascoat 2s 6d ,Truncke 5s, total 17li 2s 2d. a tapistry coverled 4li, 2 liury cuppboard cloths 1li 10s, pr of green curtaines & valliants of say copy 1li 15s, downe bed & feather boulster 5li, greene Rugge 12s 4d, 3 pr of blancketts 1li 2s 6d, fether bed 2 feather boulsters 5li 4s litle feather bed & boulster 2li 2 Coverleeds Hi 4 cushions & 2 stooles 14s truncke 2s 6d 5 pillowes 1li, 5 greene Curtains, 3 curtaine Rods 1li, pr of striped curtains wth a carpett & ould cloth 1li, 5 greene old curtains 16s, 2 turky cushions 10s, green Carpett 10s, half a greene say valliants 4s, 3 yds of green prisillian 10s, 7 yds of stuffe 1li 11s 6d, peice of canvas 4d, 2 boulsters 1li 4s, total 31li 10s 10d. Brass & peuter, 15 peuter platters, 2 plates, 7 porringers, 1 chamber pot, 9 butter dishes, 2 bason,s 2 candstickes, 2 brasse Candlstickes flagon 3li 8s. 1 brasse pr of Andirons 1li 5s, 1 pr of bellows, pr of toungs, slice fire panne & chafer 15s, 1 bason & ewer 10s, 1 grt brasse potte & Civer 1li 10s, 1 lese brasse pott 13s, 12 old Caskes 8s, fryin panne & pr of candle stickes 4s 6d, warming panne 5s, Iron cansticke, churn, dark lantherne wth other Iron geere 1li 10s, 4 plates, 6 sasrs, 1 double salt, 1 Cawdlecuppe, 1 pt pot copy, 1 2 pint pott, 2 oll water Cupps, 1 Churne copy & grt pott, 1 brass candlesticke & a blew Jugge 13s 4d, one Iron pott, 1 pr of Iron hangers, 1 spitt, 1 dripping panne, 1 smoothing Iron 12s, 3 ketles, 1 bakine panne, 1 brasse chafing dish, 2 brasse ladles, 1 skimer, 2 brasse skellets 16s, a Jugg tipt with silver 5s, a parcell of yarne 8s, earthen platters & wooden dishes 2s, total 13li 5s 2d copy in severall debts oweing, copy to hir 31li 12s 5d. Suffolk County Probate Files Docket 2,624 .

White Swirled Line

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