Reade, Reed, Reid, Rede, Red, Rad, Rheade, Rheadus, Wrede, Ried

John REDE, appointed Sargeant of Law 1396

Spouse: (1) Cicely/Cecily MARMION (2) Cecilia Harlyngugge

Children: (1) Edmund  - (2) Margery; William; Joan; Edward


Edmund READE had estate at Heddington Oxon, died 10/1430, 9 Henry VI

Spouse: Christiana JAMES died 3/28/1435

Children:  John mayor of Norwich ; Edmund, died II Henry VII 1487, married Alice-Agnes & Catherine Grene; Thomas


John READE mayor of Norwich, serjeant at arms under Henry IV

Spouse: ____

Children: Edward; Henry; Magdalina


Edward READE

Spouse: Isiod/Izod STANLEY, died 9/13/1524, daughter of Humphrey Stanley

Children: John married Joan Ludlow; Bartholomew mayor of London 1502; Robert married Margaret Alphew/Alperch; William, Rev. born circa 1450; Margaret married Robert Cage; Elizabeth married Jeffrey Loveday Esq. Ursula


William READE born circa 1440-50, Doctor of Divinity

Spouse: ___

Children Sir William


Sir William READE

Spouse: Ann / Eliza  MENIS / MENNIS / MENNYS  [Elizabeth per Visitation of Kent - Ann per other sources]

Children: Matthew; William; Alice married Stephen Richardson / Richeson; Rebecca married Stephen Ruck


William READE

Spouse: Rebecca MENIS / MENNIS / MENNYS his cousin

Children: Matthew married Alice Ward daughter of Andrew / Ambrosij;  John knighted by King Charles I in 1641; Richard born 1577, married Joan Dale daughter of Ralph of London; Thomas; William of Cantuar; Lucy


Matthew READE

Spouse: Alice WARD

Children: William; Daughter who married Sir Henry Oxiden of Dene; Elizabeth married Morace Dixwell, Esq. of Broome Kent


William READE

Spouse: Lucy HENAGE / Lucca HENEAGE

Children: John born 1598  came to New England with Winthrope; William born 1605 settled at Weymouth; Rebecca; Anna married Thomas Hatton of London, merchant


William READE of Batcombe Sumerset born 1605; bought house and 20 acres in Weymouth MA; came before 1635; estate administered in November 1667

Spouse: Avis DEACON

Children: Margaret born 1636, died 7/6/1669 married John Vining; Hannah born 1637-8 married Nicholas Whitmarsh; William born 10/15/1639, died 1706, married Esther Thompson; Esther born May 8 1641; Ruth born 1642, died 1663 married John Whitman; Thomas born 1645, died 11/14/1719, married Sarah Bicknell; Mary born 1647 died 4/16/1655; John born 1649, died 1/13/1620, married first Bashua and second Bethiah Frye; James died 7/21/1726, married Susannah Richmond.


Esther READE born 5/8/1641 Weymouth MA, died 7/11/1719 Taunton

Spouse: Jonah AUSTIN born ENG died Taunton MA 5/10/1676

 Children: Esther married Anthony Newland; Mary married Samuel Haskins; Sarah married John Knapp; Jonah married Thomason Lincoln; John married Sarah Hall

Parochial antiquities attempted in the history of Ambrosden Vol. 2: In the year 1434 John Ormesby being enfeoffed by Cicely, the late wife of John Rede, in the manor of Standelf, in the parish of Pirton, com Oxon, conveyed it by a deed to Edmund Rede. //P// The said Robert James and Catharine had issue one only daughter Christina before this time married to Edmund Rede of Borstall son of John Rede and Cecily his wife (which Cecily was afterward wife and relict of Sir Thomas Sakevile knight) which Edmund Rede did now obtain a grant from Robert Ponynges knight, William Lisle knight, Thomas Chaucer esquire, and other trustees of a certain field called Horshole lying under a wood called Bechwode in the parish of Chakenden, com Oxon with advowson of the said church.

Survey of the antiquities of the city of Oxford: Patronage of the Austin Friary. At the first foundation of their covent they had but a small oratory but, by the benevolence of the aforementioned Sir John Handlo, was much increased with divers additions. Wherin as I have learned his body was buried under a fair monument. Who being accounted a founder caused his heires to challenge the patronage of this place and more especially one Edmund Rede of Borstall com Bucks esquire, who being desirous to be a benefactor to this place, did lay claime to the patronag also therof. Which was after this manner first he alledged that the said Sir John Handlo had a son named Sir Richard Handlo, knight, from whome descended lineally a daughter called Elizabeth de la Pole and from her another heiress named Katherine James from her also came Christina Rede, mother to this Edmund Rede father to William Rede his first begotten son. Which, being proved, he did with licence from the king become a benefactor and the cheif patron of this place. Upon which account also the priour and the covent with license from John Cap grave their Provinciall did in the year 1456 confirme to him and his son William Rede severall chambers between their church and refectory with a garden plott lying before it toward the street to have free entrance and lodge or inhabite there when they pleas at their coming to Oxon.

Burke's genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry, Volume 2  By John Burke. GALFRINUS DE REDE son of DAVID DE REDE (whose brother John de Rede held lands from the Bishop of Norwich) grandson of Robert de Rede and great grandson by Margaret Glanville his wife of William de Rede who was fourth in descent from ВRIANUS DE REDE, living in 1139, had three sons I Robert of Rede who m Cecilia Randall and d in 1346 leaving a son Robert, consecrated Bishop of Carlisle 8 Feb 1396, and translated same year to Chichester, d in 1415, and left his property to the Dean and Chapter; II William Bishop of Chichester, consecrated in 1369 d 18 Aug 1385; and III THOMAS REDE of Redysdale who was father of THOMAS REDE living in 1429 whose son EDMUND REDE possessed property at Hedington Oxon. He m Christiana dau of Robert James and Catharine de la Pole, his wife, and had (with a son Edmund whose son Edmund was Lord of Porstal) another son and heir. JOHN REDE, mayor of Norwich in 1388 and serjeant at law in 1402, who had (with a dau MagdaIina m to T Paston Esq of Paston and d in 1429) two sons Henry Patron of Clothall Herts in 1405 and EDWARD of whom presently. The second son; EDWARD REDE m Izod dau of Sir Humphrey Stanley and had, with other issue, JOHN of whom presently; Bartholomew Sir Knt and mayor of London in I502, buried in 1505; and Robert Sir Knt, lord chief justice in 1507 and executor to HENRY VII who m Margaret dau of T Alpergh Esq and d in 1519. The eldest son JOHN REDE of Norwich m Joan Ludlow and d 11 Nov 1502 leaving, with other issue, THOMAS REDE of Beccles who m Philippa Bacon and had five sons: 1 WILLIAM his heir, 2 John of Norwich warden of New College Oxon in 1520 d in 1521, 3 Alan Prior or Abbot of Waltham in 1507, 4 Edward sheriff of Norfolk in 1508 and MP m Izod Stanley and by her, who d in 1524, was father of Sir Peter Rede knighted by the Emperor CHARLES V after the siege of Tunis; he twice had a grant of arms which are emblazoned on his picture in the town of Norwich and d in 1568, and V Thomas in holy orders rector of Beccles d in 1548. The eldest son WILLIAM REDE of Beccles m in 1538 the dau of Tooley of Catton and d in 1545 leaving (with six daus) two sons: I THOMAS of whom presently, II William of London m Anne dau of William Fearnley of Creeling and d in 1552 having had by her, who m 2ndly Sir Thomas Gresham, two sons William Sir Knt of Beccles in 1551 m 1st Gertrude dau of Erasmus Paston and 2ndly dau of W Goldsmith and d in 1592 having had, with a dau, m to Sir Michael Stanhope two sons: Thomas Sir who m Mildred dau of Thomas Cecil Earl of Exeter and Francis m the relict of Lord Cobhan and left four daus. Richard commissioner of the Court of Requests. The eldest son THOMAS REDE Esq of Beccles m 1st Margaret dau of __Quintz Esq and 2ndly the widow of John Goldingham Esq and d in 1554 having had three sons. Francis in holy orders incumbent of Ellough; George of Thorington m Ann dau of Sir Anthony Lee; and JOHN of Beccles and Weston. The third son, JOHN REDE Esq who built Weston Hall was MP for Guildford in 1547 and sheriff of Surrey in 1575. He m Ursula Cooke and had by her, who d 31 July 1602, several sons and daus. This gentleman, who sold the estate of Oatlands, d 6 March 1605. His eldest son THOMAS REDE Esq of Weston m Anne dau of Sir F. Gaudy, judge of the Queen's Bench, and had (with three daus Elizabeth m to Thomas Brampton Esq of Pulham; Jane m 1st to Thomas Marsham of Struttun Norfolk and 2ndly to Howard Thompson of Norwich; and Adriana m to Astley Brampton) two sons to survive infancy:

The Visitation of Kent Taken in the Years 1619-1621: Will'mus Reade - Will'mus Reade married Eliza filia et haeres ... Men[n]is had children Matheus s.p., Will'mus Reade [de Folkeston de cantij] married Rebecca filia et coheir ... Menis [amita Mathei Menis Militis, Alicia vx' Stephani Richeson, Rebecca vx Stephani Ruck. William & Rebecca Menis had Matheus fil. p'mogenitus [de Folkeston com. Cangij. ob't circa an. 1625] married Alicia filia Ambrosij Ward, Joh'es 2 [obijt caelebs], Will'mus [Reade de Cantuar obijt circa ann. 1630 d3 Medio Templo 2 fil. superstes A 1634] married Lucca filia Michaelis Heneage, Ric'dus [de civitat London grocer 3 filius superstus A 1634 obijt circ. ann. 1657 aet. 8 (sir.) married Joanna filia .... Dale 4ta filia et cohaeres Milliemi Dale de London, grocer]. William Reade & Lucca Michelis Heneage had children Joh'es [Reade Gray's Inn obt caeleb.], Will'mus, Rebecca, Anna [nupta Thomae Hatton de Lond. mercatori], Children of Matthew Reade and Alice Ward: Will'mus [obitj caelebs], Ambrosus, Eliza [nupta Henrico Oxenden de Dean in com. Cantij], Benneta [nupta Johanni Michell de Richmond in com. Surray]. Children of William Reade & Lucca Heneage: Joh'es [Reade Gray's Inn obt. caeleb], Will'mus, Rebecca, Anna [nupta Thomae Hatton de London mercatori]. Children of Rec'dus Reade & Joanna Dale: Will'mus, [Richard Read de Whitlesey in Insula Eliens armiger aetat. 45 ann. 1684 unus Justitiarior ad Pacem Regis pro Insula Elicusi married married Margareta filia Henrici Atkinson de Whitlesey in Insul. Eliens, Rebecca uxor Johannis Ellis de Lond. Armigeri Draperi, Elizabethi. Children of Richard Reade and Margareta Atkinson: Henricus Read iam superstesinnuptus aet. 20, Ricardus aet. 8 annor., Johannis aet 5 anno 1684, Rebecca aetat. 18 ann. caelebs, Sara aet. 13 ann., Joanna aet. 11 ann., Anna aetat. 6 ann] Mennys. Andreus Mennis Children: Tho; fil. p'mus obijt

Historical Sketch of the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, from 1622-1884 By Gilbert Nash. Twenty and six acres upon the Wester neck fowertcene of them first given to himselfe and twelve to John Upham bounded on the East with a high waie the coition on the west the land of Wm Reade on the north the land of John Rogeres on the south flower acres first giuen to himselfe above the mill bounded on the East with Hingam line on the west with the land of John Rogeres on the north with the land of Mr Torrcy on the south with the south with the land of Walter Harris Two acres of salt marsh first giuen to himselfe bounded with Mr Jeners land on the East John Allines on the west the River on the north the couion on the south . THE LAND OF WILLIAM READE Eight acres and half in the East field at first given to him the land of Thomas Raw lines on the East of Richard Addams on the west the swamp on the north the Streete on the south Eight acres and half in the Wester neck the land of Richard Silvester on the East of Edward Smith on the west the High waio tluit lodo lh to Siluoflteron on the north the commons on the south Two acres of salt marsh in the westcreek the marsh of Mr Jener on the East of Thomas White on the west the land of William Richardes on the north the Creek on the south Sixteene acres amongst the greate lotes bounded on the East with a great pond by the commons on the west 

Genealogical& Family History of NH: William Reade 1 supposed to be the READE son of William and Lucy Henage Reade was born in 1605 and sailed from Gravesend in the county of Kent England in the Assurance de Lo Isaac Broomwell and George Persey masters in 1635. He settled in Weymouth Massachusetts where he was made a freeman September 2 1635. In the year 1636 he bought a house and land of Zachary Binknall for seven pounds thirteen shillings four pence which was an average price for homesteads at that day. Only one year before the date of William Reade's purchase all the land in Boston proper with the exception of six acres in and about Charles and Beacon streets was sold by William Blackstone for thirty pounds. William Reade was among the early settlers of Weymouth which was made a plantation May 8 1635 and Rev Mr Hall and twenty one families settled there. William Reade was a representative from Weymouth in 1636 and 1638. The Christian name of his wife it is supposed was Ivis. Their children were William, Esther, Thomas, John, Mary, and Margaret. II John fourth child and third son of William and Ivis Reade was born in Weymouth 1649 and died in Dighton January 13 1720. He was a house carpenter an extensive dealer in land and appears to have been a man of considerable property. The records described about a dozen p1eces of land bought by him in Taunton and several pieces sold by him. He was a business man of considerable importance in Taunton but removed from there to Dighton. His estate was valued at 162 at his decease. .He was the ancestor of the Taunton Reeds. He and his wife were buried in Dighton on Burying Hill between Upper and Lower Four Corners. Their gravestones arc in very good condition. He married first Bashna who had one child John. He married second Bethiah Frye. Her children were William Thomas George Mary Ruth and Hannah. III George third son and child of John and Bethiah Frye Reade died in Rehoboth February 8 1756. He married first Sarah Whitmarsh. He married second January 1 1730 Abigail Woodward .The children by the first wife were George died young Avise Hannah John Samuel Ruth Rebecca and Sylvester French. Children by the second wife Isaiah George Sarah died young Loved Mary Jonathan and Bethiah.

New England Ancestors: Israel Read(3) 1660 guardianship, son of William Reade Newcastle-Upon-Tyne ENG

The Ancestry of Katherine Choate Paul: Brianus de Rede of Morpeth in the year 1139 had three sons to wit 1 Robert of Rede whose son of that name was bishop of Carlisle 2 William who was bishop of Chichester 3 Thomas of Redydale. William bishop of Chichester had a son Robert who had a son Galfrinus who had sons 1 William who m Margaret Glanville 2 Thomas of Redydale 3 Robert whose son held the manor of Hallbury in the seventh year of King Henry VI. Thomas of Redydale had one son Edmond who owned an estate at Heddington Oxon and another son Thomas living in 1429 who had himself a son Thomas who had an estate at Heddington married Christiana daughter of Robert James Lapole and sister of Michael De Lapole lord chancellor and had sons 1 John who was mayor of Norwich 2 Edmond who m Alice 3 Thomas who had estates in Wrangle Boston Burg or Bury Winthrop Bennington Leake and Lineston. John the mayor of Norwich had a son Edward who married Isiod Stanley and had himself sons 1 John who m Joan Ludlow and d Nov n 1502 2 Bartholomew who was mayor of London in 1502-3; Robert who m Margaret Alphew of Chiddingstone and became chief justice of the King's Bench; 4 William b about 1450 who was a professor of divinity. The last named William had a son Sir William who married Ann Menis and himself had a son William who married Rebecca the daughter and co heir of Menis and had children as follows 1 Matthew who married Alice Ward, 2 John who was knighted by King Charles I, 3 Richard who m Joan Dale of London lived there in 1657 aged eighty seven years and had besides Richard of Whittlesey in Kent and Rebecca, a son William believed to have been that William Reade who came to New England about 1635 settled at Weymouth Mass and removed thence to Boston 4 Thomas, 5 William, 6 Lucy. Matthew Reade who married Alice Ward had 1 William who m Lucy Henage, 2 Daughter who m Sir Henry Oxinden of Dene, 3 Elizabeth who m Morace Dixwell Esq of Broome in Kent. And William Reade who married Lucy Henage had sons 1 John believed to have been that John Reade b 1598 who came to New England in Winthrop's company lived at Weymouth, Dorchester, and Braintree and having settled finally at Rehoboth died there Sep 7 1685; 2 William believed to have been that William Reade b 1605 who settled at Weymouth Mass. 9069 WILLIAM READE of Weymouth Mass born in 1605 was a brother of John of Weymouth. Dorchester. Braintree and Rehoboth and having left Gravesend. England in the ship Assurance July 24 1635 settled at Weymouth became a freeman there Sep 2 1635, bought house and land there of Zachary Bicknels in 1636. and represented the town in general court in 1636 and 1638. His wife who came also from England was Avis Deacon. Their children born in Weymouth were 1 Margaret b 1636 m John Viningm 2 Hannah b 1637 8 m Nicholas Whitmarsh, 3 William b Oct 15 1639 m Esther Thompson, 4 Esther b May 8 1641, 5 Ruth b 1642 m John Whitman, 6 Thomas b 1645 m Sarah Bicknell, 7 Mary b 1647 d Apr 16 1655, 8 John b 1649 m first Bashua and second Bethiah Frye, 9 James m Susannah Richmond. 8069 HANNAH READE born in Weymouth about 1637 8 married there Apr 2 1658 Nicholas Whitmarsh 8006 of that place and resided and doubtless died there. 

History of the Reed Family in Europe & America: William the son of Galfrinus also had a son William. WILLIAM READE supposed to be the son of William Reade and Lucy Henage was born in 1605 and sailed from Gravesend in the county of Kent in the Assurance de Lo, Isaac Broomwell and George Persey masters in 1635. He settled in Weymouth Mass and was made freeman Sept 2 1635. He bought a house and land of Zachary Bicknall for seven pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence in 1636 which was an average price for homesteads at that early day. Only one year before the date of William Reade's purchase all the land in Boston Proper with the exception of six acres in and about Charles and Beacon Streets was sold by William Blackstone for thirty pounds. Previous to 1650 a dwelling house in Boston and lot of land would not command a greater price than a good cow while in 1857 the average of the valuation of dwelling houses was $5,500. Mr Reade was among the early settlers of Weymouth it having been made a plantation May 8 1635 and Rev Mr Hall and twenty one families settled there. He was representative from Weymouth in 1636 and 38. The Christian name of his wife it is supposed was Ivis Their children were William born Oct 15 1639, Esther May 8 1641, Thomas, John 1649, Mary who married Thomas Dyer, Margaret who married John Yining May 11 1757 and died May 6 1659.

Genealogical & Family History of Western NY: Thomas Reade of Weymouth born in 1645 which last named was a son of William Reade of Weymouth the immigrant ancestor of the family in this country who was born in 1605 in England and immigrant to America in 1635. He was a son of William Reade and Lucy Henage, a grandson of Matthew Reade and Alice Ward, and a great grandson of William Reade and Rebecca Menis, the last named was a son of Sir William Reade and Ann Menis, which last named William Reade was a son of William Reade Doctor of Divinity born about 1440, who was a son of Edward Reade and Isiod Stanley. Edward Reade was a son of John Reade mayor of Norwich about 1388, who was a son of Thomas Reade and Christiana his wife daughter of Sir Michael de la Pole second Earl of Suffolk. This last named Thomas Reade was a son of Thomas Rede of Redydale, grandson of Thomas Rede and great grandson of Galfrinus Rede of Redydale who was a great grandson of Brianus de Rede of Morpeth who flourished about 1139.

Historic Homes & Cutter:   It is supposed that he came from Maidstone near London On March 9 1636 7 he purchased from the estate of Zachery Bicknell his house and farm which was located on the west side of Middle street The old house stood on the knoll opposite the junction of Middle and Charles streets The premises were recently owned by James Clapp They passed out of the family in 1769 William Reade was among the first settlers of Weymouth which was made a plantation May 8 1635 He was admitted a freeman September 2 1635 and was elected deputy to the general court December 7 1636 and again September 6 1638 Rev Joseph Hull and his company came to Weymouth in the spring of 1635 shortly before Reade settled there and this band of very worthy settlers established one of the most noted colonies of the early days of the New England Puritans In the same month that Mr Reade left England another ship containing his future wife sailed Avis Deacon was on the Alice of which Richard Orchard was the master and which sailed July 13 1635 from Gravesend with thirty two passengers most pf whom were young men and women Her twin brother Thomas Deacon came on the boat with Reade Avis Deacon married William Reade probably soon after her arrival in New England Reade was allotted land in the first division at Weymouth and he acquired considerable real estate later The children of William and Avis Deacon Reade were Margaret born 1636 died July 6 1659 married May n 1651 John Vining Hannah born 1637 married April 2 1658 Nicholas Whit marsh William born October 15 1639 married 1675 Esther Thompson Esther born May 8 1641 Ruth born 1642 died 1663 married December 19 1662 John Whitman Thomas born 1645 died November 14 1719 married in 1670 Sarah Bicknell Mary born 1647 died 1655 unmarried John born 1649 died January 13 1720 married Bethiah Frye James died July 21 1726 married April 18 1683 Susanna Richmond There is considerable difficulty

White Swirled Line

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