Rye, Rie, Rya

Hubert de Rye I of Rye near Falaise in Normandy vix 1044


Children:  Hubert; Robert a Bishop; 2 others


Hubert de Rye II died before 1066, in 1047 saved the life of William the future Conquorer


Children: Hubert de Rie III founder of Norwich priory, Honour of Hingham in Norfolk; Albreda founded Bingham Priory, married Peter de Valoines; Adam of Kent a Compiler of Domesday; Eudo of Dapifer founder of St. John's Abbey, Colchester, the ablest of the sons, died 1120 in Normandy; Ralph of Derby, Castellan of Nottingham


Herbert / Hubert de Rye III

Spouse: Agnes Todeni / Tony / Toeni / Todenei born c. 1074, probably widow of William de Beaufoy, daughter of Robert de Todeni / Tony & his wife Adeliza

Children: Henry gave Deopham to monks of Cantebury & Aslackby to Belvoir; Herbert IV gave Kinesthrop to Norwich Cathedral & Hockering & Bergh to Southwark Priory married Avelina




Robert de Rye (of Gosberton) 3rd in descent from Herbert de Rye, a Norman


Children: Ralunph, heir, died before 1201 married Constance daughter of Brian, had son Thomas; Robert died before 1201; William died before 1208; John died before 1208; Philip Lord of Gosberkirk died circa 1221, married Kinna living 1251; Gilbert mentioned in Belton MS


John de Rye 


Children: Robert quick claimed lands at Grayingham to Margery in 1223; Margaret / Margery


Margaret / Margery RYE given in marriage by King John with the manors of Cliff and Brignall co. York, also has lands at Grayingham co. Lincoln

Spouse: CHARLES de la Wardrobe died before 5/13/1241

Children: Sir William Lord of Kettlebergh married Joanna daughter of Gilbert son of Robert de Melton co. Northampton died 1305


Sir William CHARLES, knight, Lord of Kettlebergh, Brignall, Cliff-upon-Tees

Spouse: Joanna de MELTON, daughter of Gilbert son of Robert de Melton co Northampton died 1305.

Children: Edward had son Edward

British History Online: BRIGNALL in 1086 was composed of 12 carucates of land all waste, and soke of Count Alan's manor of Gilling (q.v.); it remained, as a member of the honour of Richmond, under the overlordship of Count Alan's successors. Roger de Mowbray, who died about 1188, was at one time mesne lord of Brignall, which was held of him by William de Logi his man, but there is no further mention of this mesne lordship or of any descendants of William de Logi. In 1211–12, or a little earlier, Ranulf (de Rye) son of Robert of Gosberton, Lincolnshire, held one knight's fee of the honour of Richmond, and this fee must have been Brignall; it was perhaps acquired by Ranulf after his marriage with Constance daughter of Brian and granddaughter of Scolland, an important tenant under the honour. It was found by inquiry made in 1241 that Ranulf had been followed by a son Thomas, on whose death without heirs King John seized Brignall and lands of Ranulf in Lincolnshire. Philip brother of Ranulf then made an agreement with the king by which Philip had the Lincolnshire lands and the king kept Brignall and other lands, and the marriage of Margery daughter of John, another brother of Ranulf. This marriage was granted with Brignall to Charles de la Wardrobe. In 1227 Robert son of John de Rye gave up all right in one knight's fee in Brignall, Cliffe, Cowton and Layton to his sister Margery and her husband. Charles's descendants took the patronymic of Charles. He was dead by 1241, when his land had been seized by the overlord and granted until the majority of William Charles his son to the Bishop of Carlisle. His widow Margery, however, recovered possession, and in 1263 William their son was lord of the manor. He was succeeded before 1284 by his son Edward, who died about 1330, having delivered Brignall to one of his younger sons, Edmund, six years before his death. In 1333 William Charles grandson of Edward conveyed the manor (to which Edward son of Edmund Charles put in a claim) to Thomas, lord of the neighbouring manor of Rokeby, and Julia his wife and the heirs of Thomas. Thomas de Rokeby, 'the uncle,' kt., and Julia his wife in 1347 settled the manor on themselves and the heirs of Thomas with various contingent remainders, and in 1352 the park and free warren of Thomas de Rokeby the elder at Brignall are mentioned. The previous settlements, however, may have made the alienation of the manor by William Charles invalid, as in 1380 Sir Robert son of Edward son of Edmund Charles conveyed the manor to Sir Richard le Scrope of Bolton. Sir Richard probably had some earlier interest in it, for in 1367–8 Theophania widow of Edmund Charles claimed dower from him in Brignall, and in 1377 he complained that William de Bowes, kt., Thomas de Rokeby and others broke his parks at Brignall and elsewhere and hunted there, carried away his goods and deer, and assaulted and imprisoned his servants. In 1219 Charles de la Wardrobe and Margery granted the advowson in frankalmoign to the same hospital, which, obtaining papal permission to appropriate the church in 1309, did so without royal licence The church was held by the hospital until its dissolution on 1 December 1539. The advowson then passed to the Crown, which retained it until 1874, when it, among others, came by exchange into the hands of the Bishop of Ripon, the present patron. The rectorial tithes belong to the vicar. In 1688 an agreement was made between the vicar and the parishioners as to the manner of paying their tithes of lamb, wool, hay, corn and calf, by which the vicar was to have 2 in the pound according to rents and also Easter dues and vicarial tithes; for instance, in a dispute which arose one witness deposed that he paid yearly 1 for a foal if he had any, a tithe for his bees when he had any, 1½ for every cow, 1 for every geld or barren cow, 1½ for himself and every communicant that he had in his family and also a hen yearly in kind at St. Andrew's Day or 6 in lieu thereof. 

[Edmund Charles died between 1349 and 1357]

The Publications of the Harleian Society, Volume 52.Rye of Gosberton: Robert de Rye Lord of Brignall co York Gosberkirk co Lincoln and had lands in and Kirkby Laythorpe co Lincoln Henry 11 3rd in descent from Hubert de a Norman. Children: Ranulph de Rye and heir of Robert Lord of Brignall Gosberkirk 10 II died before 1201:  Robert de Rye 2nd son of Robert de Rye died sp before 1201.  William de Rye 3rd son granted rent of 12d to Lincoln Cathedral before 1201 died sp before 1208.  John de Rye 4th son of Robert de Rye died before 1208. Children of John: Robert de Rye son and heir quit claimed lands at Grayingham to his sister Margery and Charles de la Wardrobe in 1223.  Margaret given in marriage by King John with the manors of Cliff and Brignall, co. York; had also lands at Grayingham co. Lincoln

Family Names and their Story by Sabine Baring-Gould: Rye from a place of that name north of Bayeux. Herbert de Rie in 1047 saved the life of William the future Conquerer of England when flying from the conspirators of the Cotentin. He died before 1066 but his sons are entered in Domesday The name remains 

The Visitation of Suffolk made by Hervey, Clarenceux, 1561, Cooke, Clarenceaux, 1577, and Raven, Richmond Herald, 1612

The history and antiquities of the county of Buckingham, Volume 4. By George Lipscomb: The issue of Robert de Todeni were William, Beringar, Geffrey and Robert and one daughter Agnes wife of Herbert de Rye to each of whom he left great possessions. The seignory of this Manor of Clifton became the inheritance of his eldest son William who was called William de Albini. 

Evidences of the Winthrops of Groton, co. Suffolk, England, and of families. Munning of Nedging. Armorial Bearings.  Munnings or Monyns B a shield or inetcocheon Arg within an orle of J incresents Or quartered with Or on a pile in point between an increscent and a decrescent G a crescent & of the first. This family is very antient. They were of Monkes Ely and of Nedging but have long since almost worne out. One of that family but of no very great ranke lived in Bury St Edmonds in the time of K Charles, and William Munnings clarke i now rector of Preston sonne of Humfrey Munnings clarke minister of Brettenham who was one of the most grave learned and pious ministers of this County. The most eminent place in Pretton church is given to the coat of this family yet I knowe none of any very great estate of that name in Suff this yeare 1659. So writes Candler in his list Tanner MS Lib Bodleian 226 of The names and armes of sundry of the gentlemen of chiefest account in the County of Suft as their coates were set up by Robert Reice Esq a most accomplisht gentleman in the church wiudowes of Preston in Suff about the latter end of the reigne of K James or the beginning of the reigne of K Charles. Rice who spelt his name in various ways Reice Ryce and Ryece was a man of comfortable fortune who having no children took to studying the family antiquities of his neighbourhood The will of man he writes hath found out the means to perpetuate the Reverend memory of his honorable friends departed by erecting unto them the lively counterfeiting resemblances effigies pyramids epitaphs and monuments as doth plentifully appear in our churches Extending this idea he began to decorate the church of his own parish in heraldic fashion. He set up the Royall armes of England in a faire table and then proceeded to depict the escutcheons of the gentry around him on its walls and windows. These he has described with much quaintness in his Breviary of Suffolk a charming account of the county which still exists amongst the Jermyn MSS Mooning for so he writes the word bore Qrtly 1 fc 4. An inset escocheon or betwn 8 Turkish Moons incresents O j 2 & 3 Oi a crescent О on a pile in point betw an increscent and a decrescent G. Amongst the many shields on his tombstone in the chancel is Rice quartering Strangman and impaling Mouning an escocheon betw 9 increscents 4 2 2 1. Many of these shields were still in existence when Davy visited Preston in the earlier part of the present century. Indeed Rice took some care that they should not fade too rapidly for in his will dated 11 Feb 1638 PCC 36 Harvey he bequeathed to William Mills of Lanham painter and glazier forty shillings with all my boxes of Painting Colours that he do from time to time renew and amend as need shall require the decays of colours words letters compartments and forms of those tables writings and inscriptions which he hath at any time made for me as they are fixed in the Parish church or chancell of Preston aforesaid. It is clear Rice thought much of his Munning descent. He makes especial mention of his Munning kinsmen in his will. To my cousin Mr William Murminge late resident at Sir Henry Mildmayes in the County of Essex who also calls him cousin in his turn1. More I give unto him my copyhold meadow in Monkes Illigh commonly called Skipp's meadow and now in the occupation of Katherine Munninge widow he to sell it and divide the proceeds between three of his sisters Ann Katherine and Ellen Munning so as one half shall go to Anne Munninge aged lame and impotent and the other half to Katherine and Ellen. To Thomas Munning sometime my servant. To my cousins Rice Munning and his sister the wife of Francis Lucas. For many interesting letters from Robert Rice to Gov John Winthrop see Vol i of the latter's Life and Letters and Vol vi of the Fourth Series of the Massachusetts Historical Society's Collections.
Munning of Suffolk. Add MS 5523: 

Will of Henry Munning, 1521.  In the yere of our Lord god m v xxi the xvi daie of October I Henry Munyng of Nedgynge in the diocese of Norwiche hoole being in mynde and of good remembraunce thankis be to Jhu my saviour ordeyne my testament and laste will in maner and forme folouring. I bequeth my soule to allmighty god my maker and Redemer to his mother and virgin our lady seynt Mary and to all the hooly company of seyntis in heveñ. To the making of a Roode lofte in the churche of Nedginge iiju vi viijd. To the aulter of Semer x. To the iij houses of friers in Ypiswiche to euery of the said houses x ther to haue in euery of the said placis a trentall of xxx massis. To the friers of Clare in like maner x8 I will that one honeste preste to singe for my soule and my frendis soulis in the churche of Nedgiuge the terme of one hole yer and he for to haue for his stipende viu. I bequethe to the reparación of Semer brige xl. To Margaret my wif all housis and landis in Leyhm the terme of hir lif. And after hir decease I will said housis fc landis remayue vnto Thomas Munyng my sonne. To Robert Rice and his wif xu. To Elisabtthe Rice xu to be paide to hir in the daie of hir mariage. And if the said Elisabeth die or she be maried then I will the said x11 remayne vnto the next doughter of the said Robert Rice and Agnes his wif. To the said Margret my wif my house in Semer called Wodsalis she to haue that fee simple to hir hir heires and assignes for euer. I bequethe to Robert Rice my house wl the laudis therto leyde lying and stonding in Byston with condición that said Robert shall paye among iiij of the childerne of his and Agnes his wif that now is xx marcs. To Thomas Munyug my soné the residue of my housis, landis, medowes &c for ever. An the residue of my goodie I put them holy to the disposición of myne executors to disspose them in dedis of charité as thei shall thinke most plesure to god and for the wele of my soule I make my exécuteurs to be Margret my wif. Thomas Munyng and Robert Rice they to bringe my body honestly to the erthe I ordeyn Thomas Lyude of Bylston to be suparvisor and I give hym for his labour xl Probatuin xxix Novetnbris 1521. Et comissa fuit admïstracïo Margarete Relíete et Thome Munyng executoribus PCC 18 Maynwaryng

Lincolnshire Pedigrees Vol 52: Robert de Rye Lord of Brignall co York of Gosberkirk co Lincoln and had lands in Eveden and Kirkby Laythorpe co Lincoln temp. Henry II, 3rd in descent from Hubert de Rye a Norman. Son John de Rye, 4th son of Robert de Rye, died before 1208. Daughter Margaret given in marriage by King John with the manors of Cliff and Brignall, co York, had also lands at Grayingham, co Lincoln married Charles de la Warderobe son of William de Kettlebergh Suffolk Keeper of the Wardrobe died before 1241. Son Sir William Charles Knt Lord of Kettlebergh and of Brignall and Cliff upon Tees did homage to Sir John Rye for lands at Grayingham married Johanna dau of Gilbert son of Robert de Melton co Northampton died 1305.


White Swirled Line

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