daughter of WAKE

Spouse: John LOWLE died at Clyvedon / Clevedon Co. Somerset

Children: John; Roger married Joane daughter and heir of John Gage of Walton in co. Somerset; Mary married a Collins

 Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal ..., Volume 2: The ancestry of Percival Lowell the American emigrant of 1630 is traced back in the Lowel line for ten generations viz: I William Lowle of Yardley in county Worcester married Lytleton and they had children James see forward, Andrew, Samuel. II James Lowle son of William Lowle 1 mar __Baskerville and thev had children: Raff see forward, George, Edmond, Andrew. Ill Raffe Lowle son of James Lowle 2 married ___Haselrigg and they had children: Walter see forward, Thomas, Anthony, Sabity. IV Walter Lowle son of Raffe Lowle 3 married Joane Russell and had one son Richard see forward. V Richard Lowle son of Walter Lowle 4 died at Yardley in county Worcester and is there buried with his coat of arms viz Sable a dexter hand couped at the wrist grasping three pointless darts one in pale and two in saltire argent. (From the Heralds Visitations of 1573 1591 1632). Richard married __Turner and they had children: Thomas see forward, Richard slain at Birmingham county Warwick. VI Thomas Lowle son of Richard Lowle 5 married ___Mayhouse and they had children: John Lowle see forward, William, Thomas, Roger. VII John Lowle son of Thomas Lowle 6 died at Clyvedon Somerset county England married ___Wake and they had children: John see forward, Roger married Joane Gage daughter and heir of John Gage of Walton Somersetshire ancestor of the Willing family of Philadelphia. VIII John Lowle son of John Lowle 7 married Apolyn Leversedge daughter of Richard their children were Richard see forward, Edmond, John IX Richard Lowle son of John Lowle 8 married Percival daughter of Edmond and Elizabeth Panthuit Percival of Weston in Gordano, Edmond was the son of Sir James Percival born 1468 Knight of the Bath grandson of Sir John Percival Lord of Eastbury Weston in Gordano born 1447 died September 25 1493. For thirteen generations back of Sir James this very distinguished family has a well authenticated pedigree. The first ancestor was Endes Sovereign Duke of Brittany first cousin to Robert the father of William the Conqueror. His grandson Asceline called also Lupus the Wolf was given Weston in Gordano and other estates in Somerset county England, in 1087 he commanded the Norman forces at Mantes Normandy and died 1119. The family seat has been at Eastbury and Weston for many centuries. Two of the Percivals in this line both Richard by name were famous Crusaders in 1190 and 1191 with Richard I. Another Roger was one of the Barons who compelled King John to sign the Magna Charta. The son of Richard Lowell named for his wife's family Percival is mentioned below. X Percival Lowell son of Richard Lowle 9 was born in England 1571 and died in Newbury Massachusetts January 8 1664. He was sixty eight years of age when he immigrated to America and ninety three years old when he died. In England he resided at Kingston Seymour England. He and his family had a large mercantile establishment at Bristol England under the firm name of Percival Lowle and Co This firm was composed of Percival his son John perhaps son Richard and possibly son in law William Gerrish who came over with the Lowells and subsequently married Percival Lowell's daughter Mrs Joanna Oliver widow of John Oliver. The Lowell and Percival families were both wealthy. Percival Lowell came to Newbury Massachusetts where his sons John and Richard had already settled in 1638 39 from Bristol on the ship Jonathan possibly not his first trip as he was a proprietor of Newbury in 1638. He was a freeholder when the town was incorporated March 17 1742. Percival wrote a poem on the death of Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts which was printed on a broadside and generally circulated. Children of Percival and Rebecca Lowell were John born in England 1595 died at Newbury Massachusetts July 10 1647 married first Margaret married second 1639 Elizabeth Goodale, Richard see forward, Joan born in England 1609 died in Newbury June 14 1677 married first 1639 John Oliver married second in Newbury April 17 1644 Captain William Gerrish. XI Richard Lowell son of Percival Lowell 10 was born in England 1602 died in Newbury Massachusetts August 5 1682. He married first in England Margaret who died in Newbury January 27 1642 married second in Newbury Margaret born November 27 1604 she was living his widow 1685 86. Richard settled according to Pope in 1637 in Newbury according to the genealogy he came with his father on the ship Jonathan in 1639. In 1674 he and his wife were members of the Newbury church. He had a freehold right No 63 in the upper common. His will is dated June 25 1681. Children of Richard and Margaret his first wife were Percival born 1639 40 see forward, Rebecca born at Newbury January 27 1642 died June 1 1662. Children of Richard and Margaret his second wife were Samuel born at Newbury 1644 was in Newbury 1681 and 1686 but probably returned to England to live in 1690, Thomas born in Newbury September 28 1649 probably died unmarried after 1711. XII Percival Lowell son of Richard Lowell n was born in Newbury Massachusetts 1639 40.

 The historic genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899 By Delmar Rial Lowell: THE FAMILY WAKE With this family John Lowle of the seventh generation became connected by marriage. The female strain was of descent from a follower of the Conqueror as shown in the Battle Abbey Roll and of repute at the battle of Hastings. There are two stocks of this family one of presumed Saxon lineage found to have been in the north of England and is said to be of descent from Hereward a noted Saxon. The other stock is Norman and is mentioned in Normandy as of Baronial estate early in the eleventh century. The Battle Abbey Roll has in its roster a member of this family who afterwards was transplanted at Clevedon County, Somerset England. This family has enjoyed the exceptional distinction of being perpetuated by an unbroken and unquestionable descent in direct male line from the distant time preceding the conquest The family seems to have had a prolonged situs and domicile at Clevedon for as late as the year 1621 one of its members Baldwin Wake of Clevedon was created a Baronet by the then reigning Prince King James as appears in Battle Abbey Roll. It is hardly probable that the family alliances of James of the seventh generation was with the Saxon Wakes in the north of England but on the contrary the probabilities are that his wife was one of the Norman stock where at Clevedon the two families resided.

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