Willet, Willett, Willit, Willitt, Wilit

Francis WILLET born 1634

Spouse: Martha SILVER born 3/14/1650 Newbury Essex MA daughter of Thomas Silver & Katherine, married 12/20/1669 Newbury

Children: Martha born 2/24/1669 died 3/8/1669; Francis born 2/22/1670-1; Sarah born 1/29/1672; Joseph born 5/11/1674; Joanna born circa 1676; Daughter born 12/5/1678; William born 2/12/1680; Thomas born 12/24/1682; Hannah born 8/5/1685; John born 7/6/1687


Francis WILLET born 2/22/1670-1 Newbury Essex MA

Spouse: Elizabeth LOWELL married 1/29/1695-6 Newbury MA Vital Records of Newbury, intensions 11/20/1695

Children: Mary; Judeth born 5/10/1702; Ruth born 5/2/1704 ; Hannah born 3/14/1706


Mary WILLET born 9/20/1698 Newbury, married 7/22/1721 Amesbury MA

Spouse: John FOOT, Jr. born 4/12/1698 Amesbury MA died Amerbury

Children: Hannah born 1722; Thomas born 1/23/1723-4 Amesbury MA, died 5/27/1802 Bath ME, married Joanna Parsons; Mary born 1726 died 1830; Judith born 1728; John born 1731 died 1739; Elizabeth born 1732 died 1737; David born 1735; Jonathan born & died 1735; Elizabeth born & died 1737; John born 1739 died 1802; Dorothy born 1742;  Sarah born 1745; William born 1754 died 1824

The Foote family: or, The descendants of Nathaniel Foote. VI. Notes communicated to the same by Capt Benjamin C Foote of Bath Maine: I have obtained a little information of the family. It came from Enoch and William Foote who are named herein. The families in Bath are as follows: John jun, David, Enoch, and William Foote are the sons of John Foote who was born in Haverhill Mass about 1739 and died in Bath at the age of 84. The name of the father of John Foote senior I have not been able to learn. He died in Haverhill Mass. His grandfather while searching for his cattle in Haverhill was surprized by the Indians and killed. William Parsons Foote of Waterville Maine and myself are sons of Thomas Foote jun who died in that town. Thomas Foote father of Thomas Foote jun died in Boston in 1803. He was the eldest brother of John Foote the first John above named and born about 1735. VII. Notes communicated to the same by William Parsons Foote of Waterville Maine: My father Thomas Parsons Foote was a non commissioned officer in the Army of the Revolution and served seven years lacking three months as a Sergeant. He was born in Bath Maine date of birth not known to me. He removed to this town then a part of Winslow about 1791 and died here in 1798. Waterville was set off from Winslow and incorporated in June 1802. I was born in 1783 and my brother Benjamin C in 1797.

 The historic genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899: 42 II ELIZABETH b at Newbury Mass Oct 16 1669. Int Pub in Newbury Nov 10 1695 and m in Newbury Jan 29 1696 Francis M Willet (Daniel2 Andrew1) of Newbury Mass. They had 1 Mary Willet b Sept 20 1698, 2 Judeth Willet b May 10 1702, 3 Ruth Willet b May 2 1704. Probably others.

 Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society, Volume 3 By Rhode Island Historical Society: Capt Thomas Willet formerly owned a large tract in Boston neck. By his will made in 1671 proved Aug 12 1674 (Plym Rec 3 114) he gave ail his lands in Narragansett to his grandchildren, the children of his daughters Martha wife of John Saffin, Mary wife of Samuel Hooker, and to his daughter Esther who afterwards married a Flynt. Andrew Willett sold off to Rowland Robinson 300 acres of the south part of his farm 110 rods and 6 feet wide (L E 2 122). By his will he gave his Boston neck farm to Francis and Thomas Willett. Thomas by his will proved 1725 gave his part to Francis and after him to Willett son of his sister Mary Carpenter and William son of his sister Martha Pease.

A sketch of the history of Newbury, Newburyport, and West Newbury, from 1635: WILLET FRANCIS b in 1634 m Martha Silver 20 Dec 1669. Ch Martha 24 Feb 1670, Francis 22 Feb 1671, Sara 19 Jan 1673, Joseph 11 May 1674, William 12 Feb 1681, Thomas 24 Dec 1682, Hannah 5 Aug 1685, John 9 July 1687. WILLET FRANCIS son of Francis m Elizabeth Lowle 29 Jan 1696. Ch Mary 20 Sept 1698, Judith 10 May 1702, Ruth 2 May 1704. Lydia

 Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849: Births: WILLET (see also Willett) Daniel s Nathaniell and Joanna Sept 7 1737. Elisabeth d Nathaniel and Mehetable July 22 1764. Francis s Francis Feb 22 1670. Hannah d Francis Aug 5 1685. Hannah d Francis jr and Elizabeth Mar 15 1706. Hannah d Joseph jr bp Aug 23 1761 (c R 1) Joanna d Nathaniel and Joanna bp Sept 14 1753 (c R 8) John s Francis and Martha July 9 1687. John s Joseph and Elisabeth Oct 13 1709. John s Nathaniel and Mehetabell Feb 4 1760. John s John bp Sept 28 1760 c R 1. Joseph s Francis May 11 1674. Joseph s Joseph and Elizabeth May 8 1707. Joshua s Nathaniel and Hannah Mar 22 1739. Joshua s Nathaniel and Joanna bp June 1 1754 c R 8. Lydia d Joseph jr bp Aug 26 1759 c R 1. Martha d Francis Feb 24 1669. Mary d Nathaniel and Mehetabell Jan 22 1755. Mehetable d Nathaniel and Mehetable Feb 24 1762. Molly d Benjamin bp Aug 1 1779 cr 1. Moses s John bp Oct 31 1762 cr 1. Nathaniel s Nathaniel and Mehetabell Mar 17 1757. Ruth d Francis jr S dup and Elizabeth May 2 1704. May 23 S dup Sara d Francis Jan 29 1672 Sarah d Francis bp Oct 29 1676 c R 1 Thomas s Francis Dec 24 1682 William s Francis Feb 12 1680 d Francis Dec 5 1678 WILLETT (see also Wilit Willet Willit) Benjamin s Dr Benjamin deceased and Martha bp Oct 19 1760 c R 5. Elisabeth d Dr Benjamin deceased and Martha bp Oct 19 1760 c R 5. Judith d Francis jr and Elizabeth May 10 1702. Mary d Francis jr and Elisabeth Sept 20 1698 .Mary d Dr Benjamin deceased and Martha bp Oct 19 1760 c R 5. Sarah d Dr Benjamin deceased and Martha bp Oct 19 1760 cr 5. WILLIT (see also Willett) Benjamin s Joseph and Elizebeth Feb 2 1712. Daniel s Joseph and Elisabeth May 8 1721. Elizabeth d Joseph and Elizabeth Sept 19 1718. Mary d Joseph and Elisabeth Nov 9 1724. Nathaniel s Joseph and Elisabeth Sept 5 1715. WILIT (see also Willett) Mary d Joseph and Elizabeth Aug 7 1726.

White Swirled Line

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