John ADAMS born circa 1445 Lydd Kent ENG

Spouse: __ EDEN

Children: William; Robert; Agnes; John; Daughter; Margaret


William ADAMS born circa 1470 of Lydd

Spouse: Juliane BATE

Children: Andrew


Andrew ADAMS of Lydd

Spouse: ____

Children: William


William ADAMS of Lydd born circa 1518

Spouse: Alice BAKER married circa 1542, born 1520, died pre 1571 (2) Mildred

Children: Joan born 4/3/1544 died 1582


Joan ADAMS baptized Lydd 4/10/1544, died 1582

Spouse: James MARTINE / MARTIN married 7/27/1562 died 1583

Children: Mary 1562 died 1610; Rachel married John Bigge, baptized 6/17/1565 Lydd, widow sailed from London 1635 settled Dorchester MA died 1647; Godfrey born 1567


Mary MARTINE born 1550 in Lydd, married 6/6/1580

Spouse: James BATE, yeoman, died at Lydd 3/2/1614

Children: Clement born circa 1595; Edward born Lydd All Hallows co. Kent ENG died Weymouth Norfolk MA; James , husbandman, born Lydd baptized 12/2/1582; came on "Elizabeth" 1635; died Dorchester Suffolk MA married Alice Glover of Saltwood ENG; George of Boston, freeman 1636; Robert; Anna; John; Thomas; Edward; Joseph; Mary; Isaac; Joanna; Rachel; Martha

American Gen.: Bates (Bate) Clement (1589-1671) from Eng in the "Elizabeth" to Hingham MA 1635; freeman 1636; m Ann _____. Bates, Clement, (1589-1671) son of James, m Mary Martin; gson of John, m Mildred Ward; from Eng in the "Elizabeth" to Hingham MA 1635; freeman 1636; m Ann _____ (d 1669 ag 74). Bates(Bate) James (1582-1655; son of James m Mary Martin of Lydd Kent Co Eng; desc John Bates, 1415, legendary soldier in battle of Agincourt; from Eng in the "Elizabeth to Dorchester MA 1635; freeman 1636; elder; selectman 1636; rep Gen Ct 1641; m 1603 Alice Glover (d 1657). 6-17 Apr 1635 Passengers embarked in the "Elizabeth", Mr. Wlm Stagg, bound from London to NE. Clement Bates, tailor 40, (his wife) Ann Bates 40, and their 5 children James 14, Clement 12, Rachell 8, Joseph 5, Benjamin 2, and their servants John Wynchester 19 & Jarvice Gold 30.

Who Beget Thee? BATES James Bates 1582 1655 Son of James Bate of Lydd Kent Eng who died in England March 2 1614. Baptized Dec 2 1582. Came from England with the Fosters in the Elizabeth in 1635 and settled at Dorchester. He was a cousin of widow Patience Foster. He married in 1603 Alice Glover of Saltwood Eng b 1583 For centuries the family of Bate or Bates was seated at the old town of Lydd county of Kent and for successive generations held the offices of Chief Magistrate and Jurat. Thomas Bate was of the manor and estate of Jaques Court and also tenant of the manor of New Langport both near Lydd Master James Bates brought with him from England his wife Alice and four children He was ruling elder of the church selectman several years and Deputy in 1640 He died in 1655 leaving estate in England and in Massachusetts His widow died Aug 14 1657 His son Richard lived at Lydd Eng and was the only one of his family left behind in the emigration to America Richard was named trustee in his father's will but died March 6 1656 Another son James born 1626 lived in Dorchester and settled his father's estate there Mary Bates 1619 1703 Daughter of James Born in England Baptized Nov 21 1619 Married about 1639 Hope still Foster Died Jan 5 1703 /P/ BATES Clement Bates 1595 1671 Son of James Bate of Lydd Kent Eng Brother of James of Dorchester see p 16 Came to America in the Elizabeth in 1635 with wife Anna and five children Settled at Hingham where he was a grantee of Sept 18 1635 The old Anchor Tavern was on a portion of his estate His wife Anna died at Hingham Oct 1 1669 aet 74 Clement Bates died Sept 17 1671 Sabb day night Hobart His oldest son James who married Ruth daughter of Rev John Ly ford was made his executor Joseph Bates 1630 1706 Son of Clement Born in England in 1630 Married at Hingham Jan 9 1658 Esther daughter of William Hilliard Was selectman at Hingham for many years Died April 30 1706 Joshua Bates 1671 1757 Son of Joseph Born at Hingham Aug 14 1671 Married Jan 15 1696 Rachel daughter of Ibrook Tower Died at Hingham in April 1757 Hon John Lewis Bates b 1859 who was elected governor of the state of Massachusetts Nov 4 1902 is a descendant of Joshua and of the 9th generation from Clement Rachel Bates 1696 1780 Daughter of Joshua Born at Hingham July 14 1696 Married Dec 14 1715 Andrew Beal Died Nov 20 1780 Another emigrant member of this family was Edward Bates who settled at Weymouth Just what his relationship was to James and Clement has not been established From Edward was descended Joshua Bates of Weymouth b 1788 whose munificence endowed and permanently founded the Boston Public Library He died in London Eng as head of the house of Baring Brothers & Company in 1864 

James Martine Will: 8 August 1583- the will of James Martin of the town of Lydd in the parish of All Saints, county of Kent ... to my daughter Rachel L10 in ready money, one silver goblet next eh best one pt covered with silver, 6 silver spoons of those that be 7 marked, one feather bed next the best that lyeth in the chamber over the parlor, that bolster that lyeth upon the bed, the coverlet, that blanket, two pillows, two pillow coats, 4 pair of sheet neither of the finest nor of the coarsest, 3 tabe cloths, one dozen of table napkins, her mother's best coat with her kyrtle, and all such things as her mother did give her ... unto my daughter Batt (Bates) 10s ... Adryes Wood my servant shall have that little chamber he now lyeth in for life, one feather ed, one bolster, 2 pair of sheets, one blanket, one coverlet, L3.6s.8d ... to son in law James Batt 2 seames of wheat, and 3 seames of malt. Godfrey Matin my son to be sole executor, he to have all the rest of moveable goods, houses, lands not willed. Witnesses: Alexander Weston, writer, Richard Glover. Proved 26 November 1583 at Canterbury and Godfrey Martin. executor, and Maria Martin alias Batt, also Rachell Martin natural daughters of the deceased, all came into court, etc. (Reference: 35:60)

John Bigg of Cransbrook married 9/14/1583 Rachel, daughter of James & Joan (Adams) Martin, baptized 6/17/1565 at Lydd Kent. She went to NE with 3 of 11 children, died Dorchester circa 1647 

William Adams lived in Lydd circa 1525. Nicholas Adams of Lydd & Catherine Crouch married 12/25/1575.

Canterbury marriage licences ..., Volume 2: Adams, William of Lydd husb ba 22 and upwards son of William Adams of Brookland yeom who consents and Anna Parkes of Lydd w of William Parkes late sp dec At S Margaret's Cant April 24 1632

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