Thomas ANDREWS born ENG circa 1572origins unknown, in Hingham MA by 1635; died 8/21/1643

Spouse: ___ married by circa 1597. Not seen in any N.E.. records.

Children: Joseph born circa 1597 ENG, died 1/1/1679-80 age 83 Hingham MA


Joseph ANDREWS born circa 1597, died 1/1/1679-80 Hingham MA; at Hingham by 1635 age 38 with his father, freeman 1636; removed to Duxbury by 1657, moved back to Hingham late in life; Planter, Tailor; constable, first town clerk, representative, will dated 9/27/1679 approved 1/21/1679-80

Spouse: (1) _____ by 1622; (2)  Elizabeth ? by 1632, born circa 1601 ENG died 8/12/1688 Hingham MA; 

Children: Possibly by wife (1) Hannah born circa 1622 Devon, Devonshire ENG died 7/10/1700 Scituate MA married Matthew Gannett of Scituate MA who had a brother Thomas (possibly daughter of a first unknown wife per Great Migrations); By wife (2) Elizabeth:   Thomas (Captain) born 11/1632 ENG married Ruth ____; Joseph born circa 1635 Eng?,  living  9/27/1679; Elizabeth baptized 3/1637-8 Hingham by Rev. Hobart, married __Eames; Ephraim baptized 8/1639 Hingham, removed to Woodbridge NJ;  Mary born circa 1641 Hingham, died after 9/18/1685;  married Thomas Beard admitted freeman 1645; Hepzebah born circa 1643 Hingham, died probably Piscataway NJ after 12/30/l692;  married Jeffrey Manning, in 1659 accused Richard French with fathering her child but she never appeared in court


Thomas ANDREWS, Captain, born 11/1632 ENG, represented Hingham in the uprising against the tyranny of Sir Edmund Andros on "The Council for the Safety of the People and the Conservation of the Peace"; 8/6/1690 joined the ill-fated  expedition against Sir William Phips for the reduction of Canada, died on expedition 11/25-26/1690 of smallpox

Spouse: Ruth _____  born c. 1636 died 10/23/1732 Hingham MA age 97; married before 1656 Hingham MA

Children: Joseph born 9/22/1656 died 11/24/1724, unmarried; John born 9/30/1658 died 7/2/1695, married Patience Nichols 1658; Ruth born 8/6/1660; Thomas, lieutenant, tailor,  born 6/26/1663, married 1st Abigail Lincoln 2nd Susannah Stutton; Elizabeth born 9/22/1665 married Joseph Jay/Joy born 1645; Ephraim born 10/27/1667 died 9/7/1669; Abigail born 1/6/1669 married Joseph Blaney; Stephen born 3/6/1672 married Bethia Stetson; Jedediah born 7/3/1674, graduated Harvard 1695; Benjamin born 3/11/1677 married Mary Sweetzer; all born Hingham & died there if date listed


Ruth ANDREWS born 8/6/1660 Hingham MA died 1/1/1718 Hingham

Spouse: Ambrose LOW born ENG died before 1708 Hingham MA; married 2/22/1688 Hingham

Children: Ambrose born 3/27/1695 died 3/26/1771 Hingham MA; Susanna born 1/12/1698 Hingham; Elizabeth born 4/2/1700 Hingham died 9/20/1772 Hingham married Ebenezer Beal 5/21/1724 Hingham

Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Vol. 1, A-B:   Thomas Andrews.  Origin:  Unknown.  Migration:  1635. First Residence:  Hingham.  Estate:  "The several parcels of land & meadow legally given unto Thomas Andrews by the town of Hingham"; 18 Sep 1635, "for a houselot five acres of land, two acres of it butting upon the town street ... the other three acres of it lyeth at the further end of the same neck"; 1635, "for a planting lot five acres lying upon the Old Planters' Hill in the Plain Neck"; 1635,, "for a Great Lot twelve acres called by the name of Ward Hill"; 1635, two acres  being the one half of a little island that is compassed about with the Home Meadow"; and, 1647 [sic], "six acres of salt marsh at Conyhassett, it is the third lot in the first division ... which said meadow was given in satisfaction for six acres of meadow which he should have at Nantascutt" [HBOP 17].  ("The several parcels of land & meadow legally given unto Joseph Andresws by the town of Hingham" included "for a houselot five acres of land, two acres of it butting upon the town street southward and upon part of his own land and upon part of Richard Betscome's land northward, bounded with the land of Thomas Andrews his father eastward and with the land of Mr. William Walton westward the other three acres of it lying at the further end of the same neck bound with the land of Thomas Andrews his father eastward and with the land of Ricchard Betscome westward and butting upon Broad Cove northward and upon his own land and upon his father's Thomas Andrew's land southward" [HiBOP 18].)  Birth:  By about 11572 based on estimated date of marriage.  Death: "Old Thomas Andruce" died at Hingham on 21 August 1643 [NEHGR 121:16].   Marriage:  By about 1597 ____ ____. She is not seen in any New England record.  Child:  i.  Joseph, b. about 697 (d Hingham 1 Jan 1679/80, aged 83 [Hingham Hist 11]); m by 1632 Elizabeth ____ (eldest child b 1632 [Small Gen 859]).  Comments:  In his entry for this man Pope says to "See Plaisto," which leads to the entry for Josias Plastowe, which includes a reference to Plaistow's servant Thomas Andrews [Pope 364].  The servant would be much too young to be the immigrant to Hingham in 1635, and father of Joseph Andrews of Hingham, so this must be a different man [GMB 1:45. 3"1491=92].  The entire chronological structure of this family is based on the age at death given for Joseph Andrews. As this would make him about thirty-five at marriage, this age may be somewhat inflated, which would move the estimated birth date and marriage date for Thomas Andrews some years later.   Bibliographic Note: A brief account of the immigrant, with a much longer account of his son Joseph, has been prepared by Lora A. W. Undershil [Small Gen 852-60].  On the basis of earlier accounts she included Thomas Andrews of Dorchester as a second son of the immigrant, but with a clear acknowledgement that there is no evidence for this.  Alicia Crane Williams has also traced a line of descent from this immigrant [Chase-Wigglesworth 55].  

Early New England Families 1641-1700: Joseph Andrews: Migrations/Residences: To New England about age 38 in 1635 with his father, and presumably with his wife and two or three of their older children. Settled at Hingham, Massachusetts, removed to Duxbury by 1657, returned to Hingham late in life, where he died. Parentage/Family: Only known child of Thomas Andrews (GM2, 1:61-62). Birth/Baptism: Born England about 1597 (age at death). Death/Burial: Died at Hingham, 1 January 1679/80, age 83. Married:  (1) By 1622. See Commentary; Bride: Unknown. Married: (2)? By 1632. See Commentary. Bride: Elizabeth ____, Death/Burial: Died at Hingham, 12 August  1688. Land/Property: Grant at Hingham on 9/18/1635 ... bounded with the land of Thomas Andrews his father .....In 1657 Joseph Andrews of Duxbury, planter, sold to Wiliam Hersie, Jr., of Hingham, for 12, five acres upland and meadow in Hingham "neere Captaines Tent ...  On 10/16 1665, Joseph Andrews and his wife Elizabeth of Duxbury sold "for a valuable consideration" to Thomas Andrews of Hingham "our naturall Sonne ... all that our house Lotts Containeing tenn acres of Land with all the houses Orchards & fences Standing & being upon the sd house Lotts bounded with the Towne Street Southward & with broad Coave Northward ... & also our Salt Meadow... On 9/10/1679, Joseph Andrews of Hingham sold, again for a valuable consideration, to his son Thomas, "all my Shares of Land in all the four divisions of Connihasset upland ..... Community:  Sworn as the first town constable of "Barecove" (Hingham) on 8 July 1635; became the first town clerk. Elected representative to the Genera Court from Hingham for six sessions in 1636, 1637, and 1638, where he served on committees to set tax rates and settle the boundary line between Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colony. At Duxbury he served as surveyor of highways in 1654 and 1655 (in June 1655 he and Robert Baker, surveyors, were fined for neglecting to mend the highways in Duxbury), and he was chosen constable in June 1664.  Church: Daughter Elizabeth baptized in Rev. Peter Hobart's church in Hingham in 1638, and possibly son Ephraim in 1639, although not included in the Hobart Journal. Court: Joseph served on a number of juries at the Plymouth court between 1655 and 1665, including ones in March 1654/5 that found Robert Latham guilty of manslaughter and Joseph Tilden guilty of taking a false oath, "although wee conceeive he was drawne into it by the base and ill carriage of John Ramdsen." He was  a member of the coroner's jury in December 1661 that deteermined Thirston Clarke, Sr., died when he fell trough the ice. However, Joseph was fined in 1663 for refusing o serve on a jury to lay out highways in Duxbury. Occupation: Planter, tailor. Estate: See will below. Child: of Joseph Andrews and possible first wife, see commentary: i. Hannah Andrews, b. Eng., ca 1622; d. Scituate, 10 July 1700, aged 78 y.; m. Matthew Gannett, son of John Gannett, bp. Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, 16 Feb. 1617/8, d. Scituate, 10 Oct 1694. a. 77.  Children: of Joseph and Elizabeth (_____) Andrews, see Commentary. ii. Thomas Andrews, b Eng., Nov 1632; d. on the expedition to Canada, 25/26 Nov 1690; m. Ruth ____, b. abt. 1636; d. Hingham, 23 Oct 1732, a. 97yrs. iii. Joseph Andrews, b. Eng.?, say 1634-1635; living 27 Sept 1679 (father's will, "if hee comes to demand it"). iv. Elizabeth Andrews, bp. Hingham, Mar 1637/8; m. ____ Eames. v. Ephraim Andrews, bp. Aug 1639, living 27 Sept 1679 (father's will); settled in Woodbridge NJ by 1673. vi. Mary Andrews, b. say 1641; d. aft. 18 Sept 1685 (birth of child); m. Thomas Beard. vii. Hepzibah Andrews, b. say 1643; d. prob. Piscatway NJ aft. 30 Dec 1692; m. about 1661 Jeffrey Manning, son of John and Elizabeth (Goodye) Manning; b. Hawstead, Suffolk, Eng, 17 Mar 1638/9; d. Piscaway, 26 Jan 1692/3. Commentary: Establishing the wife or wives of Joseph Andrews is first compllicated by the fact that we see the given name of his wife Elizabeth in only three places. On 16 Oct 1665 she joins Joseph in the deed to their "natural son." Thomas (she does not join Joseph in another deed to Thomas in 1679, nor in a deed by Joseph to William Hersey in 1657), Joseph's will dated 17 Sep 1679 names wife Elizabeeth. George Lincoln in Hingham (1893), 2:11, reports her given name apparently from the deed and will, and giver her death date in 1688, although that record is in neither Peter Hobart's Journal non the Hingham town records (as is Joseph's death),. Assuming the same wife Elizabeth in 1665 and 1679, the widow is shown to be the mother of son Thomas.  /// The next problem is the lack of birth or baptismal dates for all but two of the Andrews' children. The date of birth of "Nov 1632" for Joseph and Elizabeth's acknowledged "natural child," Thomas, is from Lincoln without attribution, but he may have had access to family or local records that we do not. Underhill in Small (1934), 862, states that Thomas died at age 58 in 1690, but Thomas' death record in Hingham does not give any age at death, suggesting that Underhill extrapolated his age from the date of birth given by Lincoln. There is no marriage record for Thomas Andrews and his wife Ruth, but their first child, Joseph, as baptized in Hingham in 1656. If Tomas was born in 1632 ahe would have been 24 when his first child was born, which puts him right about on average. /// Lincoln lists the birth of the third child, Joseph, as "prob. ab. 1635?," which shoehorns him between Thomas and the recorded baptism of Elizabeth in 1638 and the claimed one for Ephraim in 1639. The will of the senior Joseph Andrews lists son Joseph before son Ephraim. // The biggest problem, however, is the first child, Hannah. If her age at death taken from her tombstone (78 in 1700) is correct, she would have been born about  1622, ten years before Thomas with no other known children between them. Her husband, Matthew Gannett, was baptized in 1617, making her his contemporary. We don't have the marriage record for Matthew and Hannah, nor birth records for their children (except that two can be calculated from ages at death to the early 1650s). Hannah's age at death might have been inflated when carved on her gravestone (a good photograph of the stone is available on with the age still barely legible), but lacking any other evidence this record has to stand as it is. /// Working from the other end of the children, te last child as recported by Lincon is Abigail, born in 1647. If there were such a child and Josep had only one wife who had Hannah in 1622  and Abigail in 1647, her child bearing would have spanned 25 years, including the 10-year gap, which, although technically possibly, stretches the average. Abigail, however, is likely a phantom child for Joseph, as Lincoln ideentified her as John Wadsworth's wife who died in 1723 at age 76 (thus the birth year of 1647), a claim that was later refuted by Almon Hodges in NEHGR, 52:16-23, showing that John Wadsworth's wife was a daughter of Henry Andrews. /// That brings the last estimated abirth for a child of Joseph back a couple of years to Hepzibah about 1643, but the ten-year gap between Hannah and Thomas remains a significant problem. The unanswerable question at this point is whether Joseph and Elizabeth had other children born in England between 1622 and 1632, who died, or whether Joseph had an earlier wife. Using the child baring span as ouor basis, we are suggesting two wives.

Gen Reg of First Settlers of NE::  ANDREWS, JOSEPH, Hingham 1635, freeman 1636, was the first town clerk, and representative 3 years from 1636 to 1638. Lincoln, Hist Hingham, 42, 163. THOMAS, Hingham 1635, and perhaps the representative in 1678. There was a Captain Thomas Andrews, of Hingham, whose son Jedediah was b. 7 July 1674 grad at H. C. 1695, and was minister in Philadelphia. Lincoln, Hist Hingham, 116.

Pioneers of MA pg 18: Thomas, Hingham, propr. 1635. [See Plaisto.] Son Joseph came with him; had adjacent log; was town officer and deputy; d. 27 Sept. 1679, ae. 83 years. /P/ Old Thomas Andrews d. Aug. 1643 [Hob.]

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 125: LOW, or LOWE, AMBROSE, Hingham, m. Feb. 1688, Ruth Andrews

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 54: Andrews,  *JOSEPH, Hingham 1635, s. of Thomas the first, b. in Eng. freem. 3 Mar. 1636, was the first town clk. constable, rep. 1636-8, had rem. to Duxbury soon after, but Joseph, Ephraim, and Thomas may have been b. bef. such rem. as only ch. at D. nam. is Abigail, 1647, wh. m. July 1667, John Wadswortb; at D. he was a town officer 1654, and  constable 1664, d. 1 Jan. 1680, aged 83. Lincoln's Hiss. of H. 42,163.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 56: Andrews, THOMAS, Hingham, s. of Joseph of the same, was a capt. in the extravag. expedit. of Sir William Phips, 1690, against Quebec, in wh. he perish. by smallpox, late in Nov. 1690, hav. made his will 26 of that mo. had Jedediah, b. 7 July 1674, H. C. 1695, wh. bec. a min. at Philadelphia. Lincoln, 116. Perhaps he had others.

Ruth widow of Thomas Andrews and the mother of all his children was mentioned in the will of Joseph Andrews 1679 as Ruth Andrews my daughter in law with the gift of my newest chest She survived her husband many years and passed away at Hingham October 23 1732 in her ninety seventh year 

I Joseph Andrewes of hingham of the County of Suffolk in Neweingland being weak in body but of pfect memory doe make & ordayne this my last will and Testament in manner & forme as followeth Revoaking & herby making voyd all other will or wills formerly made by me the said Joseph andrews either by word or wrighting Impmis. I giue & bequeath my soule into the hands of Jesus Christ my Redemer and my body to be buryed with Decent buriall. Item I giue & bequeath vnto Elizabeth andrewes my well beloued wife all that my estate of mouable goods nowe in possession for her to vse & Improue during her natural life. Item I giue and bequeath un to my Daughter Elizabeth emes that featherbed and bedstead with all the furnytur therevnto belonging whereon I now ly Item I giue and bequeath vnto my Daughter hannah ganitt one peauter platter Item I giue vnto my Daughter mary beard one peauter platter and one Candlestick. Item I giue vnto my Son Joseph andrewes my Sword and my goold Ringe and a bible and also tenn pounds to be paid him by my executor if he come to Demand it. Item I giue vnto Ephraim Andrewes my Son all that estate of mine that is in his hands which he had of me when he went to newe Jazsy New Jersey. Item I giue vnto Hip sebeth maning my Daughter three pounds of that bill of eight pouuds that I had of her husband Jeffery maning and my mind and will is that the Remaynder of the said bill which is fiue pounds shall bee equally Deuided between Rehobath gannitt and Israeli thorne fifty shillings a peece. Item I giue and bequeath vnto all my grand Sons that beare my name Joseph each of them & euery one of them a peauter platter. Item I giue & bequaeth vnto Ruth andrewes my Daughter in law my newest Chist. Item I giue vnto Ruth andrewes my grand Daughter my ould Chist and my frame table & forme. Item I giue to my grand Son Thomas andrewes a Cowe. Item I giue to my grand Son Steaven Andrewes and Jededyah each of them an Iron pott .Item I giue to benjamine andrewes my grand Son my Desk. Item I giue vnto Elizabeth andrewes my grand daughter my warming pann. Ite I giue vnto my grand Daughter Abygall andrewes my frying pann. Item I giue and bequeath vnto Thomas Andrewes my Son all the Rest & Remaynder of my goods and houshould Stuffe and doe hereby make and apoynt him the said Thomas Andrewes my Soel executer of this my last will and testament. And my minde and will is that whatsoeuer I haue giuen & bequeath of my goods & estat in this my will abouesaid Shall not be Claymed by any of the persons abouesaid vntill after the decease of my said wife but shall be for her vse as abouesaid in witns whereof I the abouesaid Joseph Andrewes haue herevnto Set my hand and Seale this Seauen & twenty day of September Annoqj Dora 1679 .The marke of JOSEPH L Jtl ANDREWS seal. Signed & Sealed in the presence of us witnesses JOSIAH LORING Josiah Loring & Edm1 Pitts EDM PITTS the two witnesses to this Instrumf made oath before Simon Bradstreet Esqr Govot & Humphry Davie Esq assist 21 January 1679 80 that they were present & did see Joseph Andrews Signe & Seale and heard him publish it to be his last will and that then he was of a disposing minde to their best knowlidge as attests Is ADDINGTON Cler The I2 Day of January Anno Dom 1679 8o .An Inventory of y goods of Joseph Andrews of Hingham Decc apprized by us whose names are under subscribed.

Thomas Andrewes Snr of Hingham  in ye County of Suffolke within their MajtiM Territory & Dominion of New England being very weake of body but through mercy of perfect Understanding & Memory do thus dispose of y part of ye World which it hath pleased God to bestowe upon me declareing this to be my Last Will & Testament Imp, I give unto my Son Thomas Andrewes that Dwelling house vch I built for him with ye Land about it y was Edmond Pitts's y I bought of his Son & Daughter Eastman and also my great Lott & this to have now. Item As for all my other estate my Will is y all my Four Sons Shall be equal & my three Daughters all alike halfe as much apiece as one of my Sons & also my wife to have for her Livelihood out of ye whole of my Estate as she shall have need off as long as shee shall bear my Name & if she shall marry then she to have Sixty pounds of my Estate at her own disposing. And if any of Children shall dye without any Children then what Land they had of mine to return unto ye rest of their Brothers & Sisters according as ye rest is ordered Only what I give unto my Son Thomas I mean his House & Land it stands upon & my great Lott to be att his own disposing. Item I give unto my Son Thomas now two Oxen two Cows & three young Cattle for his own besides a single Portion equal with his Brothers. Item My desire is y Jedediah may be brought up to Learning if it can be or if it be then I do desire y Rev 1 Mt Jo5 Nortonton wlh my Wife to order it & what they think is Reason to take out of his Portion for y use so y his Brothers & Sisters be not too much wronged. Item As for ye Sixty pounds which I give to my wife my Will is y it be taken not out of my Land but out of ye moveable part of my Estate. Item it is to be understood y all which I have given unto my Son Thomas except his Single Share equal with ye rest of his Brothers & what he hath gained upon it is clear unto hira selfe & at his own disposal. Item I do constitute & appoint my trusty & well beloved Son Thomas Andrewes & my Dearly beloved Wife Ruth Andrews to be ye Executor & ye Executrix of this my Last Will & Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand & Seal this Twentie sixth day of November An Dom One thousand Six hundred and Ninety Annoq Regni. R & Regina Gulielmij & Maria Anglia &cJ Secundo Read Signed & Sealed in ye The Mark & Seal of Heareing Presence of Thomas Thaxter JL Sam Shepard _7 Thomas Andrewes Boston February 5 1690 .1 Thomas Andrews Execute of this will presented this will for probate the Ex could not come up Thomas Thaxter & Samuel Shepard the two subscribing Witnesses made oath before the worshipfull Samuel Sewall & John Smith Esq assis y they were present & did see Cap Thomas Andrews Signe Seale & heard him publish this Instrument to be his last will and testantf and y when he did so was of disposing minde to their best understanding.

History of the town of Hingham, Massachusetts, Volume 1, Part 2: May 27 1703 Agreement by Thomas Andrews, Daniel Lincoln, Aaron Pratt, Gershom Ewell, Mordccai Lincoln, Josiah Litchield Jr, and Thomas James reciting that they had entered into an agreement to set up a forge or iron works upon a stream in Thomas Andrcws's lot in the third division in Conahasset and sensible that they shall have occasion to make use of some of his land do appoint Captain Chitenton and Lieutenant Briggs both of Scituate and Samuel Thaxtcr of Hingham to award the difference in value of said Andrews's land that the referees have viewed upon the day of the date hereof being Gershom Swell's and Daniel Lincoln's land lying adjoining said Andrews's on the southeast side of the said stream or river called Ganits River in the third division etc There were also iron works on the stream above Pratt's mill in Cohasset Jan 13 1703-4. Agreement reciting that Thomas Andrews, Daniel Lincoln, Thomas James, Aaron Pratt all of Hingham and Mordecai Lincoln, Gcrshom Ewell, and Josiah Litchfield Jr of Scituate have a piece of land in common amongst them in the third division upon which they have erected a dam across a stream in the same also iron works and other buildings also a dwelling house on a piece of land. Mordecai Lincoln aforesaid gave to the owners of said works to be held in joint tenancy for twenty years to do what the major part of the said owners of the property shall think fit etc. The iron works here referred to aj jx ar to have been taxed in Hingham for a number of years after the dates previously given. 
JEDIDIAH ANDREWS II 12 son of Thomas Andrews was born in Hingham July 7 1674 and was graduated at Harvard College in 1695.. He taught school in Hingham in 1697 and was ordained in Philadelphia in the autumn of 1701. He appears to have performed a good deal of missionary labor in other places as his record of baptisms shows that he ministered in Hopewell, Gloucester, Burlington, Amboy, and Staten Island. He was the Recording Clerk of the Presbytery and of the Synod as long as he lived. He conducted most of their correspondence especially with New England and was considered to be particularly gifted in bringing to a successful termination any disputes both in congregations and among individuals. He died after a long ministry in 1747. Benjamin Franklin speaks of him thus. "Though I seldom attended any public worship, I had still an opinion of its propriety and of its utility when rightly conducted and I regularly paid my annual subscription for the support of the only Presbyterian minister or meeting we had in Philadelphia. He used to visit me sometimes as a friend and admonish me to attend his administrations and I was now and then prevailed on to do so once for five Sundays successively. Had he been in my opinion a good preacher perhaps I might have continued notwithstanding the occasion I had for the Sunday's leisure in my course of study but his discourses were chiefly either polemic arguments or explications of the peculiar doctrines of our sect and were all to me very dry uninteresting and unedifying since not a single moral principle was inculeated or enforced their aim seeming to be rather to make us Presbyterian than good citizens. At length he took for his text that verse of the fourth chapter to the Philippians. Finally brethren whatsoever things are true honest just pure lovely or of good report if there be any virtue or any praise think on these things and I imagined a sermon on such a text we could not miss of having some morality. But he confined himself to five points only as meaut by the apostle. 1 Keeping holy the Sabbath Day, 2 Being diligent in reading the holy Scriptures, 3 At tending duly the public worship, 4 Partaking of the Sacrament, 5 Paying a due respect to God's ministers. These might be all good things but as they were not the kind of good things that I expected from that text I despaired of ever meeting with them from any other was disgusted and attended his preaching no more.
//P//This Memorandum is to certifie those whom it may Concern That the Selectmen of Hingham have indented with Henry Smith as followeth. The said Henry Smith engageth that with care and dilligence he will teach and instruct until a year be expired in Latin Greek & English in Writting and Arithmetick such youths of the Inhabitants of Hingham  shall for the for mentioned Sciences be sent unto their School And the said Selectmen whose names are subscribed doe on the behalfe of the Towne of Hingham Promise and Ingage that the fore said Henry Smith for his encouragement & pains shall hare 24 Pounds proportionally paid him at the end of each Quarter of the fore said annual Term in good merchantable Come at Price currant. The species are Wheat, Rye, Barley, Pease, & Indian. Whereof a Third or Second is to be indian Corn. The fore said year is to begin on the first of February 1670 & to end on the Last of January I671. The said Henry Smith is to have a fortnight Time a lowed him for a Jorney out of the year above said in witness whereof Both Parties have Interchangably set to our Hands This 12th of January 1670. HENRT SMITH. Selectmen JOSHUA HOBART, JOHN SMITH, JOHN THAXTER, MATHEW CUSHING, THOMAS ANDREWS. This is a true Copy of the above written agreement as attest JOHN SMITH Clerk. 

Glover memorials and genealogies: An account of John Glover of Dorchester: The maternal grandmother of Elizabeth Clough was Mary Andrews the third daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Andrews of Hingham who was a son of Thomas Andrews of Devonshire England born there about 1596 and died in Hingham Aug 11 1662. He had been much interested in the settlement of the Plymouth Colony and was one of those merchants and gentlemen whom it is said sold their effects and accompanied their minister to Holland with the intention of emigrating to New England and who were prevented from embarking by an order from the Council of England and compelled to return. In 1642 Thomas Andrews was elected High Sheriff of London and one of the four Treasurers who were appointed by Parliament to grant receipts to contributors of money and plate. In 1649 he was made Lord Mayor of the City of London in the place of Abraham Reynardson who had refused to proclaim the act of abolishing the Kingly Government. He immediately on being inducted into office proclaimed the act in person as is shown by the following record. In 1649 Sir Thomas Andrews Lord Mayor of London assisted by Alderman Bateman and others publicly proclaimed the abolition of the Kingly Government under King Charles L of England &c. The same year he was made one of the Judges at the King's trial but refusing to sign the death warrant; he was afterwards attainted. In 1651 he is said to have been a merchant in London and lived in Rowe Lane also to have been Lord Mayor of the city. After his arrest he made his escape to New England and settled in Hingham where he soon died. His son Joseph was at that time an inhabitant of Hingham having preceded his father and established himself there in 1635. He received his freedom March 3 1635 36 and was the same year chosen Constable. Joseph Andrews was the first Town Clerk of Hingham and was chosen to represent the town at the General Court at Boston for the years 1636 1637 and 1638. He was married to Elizabeth before he came to New England. She died in Hingham in 1688. The will of Joseph Andrews was dated Sept 27 1679. He died Jan 1 1679 80 in his 83d year. The following children are named in his will Hannah wife of Rehoboth Gannett, Mary wife of Thomas Beard of Boston, Joseph Jun, Ephraim who was a physician and went to New Jersey ,Thomas and wife Ruth Hepzibah wife of Jeffrey Manning, Elizabeth wife of Eames. The above extracts confirm the lineage of Elizabeth Clough who afterwards married Thomas Glover of Dorchester by a direct line of descent from Thomas Andrews of Devonshire and London by his eldest son Joseph Andrews whose second daughter Mary Andrews married with Thomas Beard of Boston and were the grandparents of Elizabeth wife of Thomas Glover of Dorchester. Her mother Mary Beard inherited a competent estate from her father Thomas Beard She was also a legatee to the will of her brother James Beard who died in 1707 leaving one third of all his estate to his sister Elizabeth Beard, one third to his sister Mary the wife of John Clough, and the other third to two of his kinswomen Mary Wybourne and Elizabeth Wybourne and appoints his eldest sister Elizabeth Beard and his brother in law Deacon John Clough his Executors. Will approved and executed in 1707. Witnessed in 1702 by Thomas Saltcr Mary Salter and Joseph Deane who testified before the Probate Court that they saw James Beard sign and heard him declare it to be his last will and testament. [This information about the first Thomas Andrews does not agree with other accounts.]

Lincoln, G. Hingham genealogies By Hingham (Mass.), ANDREWS 1 THOMAS and his s Joseph came from Devonshire Eng and settled in our Hing prior to the arrival of Rev Peter Hobart and his company in 1635. At the first drawing of house lots Sept 18 1635 he had five acres including back land granted to him on Town North St. His lot was the one upon which now stands the dwelling owned by heirs of the late Perez Lincoln. Whether he was related to any of the persons bearing this surname among the early settlers of Taunton, Ipswich, Cambridge, Dorchester and other places in Eastern Massachusetts is uncertain.. He was aged and prob old enough to have been the fa of the Thomas who settled at Dorchester in 1634 and who had a s Thomas bt there June 23 1639 but there is no rec showing such a connection. Rev Peter Hobart of Hing wrote in his diary under date of Aug 21 1643 "Old Thomas Andrews dyed." From this expression I am led to infer that there were other persons bearing the same name who were kn to Mr Hobart although in Hing there was but one of the name and he a lad of but ten or eleven yrs of age. 2 J osnrn2 Thomas 1 b at Devonshire Eng ab 1597 came early to Hing and had a grant of a house lot on Town North St Sept 18 1635. The lot was next west of his father's and contained five acres inc back land. At the May court in 1635 he was sworn as constable In 1636, 1637, and 1638, he was one of the representatives of the town at the General Court. He also was the first town clerk of Hing. He afts removed to Dux and in 1654 was surveyor of highways and constable in 1664. Oct 16 1665 Joseph Andrews and his wife Elizabeth of Dux convey to Thomas Andrews of Hing our natural son our house lot and dwelling house out buildings etc and 10 acres of land which was formerly given us by the town of Hingham bounded on Town Street south Broad Cove north etc. At a later date he returned to Hing and d here 1 Jan 1679-80 aet 83 yrs. His wid d 12 Aug 1688. His will which is on file in the SP office and dated at Hingham 27 Sept 1679 mentions and provides for w Elizabeth gives to s Joseph among other valuables my sword, gold ring, and a bible; to s Ephraim the estate in New Jersey; mentions dau's and gr ch; and gives to each of my grandsons that bear my name Joseph a pewter platter. Ch 3 i THOMAS b Nov 1632. ii JOSEPH b prob ab 1635. iii ELIZABETH bt in Hing March 1637-38. iv EPHRAIM bt Aug 1639. v HANNAH b m Gannett perhaps Matthew of Scit who d 1695. vi MARY b m Beard prob Thomas Beard. vii HEPZIBAH b 111 Jeffrey Manning. viii ABIGAIL 1647 In John Wadsworth of Dux and d 1723 at 76 yrs. 
3 Tnomas Joseph Thomas 1 was b prob in Eng Nov 1632. The Chris name of his w was Ruth. She outlived him and d in Hing 23 Oct 1732 at 97th yr. He was for sev yrs captain of a military comp in Hing and on the 6th of Aug 1690 he and a number of the soldiers of his command went on board ship to go to Canada with the expedition under Sir William Phips. Capt Andrews and most of the Hing soldiers d in the expedition. In his will dated at Boston 5 Jan 1670 he provides for w Ruth, gives to s Thomas the dwelling house which I built for him now David W Foster's North St near Thaxter's Bridge with the land about it that was Edmund Pitts yt I bought of his son and daughter Eastman. Son Jedidiah to be brought up to learning. Gives to other sons and dau's share and share alike. In 1689 he was chosen to represent the town in the Council of Safety, Constable in 1654 and 1661, Selectman 1670, 1672, 1676, 1679, 1685, 1687, and 1688. Representative in 1678. Resided on Town North St on the homestead given him by his father original house still forming a part of the dwelling now owned by heirs of the late Perez Lincoln. The ch of Thomas and Ruth all b in Hing were i JOSEPH Sept 22 1656 d unm 24 Nov 1724. 4 ii JOHN Sept 30 1658. iii RUTH Aug 6 1660. In Feb 22 1687-88 Ambrose Low. 5 iv THOMAS June 26 1663. v ELIZABETH Sept 22 1665 In May 22 1690 Joseph Joy. vi EPHRAIM Oct 27 1667 d 7 Sept 1669. vii ABIGAIL Jan 6 1669 m Jan 16 1693 94 Joseph Blany. 6 viii STEPHEN March 6 1672.  7 ix JEDIDIAH July 3 1674. x BENJAMIN March 11 1677 m Mary Sweetzer and had Benjamin, John, and Ephraim. Resided at Boston. Capt Thomas Andrews d 25 Nov 1690 Town Record s. 

Mayflower Increasings: Abigail Andrews married John Wadsworth

History of the Andrews Family: A Genealogy of Robert Andrews, and His .. By Henry Franklin Andrews

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