Austin / Austen / Asten / Austine

Stephen AUSTEN of Staplehurst, co. Kent, laborer, born circa 1520, buried Staplehurst 11/17/1557.

Spouse: (1) Margaret Wrigley married 11/18/1544, buried 5/2/1550 (2) Elizabeth BASSOCK married 11/16/1551, she married second William Eden 1/14/1561-2 buried 4/1/1564 (a poore householder)

Children: by (1) William baptized 11/19/1544 buried 1/1/1544-5; Katherine baptized 5/16/1546; Richard baptized 2/28/1547-8; Edward baptized 2/21/1549-50 buried 8/4/1550. By wife (2) Joane baptized 1/1/1552-3, married 10/25/1579 Henry Harris, she died 10/28/1586 "a pore woman the wyf of Henry Harris;" Jarvis baptized 7/16/1554; Margery baptized 3/26/1557 buried 1/13/1565-6 (3) Mary Eden baptized 12/28/1562


Jarvis AUSTIN of Staplehurst Kent ENG baptized 7/16/1554, buried 6/5/1610

Spouse: Mary BASSOCK baptized 11/8/1562 married at Staplehurst 10/26/1584,  buried 5/12/1610

Children: Mary baptized 8/29/1585 probably died young; Stephen baptized 2/25/1586-7; Catherine baptized 4/16/1589 buried 5/9/1589; Mary baptized 4/5/1590; Tearsye baptized 2/13/1591-2 buried 2/16/ 1591-2; Denys baptized 2/13/1591-2; Isabel baptized 11/17/1593; John baptized 8/17/1593; Jonas baptized 12/3/1598, 9th child; A child stillborn buried 3/21/1600-1; Susan baptized 7/1/1602;  Susan baptized 7/4/1605; Mildred baptized 8/2/1607; George, illigitimate, child of Jarvis baptized 10/28/1591, "son of a harlot"


Jonah / Jonas / Jonnas AUSTIN, Sr. baptized 12/3/1598 Staplehurst, died 7/30/1683 Taunton MA; origins Tenterden, Kent, came on Hercules March 1634, of Cambridge, in Hingham 1636 & Taunton 1651, yeoman, Plymouth oath of fidelity 6/3/1657, Taunton list of freeman 5/29/1670

Spouse: (1) Constance ____ widow of William Robinson (will dated 6/26/1625) married 1/22/1626-7 Tenterden died 4/22/1667 Taunton MA;  he married (2) Taunton 12/14/1667 Francis ?  Hill of Ontkife or Onckite, widow of John Hill of Dorchester she died 11/18/1676 Taunton.

Children: by wife  (1) Mary / Marie baptized 8/24/1628 Tenterden, buried there 12/18/1629,  Jonah baptized Tenterden 2/28/1629-30; Mary baptized 8/5/1632, no further record per Great Migration  Lydia Robinson was daughter of his first wife


Jonah/Jonas AUSTIN, Jr. baptized 2/28/1629-30 at Tenterden, died in Taunton MA 5/10/1676, came on Hercules, First Military Co. of Taunton 1700

Spouse: Esther _____ died 7/11/1719

 Children: Esther born 1/3/1662 married Anthony Newland; Mary born 5/12/1663 married Samuel Haskins/Hoskin; Sarah born 11/4/1665 married John Knapp; Jonah born 8/17/1667; John born 7/1/1671 married Sarah Hall


Jonah AUSTIN, Jr. born 8/17/1667 Taunton MA, resided at Dighton MA, died circa 1755

Spouse: Tamson / Thomason / Tamason LINCOLN born 10/27/1667, married 4/20/1692 per Mayflower Source Record marriages in Taunton

Children:   Jonah; John/Jonathan, Revolutionary soldier married Priscilla (2) Deborah Carswell; Sarah married Samuel Knapp; Ebenezer married Deborah Cooper; Zachariah married Lydia Waldron intensions 6/13/1747 Dighton MA; Jacob married Betsey French (2) Abigail Walker, intensions Mary Perry 4/13/1751; William married Elizabeth Walker


Jonah AUSTIN of Falmouth ME, born circa 1692

Spouse: (1) Priscilla Benson (2) Hannah WALLIS married 6/21/1750 Dighton MA, 5/25/1750 intensions at Dighton, Hannah of Highburnah

Children: of  (1) Deborah born 11/26/1730 married Elijah Jones; children of Hannah wife (2) Alice born 8/31/1751; Jonah born 7/29/1753; Stephen born 6/30/1755 married Lauranna White; Hannah born 1/28/1758 married Simeon Estes; Margaret born 1759 married Amaziah Delano


Jonah AUSTIN born about 7/29/1753 Dighton MA, died 9/27/1833 age 80 Windham Cumberland ME buried on his farm, private, of Falmouth originally,  Revolutionary War Wolcott's Co, Col. Thomas Marshall's Regm't & Capt. Benjamin Wolcott, MA, date of enlistment 11 July 1775 date of discharge 20 January 1780, at Valley Forge

Spouse: (1) Hannah Merrill married 2/19/1779 [per Windham records however other records appear that he was away during that time] (2) Sarah FOOTE FAIRBANKS born 9/8/1758 Bath ME died 10/9/1837 Windham, of Cape Elizabeth, married 1/29/1784, widow of Jonathan Fairbanks

Children: Of (1) Johan died young; Stephen married Hannah Gray; Elsie married Simon Estes; of wife (2) Jonah born 11/24/1784 of Windham, died 5/17/1826 married Esther Morrill, in War of 1812; Charlotte married Abiezer Gray; Alice married Elijah Estes; Hannah born 10/7/1787 Windham died 12/22/1871 married 9/11/1805 Richard Lamb; Sarah born about 1789 died 9/12/1819; William born 4/6/1795 died 9/8/1876 married Eliza King 1829; Hannah's children: Stephen; some sons in War of 1812


Hannah M. AUSTIN born 10/7/1787 Windham Cumberland ME died 12/22/1871

Spouse: Richard LAMB born 3/17/1777 Gorham Cumberland ME died 5/4/1863 married 9/11/1805

Stephen born 1/14/1806 married Hannah Cross died 1/10/1868 Illinois; Samuel Bracket born 1/8/1808; Hannah Porterfield born 4/20/1810, married Dan Shedd, died 1/21/1862 Otisfield Cumberland ME; Lydia Austin born 7/21/1812 died 10/25/1888 Otisfield, married Lewis Sawyer & Stephen Phinney; Sarah H. born 6/9/1815 died 1/9/1901 Otisfield married John Scribner mar. int. 3/29/1835; Richard Jr. born 1/16/1817 died 11/24/1894 Windham married Lizzie Whitten; William Austin born 7/22/1819 died 7/30/1902 Windham married Ezra Whitney; Eliza Robinson born 9/17/1823 died 3/27/1914 Windham married William Baker Lamb

Lamb information provided by Alta Flynt & Mary 
Austin Family Assoc. of America

The Great Migration: Jonas Austin Freeman: Plymouth oath of fidelity, 3 June 1657 [PCR 3:117, 8:187]. In Taunton section of 29 May 1670 Plymouth Colony list of freemen [PCR 5:276]. Education: Signed deeds and coroner's jury reports by mark. Offices: Coroner's jury at Taunton 10 June 1651, 5 July 1664 [PCR 2:175, 4:71] Taunton highway surveyor, 3 June 1657 [PCR 3:116]. Estate: On 27 Feb. 1676/7, "Jonas Austine Se[nio]r of Taunton ... having formerly for several years past freely given to my only son Jonas Austine Jun[io]r lately deceased certain parcel of land within the town of Taunton aforesaid, and having omitted giving my son a full and legal deed of the aforesaid lands during the time of his life, these are therefore to declare to all people whom it may concern that I the aforesaid Jonas Austine Senr do by these presents confirm the aforesaid lands to my aforesaid son's wife and children ...; the lands is [blank] acre lot wit a small parcel of upland adjoining to the same whereon the now dwelling house of the said widow standeth, the three acres of land [described]; and secondly two acres of upland ... with an acre of swamp adjoining" [PCLR 4:84]. /// Birth: Baptized Staplehurst, Kent, 3 Dec 1598, son of Jarvis and Mary (Bassock) Austin [NEHGR 67:164-75]///Death: Taunton 30 July 1683 [MD 22:94] /// Marriage: (1) Tenterden, Kent 22 Jan 1626/7 Constance (____) Robinsn, widow of William Robinson NEHGR 67:162, 165] /// (2) Taunton 14 Dec 167 Frances (___) Hill, widow of John Hill of Dorchester [NEHGR 58:157-59]. On 28 Jun 1674, "Francis Hill that was, but now Francis Asten, was dismissed [from the church at Dorchester] to join the church at Tanton" [DChR 11]. She died at Dorchester on 18 Nov 1676 [DVR 29]. /// Children with first wife: i. Mary, bp. Tenterden, Kent, 24 Aug 1628 and bur. there 18 Deec 1629 [NEHGR 67:162]. ii. Jonas, bp. Tenterden 28 Feb 1629/30 [NEHGR 67:162]; m. by 1661 Esther ____ (eldest child b. 3 Jan 1662, which must have been 3 Jan 1661/2, since second child was b. 12 May 1663 [MD 18:168 (in which surname is incorrectly given as "Allin)]; on 22 Nov 1676 "Ester Austine widow" wore to the inventory of Jonas Austin Jr. [PCPR 3:2:26, 57]. iii. Mary, bp. Tenterden 5 Aug 1632 [NEHGr 67:162]; sailed for New England in 1635; no further record. /// Associations: Although no kinship relation has been found between Jonas Austin and Nathaniel Tilden, both of Tenterden, Kent, they certainly knew one another in England, since Tilden witnessed the 1625 will of William Robinson, whose widow soon married Austin [NEHGR 67:161-62] /// Comments: On 2 and 4 Mar 1634/5, "Jonas Austen of Tenterden & Constance his wife," along with "Jonas Austen," "Lidia Robinson," and "[blank] Austen, a little child," had their  conformity certified by the vicar, the mayor, and another magistrate of Tenterden, and were enrolled as passengers for New England on the "Hercules" of Sandwich [NeHGR 75:218, 79:108]. Lydia Robinson was stepdaughter of Jonas Austin, his first wife's daughter by her first husband. The "little child" was the Mary Austin baptized on 5 Aug 1632. /// Savage entertains, but does not wholly accept the idea that it was the son o the immigrant who married the widow of John Hill, while Pope intermixes records for the immigrant and his son of the same name. /// Savage claims that Jonas Austin was "found at Taunton 1643," presumably referring to the 1643 list of men able to bear arms. Austin does not appear in that list, and as seen in the deed cited above, was still in Hingham as late as 1651 [SLR 1:133[. /// Bibliographic note: In 1913 Elizabeth French published her research into the English origin of Jonas Austin, including two generations of his paternal ancestry, as well as data on his mother's family, the Bassocks [NEHGR 67:161-69].

Maine Estate Schedules from Revolutionary War Pensions: Jonah Austin, 67, Windham, private, Wolcott's Co, Marshall's Regm't, MA. Real estate none. Personal estate one yoke of oxen, 2 cows, 10 sheep, 3 swine, 1 few articles of necessary furniture in the house where I live which stands on leased land. I have no income and am in debt 50 dollars, which I must sell oxen or cows to pay. Farmer, not able [due to rheumatism]. Sarah, wife, 61, a very feeble woman; William, son, 25, able to work -- only part of his time; Charlotte, 22, able to do housework. $100 stricken. 15 June 1820.

Revolutionary War Widows Pension Request: "I Sarah Austin of Windham in the county of Cumberland and state of Maine, aged seventy seven years, do, upon oath, declare, in order to obtain the benefit of a Resolve of the Legislature of Maine, passed March 17, 1835, entitled a "Resolve in favor of certain Officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary War and the Widows of the deceased Officers and Soldiers," that I am the widow of Jonah Austin, late of Windham in the county of Cumberland and state of Maine, who died at Windham on the 27th day of September A.D. 1833. That I have reason to believe and do fully believe, that my said late husband did enlist for the term of three years in some one of the Massachusetts Regiments during the Revolutionary War and actually served that time and was honorably discharged. I do further on oath declare that I have reason to believe, and do fully believe, that my said late husband, Jonah Austin, was at the time of his said enlistment, an inhabitant of Falmouth and that I do know that he was at the time of his decease as aforesaid, an inhabitant of the said state of Maine, residing in Windham aforesaid, where he had resided for fifty years before his decease. That I have reason to believe, and do fully believe, that neither my said late husband, nor any one claiming under him did receive, (nor have I received since his decease,) a grant of Land, or money in lieu thereof, from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for his said service, or any other service during the Revolutionary War, and that I am therefore justly entitled to the full benefit of said Resolve. Witness Elias Baker (Barker?) Justice of the Peace. subscribed and sworn to this 20th day of October, 1835. Signed Sarah (her X Mark) Austin." 
"I Richard Lamb of Windham in the county of Cumberland state of Maine, aged fifty eight years on oath, declare that I am well acquainted with Mrs. Sarah Austin of said Windham, who had made application to the Land Agent of the state of Maine for a grant of 200 acres of land as the widow of Jonah Austin a Revolutionary soldier, late of said Windham, deceased, under the Resolve of the Legislature past March 17, 1835, and have known her for more than thirty five years last part as the wife of the said Jonah Austin during his lifetime and as his widow since his decease in the year 1833 and that I have been acquainted with their children and have always understood and have never heard it doubted or questioned by anyone but that the said Sarah Austin was the lawful and faithful wife of the said Jonah Austin and that she is now as his widow justly entitled to the benefit of said Resolve. Signed Richard (I.?) Lamb " State of Maine Cumberland County October 20 1835 - Then the above named Richard Lamb, a person of good character for truth and veracity personally appeared and was duly sworn to the foregoing deposition, before me, Elias Barker, Justice of the Peace." "State of Maine Cumberland County Nov. 18, 1835 - I certify that satisfactory evidence have been add--ed that the within named Sarah Austin was the lawful wife and is the widow of the within named Jonah Austin deceased. Barret Potter, Judge of Probate." 

Pioneers of MA: Austin, Austen, Asten, Jonas, of Tenterden Eng. with wife Constance and 4 ch. came in the Hercules in March 1634. Settled at Cambridge; propr. 1635; sold land and rem. to Hingham; propr 1636; sold land in H. 6/ (12) 1650. Rem  to Taunton; juror, 1651. His wife Constant d 22 April 1667. He m. 2 Dec 14, 1667, Frances, widow of John Hill of Dorchester; she d. Nov. 128, 1676. Ch. Esther b 3 Jan 1662; Mary b 12 May 1663; Sarah b 4 Nov 1665; Jonah b 1667; John b July 1, 1671. He d. May 10s 1676. Inv of his est filed 2 Nov 1676.

The Will of William Robinson of Tenterden in the County of Kent, husbandman, 26 June 1625. To my son William Robinson all my husbandry tools, a bed furnished, one more of wheat next to the wood in field containing 4 acres, and 20s. If he be not satisfied but claim 10 which I partly promised him, then he shall have but 10s of the above bequest, the rest to be given to my wife Constance. To my daughter Eales Wilverden 6s 8d, and to her two children John and Elizabeth Wilverden 4s each. To my daughter Lydia Robinson 5 at her age of twenty one or day of marriage, and if she die before said age, reversion to my son William and my wife Constance, equally divided. The residue of my goods and chattels to my wife Constance, whom I make my executrix. Witnesses Nathaniel Tilden,  William Glover, John Huckstepp, and Robert Haffenden. Proved 3 June 1626 by the relic and executrix named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol 65, folio 163.

1798 ME Tax Jonah Austin had 47 acres valued at $215.

1810 Census, Windham, Cumberland, Maine: Jonah Austin, 2 males 10 - 15, 1 male 45+, 1 female 10-15, 3 females 16-25, 1 female 45+, 8 free white persons
1820 Census, Windham, Cumberland, Maine: Jonah Austin, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 26-44, 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 45+, 1 person engaged in agriculture, 3 under 16, 2 over 25, 5 total free white persons
1820 Census, Windham, Cumberland, Maine: Richard Lamb
1830 Census, Windham, Cumberland, Maine: Richard Lamb 3 males, 4 females
1840 Census, Windham, Cumberland, Maine: Richard Lamb 4 males, 3 females
1850 Census Windham, Cumberland, Maine: Richard Lamb 73, farmer, value 500; Hannah Lamb 62; Richard Lamb 32, value 250; William Lamb 29; all born ME.
1860 Census Windham; Richard Lamb 83; Hannah Lamb 72; William A. Lamb 39, farmer, Real Estate 1,000, personal 400.
1860 Census Windham: Richard Lamb 42, teach school, 750 Real Estate 150 personal; Mary Elizabeth 31; Sarah 5; Rosa 4; Lucy Ella 2; Lewis S. 4 mo.
1870 Census Windham: Hannah M. Lamb 82, keeping house; William A. Lamb 49, farmer, Real Estate 800, personal 325; Lydia A. Lamb 57; Lewis S. Lamb 10
1870 Census Windham: Richard Lamb 52, farmer, Real Estate 600 Personal 200; Mary E. 42, keeping house; Rosa 14 in school; Lucy E. 12 in school; Lewis S. 10 in school; Charles M. 8 in school; Sarah S. 1; Mary E. 4 mo.

A Historical Address Delivered July 4, 1839 Centennial Anniversary of Windham: Names of aged persons who died in Windham: Jonah Austin (1834) 80 - his wife Sarah (1837) 80. 

Austin Cemetery, Windham ME: Austin - Jonah, d. 1834 age 80 y (MASS. CORP WALLENT'S CO., 10 MASS REGT, REV. W.); Sarah Foote, his wife, d. 1837 age 80y; Sarah, their dau., d 1819 age 30y

The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 67: 1 STEPHEN AUSTEN or ASTEN of Staplehurst co Kent, laborer, born probably about 1520, was buried at Staplehurst 17 Nov 1557. He married first 18 Nov 1544 MARGARET WRIGLEY the two being described in the parish register as yong folkes. She was buried at Staplehurst 2 May 1550, and he married secondly 16 Nor 1551 ELIZABETH BASSOCK who married secondly at Staplehurst 14 Jan 1561 2 William Eden by whom she had one child, Mary, baptized there 28 Dec 1562. William Eden was buried at Staplehurst 1 Apr 1564 being described as a poore bouseholder. No will or administration has been found pertaining to the estates of Stephen Austen, William Eden, or Elizabeth Eden. Although more than one hundred Austen wills and administrations have been examined, the surname being one of the most common in Kent, the parentage of Stephen Austen has not been discovered nor has a single will bearing on this particular Austen family been found. Stephen was probably nearly related to James, William, and Thomas Austen of Staplehurst. Children by first wife baptized at Staplehurst. 1 WILLIAM, bapt 19 Nov 1544 bur at Staplehurst 1 Jan 1544 5.  II KATHERINE bapt 16 May 1546. III RICHARD bapt 28 Feb 1547 8. iv EDWARD bapt 21 Feb 1549 50 bur at Staplehurst 4 Aug 1550. Children by second wife baptized at Staplehurst v JOANE bapt 1 Jan 1552 3 probably m at Staplehurst 25 Oct 1579 HENRY HARRIS by whom she had several children, "bur at Staplehurst 28 Oct 1586 as "a pore woman the wyf of Henry Harris" 2 vi JARVIS bapt 16 July 1554. vii MARGERY bapt 26 Mar 1557 bur at Staplehurst 13 Jan 1565 6.
2 JARVIS AUSTEN of Staplehurst baptized there 16 July 1554 was buried there 5 June 1610. He married at Staplehurst 26 Oct 1584 MARY BASSOCK daughter of William and Agnes Abarow who was probably his cousin. She was buried at Staplehurst 12 May 1610. Children baptized at Staplehurst I MARY bapt 29 Aug 1585 probably d young, II STEPHEN bapt 26 Feb 1586 7, iii CATHERINE bapt 6 Apr 1689 bur at Staplehurst 9 Apr 1589. iv MARY bapt 6 Apr 1600 v TEARSYE twin daughter bapt 18 Feb 1591 2 bur at Staplehurst 16 Feb 1591 2 vi DENYS twin daughter bapt 13 Feb 1591 2. vii ISABEL bapt 17 Nov 1593. viii JOHN bapt 15 Aug 1596. 3 ix JONAS bapt 3 Dec 1598. x A CHILD still born bur 21 Mar 1600.  xi SUSAN bapt 4 July 1605, xii MILDRED bapt 2 Aug 1607. GEORGE illegitimate bapt 28 Oct 1591. 3 JONAS AUSTEN of Staplehurst co Kent and of Cambridge, Hingham, and Taunton Mass was baptized at Staplehurst 3 Dec 1598, and died at Taunton Mass 30 July 1683. He married first at Tenterden 22 Jan 1626 7 CONSTANCE ROBINSON, widow of William the testator of 1625. She was probably Robinson's second wife and mother only of Lydia among the Robinson children. She died at Taunton 22 Apr 1667. He married secondly 14 Dec 1667 FRANCES HILL "of onckite". Jonas and Constance Austen with their children sailed for New England in the Hercules in Mar 1634 5. Children by first wife baptized at Tenterden i MARY bapt 24 Aug J628 bur at Tenterden 18 Dec 1629. ii JONAS bapt 28 Feb 1629 30 came to New England with his parents d at Taunton Mass 10 May 1676. Children born at Taunton Mass 1 Esther b 3 Jan 1662. 2 Mary b 12 May 1663. 3 Sarah b 4 Nov 1665. 4 Jonah b 17 Aug 1667. 5 John b 1 July 1671. iii MARY bapt 5 Aug 1632 came to New England with her parents .

New England Ancestors: The Will of William Bassocke Senior of Staplehurst in the County of Kent, yeoman, 22 October 1595. To the parish church of Staplehurst 3s 4d. To my wife Mary all such moveable goods and household goods as were hers before we were married, 10 to be paid in two years, and 15s a year to be paid for said two years, she entering into a bond of 30 not to make any claim on my lands for dowry. To my daughter Isabell 3 s. 4d. To my daughter mary 3s 4d and certain household goods. To my daughter Anne 9 at her age of one and twenty years or day of marriage. To my daughter Dorothy 9 at her age of twenty years or day of marriage. If either die before said time, they are to have power to leave it to such brothers and sisters as they think fit. To my daughter Mary an annuity of 20s., to be paid by my three sons, John, William, and Robert Bassocke, each paying 6s 8d. If my said daughter Mary or her husband Jarvis Austen sell the annuity or make any claim on any of my lands, the annuity is to cease. To my son John Bassocke and his heirs 13 6s 8d. To my sons John, William, and Robert Bassocke all my lands in Staplehurst fee simple. I forgive to Jarvis Austen and Mary his wife all such debts as they owe me and from me unjustly detain, on condition that they keep themselves quiet and live peaceably with mine executors and the rest of my children. And if they be contentious, then I give all such sums as they owe me to my executors. All the residue of my goods, moveables, and chattels to my sons William Bassocke and Robert Bassocke, whom I make my executors. Overseers: John Buckhurst and Thomas Symons of Staplehurst.  /S/ William Bassocke senior sign'. Witnesses James Bixer, Not. Pub: , Robert Marrant, John Mount, the marke of William Bassocke, the marks of Edward Bassocke. Proved 31 January 1597/7 by the executors named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 51, fo. 76)

From Parish Records of Tertenden, co. Kent: 1581, "Wm" Bassocke beinge very syck is lycenced this tyme to lent by the space of xiiij days to eate flesh for the restorynge of his health" 3 March [1581-2]. 1584 "Octobris 26 wear maryed Jeruas Austen & Mary Bassocke yong folke."

All Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 17 Vols.Volume 1. page 358 Austin, Jonah, Falmouth (also given Casco Bay).Private, Capt. Samuel Knight's co.; enlisted July 11, 1775; service, 6 mos. 6 days, at Falmouth, Cumberland Co.; also, return of men enlisted into Continental Army from Col. Peter Noyes's (1st Cumberland Co.) regt., dated Nov. 20, 1778; residence, Falmouth; enlisted for town of Falmouth; enlistment, 3 years; also, Lieut. Colonel's co., Col. Thomas Marshall's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 20, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779; reported as serving 11 mos. 11 days as Private, 24 mos. as Corporal; promoted to Corporal Dec. 1, 1777; also, Capt. Benjamin Walleutt's co., Col. Marshall's (10th) regt.; pay abstract for rations from Jan. 20 to March 25, 1777, 65 days; also, Corporal; muster roll for Jan., 1779, dated West Point; reported "on furlough Nov. 20 for 90 Days; also, muster roll for March, 1779, dated West Point; also, Lieut. Colonel's co., Col. Marshall's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 1, 1780, to Jan. 20, 1780. 

Maine at Valley Forge: proceedings at the unveiling of the Maine marker: Men from what is now the State of Maine whose names appear on company returns of Massachusetts line regiments serving at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778 . COLONEL THOMAS MARSHALL'S REGIMENT, CAPTAIN SAMUEL KING'S COMPANY, Privates - Jonah Austin, Casco Bay, Promoted to Corp. Dec. 1, 1777.

A Letter from the Secretary of War Transmitting A Report of the Names, Rank, and Line of Every Person Placed on the Pension List January 20, 1820. Jonah Austin, Private, Massachusetts

History of Colonel Edmund Phinney's Eighteenth continental regiment: A Muster Roll of Capt Hart Williams Company in Col Edmund Phinney's Regiment in Garrison at Fort George December 8th 1776. Jonah Austin, Enlisted January 1, 1776

Windham, Maine in the war of the revolution, 1775-1783: Jonah Austin enlisted at Falmouth and served 3 1/2 years in the army. He lived near the Ireland school district.///  Jonah Austin was buried on his farm but which of the little cluster of graves was his is uncertain.

Maine at Valley Forge by Sons of the American Revolution: lists Jonah Austin of Casco Bay promoted to Corporal 12/1/1777 & Thomas Foote Corporal of Georgetown.

Jonah Austin, MA Corp. Born 7/29/1753 Dighton MA, Died 9/27/1833 Windham ME. 1) Also Pvt Capt. Benjamin Wolcott, 2) Col. Thomas Marshall.

Genealogy: a weekly journal of American ancestry, Volumes 1-2: John Austin came to America in the ship Hercules from Tenterden England. John Austin, the mayor of Tenterden at that time, was probably his father. With him came his wife Constance Austin. He settled first in Cambridge Mass then called Newtown, was in Hingham Mass in 1635, and in Taunton Mass in 1643. He died in Taunton July 30 1683. With other children he left a son Jonah Austin of Taunton.  

Stephen Lincoln, of Oakham, Mass.,: his ancestry and descendants: Jonah Austin came in the Hercules with wife Constance from Sandwich, County Kent, England.He was of Tenterden and mayor of that borough. He settled perhaps first at Cambridge then called Newtown for about 1638 he sold there two acres of planting ground in the west end. He is found in Hingham as early as 1635. But did not remain there many years for in 1643 he was in Taunton. In 1650 he sold his possessions in Hingham to John Beal Sr consisting of his home lot of four acres with house and barn, eight acres of land in Hockley Neck and four acres at Broad Cove. At about this time he purchased from William Holloway his home lot in Taunton consisting of about six acres with the buildings thereon and some forty five acres more in various locations, a lot of twenty six acres being about two mile distant from the towne. He took the oath of fidelitie June 3 1657. He was one of the partners in the Taunton Iron Works in 1660 and is recorded at various times as a juryman. His wife died April 22 1667, and he died in Taunton July 30 1683.We learn of two CHILDREN 1. Jonah Jr b __; 2. Mary Austin m Thomas Lincoln

Niles' weekly register, Volume 24: The National Intelligencer of Thursday last says: We understand that at the circuit court of the United States, holden at Portland, for the Maine district on the first day of this month came on the trials of Jedediah Elliott and Jonah Austin for false swearing in relation to the schedule of properly exhibited by tlhem respectively agreeably to the act of May 1 1820 entitled an act in addition to an act entitled an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United Slates in the revolutionary war passed 18th March 1818. Elliott was found guilty and sentenced by the court to pay a fine of ten dollars and costs of prosecution to be imprisoned sixty days and to stand in the pillory one hour. Austin was acquitted by the jury. The facts proved were in substance as follows he owned a farm in Windham estimated by him in making his conveyance at $500 which he conveyed in March 1820 to his son and took back from the son at same time a lease of the same farm during his natural life and has lived upon the farm ever since. He did not notice this life lease in the schedule his property unless it was noticed by his mentioning that he had articles of household stuff in the house where I live which stands on leased land. It is supposed the jury acquitted him on the ground that he did not intend to suppress the knowledge of the lease. The court charged the jury that he was guilty unless he used such language as would enable others to understand that he was the owner of such property which did not appear.  

The New England farmer, Volume 1: DOMESTIC At a term of the Circuit Court of the United held in Portland last week Jedediah Elliot and Jonah Austin, two old revolutionary soldiers, were tried an indictment for wilful misrepresentation of the of their property made under oath in order to them to the benefit of the provision of the act for relief of Revolutionary Soldiers. They had their pensions since the first establishment of the act. It appeared on the trial that they both held leases to small farms in the town of Windham the place of residence, a knowledge of which they had suppressed. It was thought by many that the false was rather the result of ignorance than of crime. Austin was acquitted and Elliot received following sentence viz that he should pay a fine the United States of ten dollars, be imprisoned 60 days and stand in the pillory one hour. The part of this punishment the Court observed was imposed because it was absolutely required by statute but the District Attorney was requested to use his influence with the President to obtain the remission that odious part of the sentence which the Court no power to omit or avoid.  

History of Gorham, Maine: In June 1803 those professing to be of the Methodist persuasion in Gorham joined in a petition to the General Court to be incorporated into a separate Society and at a town meeting held at the schoolhouse at Gorham Corner Jan 12 1804 it was Voted that this town has no objection to the petition exhibited to the General Court by a number of the Methodists praying to be incorporated into a distinct Society. The petitioners were Hugh Moore ,Jonathan Moore, James Waterhouse, James Cochran, Josiah Paine, Thomas Irish, James Davis, Daniel Hill, Ebenezer Lombard, Isaac York, Amos Thomes, Samuel Files, Moses Fogg, Josiah Berry, James Lewis, Richard Lombard, Nathaniel Brackett, Elkanah Harding, Abraham Webb, John Whitmore, Lot Nason, Uriah Nason, Simeon Libby, Samuel Dennett ,Philip Ayer, Richard Lamb, Thomas Thomes, Daniel Kimball, Sylvanus Bangs, Daniel Lowell, Richard Willis, Joseph Bryant, Thomas Ayer ,Stephen Hopkinson, John Whitney, John McGill, Joshua Moody, Asa Whitney, and Colman Phinney. These by an Act of the General Court were incorporated with their families into a religious society by the name of "The Methodist Society in Gorham Buxton and Standish."

Mayflower Descendant: John Austine the son of Jonah Austin was borne the first of July 1671

Austin family on Smith side.

White Swirled Line

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