Barrell, Burrell, Burrill, Berrill

George BARRELL born circa 1550 probably Suffolk, buried St. Michael's, South Elmham, Suffolk 5/30/1620

Spouse: Dorothy BELL married 10/20/1576 Wingfield, Suffolk, buried 7/27/1624 St. Michael's, South Elmham

Children:  James bp. Wingfield 10/5/1578, buried there 10/14/1578; Gregory bp. Cratfield 10/16/1680, buried there 11/10/1580; George baptized Cratfield 11/12/1581, married Annis Todd; John baptized Cratfield 11/10/1583 died presumably by 5/27/1620 (not in father's will; Ellen/Helen married (1 Jacob Barrell 2/9/1606-7 (2) John Gunsby married 10/22/1621; Alice baptized 9/10/1592 married Christopher? Barker


George BARRELL baptized Cratfield, Suffolk 11/12/1581, died Boston 9/11/1643, first noted in Boston 10/31/1638 as a cooper, admitted First Church of Boston 9/5/1641, freeman 5/10/1643

Spouse: Annis / Anne / Agnes TODD / TODDE married Linstead Parva, Suffolk 5/31/1607, perhaps baptized Wingfield, Suffolk 1/4/1581[/2], died Boston 8/3/1659, admitted First Church of Boston 33/25/1643  

Children: John, James, Ann married William Semond, unnamed daughter married ___ Gawod


John BARRELL, cooper,  baptized Cookley, Suffolk 3/1/1617-8, died Boston 8/29/1658, member Military Co. of MA, sergeant, ensign

Spouse: Mary COLBURN baptized South Weald, Essex 4/25/1625 daughter of William & Margery Colburn/Colborn/Colbron, married by 1645, she married (2) Roxbury 1659 Capt. Daniel Turrell/Turell?Turel

Children:  John Barrell born circa 8/1/1645, baptized 8/3/1645, died before 3/15/1652-3; Mary Barrell born circa 3/16/1646-7, baptized 3/21/1647, died Boston 3/10/1664-5; James Barrell born circa 3/28/1649, baptized 4/1/1649, witnessed deed dated 1677; Hannah Barrell born 4/23/1651, baptized 4/27/1651, married Daniel Turrell Jr.; John Barrell born 3/15/16520-3, baptized 3/27/1653, died Boston 3/27/1653; William Barrell born 7/28/1654, baptized 7/30/1654, married Lydia (Turner) James; John Barrell born circa 2/18/1656-7, baptized 2/22/1656-7, married (1) Elizabeth ____ (2) Sibella Legg, (3) Abiah (Sanderson) (Buttolph)) Beard; all children baptized at First Church Boston


William BARRELL born Boston 7/28/1654, baptized First Church 7/30/1654, in Scituate 1676,  died Scituate 11/7/1689 age 35 buried Second Church Cemetery now in Norwell

Spouse: Lydia TURNER (James) born 1/24/1652 Scituate,  married  4/20/1680 Scituate MA, made will 4/29/1714, died 6/20/1714 age 62 as a widow; she married (1) John James, 

Children: Mary baptized 1681 died young before 9/10/1686; William born 3/28/1683, baptized 4/22/1683, died 1751 - 1752, married (1) Elizabeth Bailey and (2) Abigail Bowker; Lydia born 5/25/1684, baptized 3/29/1684-5, died 1767 - 1768, married Samuel Stockbridge; Mary born 9/10/1686, baptized 9/12/1686, died after 3/29/1765, married Scituate 12/10/1713  James Cushing; James born 920/1687, baptized 9/24/1687, died 6/1//1710


Mary BARRELL born 9/10/1686 Scituate MA, baptizzed 9/12/1686, died after 3/29/1765

Spouse: James CUSHING married 12/10/1713 Scituate, born 1/27/1668, died between 4/5/1765 and 3/29/1765, he married first Sarah House

Children: Content married Jesse Stephenson 12/4/1742

Vital Records from the NEHGS Register: George Barrell, Emigrant to Boston in 1638, and his Children and Grandchildren [Part I]: Though the will of the emigrant's father was published in the Register in 1911, various questions about his family have remained unanswered.  The emigrant's wife was Anne, what was her maiden name and was she his only wife? Where in England were the emigrant's children baptized?  These questions and others have now been answered thanks to the efforts of two English researchers: Philip Barrall of Thetford, Norfolk, who for many years has privately explored Barrel origins in Suffolk and throughout England and America, and Dr. Joanna Martin of Ipswich, Suffolk, who has undertaken research in Suffolk on behalf of Russel Moe of Wildwood, Florida, and his wife Thelma, a descendant of the emigrant George Barrell. The discoveries required the two English researchers to examine extensively Suffolk church records in the parishes surrounding South Elmham and beyond.  My complementary research o this side of the Atlantic has further illuminated the lives of George and Anne and their adult children Anne, Willliam, John, and their youngest son James, who accompanied their father and mother to Boston in 1638 or arrived soon after. As a result of this Research, "Anne Gawood," mentioned as a grandchild in the emigrant's 1642 will has been identified.  1.  George Barrell, the emigrant's father, was born say 1550, probably in Suffolk, and was buried at St. Michael's, South Elmham, Suffolk, 30 May 1620. He married in Wingfield, Suffolk, 20 Oct 1576 Dorothy Bell.  She was buried at St. Michael's South Elmham, 27 July 1624, as Dorothy Barrell widow. Dorothy Bell was the daughter of James Bell, who was buried in Wingfield 8 Nov 1589. The will of James Bellj, husbandman, dated 4 Nov 1589 at winefield, was proved 7 Jan 1589/90 in Blythburgh, Suffolk, his widow Dorothie appearing there as executrix of his estate.  In the will James mentiond  wife Doroythie, daughters Margaret Wellam, Dorathie Barrell, and Ellen Sampson, and son William. According to the will, William Bell was to pay Dorathie Barrell five shillings a year for nine years beginning in the second year following James Bell's death. James Bell was almost certainly the James Bell who married Dorrithe Blowhole 24 June 1542 in Heveningham, suffolk, a parish about thirteen miles from Wingfield, ten miles from Hevingham, and four miles from South Elmham. The will of George Barrell, the emigrant's father, dated 27 May 630 at South Elmham, just three days before his burial in St. Michael's churchyard, was proved 3 June 1620 in Beccles, Suffolk. In the will George Barrell, carpenter, mentioned wife Dorothy, son George Barrell, daughter Ellen Barrell, wife of Jacob Barrell blacksmith of Layston; daughter Alice and grandchild John Baker, and grandchild John barrell of the City of Norwich. Wife Dorothy and son George were to be executors of the will.  Children of George and Dorothy (Bell) Barrell, baptized in the parishes of Wingfield, Cratfield, and Linstead Parva, Suffolk (both parents were named in all the baptism records).  i.  James Barrell, bp Wingfield 5 Oct 1578; bur there 14 Oct 1578.  ii. Gregory Barrell, bp. Cratfield 16 Oct 1580; bur there 10 Nov 1850. iii. George bp Cratfield 12 Nov 1581 m . Annis Todd. iv. John Barrell bp Cratfield 10 Nov 1583; d. presumably by 27 Mar 1620, the date of his father's will (that mentioned a grandchild John Barrell of the City of Norwich). It seems very likely that John Barrell, bp 100 Nov 1583, was the John Barrell who m. St. Savior, Norwich, Norfolk, 24 Sep 1609 Judith Sanders.  They had a son John, bp St. Augustine, Norwich, 29 June 1612 (as son of Joh[ann]is Barrell and Judith), and Judith Barrell (presumably the widow) m there 3 Oct 1614 Thomas Clark.  v.  Ellen/Helen Barrell, mentioned in her father's will as daughter Ellen, wife of Jacob Barrell, blacksmith, of Layston (now Leiston), suffolk.  Ellen Barrell m (1) Layston 9 Feb 1606[/7] Jacob Barrell, who was bur there 19 May 1621.  The will of jacob Barrell, dated 13 May 1621 at Layston, and proved 29 May 1621 in Snape, Suffolk, mentioned wife Helen and children Jacob, George, Traynor, and Dorothy.  The widow Ellen Barrell m (2) Layston 22 Oct 1621 John Gunsby. Leiston/Laystton is about thirteen miles southeast of Cratfield. The children of Jacob and Ellen (Barrell) Barrell were all baptized in Layston.  The Leiston Court Roll of 2 April 3 and 38 James [1605] states that Jacob Barrell was admitted to a copyhold, a tenement with appurtenances on Leiston Street, in 1605, and was the only son of Richard Bell.  On 21 Nov 1632, administration on the estate of Helen Barrell alias Gunsbie, late of Leiston, was granted to John Gnsbie, the husband of the deceased.  George Barrell and Jacob Barrell were probably cousins or related in some way.  vi.  Alice Barrell bp Linstead Parva, Suffolk 10 Sept 1592. The 1620 will of her father mentioned "daughter Alice and grandchild John Barker."  Grandchild John Barker was perhaps the John Barker bp Homersfield, Suffolk 13 (or 9) July 1615, son of Xpofer [Christopher] Barker and Alis. Linstead Parva and Homersfield are parishes about five miles apart, and each is about three miles from South Elmham.  2.  George Barrell (George1) the emigrant to New England, was baptized in Cratfield, Suffolk, 12 Nov 1581. He died in Boston MA on the 11th day of the 7th month 1643 [11 Sep 1643].  He married in Linstead Parva, Suffolk, 21  May 1607, Annis Todd, perhaps the Annis Todde baptized in Wingfield, Suffolk, 4 Jan 1581[/2], although the names of parents are not given. Anne Barrell, widow, died in Boston 3 Aug 1659. It is probable that George Barrell had only one wife since Annis, Agnes, and Anne (and even Hannah) were cognate given names at this time.  On 20 Oct 1638, Edward Duke, Sheriff of Suffolk, recorded that George Barrell had "gone into New England" and in 1637 had failed to pay the "shipmoney tax."  The first appearance of George Barrell in New England records was on 31 Oct 1638, when George Barrell, cooper, purchased a dwelling house and garden in Boston for 28 from Thomas Paynter, joiner.  By becoming a property owner he was admitted as a townsman by the Boston authorities, "upon condition of Inoffensive Carryage.  On 9 Nov 1638, he purchased a "parsell of ground lying next to the said house" from James Everill. George Barrell's property was on Union Street near the corner of Hanover Street. On the 24th day of the 12th month 1638 [24 Feb 1639] the town granted him a "great Lot for 9 heads at the Mount. On the 29th of the 4th month 1640 [29 June 1640], he was granted that acre of ground at "Spectackell Island" that was "passed over to him by Goodman Smith." George Barrell was admitted to the First Church in Boston as a member on 5 Sep 1641, and his wife Anne was admitted as a member on 25 Mar 1643.  Geo. Barrell was made a freeman 10 May 1643.  In the Boston Book of Possessions, created about 1645, he was on a list of 247 Boston landowners.  

Vital Records from the NEHGS Register: George Barrell, Emigrant to Boston in 1638, and his Children and Grandchildren: Jonathan A.. Shaw (concluded from Register 165 [2011]:14):  4. John Barrell (George 1, George A) was baptized in Cookley, Suffolk, 1 March 1617/8]. He died in Boston MA 29 Aug 1658.  He married in Boston before 6 Aug 1645 (when their first known child was born) Mary Colburn, baptized in South Weald, Essex, 25 April 1625, daughter of William and Margery (___) Colburn/Colborn/Colbron.  Mary married second in Roxbury MA in 1659, Daniel Turrell, and she died in Boston 23 Jan 1697, as Mary Turrell, wife of Captain Daniel Turrell/Turrell/Turel.  John Barrell, cooper, was admitted to the First Church of Boston on 14 June 1645, and his wife Mary was admitted on 12 March 1648[/9]. In 1643 John Barrell became a member of the Military Co. of MA (later called the Ancient and Hon. Artillery Co. of MA). In 1654 he was called Sergeant Barrell when he was sent to Narragansett to meet with the Indians to determine if they were conspiring with the Dutch against the English colonists. In 1656 he became ensign of the Co.  In his will dated 27 Aug 1658, roved 16 Sep 1658, John Barrell gave "all my proper Estate that is my owne to my wife to bring up the children, and to maintaine my mother." He stated that "the old house and ground is my mothers dureinge her life" and made his wife "sole executril." The inventory of the estate was valued at 434 13s. 5d., and Mary Barrell, the widow of John, desposed 18 Nov 1658.  William Colbron, in his will dated 1 Aug 1662, proved 9 Oct 1662, made numerous bequests.  His "daughter Mary Turand [sic] and her five Children wch she had by John Barrell, as James, William, John, Mary & Hannah" were to receive half of three/fourths of his estate. Margery Colborn, William's widow, in her will dated 27 Oct 1673, proved in Boston 30 Jan 1673/4, made a bequest of 10 to her grandson William Barrell.  On 11 Mar 1671/2, Daniel Turrell, Sen., of Boston and "Mary, his wife Executrix to the Estate of John Barrill her former husband late of sd Boston deced," for 215 sold to Thomas Dewer of Boston "a certain house and Land sometime in the possession of the sd John Barrill deced," located on the street that leads from the dock to the water mill.  Daniel Turrell, Sr., a blacksmith and anchorsmith, served as a selectman of Boston from 1676 to 1690. He was buried there 24 July 1693. As Daniel Turrell, Sr., anchorsmith, he left a will dated 12 July 1688, proved 4 Aug 1693, mentioning wife Mary, sons Daniel Turrell, Jr., Colborn Turrell, and Samuel Turrell, son Joseph Turrel's two children, Humphry and Sarah, and Sarah and Lydia Foster, children of "my deceased daughter Lydia Foster." The inventory of Capt Daniel Turrell's estate was taken 14 Oct 1693 and totaled 877. Children of John and Mary (Colburn) Barrell, all born in Boston and baptized at the First Church there:  i. John Barrell b ca 1 Aug 1645; pb 3 Aug 1645, aged 3 days; d before 15 Mar 1652-3 when a second child named John was born.  ii. Mary Barrell b circa 16 Mar 1646-7; bp 21 Mar 11647, aged about 6 days, d Boston 10 Mar 1664-5.  iii. James Barrell b ca 28 Mar 1649; bp 1 Apr 1649 aged about 4 days. He was mentioned as an "of age" son of John Barrell in a deed dated 15 June 1674, from Daniel Turrell Sr. and Mary his wife to John Hull. James witnessed a deed dated 17 Aug 1677.  5. iv.  Hannah Barrell b 23 Apr 11651; bp 27 Apr 1651; m Daniel Turrell Jr.   v. John Burrell b 15  Mar 1652-3; bp 27 Mar 1653; d Boston 27 May 1653.  6 vi. William Barrell b 28 July 1654; bp 30 July 1654; m Lydia (Turner) James.  7. vii. John Barrell b ca 18 Feb 1656-7; bp 22 Feb 1656-7; m (1) Elizabeth ____ (2) Sibella Legg; (3) Abiah (Sanderson) (Buttolph) Beard.  5. Hannah Barrell ... ... ...  6.  William Barrell (John 2, George 1, George A) was born in Boston 28 July 1654, and was baptized at the First Church there 30 July 1654. He died in Scituate MA 7 Nov 1689, age 35, and was buried in the Second Church Cemetery, now in Norwell MA. He married in Scituate 20 April 1680, Lydia (Turner) James, born in Scituate 24 Jan 1652, daughter of John2  (Humphrey1) and Mary (Brewster) Turner, and widow of John James. She died in Scituate 20 June 1714 age 62, and was buried in the Second Church Cemetery.  According to Deane's History of Scituate, William Barrell appeared there first in 1676. In a deed dated 19 Mar 1680, Daniel Turrell S., of Boston, anchorsmith, mentioned land that he bought of "William Barrell of Scituate." William Barrell died intestate. On 5 Mar 1689/90, administration was granted to Lydia Barrell of Scituate, relict widow of Mr. William Barrell, late of Scituate. The widow gave a bond of 50; the inventory, which consisted primarily of blacksmith tools and supplies, was valued at less than the bond.  Lydia (Turner) (James) Barrell left a will, dated at Scituate 29 Apr 1714, proved 13 July 1714. She made bequests to her son by her first marriage, John James, of property she had received from her father, John Turner, and to her children by her second marriage, William Barrell, Lydia Stockbridge, and Mary Cushing.  Children of William and Lydia (Turner) (James) Barrell, all born in Scituate and baptized at the First Church there.  i.   Mary Barrell, bp 22 May 1681; d before 10 Sep 1686, when a second child named Mary was born.  ii.  William Barrell, b 28 Mar 1683; bp 22 Apr 1683; d between 13 Nov 1751 and 4 Nov 1752; m (1) Scituate  Jully 1706, Elizabeth Bailey / Bayly, who d btween 26 Sept 1714 and 20 Feb1723/4, when William m (2) Scituate, Abigail Bowker, b there 13 Apr 1700, d between 3 Dec 1753  and 17 My 1754, daughter of James and Mary (___) Bowker / Bouker / Buker.  iii. Lydia Barrell b 25 May 1684; bp 29 Mar 1684/5; d between 27 Mar 1767 and 4 May 1768; m Scituate 5 Aug 1703 Samuel Stockbrdge b there 9 July 1679, d there 20 July 1758 age 79, son of Charles (John1) and Abigail (___) Stockbridge.  iv.  Mary Barrell b 10 Sept 1686, bp 12 Sept 1686; d after 29 Mar 1765; m Scituate 10 Dec 1713 James Cushing, b there 27 Jan 1668, d between 5 Apr 1765 and 29 Mar 1765, son of John2 (Matthew1) and Sarah (Hawke) Cushing, and widower of Sarah House.  v.  James Barrell, b 20 Sep 1687, bp 24 Sep 1687; d Scituate 1 June 1710. .... .... ....

Inhabitants and Estates of the Town of Boston: 1630 - 1822:  Last: Barrell First:  William  Died: 1639 REFCODE: 4607.  
Last: Burrill First: William Deed: Jan 4, 1652 Jan 4, 1653 4(11)1652/3 William Burrill NW of Thomas Clark (SD 1:289) North St. Abutters: Tho Clark is/ REFCODE 10319.  Burrell, George, birth 1690, parents George Burrell Mary, died young.  Burrell, George, birth 1698, parents George Burrell Mary. 

Boston MA: Births, Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths 1630 -- 1699: 1639 William Burrell d ed 20th day of 6th mo.

Pioneers NE pg 26: BARRELL, William, Boston, d 8/20/1639.

Gen Reg First Settlers of NE: BARRELL, WILLIAM, Boston, d 20 August, 1639.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 198: Stockbridge, SAMUEL, Scituate, br. of the preced.[ Joseph] m. 1703, Lydia, d. of  William Barrell, had Samuel, and perhaps more.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 346: Turner, JOHN, Scituate, eldest s. of  Humphrey, b. in Eng. m. 12 Nov. 1645, Mary, d. of Jonathan Brewster, had Jonathan, b. 20 Sept. 1646; Joseph, 12 Jan. 1648, d. in 3 days; Joseph, again 12 Jan. 1650; Ezekiel, 7 Jan. 1651; Lydia, 24 Jan. 1653; John, 30 Oct. 1654; Elisah, 8 Mar. 1657. His d. Mary m. a. 1683, Isaac Prince; and Lydia m. 1675, John James, and in 1680, William Barrell. JOHN, Scituate, sec. s. of Humphrey, by his f. call. young John, perehaps b. in Eng. tradit. says the name at bapt. was giv. by godfather, but such folly should not have been allow. m. 25 Apr. 
1649, Ann James, but her parents are not kn. had Japhet, b. 9 Feb. 1650; Ann, 23 Feb. 1652; Israel, 14 Feb. 1654; Miriam, 8 Apr. 1658; Sarah, 25 July 1665; Jacob, 10 Mar. 1667; David, 5 Nov. 1670; Philip, 18 Aug. 1673; and Ichabod, 9 Apr. 1676; and d. 1687. Ann m. 1695, Joseph Green; Miriam m. 1687, Nathan Pickles; and Sarah m. Ichabod Holbrook.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 535; James, JOHN, Scituate, wh. Deane suppos. to be s. of Thomas of Dedham, and calls a freem. of S. 1668, m. 1675, Lydia, d. of John Turner, had only ch. John, b. 1676; and d. a. the same time of the conseq. of wound. from the Ind. and his wid. m. 1680, William Barrell. 

Pioneers of MA. Barrell. William, d. in Boston 20 (6) 1639.

History of Scituate MA: William Barrell appears in Scituate in 1676. He was the son of William Barrell who died in rather early life in Boston in 1639 and who with his brothers George and John settled in Boston and Charlestown 1636. William of Scituate married Lydia the widow of John James 1680 and resided at her residence near the block house. His children were William born 1683 Lydia 1684 Mary 1686 James 1687.  We trace the descendants of two only of these in Scituate. William married Elizabeth Bailey 1706. His children were Hannah born 1706 Lydia 1709 the wife of Joseph Young 1726 William born 1714 James 1727 Elisha 1735 and Colburn. Lydia daughter of William sen married Samuel Stock bridge in 1703 who resided on mount Blue in Scituate.

The Mayflower Descendant: A Quarterly Magazine of Pilgrim ..., Volume 19: October 1917. THE ESTATE OF WILLIAM BARRELL OF SCITUATE AND THE WILL OF WIDOW LYDIA BARRELL: By the Editor. Through the generosity of one of our members Mrs George H Woodman of Boston, we were able to present in the July 1917 issue of this magazine the probate records relating to the estate of John James of Scituate Mass the first husband of Lydia Turner4, Mary3 Brewster, Jonathan, Elder William1 with a reproduction of the original bond of administration which bears the autograph signatures of the widow Lydia James and her father John Turner. An additional gift from Mrs Woodman who is descended from William and Lydia Turner James Barrell through their son William Barrell has made it possible to reproduce in the accompanying illustration the original will of Lydia Barrell of Scituate the double widow of John James and William Barrell.. We also print an exhaustive abstract of the probate records relating to William Barrell's estate with a complete copy of the will of his widow and exhaustive abstracts of all other probate records relating to her estate In the original records of Scituate the following entry is found William Barrell married to Lydah James the 20 day of Aprell 1680. A much later hand has added the words widow of John James but this modern addition was not a part of the original record and therefore should not be accepted without verification. Fortunately we find conclusive proof that Lydah James was Lydia widow of John James and daughter of John Turner in the settlement of the estate of John James, in which his widow is called the daughter of John Turner and in the will of Lydia Barrell herself in which she mentions her son John James her son William Barrell, her Daughter Lydia Stockbridge, her son in Law Samuel Stockbridge, and her Daughter Mary Cushing and several times refers to my Father John Turner Deceased. We are very fortunate in being able to reproduce in consecutive issues of this magazine two original documents each bearing the autograph signature of Lydia the daughter of John Turner but each signed with a different name. When she signed her bond as administratrix of her first husband s estate on 5 March 1678 9 she was the widow Lydia James When she signed her own will thirty five years later on 29 April 1714, she was the widow Lydia Barrell. The settlement of William Barrell s estate and the will of Lydia Barrell follow the proper reference to the records or files being given with each copy or abstract. Estate of William Barrell Plym Co Wills 1 48. On 14 February 1688 9 an inventory of the Goods and Chattels of Mr William Barrill late of Scituate Deceased was taken by Robert Stetson and Jeremiah Hatch. Interesting items are Smiths Tooles in the shop, vizt Anvel Beakhorne Vice hamers Small tooles 10 10s a pair of Smiths Bellows 3 about Six hundred weight of unwrought Iron 6 10s Steele 1 Char Coal 5 Sea Coale 6s part of a Sloope 16 13s. No real estate was mentioned Lidia Barrill Relict Widdow of Mr William Barrill made oath to the inventory 5 March 1689 90 at Scituate before William Bradford Deputy Governor and John Cushing Assistant Scituate March ye 5th i6f Administration is Granted pr William Bradford Deputy Governr and John Cushing Assistant unto Liddia Barrill of Scituate Relict Widdow of Mr William Barrill late of Scituate, From original bond On 5 March 1689 90. Lydia Barrell widow as administratrix gave a bond of 50 sterling with Jonathan Turner and Joseph Turner as sureties. The bond was not signed and was not recorded. 

To all Christian People to whome this present Deed shall come Know Ye that I, William Barrell of Boston in New England, for and in consideration of the Sume of One hundred pounds in money (with twelve pounds that was given me by my Grandfather Elder Coleburn of Boston in New England aforesd as a legacy given by him to me) in hand paid by my father in law, Daniel Turell Senior of Boston, aforesaid Anchor Smith, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, and my Selfe therewith to bee fully Satisfied and contented and of and from every part & parcel thereof for my Selfe ,my heires, Exec and Admrs do hereby exonerate, acquit, and discharge the sd Daniel Turell Senior his heires, Exec, Admrs and assignes firmly and for ever by these presents Have and hereby Do fully freely clearly and absolutly give grant bargain Sell alien enfeoffe and confirme unto the sd Daniel Turell his heires and assignes a certain peice or parcel of Land lying and being scituate at the Southerly end of Boston aforesd containing about one Acre one Quarter and eleven rod of ground bee it more or less which was also given unto me the sd William Barrell as a Legacy by the sd Elder Colborne and is butted and bounded on the North East side by a highway & containes on that line Eighteen rod on the South East side by the Country highway and contain's on that line ten rod on the South west side by the land of mr Moses Paine and on that line containes one and twenty rod and ffifteen Foote and on the North west end by the land of Nathaniel Blake deced and on that line containes eleven rod and twelve foote; Together with all the liberties previledges profits and appurtenances to the sd peice of Land belonging or in any wise appertaining and all the Estate right title interest propriety claim & demand that I have therein or in any part thereof To Have and to hold and quietly and peaceably to bee possessed and injoyed by him the sd Daniel Turell Senior his heires and assignes for ever and to his and their sole and proper use and behoofe from henceforth for ever And I the sd William Barrell for my Selfe my heires Execrs and Admrs do covenant promiss & grant to and with the sd Daniel Turell Senior his heires Execrs Admrs and assignes that I am the sole and proper Owner of the abovebargained premisses and have in my Selfe full power good right and lawfull Authority the premisses to bargain Sell and assure unto him the set Daniel Turell Senior his lieires and assignes in manner as aforesd And that the sd peice of Land so bounded as aforesd and all the appurtenances thereunto belonging are at the Sealing & delivery hereof free and oleare and clearly acquitted and discharged from all other & former gifts grants bargains Sales leases mortgages titles troubles and from all other acts alienations and incumbrances whatsoever And the premisses unto him the sd Daniel Turell his heires and assignes against all and every person lawfully claiming or pretending to have any interest therein shall warrant 88 and for ever defend by these presents And that I the sd William Barrell at any time hereafter upon the reasonable demand of the sd Daniel Turell Senior or his assignes shall and will do and performe any further act or thing that may bee for the better securing and sure makeing of the premisses to him the sd Daniel Turell his heires and assignes according to the true intent of these presents and as may in equity or Reason bee desired or required In Witness whereof I the sd William Barrell have hereunto set my hand and Scale this four and twentieth day of July Ann Dom One thousand Six hundred Seventy & nine 1679. Signed Sealed & Deliud in the presence of Daniel Stone, Thomas Kemble, William Barrell & a Seale.  William Barrell acknowledged this Instrument to bee his act & Deed this first day of July 1681 Before me John Richards Assist Entred 6 July 1681 p Is Addington Ct.

 Will of Lydia Turner James Barrell. From original will. In the name of God Amen. The twenty ninth day of April in the thirteenth year of Her Majesties Reign Annoqe Domini 1714 I Lydia Barrel of Scittuate in the County of Plymouth in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. Being weak of body But of Perfect & sound memory Blessed be god for it Calling to minde my mortallity & Knowing that I must Leave this world I do make Constitute & Ordain this my Last will & testament in manner and form following. Hereby revokeing & making Null & void all former Will or Wills by me made Either by word or Writing Ratifying & Confirming this and no other to be my Last Will & Testament. First & Principally I give and Recommend my soul into the hands of god that gave it & my Body to the Earth to be buried in a decent & Christian manner at the Discretion of my Executor hereafter named nothing doubting but that I shall recieve the same again at the Generall Resurrection by the mighty Power of God And as touching such worldly Estate as the Lord hath blessed me with I do Give bequeath & dispose of the Same in manner following Imprimis. I Give to my Son John James one Feather Bed & Bolster wch I Lent to my son William Barrel and which is now in his hands. Item I give unto my sd Son John James one quarter part of that w h is due to me from the Estate of my Father John Turner Deceased. Item I give to my sd Son John that Desk which his father Left me. Item I Give to my son William Barrel that two and thirty pounds wch he hath already recieved for the meadow wch was formerly his Fathers and of Late sold by him. Item I give to my sd son William all those Shop tools belonging to a black smiths trade which are already in his hands and also whatsoever he hath now in his hands of mine Excepting the Bed & Bolster which I have above given to my son John James. Likewise one quarter part of that wch is due to me from the Estate of my father John Turner Deceased. Item I Give to my Daughter Lydia Stockbridge fifty three pounds wch she hath already recieved. Item I give to my Daughter Lydia one quarter part of that wch is due to me from the Estate of my father John Turner Deceased. Item I Give to my Daughter Mary Cushing fifty three pounds wch she hath already recieved.Item I give to my Daughter Mary one quarter part of that which is due to me from the Estate of my father John Turner Deceased. Item My Will is that whatever Estate of mine be left undisposed off after my Decease shall be Equally Divided between my three Children William Barrel, Lydia Stockbridge, & Mary Cushing Except my Wearing Cloths wch I give to my two Daughters Lydia & Mary. And I do hereby Ordain Constitute and appoint my Loving son in Law Samuel Stockbridge to be the Executor of this my Last Will & Testament In Witnes whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal the Day & year above written. This above written Will was Lidy barrel seal Signed Sealed and Declared by the above sd Lydia Barrel to be Her Last Will & Testament in presence of us Nathanaell Eells, Benjamin Stockbridge, mary turner, plim ss on the 13th day of July 1714.
Mr Nathaniel Eeles, Benjamin Stockbridge, & Mary Turner the Witneses above named made oath that they saw the above named Lidia Barrill Signe & Seale the above written Instrument & heard her Declare it to be her last Will & Testament & that she then was of a disposeing mind & memory to the best of their knowlege before me Nathaniel Thomas, Judge of Probate.
 On the back of the original will On 13 July 1714 at Marsh field The Will of Lidia Barrill late of Sittuate was proved before Nathaniel Thomas, Judge of Probate, and administration Comitted unto Samuel Stockbridge her son in Law & sole Executor in the same Will named. [The will and probate were also recorded 3: 327].

To all Christian People to whome this present Deed shall come Know Yee that I Daniel Turell Senior of Boston in New England Anchor Smith with the free and full consent of my wife Mary for and in consideration of a house & Land lying and being scituate at the North end of  the Town of Boston aforesd Sold unto me by Alexander Sympson of Boston aforesd Bricklayer by way of Exchange for which house and Land the sd Sympson gave me his Deed bearing date the same with these presents Have given granted bargained Sold aliened enteoffed convayed and confirmed and by these presents Do fully clearly & absolutly give grant bargain Sell alien convay and confirme unto the sd Alexander Sympson his heires Execrm and assignes All that my peece of Land lying and being scituate at the Southerly end of Boston which I bought of William Barrell of Sittuate in New England aforesd containing about one Acre one Quarter & Eleven Rod of ground bee it more or less and is butting and bounded on the North East side by a highway and contains on that line Eighteen rod on the South East side by the Country highway and containes on that line ten rod on the South west side by the Land of Moses Paine and on that line containes one and twenty Rod and ffifteen ffoote and on the Northwest end by the land of Nathanael Blake deced and on that line containes Eleven Rod and twelve foote Together with the pviledge of the highway on the North East side and liberty to lay a drein at the westerly end and all other liberties previledges and appurtenances to the sd peice of Land belonging or in any wise appertaining And also all that peice or 40 parcel of Land scituate lying and being at the Southerly end of the Town of Boston aforesd which I bought of Sarah Colepit of Boston aforesd Widdow containing in quantity thirty Seven  Rod and a halfe bee it more or less it being butted and bounded on the westerly side or end by the highway and is Seventy three foote and Six inches on that line on the Southerly side by the Land of mr Moses Paine and is on that line One hundred thirty two foote and on the Easterly side or end by the highway and is on that line Seventy three foote and on the Northerly side by the Land of Daniel Turell Junior and is on that line One hundred ffifty and Seven foote with all and singular the liberties previledges rights and appm tenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and all the liberty and pviledge that I have to the waterside the which two peices of Land so butting and bounded and containing as aforesd with all the rights previledges and appurtenances whatsoever to either of them belonging bee the sd Alexander Sympson is To Have & To Hold to him his heires and assignes for ever To the sole proper and onely use benefit & behoofe of him the sd Alexander Sympson his heires Execrs Admrs and assignes from henceforth for ever And I the mr Daniel Turell Senior for my Selfe my heires Execrs & Admrs do covenant promiss and grant to and with the sd Alexander Simpson his heires Execrs Admrs and assignes that I am the true and proper Owner of the abovebargained premisses and have in my Selfe full power good right and lawfull Authority the same to bargain Sell and confirme unto him the sd Alexander Sympson his heires Execrs & Assignes in manner as aforesd And that the said two peeces of Land and all the appurtenances to them belonging are at the Sealing and delivery hereof free and cleare and clearly acquittd and discharged from all and all manner of former and other gifts grants bargains Sales leases mortgages jointures dowers wills entailes titles troubles alienations & incumbrances had made or done or suflered to bee done by me the sd Daniel Turell or by any other person from by or under me And that the sd Alexander Sympson his heires Execrs and assignes shall and may from henceforth for ever peaceably and quietly have hold use possess and enjoy the sd two peices of Land and all the liberties previledges and appurtenances thereto belonging without the Let trouble or hinderance molestation or disturbance of me the sd Daniel Turell Senr my heires or assignes or of any other person claiming a right thereto from by or under me And the premisses against my Selfe and every other person lawfully claiming a right thereto unto him the sd Alexander Sympson his heires and assignes shall warrant and for ever defend by these presents In Witness whereof I the sd Daniel Turell Senr have hereunto Set my hand and Seale the nineteenth day of March Anno Dom One thousand Six hundred and Eighty Signed Sealed and Delivrd in the presence of John Conney Thomas Dewer Thomas Keinble. Daniel Turell & a Seale.  Mary Turell the wife of Daniel Turell Senr appeared before me & acknowledged that Shee did freely and fully consent to this Deed and renouncd her right of thirds therein this 1st of April 1st 1680 and Daniel Turell Senr also acknowledged it to boe his hand and Seale in Boston Before me Humphry Davie Assist Entred 30 March 1681 p Is Aldington Ctre.

Boston, MA: Inhabitants and Estates of the Town of Boston, 1630 - 1822 (Thwing Collection. Page(2) 2435: Last: Barrell. First: George. Spouse: Aimey. Children: John, James, Ann m Wm. Semond, unnamed daughter m Gawod (see Will). Occupation: Cooper. Event: Nov 9, 1638 19(9)1638 George Barrell allowed to become an inhabitant (TR  2:36) Feb 24, 1639, Feb 24, 1640 24(12)1639/40. George Barrell (cooper) granted a great lot at the Mount for 9 heads (TR 2:39).  Deed: Nov 2, 1637 George Barrell (cooper) buys house and land of Thomas Painter, and Nov 9, 1637 buys of Thomas Everill a parcel of land next to the above (TR 2:36) Union St. George Barrell: Possessions: house and lot, not half an acre, Thomas Painter S., Nicholas Willis W., James Everill N.., street E (BP 49) Union St. Died:  1643.  Will: May 28, 1642 28(3)1642.  Probate: Oct 30, 1642 30(8)1642 George Barrell: Ex. wife Anna. Legatees: wife Anne and two children John and James, John 2/3; James 1/3 provided John pays to Ann Gawod and Hannah Semon my 2  grandchildren 20s each.  My daughter Anne a bed (SPR 1:27) Oct 31, 1643 31(8)1643. George Barrell: house and land in Boston to wife Aime for life. Then to sons John and James, grandchildren Anne Gawod and hannah Semon. Daughter Anne. (NEHGR 2:383 spr MISLAID) iNVENTORY oCT 31, 1643 (31(8)1643) OE. 133.16.00 (gr 8:55). Text: Note discrepencies between the two wills.  Reference: wife Aimey is 10677 / son John is 10678 / son James is 10679 / daughter Ann/Anne is 10680 / unnamed daughter is 10681 / Thomas Painter is / Thomas Everill is / granddaughter Anne Gawod is 14162 / granddaughter Hannah Semon is 14163 /  Abutters: Nicholas Willis is / James Everill is / Refcode: 4591.  


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