Cushing / Cussehyn / Cusshyn / Cusyn / Cussyn / Cusseyn / Cushen

Hrolf Nefja Jarl a Viking in Norway circa 750 - 800 had a son Malahjule & daughter Hild or Ragnhild
Hild / Ragnhild married Rognvald Maera-Jarl had 3 sons and a daughter
Gongu Hrolf second son called Walking Rolf 


William CUSHING born 14th Century, son or grandson of Galfridus Cusyn of Hardingham, mentioned in subsidy rolls for Norfolk 1327

Spouse: ?

Children: Thomas


Thomas CUSHING born Hardingham Norfolk ENG latter part of reign of Richard II, 1377-1399; deed of 1466 has his and son William's names; named in other deeds & charters of 1474, 80, 84

Spouse: ?

Children: William


William CUSHING (Cusshyn) of Hingham ENG, will dated 9/26/1492 proved in Bishops Court of Norwick 3/11/1493; eldest son & heir; born early part of 15th Century

Spouse: Emma / Emme ? will dated 6/16/1507 proved 6/26/1507

Children: John " The Edler;" gentleman Robert, gentleman, of Hingham married Joan ? will proved 7/10/1547; Thomas, gentleman, of Hardingham and E. Dereham Norfolk will proved 1/15/1504; John Jr. married Isabel ?, inherited house, married East Row Hingham, will proved 8/1/11515; Elyne; Anable; Margaret married Thomas Crowe; Agnes


John CUSHING "the Elder" (Cushyn or Cushyng) born Hingham ENG lived Hardingham, will dated 2/21/1522 proved 3/5/1523, mentioned in subsidy rolls of Henry VIII for 1523; had estates in Hardingham & properties in Lombard St. London

Spouse: ?

Children: Thomas born 1512; John married Alice Cline/Cuve & Rose ?, lord of manor of Flockthorpe, Markhams in Tothington & Statworthy in Wymondham; William married Joan; Margaret; Margery; Isabel;  6 children mentioned in will


Thomas CUSHING born 1512 Hardingham Norfolk ENG, died 4/1558 Hardingham, inherited the homestead

Spouse: ?

Children: John of Knapton in Norfolk died before 11/26/1586, inherited estate; Ursula; Nicholas; Edward; Stephen; Peter born circa 1560


Peter CUSHING born  Hardingham Norfolk ENG, of Hingham ENG circa 1600, buried 3/2/1615; per Colonial Families probably one of 1st Cushings to be Protestant

Spouse: Susan HAWES buried 4/26/1641 Hingham ENG; married  6/2/1583 Hardingham

Children: Matthew married Nazareth Pitcher 8/5/1613; Theopolis baptized 11/4/1584 died 3/24/1679 Hingham MA came to NE 1633 on Griffin with Gov. Haynes & Puritans Cotton and Hooker, blind 25 years before he died, died without issue; Bridget baptized 2/19/1586 married George More 7/15/1627; William baptized 4/1/1593 ENG married Margery ?; Barbara baptized 6/16/1596 died 1/1632 ; Peter died before 1/2/1665, his will is dated 2/2/1664 and was proved 1/2/1665, of London ENG, died without issue, married Godly Payne widow of Simon Payne; Katherine married ? Long of Wymondham; Thomas baptized 5/15/1603, of London Gentleman, died after 8/10/1669 date of will, unmarried


Matthew CUSHING, born 1588, baptized 3/2/1589 Hardingham Norfolk ENG died 9/30/1660 Hingham MA, came in 1638 in the Diligent to Hingham with wife, 5 children, and wife's sister Widow Francis Riecroft; granted 5 acre house lot below Pear Tree Hill on Bachelor (Main) St. 

Spouse: Nazareth PITCHER born circa 1586 baptized Hardingham ENG 10/30/1586, died 1/5/1682 Hingham MA age 95-6; married 8/5/1613 Norfolk ENG

Children: John born 1627 married Sarah Hawke; Daniel born 1619 baptized 4/20/1619 married (1) Lydia Gilman daughter of Edward and Mary (Clark) Gilman [See Smith/Davis]  (2) Elizabeth (Jacob) Thaxter widow of Capt. John Thaxter & daughter of Nicholas and Mary Jacob; Jeremiah "Mariner" born 7/21/1621 married Elizabeth Wilkie was lost at sea left no children; Matthew born 1623 bap 4/5/1623 died 1/9/1701 age 78, occupation wheelwright, married Sarah Jacob daughter of Nicholas & Mary (Gilman) Jacob, no children "adopted" Matthew son on brother John; Deborah born 2/17/1625 died 9/25/1700 married Matthias Briggs left no children


John CUSHING, Colonel, of Plymouth Regiment, born 1627 Hingham Norfolk ENG, farmer, came to Scituate 1662, died 3/31/1708 Scituate Plymouth MA

Spouse: Sarah HAWKE / HAWKES married 1/20/1658 Hingham MA born 8/1/1641 died 3/9/1678-9 Scituate

Children: James born 1/27/1668 Scituate; John Judge, born 4/28/1662 married Deborah Loring of Hull May 20, 1688 who died 1713; Thomas born 12/26/1663 married 10/17/1687 Deborah Thaxter of Hingham; Matthew "wheelwright" born 2/23/1665 married  12/27/1694 Deborah Jacob daughter of John and Mary (Russell) Jacob who married 2nd Benjamin Loring; Jeremiah born 7/13/1666 married but left no family; Joshua born 8/27/1670; Sarah born 8/26/1671 Hingham MA married David Jacob 12/20/1689; Caleb born 1/6/1673 married 3/14/1698 Elizabeth Cotton daughter of Rev. John Cotton widow of Rev James Alling; Deborah born 9/14/1674 married Thomas Loring of Duxbury; Mary born 8/30/1676 died unmarried 1698; Joseph born 9/23/1677; Benjamin born 2/4/1679


James CUSHING born 1/27/1668 Scituate MA baptized 3/21/1669, died 1731

Spouse: (2) Mary BARRELL born 1686 Scituate married 12/10/1713 Scituate (1) married Sarah House 1/18/1710-11

Children: Content born 7/19/1722 married Jesse Stephenson


Content CUSHING born 7/19/1722 Scituate MA

Spouse: Jesse STEPHENSON intensions 12/4/1742 married 5/3/1743 Scituate

Children: Elisha died 12/25/1748 age 1 yr 5 mo.; Elisha born 9/14/1753 died 2/1796 in 44th year, married 9/27/1778 in Hingham Lucy Beal died 2/10/1791 in 34th year; Ruth born 3/14/1744 bp 4/1/1744 CRI [listed as Stevens] died 4/12/1764 Hingham ; Elisha born 8/4/1747 died 12/25/1748 age 1y 5mo; Molly/Molle born 10/8/1748 died 12/1748; Molly/Molle born 1/11/1750 married  7/24/1770 Edward Amos; Elisha born 9/11-13/1753 Hingham; Hannah born 1/7/1750 Hingham died 1/071750 Hingham; Hannah born 12/17/1755;  Luke born 5/6/1757 Hingham bp 5/23/1757 CRI Revolutionary War soldier see notes below; James born 6/16/1759 died 12/27/1759 Hingham; Sarah born 11/20/1760 married   9/17/1781 Joseph Marble [dates from MA Vital Records]

Founders & Patriots: Cushing, John (1627-Mar 31, 1708) m Jan 20, 1658 Sarah Hawkes MA XXXI, 52. Cushing, Matthew (Mar 2, 1589-Sept 30, 1660) m Aug 5, 1613 Nazareth Pitcher MA lXXIII, 54; XXX, 293; XXXI, 210; XXXII, 278; XXXIV, 302

Pioneers of ME & NH pg 313: Thomas Cushing lived in 1450; Matthew & Nazareth Pritcher had 5 children

Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families pg 76: CUSHING Matthew, Hingham, came over 1638 with wife Nazareth dau of Henry Pitcher and children Daniel 1619, Jeremiah 1621, Matthew 1623, Deborah 1625 m Matthias Briggs, John 1627. Pg 314: Matthew, 1st in text was son of Peter of Hingham Eng who m 1585 Susan Hawes. Mathew m 1613. Peter was son of Thomas of Hardingham who was son of John who was son of Wlm the son of Thomas who lived in 1450.

American Gen: Cushing, Matthew (1588-1660) from Eng in the "Diligent" to Hingham MA 1638; m in Eng 1613 Nazareth (1586-1681) dau Henry Pitcher

James Cushing: Bibliography: Scituate VR 1:25, 115-22, 2:378; 1905 Cushing g 31.  Scituate HR 1721-24, 29-30M, 31; selectman 1711-14; town clerk 1715-18; M Sarah House (c1692-1712) in 1711 and Mary Barrell (1686- ) in 1713, 0/5 ch; farmer. Most years in the HR he had no committees. He was fined for nonattendance in 1723. Topographical pg 117: CUSHING, Matthew; Hingham Norfolk; Hingham MA; Ref Cushing Mss.

Gen Reg of First Settlers of NE pg 74: CUSHING, DANIEL, Hingham, eldest son of Matthew Cushing, was born in Eng, came to NE in 1638; was rep 1680, 82 & 95. His sons were Jeremiah & Theophilus. For information of several persons of this name see 2 Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc. x Index. JEREMIAH, minister of the 1st ch in Scituate, was son of the preceding, and was born 7/3/1654; grad at H.C. 1676; ordained 5/27/1691 & died 3/22/1706 ae 51. JOHN, Hingham & Scituate, son of Matthew, was b in Eng came  to NE 1638, was a rep & a 1690 an assist of Plymouth colony. He was the first rep from Scituate, under the charter of 1692. His son & grandson were judges of the supreme court of MA & the latter, the Hon. Wlm Cushing, was judge of the supreme court of the US. He was born in Scituate 3/1723, grad at H.C. 1751 & d 9/13/1810. MATTHEW, Hingham 1638, the great ancestor of the numerous respectable families of Cushings in NE arrived at Boston 8/10/1638 with his wife, Nazareth Pticher, and the following children: Daniel, Jeremiah, Matthew who m 1652,  Deborah, and John. He d 9/30/1660 ae 72. Lincoln, Hist Hignham 46. THEOPHILUS, Hingham a 1635, died in 3/1679 at the age of a. 100 yrs. Lincoln Hist. Hingham 41.

Pioneers MA, pg 126: CUSHING, CUSHIN, Matthew, from Hingham Eng came in 1638 to Hingham NE with wife, 4 sons & 1 dau, & his wife's sister, Frances Recroft, widow. Town officer, deacon. Wife Nazareth (said by the family historian to have been a dau of Henry Pitcher) ch Daniel bapt 4/20/1619, Jeremiah bapt 7/21/1621, Matthew bapt 4/5/1623, Deborah bapt 2/17/1624-5 m Mathias Briggs, John. He d 9/30/1660 ae 71 yrs. His heirs, Daniel, Matthew, John & Jeremiah C. & Matthias Briggs made agreement for a division of the est to themselves & their mother 11/15/1660 [Reg IV, 88 & X 173] The widow d 1/6/1681-2 ae 96 yrs.  Theophilus, bro of Matthew, came from Hingham Eng to Hingham NE in 1638 [?]. He d 3/24/1678-9 ae nearly 100 yrs.

History of Scituate MA pg 254: John Cushing Sen. came into Scituate from Hingham, 1662, and purchased the farm on "Belle house neck," of Capt. John Vassall, son of Wlm Vassall, to whom it was laid out 1634.  He was the son of Matthew Cushing, and Nazareth Pitcher his wife.  Matthew was born in England 1588, the son of Peter cushing of Norfolk, whose grandfather had possessed large estates in Lombard street, London.  Matthew cushing, with his wife and five children, viz. Daniel, jeremiah, Matthew, Deborah, and John, saided from Gravesend, April 26, 1638, in the ship Diligent, John Martin of Ipswich master, and arrived at Boston on the 10th of August.  They appear in Hingham in the autumn of the same year.  Matthew deceased at Hingham September 30, 1660, aged seventy-two.  His widow survived to 1681, aged ninety-six.  His children were all living at his decease, save his daughter, who had been the wife of Matthias Briggs.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 381: Hawke, MATTHEW, Hingham, came in the Diligent of Ipswich, 1638, embark. at London, arr. 10 Aug. with w. Margaret, and serv. John Fearing, was from Cambridge; Eng. freem. 18 May 1642, was town clk. and d. 11 Dec. 1684, aged 74 yrs. says his gr.stone, leav. only s. James, b. May 1649. To he gave notes of the sermons of Rev. Mr. Norton and others, said to be yet preserv. His other ch. were Eliz. b. July 1639, m. Feb. 1660, Stephen Lincoln, d. 4 Nov. 1713; Sarah, bapt. 1 Aug. 1641, m. 1657, John Cushing of Scituate, d. 1679; Bethia, 1643, m. 15 Aug. 1665, Benjamin Stetson; Mary, Aug. 1646, m. Dec. 1670, Benjamin Loring, d. 1714; Deborah, Mar. 1655 wh. m. prob. John Briggs; and Hannah, bapt. 22 July 1655, m. June 1685, Peter Cushing, d. 4 Apr. 1737.

William Cushing (1731-1810) Chief Justice 1777-1789 - first cousin of Content Cushing m Jesse Stephenson. CushingWhen John Cushing resigned after serving as an associate justice from 1747 to 1771, his son William was elected to take his place. William Cushing was the only justice retained by the Revolutionary Council when it reorganized the courts. William Cushing presided at a criminal action tried at Worcester that operated to legally abolish slavery in the state in 1783. At that trial, a man had been charged with assault committed in attempting to repossess a slave. Cushing charged the jury that the 1780 Massachusetts Bill of Rights declared "all men are born free and equal." Later, Cushing's determination and courage also helped to ensure that the court continued to meet regularly despite opposition from participants in Shays' Rebellion. His excellent reputation was rewarded when, upon the organization of the Supreme Court, President Washington appointed him associate justice. He was later offered the seat of Chief Justice, but declined due to ill health.  

"Vital Records of Scituate, Massachusetts to the Year 1850," Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1909, page 1-116: "Cushing, Content, d. James and Mary, July 19, 1722." - - - page 2-90: "Cushing, Content and Jesse Stephens of Hingham, int. Dec. 4, 1742. (Stephenson, May 3, 1743, C.R.2) (C.R.2 = church record, Second Church of Scituate, now the First Unitarian Church of Norwell)

Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of ..., Volume 2 edited by William Richard Cutter: Hrolf Nefja Jarl a Viking  was the progenitor of the Cushing family and the lineage connecting the American family with this Norse chief is remarkably interesting. In the Scandinavian Sagas relating to the latter half of the eighth century from 750 to 800 which may be regarded as the period in which reliable Norse history begins, frequent mention may be found of this Viking and his ancestors in Trondjem and the Maeras of Norway and in later centuries of his descendants in Normandy and England as well. Hrolf Nefja had at least one son Malahjulc and a daughter Hild or Ragnhild who married Rognvald Maera Jarl who, in return for assistance rendered him by Harold Fair Hair in the Conquest of Norway, was made chief ruler over not only the two Maeras but also Ramsdel. II Hild or Ragnhild daughter of Hrolf Nefja 1 married Rognvald Maera Jarl. They had three sons and a daughter. III Gongu Hrolf second son of Rognvald Maera Jarl and Hild 2 was called Walking Rolf. He became early a great Viking leader especially in the east Returning from one of his expeditions soon after Harold's conquest he committed acts of depredation in Viking and King Harold who was then in Viking was very angry when he heard of it and announced the outlawry of Hrolf from Norway. In vain Hrolf's mother appealed to the king. Accordingly Hrolf accompanied by his Uncle Malahjulc as councillor and a numerous following sailed for the Hebrides whence they made conquests ultimately gaining from Valland now France about 912 AD the great Jarls Realm known soon after as Normandie. Thus Hrolf so well known in later history as Rollo became the founder and first earl or duke of Normandy establishing the great feudal nobility of Ruen ancestors of the Sovereign families and Norman Barons of Normandy and England like. In this manner Malahulcinus de Toesini as Malahjulc was called became possessed of Toesini and Conches. II Malahjulc son of Hrolf Nefja Jarl had at least one son Hugo mentioned below. III Hugo de Toesini son of Malahjulc 2 became Lord of Cavalcamp in Nuestria and had two sons, 1 Ralf mentioned below, 2 Hugo Archbishop of Rouen 942-980 who gave to his brother Ralf the estates of Toesini. IV Ralf son of Hugo de Toesini 3 had a son Ralph or Ranulph mentioned below. V Ralph or Ranulph of Apulia son of Ralf 4 was celebrated for his conquests of Apulia and elsewhere inherited Toesini. VI Ralf son of Ranulfh of Apulia 5 was appointed Castellan of Tillieres jointly with Nigel Viscount of Coutances in 1011. Ralf had issue 1 Roger de Toesini surnamed D Espagne on account of his prowess against the Saracens in Spain progenitor of the De Toesinis, Hereditary Standard Bearers of Normandy Barons of Toesini and Conches and of Stafford and Belvoir in England, ancestors of the English houses of Cholmondeley, Egerton Grosley and others. 2 Hugh de Toesini mentioned below. VII Hugh de Toesini son of Ralf 6 surnamed de Limesay from his Norman seig neurie was living in 1060 and had several sons who accompanied William the Conqueror to whom they were related as nephews through their mother who was William's half sister. VIII Ralf son of Hugh de Toesini 7 received from his uncle William of Normandy the Barony of Oxburg or Oxenburg in Norfolk and forty one other Manors in several counties with the lands of Christina one of the sisters of Prince Edgar whom Ralf married. IX Ralf son of Ralf 8 married a daughter of Hadewise. X Alan son of Ralf 9 was next in line. XI Gerard son of Alan 10 married Amy daughter of Trian de Hronelade of Bidun Limisi. XII Ralf younger son of Gerard 11 was surnamed Le Cusyn or Le Cosyn de Limisi whence the name Cushing is derived held Choseley. XIII Roger son of Ralf 12 had a brother Richard. One of these was ancestor of Galfridus Cusyn mentioned below. XIV Galfridus Gerard or Geoffrey Cusyn was born in county Norfolk of the family as given above in the latter part of the thirteenth century. He possessed estates at Hardingham in that county and in 1327 was assessed to the King's subsidies Edward First. XV William Cushing son or grandson of Geoffrey Cusyn 14 added to the original estates of his ancestors lands in Hingham. XVI Thomas Cushing son of William Cushing 15 spelled also Cussyn was born in Hardingham county Norfolk England in the latter part of the reign of Richard II 1377 1399, had large estates at Hardingham Hingham and elsewhere. XVII William Cushing son of Thomas Cushing 16 was born at Hardingham in the fifteenth century married Emma lived in Hingham. His long and explicit will was dated September 26 1492 and proved March 11 1493. His wife Emma died in 1507. Children 1 John the elder there being two sons living by the same name at the time the will was made, 2 Robert of Hingham styled Gentleman, 3 Thomas of Hardingham and afterwards of East Dedham in Norfolk, 4 John Jr inherited his father's house at East Row Hingham, 5 Elyne, 6 Annable, 7 Margaret married Thomas Crowe, 8 Agnes. XVI II John Cushing son of William Cushing Cushyng or Cushyn 17 was born in Hingham but lived in Hardingham where he owned estates. He also owned large properties in Lombard street London. His will dated February 21 1522 proved March 5 1523 mentions wife and six children. Children 1 John of Hingham. 2 Thomas of Hardingham mentioned below, 3 William of Hardingham, 4 Margaret, 5 Isabel, 6 Margery, 7 Elyne, 8 Agnes. XIX Thomas Cushing son of John Cushing Cushyn 18 inherited the homestead of his father died at Hardingham in April 1558. Children 1 John of Norfolk, 2 Ursula, 3 Nicholas, 4 Edward, 5 Stephen, 6 Peter mentioned below. XX Peter Cushing son of Thomas Cushing 19 was born at Hardingham but removed to Hingham about 1600. He married at Hardingham June 2 1583 Susanna Hawes buried at Hingham April 26 1641. He was buried there March 2 1615. He was probably one of the first Cushings to embrace the Protestant faith. Children 1 Theophilus baptized November 4 1584 came to New England in the ship Griffin with Governor Haynes. Rev Cotton for a time resided on Haynes farm and removed to Hingham Massachusetts was blind twenty five years never married died March 24 1679, 2 Bridget baptized February 19 1586 married July 15 1627 George More, 3 Matthew baptized March 2 1589 mentioned in the American line below. 4 William baptized April 1 1593 married Margery, 5 Barbara baptized June 16 1596 died January 1632, 6 Peter of London married Godley Payne widow of Simon Payne died 1665 no issue, 7 Katherine married Long of Carltom Road near Wymondham county Norfolk England, 8 Thomas baptized May 15 1603 of London. I Matthew Cushing progenitor of this branch of the Cushing family in America was baptized in Hingham England March 2 1589 and died in Hingham Massachusetts September 30 1660 With his wife four sons and his wife's sister Frances Recroft widow, he sailed from Ipswich in 1638 on the ship Diligent John Martin master. He left England owing to religious troubles. He settled in Hingham Massachusetts where he at once became identified with public affairs. He was a town officer and a deacon of Rev Thomas Hobart's church. He married August 5 1 61 3 in England Nazareth Pitcher baptized October 30 1586 and died in Hingham Massachusetts January 6 1682 aged ninety six years daughter of Henry Pitcher of the family of the famous Admiral Pitcher of England. After the death of Matthew Cushing his heirs Daniel, Matthew, John, Jeremiah Cushing, and Matthias Briggs made an agreement for a division of the estate to themselves and their mother. Children 1 Daniel baptized April 20 1619, 2 Jeremiah baptized July 21 1621, 3 Matthew baptized April 5 1623, 4 Deborah baptized February 17 1625 married Matthias Briggs, 5 John mentioned below. II John Cushing son of Matthew Cushing 1 born in 1627 in Hingham England died at Scituate Massachusetts March 31 1708. He came to New England with his father in 1638. He settled in Scituate and became a prominent man. In 1663 he was surveyor of highways, receiver of taxes 1667, deputy to the general court in 1674, elected again in 1692, and for several years afterwards on the committee for dividing the Scituate lands, in 1663 in 1676 was chosen to report to the government all services of the soldiers in Scituate in King Philip's war, selectman from 1674 to 1686, county magistrate for Plymouth county from 1685 to 1692, assistant of the Old Colony government of Plymouth from 1689 to 1691. He was colonel of the Plymouth regiment. He married in Hingham England January 20 1658 Sarah Hawke baptized in Hingham England August 1 1641, died in Scituate Massachusetts March 9 1679 daughter of Matthew and Margaret Hawke. Children born in Scituate 1 John April 28 1662, 2 Thomas December 26 1663, 3 Matthew February 1665 mentioned below, 4 Jeremiah July 13 1666, 5 James January 27 1668, 6 Joshua August 27 1670, 7 Sarah August 26 1671, 8 Caleb January 1673, 9 Deborah 1674, 10 Mary August 30 1676, 11 Joseph September 23 1677, 12 Benjamin February 4 1679 was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1700. III Matthew Cushing son of John Cushing 2 was born in Scituate in February 1665 baptized May 14 1665. He married in Hingham Massachusetts December 27 1694 Deborah Jacob born in Hingham May 8 1677 died November 30 1755 daughter of Captain John and Mary Russell Jacob. He was a wheelwright by trade and was selectman of the town in 1703- 04 08- 13- 14. Children 1 Jacob born March 17 1696 mentioned below 2 Matthew May 22 1698 3 Deborah December 9 1700 4 Hezekiah March 14 1703 5 Rachel May 3 1705 6 Josiah August 9 1707 7 Sarah September 5 171 1 8 Noah October 18 1714 TV Jacob Cushing of Matthew

White Swirled Line

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