William DAVIS??  possible name of Joseph's father per family members to Aunt Joyce.  The first settlers in Cornwallis were planters from Connecticut, later settlers included British troops and Loyalist civilians & troops

Spouse: ?

Children: Joseph; possibly Edward born NS 9/24/1795 married Mary McElroyy born 12/16/1797 married 12/27/1820, naturalized 1859, died 1888; possibly Nathaniel  1820 Census of Alexander with Joseph; possibly Thomas & 2 other brothers; Possibly Catherine Middleton Davis b 5/1/1789 married to John Babcock born Cornwallis b. 1780, children: John Middleton., family removed to Campobello NB Uncertain of connection to Edward born 9/24/1794-5 NS living in Alexander, 1850 Census lists him as mulotto & Joseph was not, Edward not listed as mulotto in any other Census, Edward's children; Gordon, William, Samuel James, Thomas, Henry, Edward Jr., Ellen, Emeline, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Sarah Ann; father listed as being born in Scotland 1880 Census  [Per family tradition 5 brothers went from Nova Scotia to Boston by ship, 2 stayed in Boston, 3 took boat to Machias about 1830, 1 stayed Machias, 1 to Milo, Joseph to Crawford]


Joseph DAVIS born 2/1/1796-8 Cornwallis Kings NS died 1879 buried Crawford ME, have photo of Joseph & Rebecca's grave stone with Charles D. 1835-1849 and James G. 1838-1838

Spouse: Rebecca Chatman CROCKETT born 8/3/1807 Calais ME died 1884 buried Crawford ME married 1/6/1828 Alexander ME. [A-CHS records say intentions filed 12/10/1828 married 3/20/1829 but does not indicate source; FamilySearch says 1/6/1829]

Children: William Valentine born 7/22/1829 married (1) 4/4/1854 Lucy Ellen Bird (2) 3/18/1866 Matilda E. Bird; Alvira/Elvira Ann born 7/2/1831 died 6/14/1909 m Andrew Jackson Grover 10/15/1853-4 son of Andrew Jackson and Ann Rodick Grover; Almira/Elmira Eveline/Emeline/Emaline born 7/2/1831 died 11/9/1859 married David Burton 9/25/1853; Jacob S. born 8/20/1833 married Lucy Edgerley Lamb; Mary Malvina born 5/9/1840 never married, died 2/17/1902 Brunswick ME Uterine Cancer; Victoria Catherine born 10/23/1842 married Charles Madison Grover; Rebecca A. born 3/1850 married Abbott; James G. born 1838 died 1838 6 wks; Charles Dinson born 8/31/1835 died 1849; Wellington Andrew (Uncle Will) born 6/3/1845  died 4/15/1916 age 70 tuberculosis married Frances Dwelly (Aunt Frank) 11/1889


Jacob S. DAVIS (Jake) born 8/20/1833 Alexander me  [A-CHS records 9/10/1833] died 12/16/1910 age 77 yrs 3 mo. 26 days in Crawford, buried Old Crawford Cemetery, ME, lived on Arm Road in Crawford just west of Alexander town line

Spouse: Lucy Edgerley LAMB born 3/31/1841 Milltown ME died 12/8/1921 Calais Cerebral Hemorrhage, buried Calais ME (always hated Crawford and wasn't going to be buried there) married 11/25/1862 [A-CHS 8/16/1861] Alexander ME, have photo of grave stone

Children: Alice E. born Crawford 1863 married (1) Herbert Osborn (2) Henry Hendrickson captain of a ship sailing from Washington State to Vancouver, died Billingham WA; Albert R. (Bert) born 8/10/1865 married Gertrude ? lived in Arizona, World War I Vet, have photo of grave stone died 5/10/1921 55 years 9 mo. of pneumonia buried Calais Cemetery Block 108, S. 30' NE from East Alley Way (Aunt May called him Herbert); Hamden Oliver [Oliver H. per 1880 census] born 6/29/1869 married Sarah Maria McDowell; Edmund Elisha born 2/7/1878 died 10/19/1924 age 46 at St. Stephens, married Lydia Jane Matheson born in Canada 11/6/1888 daughter of William H. and Alice A. (Weatherby) Matheson


Hamden Oliver DAVIS "Ham" born 6/29/1869 ME (Mrs. Jas Perkins midwife) died 8/28/1940 Chipman Hospital St. Stephen NB buried Calais ME

Spouse: Sarah Maria McDOWELL "Sadie" born 2/14/1882 Bocabec NB died 2/12/1926 Red Beach ME buried Calais ME married 7/20/1900 Princeton ME [ME Marriage Records list as 6/30/1900 "Sady McDowall" & "Hamlin" Davis], intentions filed in Crawford 6/23/1900]

Children: Evaline M. born 4/19/1902 Danforth ME died 4/23/1902 premature buried Danforth ME memorial stone in Calais ME, have photo; Everett Edmund, a surveyor, born 4/2/1903 Crawford (Lucy Davis midwife) died 8/11/1983 Vero Beach FL buried National Cemetery Pensacola FL never married, Staff Sgt US Army WWII Pacific, graduate of Calais Academy, SS#007-05-3486; Roscoe Jacob born 10/5/1908 Baring ME died 9/27/1966 E. Hartford CT buried in Brewer Cemetery Robbinston ME, SS#049-16-0264, married Dorothy Goodwin 11/18/1927 daughter of Albion and Cora (McDonald) Goodwin; Vernard Webster born 4/5/1917 Milltown ME died 11/7/1917 age 7 mo. 1 da of pneumonia & chicken pox, buried Calais ME; Oliver LeRoy born 3/14/1911 drowned 7/7/1921 St. Croix River Milltown ME buried Calais ME; Henry Cleon born 5/12/1914 Milltown ME married Doris Noel (Aunt Doris) of St. John, Newfoundland, US Air Force Retired WWII Pacific served also Baffinland Artic Circle, died 8/6/2007 buried Military Cemetery Bushnell FL; Roy Bernard born 7/7/1919 Milltown ME never married, US Army WWII Pacific, died 12/28/01 Chelsea MA buried Calais ME; Albert Arnold born 1/12/1921 Chipman Hospital St. Stephen NB married Ottobelle Joyce Spencer (Aunt Joyce) 8/20/1949, US Navy WWII; Carl Clayton born 1/16/1922 Milltown ME married Dorothy Anderson Seymour, USAF WWII; Shirley Elizabeth born 5/30/1923 Chipman Hospital St Stephen NB married Maurice Smith (Chrome Dome/Chromey)


Shirley Elizabeth DAVIS born 5/30/1923 St Stephen NB; died 5/18/2007 Port St. Lucie FL

Spouse: Maurice Russell SMITH born 11/10/17 Calais, Maine; died 7/17/2001 Milton, Florida, married 8/27/42 Milltown (Calais) ME

Children: Karen Elizabeth born 6/11/43 married A. J. Howell of Nanticoke PA, US Navy Retired; Carl LeRoy born 8/8/1944 Calais ME, US Army Vietnam, married 11/29/1969 Marie Carroll Reeves Eufaula AL  sons Todd & Bradley; David Eugene born 12/28/52 Calais ME married 12/1/72 Denise Lynn Bennett Fort Pierce FL sons Shawn & Brian

Edward Davis, born 1793 Nova Scotia died 1888 Alexander ME wife Mary, was possibly Joseph Davis' brother. Family tradition is that the Davis' were originally from Wales. In the early 1800's 5 brothers, including Joseph, left Cornwallis NS and sailed to Boston; two or three of the brothers then went to Machias Washington Co ME; Joseph & poss. Edward to Alexander/Crawford. Do not know if this is true.

A-CHS Marriage Intentions: Joseph Davis of Plantation #20 and Rebecca C. Crockett of Alexander 12/10/1828. Dateline 3/20/1829 above married in Alexander

The original Davis farm consisted of blueberry barrens. It passed from Joseph Davis to Wellington to Edmund (son of Jacob) & Lydia Davis to Velma Davis Johnston. The fields were located south of the Arm Road in Crawford. In 1857 Joseph built a house on Arm Road in Crawford. Velma has Rebecca C. Davis' Bible dated 1855. Jacob S. lived near his father on Arm Road. Jacob was a lumberman and farmer and had a maple sugar grove. In 1977 Arnold and Joyce Davis visited Herman Wallace who was living in Jacob and Lucy's old home. He told them of visiting Jacob when he was an old man, and Herman described him as being small. His son, Hamden, was well over 6 feet as were Hamden's sons.

Birth Certificate: Hamden O. Davis born Crawford, male, 6/29/1869; residence of mother Crawford, mother's maiden name Lucy O. Lamb, state of birth Crawford [sic]; father Jacob S. Davis birth Milltown ME; attendant Mrs. Jas Perkins, midwife, residence Crawford; Clerk recording birth Gertrude Seavey.

Per Shirley Davis Smith: Jacob Davis was very dark; Lucy Lamb very light skin and had a terrible temper. Lucy E. Lamb Davis left instructions she was to be buried in Calais ME because she never did like it out there in Crawford. Hamden was a very kind man. He was 6'4'' to 6'6' tall. Worked in mills in Milltown, cut pulp, worked construction, fireman, worked in grocery. Sarah was small and short; she had a sweet disposition and was helpful and friendly. Her mother-in-law, Lucy Lamb Davis, lived with them during her declining years. That must have been a trial with Lucy's temper. The family lived in Danforth where the first child died shortly after birth; they lived at 57 Boardman St. Milltown; moved to Red Beach where Sadie died when Shirley was 3. Shirley was raised by Aunt May McDowell Pettengill in Brewer ME. Several years ago Arnold and Joyce Davis visited Sarah Jane Wilson Pomeroy, called Jane,  in Calais. Her father was Frederick Wilson, brother of Mary Jane who married William McDowell. Jane told them that she lived with Sadie and Ham Davis when she was young and working in the mills in Milltown. She said Sadie used to make dresses for her and made her feel like a part of the family and that she loved her very much. Per Uncle Henry both Sadie and Aunt May when young  left Bocabec to work as servants in Maine so they could go to school. They both married sons of the families for whom they were servants. Aunt May married Everett Pettingill and lived in Brewer ME where we used to visit her. She was confined to a wheel chair because of rhumatism.

Crawford Old Cemetery: Elmira R. (Grover?) died 9/9/1859 age 5 yrs 7 mo. This is often given as Almira Eveline's death date, but she lived to be quite elderly (see photographs) so assume an error.

Per Joanne Cowdrick: William Valentine Davis listed in 1900 census, dwelling 90,  Danforth as head of household and a farmer.   He is living with his wife of 34 years, Matilda, 60.  His first wife Lucy is buried at Sears Corner in Alexander.  Perhaps explains why Hamden & Sadie Davis moved to Danforth after they were married.  After they lost their first baby in Danforth, they moved to Milltown.

Saxby Gale: From 10/12/1869 edition of the Machias Union: "Crawford: Our reporter says Jacob S. Davis and A. Bailey barns down; Edward Seavey ditto and horse killed; G.F. Frost barn down; Joseph Seavey ditto and three cows killed. E. P. Fenlason barn down and house all to pieces; L. Frost barn unroofed; N. S. Fenlason new barn, 76 feet long, whole roof off and destroyed; Jonathan Love barn badly wrecked; E .M Hanscom "L" of house in fragments. To estimate the loss in Crawford is out of question. A man's barn down and no means to repair, his only horse killed and no means to buy, all his cows dead and it is out of his power to replace them or even one! All I can say is 'May God help such.'"

Jacob's Obituary Dec 28, 1910, pg 5: Mr. Jacob S. Davis, a well known and greatly esteemed resident of Crawford, died at his home in that town Dec 16th, of a complication of diseases, aged 77 years. Although born in Alexander, Mr. Davis has practically passed his whole life in Crawford. He was married 48 years ago to Miss Lucy Lamb of Alexander, who with three sons and one daughter, mourn the loss of a kind husband and father. The children are Albert of Arizona, Oliver of Milltown, ME, Edmond of Crawford, and Mrs. Hendrickson of Washington State. The burial was at Crawford, the services being conducted by Rev. Mr. Dusbam[?].

Hamden's Obituary Sep 4, 1940 pg 1: Hamden O. Davis passed away in the Chipman Hospital [St Stephen NB] on Wednesday, August 28th, after a brief illness at the age of 71. In his passing Red Beach has lost another of its oldest and most respected citizens. A man of many sterling qualities that demanded the respect of all that were closely associated with him in his daily life. Mr. Davis was pre-deceased by his wife some few years ago and has made his home here since that time. A very kind and generous father, who will be greatly missed by his sons and daughter. The funeral was held at the home of his son, Roscoe J. Davis on Friday, August 30th, conducted by Frederick W. Whittaker, student minister of the Congregational Church at Red Beach. The floral tributes were many and beautiful, portraying silent respect to him who had passed away, and sympathy to his family. The bearers were Hiram Newman, George Breene, Price Leavett and Alvin Mingo.

Everett Edmond Davis Obituary: born Crawford, Maine, April 2, 1903. Died Vero Beach, Florida, August 11th, 1983. He leaves four brothers Henry C. Davis, Leesburg, Florida; Albert Arnold Davis, Presque Isle, Maine; Roy Bernard Davis, Longmeadow, Mass.; Carl Clayton Davis, Concord, California and one sister (Shirley) Mrs. Maurice Smith, Fort Pierce, Florida. Also three sister-in-laws, one brother-in-law and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Mr. Davis graduated from the Calais Academy, served several years in the U. S. navy [error, he was in the Army- keh], retired as a surveyor with the forestry service of the state of Florida. Mr. Davis was the son of the late Hamden O. and Sadie Davis of Red Beach, Maine. - do not know in what paper this appeared.
Barrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, Davis, Everett Edmund, b. 04/02/1903, d. 08/14/1983, US Army, SSGT, Res: Vero Beach, FL, Plot: 35 0 4466, bur. 08/26/1983
See New Guinea Rescue.

CHELSEA, MASS. - Roy B. Davis, 82, died Dec. 28, 2001, at the Chelsea Soldiers Home, Chelsea, Mass. He was born July 7, 1919, in Milltown, the son of Hamden and Sarah (McDowell) Davis. He was a veteran of World War II, a member of the U.S. Army's 32nd infantry division, serving in the South Pacific. After the war, he was a manufacturers representative for the Chrysler Corporation. He was predeceased by his parents and one sister, Mary Evalina; five brothers, Everett, Roscoe and his wife, Dorothy (Goodwin), Vernard, Oliver, and Carl. He is survived by one sister, Shirley (Mrs. Maurice) Smith of Milton, Fla.; two brothers, Henry and his wife, Doris (Noel) of Lady Lake, Fla., Arnold and his wife, Joyce (Spencer) of Washburn; one sister-in-law, widow of Carl, Dorothy (Anderson) of Concord, Calif.; several nieces and nephews. Memorial services will be held at 11 a.m. Jan. 8, 2002, at the Congregational Church, Calais. Burial will be in Calais Cemetery. Arrangements by Scott-Wilson Funeral Home, Calais. [Bangor Daily News 1/5/01]

Article 6/20/1945 p. 3 paper unknown. With the 32d Infantry Division in Northern Luzon, P.I.--The 32d Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, of which Roy B. Davis of 4 River Rd., Calais, Maine, is a member, has been cited for "outstanding performance" during action in the Philippines. /P/ The citation was made by Major General William H. Gill, Commander of the 32d "Red Arrow" Infantry Division. /P/ The Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop has spent more combat time behind enemy lines than inside its own. The citation reads in part, "At the start of an operation, the troop established a patrol base behind the Japanese lines and near his rear area installations. From this base the troop conducted numerous reconnaissance patrols, harassing raids, and maintained observation posts which directed long range artillery fire upon the enemy's positions: /P/ The troop first went into action on a beachhead landing at Saidor in New Guinea. Their next operation Aitape was also in New Guinea. Here patrols from the troop made the furthest penetration into the jungle-clad mountains of Northern New Guinea of any Allied Unit at that time. /P/ On Leyte the troop operated for nearly a month and a half almost continuously behind enemy lines, disrupting Japanese defenses and destroying installations. /P/ While out on patrols the troop lived mainly on native food asking headquarters only for salt, sugar and tea. /P/ The troop is now continuing its operations behind the enemy lines deep in the rugged Caraballo mountains of Northern Luzon. /P/ Roy B. Davis is the brother of Mrs. Shirley Smith of 4 River Road, Calais, Maine. He entered the Army in May 25, 1943, before coming overseas November 23, 1943. /P/ Before entering the service he attended Calais Academy, Calais, Me., where he graduated in 1938. /P/ He holds the Bronze Star and the Combat Infantryman Badge. /P/ Roy has four brothers, also in the Army: S Sgt Everett E. Davis is at the Army Air Corp, in Leyte Island, Philippines; S. Sgt. Henry Davis, is in a Medical Corp in the North Central Pacific [Henry was in Air Force keh]; Cpl. Carl C. Davis, in the Army Air Corp, Calcutta, India; and Arnold A. Davis A.M. 2c, in the U. S. Navy Aircraft Carrier, Atlantic Ocean.

Petition for Incorporation Town of Alexander 11/24/1824 (Plantation 16): Warren Gilman, Joel Scott, Ebenezer Gooch, Jeremiah Spearin, Ananiah Bohanon, William Connick, Miner Sprague, John G. Taylor, Samuel Dunn, Samuel Scribner, William Crockett, Joel Gooch, Samuel Connick, Jesse Stephenson, Peter Flood, Solomon Strout, Joseph Davis, John Moore, John Butler

---1820 Census Plantation 16 [Alexander] Washington Co. Maine. Joseph Davis. Free White males under 10 0; Free white males of 10 and under 16 0; Free white males of 16 and under 18 0; Free white males of 16 and under 26 0; Free white males of 26 and under 45 1; Free white males of 45 and upwards 0; Free white females under 10 0; Free white females of 10 and under 16 0; Free white females of 16 and under 26 0; Free white females of 26 and under 45 0; Free white females of 45 and upwards 0; Foreigners not naturalized 1; Persons engaged in agriculture 1; Persons engaged in commerce 0; Persons engaged in manufacturing 0.
---1820 Census Plantation 16 [Alexander] Washington Co. Maine.???? Nathaniel Davis. Free White males under 10 0; Free white males of 10 and under 16 0; Free white males of 16 and under 18 0; Free white males of 16 and under 26 0; Free white males of 26 and under 45 1 Free white males of 45 and upwards 0; Free white females under 10 0; Free white females of 10 and under 16 0; Free white females of 16 and under 26 0; Free white females of 26 and under 45 0; Free white females of 45 and upwards 0; Foreigners not naturalized 1; Persons engaged in agriculture 1; Persons engaged in commerce 0; Persons engaged in manufacturing 0.
---1830 Census Alexander Washington ME:
Joseph Davis, 1 male under 5, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 20-30 (Who was the male living wit him who are 40-50?)
---1840 Census Alexander Washington ME:
Joseph Davis, 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 30-40
---1850 Census Crawford ME:
Joseph Davis, 48, Laborer, born Nova Scotia. Rebecca 43, William 21, Alvira A 19, Elmira C. 19, Jacob S. 17, Mary M. 14, Victoria 7, Andrew W. 5, Rebecca A. 3. All listed as having been born in Nova Scotia which is not correct.
---1850 Census Alexander ME:
Edward Davis, 54, male mulatto, farmer $400 real estate, born Nova Scotia, wife Mary white, children all white: Ellin, Henry, Thomas, Samuel, Gordon, Emeline
---1860 Census Crawford ME:
Joseph Davis, age 64, farmer, Value of Real Estate 250, Value of Personal Estate, born Nova Scotia. Rebecca C. age 59, born Mainne. Jacob S., age 26, common laborer, ME. Mary M., age 19, born ME. Andrew, age 15, born ME. Rebecca A. age 12, born ME.
---1870 Census Crawford ME: 
Joseph Davis, 75, born circa 1795, male, white, farmer, born Nova Scotia, $250 - $200. Rebecca C. age 63, born circa 1807, female, white, keeping house,  ME. Andrew W. age 25, born circa 1845, male, white, laborer ME. Rebecca A., age 23, born circa 1847, female, white, domestic,, ME.
---1870 Census Crawford ME:
Jacob Davis, age 36, born circa 1834, male ,white, born ME, $200 - $140. Lucy age 28, born circa 1843, female, white, ME. Alice E., age 7, born circa 1863, female, white, Maine. Albert, age 5, born circa 1865, male, white, ME. Hampden  [Hamden], age 1, born circa 1869, male, white, ME.
---1880 Census, Crawford, Maine
: Jacob S. Davis, born 1834, Birthplace, ME, Age 46, Occupation Farming, Married, White, Head of Household; Father's Birthplace NH [was actually NS]; Mother's Birthplace NY [was actually ME]; Household: Lucy E. Davis, wife, married, female, white, age 39, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born me; children: Alice E., daughter, white, age 15, born ME, at home; Albert R., son, white, age 14, born ME; Oliver H., son, white, age 10, born ME, at home; Edmund E., son, white, age 2, born ME.
---1880 Census, Alexander ME: Edward Davis living with daughter and son-in-law John and Ellen Spearin, age 86, born 1794 Canada, white, father born Scotland, mother born ME
---1900 Census, Danforth ME: (1) Stanley W. Fenlason, head, white, male, born 6/1665, age 34, married 8 yrs., married 1892, born Maine, parents born Maine, woodsman, can read & write English, rent home. Mary J. wife, white, female, born 7/1853, age 47, mother of 5, 3 alive, born Canada, parents born Canada, in US 9 yrs, can read & write English. Albert E. Fenlason, age 12, step-son, born 6/1887, born Canada, parents born Canada, arrived in US 1891, in school, can read & write English.
---1900 Census Crawford ME: Jacob Davis, white, male, born 8/1833, age 66, married 37 yr., born ME, father born Canada Eng. Mother born ME, can read & write English, own farm, no mortgage. Lucy, wife, white, female, born 3/1844, age 59, married 37 years, birth to 4 & 4 living, born ME, parents born ME, can read & write English. Hamden O. son, white, male, born 6/1869, age 30, single, born ME parents born ME, farm laborer, can read & write English. Edmund E., son, born 2/1878, age 22, born ME, parents born ME, farm laborer, can read and write English.  Sadie M. McDowell, white, female, boarder, born 2/1822, single, born Canada Eng, parents born Canada Eng, servant private family, can read & write English.
Wellington Davis, male, white, born June 1844, age 55, married 11 years, born ME, father born Canada, mother born ME, farmer, can read & write English, own farm with no mortgage. Francis C., white, female, born 3/1850, age 50, married 11 years, no children, born ME, parents born ME, can read and write English.
---1910 Census Crawford ME. Jacob S. Davis, white, male, married, age 76, married 47 years, born ME, father born Canada Eng., mother born ME, speak English, Farmer, General Farm, read & write English, own farm no mortgage. Lucy E. wife, white, female, married 47 years, gave birth to 4, 4 alive, born ME, parents born ME, speak English, can read and write English. Edmund E., son, white, male, age 32, married, born ME, parents born ME, speak & read and write English. farmer, general farming, own farm no mortgage. Lydia J., daughter-in-law, white, female, age 21, no children, born ME, parents born ME, speak & read & write English.
1920 Census, Milltown, Calais, Ward 1, 10 January 1920, Lauson D. Murphy Enumerator: 73, 74; Davis, ---Hamden O., head, owned home free, male, white, married, reads & writes, born in ME, mother & father born in ME, speaks English, profession General Coalhand Papermill, employee; Sadie M., wife, female, white, 37, married, immigration to U.S. 1890, naturalized, born in Canada, English mother tongue, father born in Canada English mother tongue, mother born in Canada English mother tongue, speaks English, no profession; Everett E., son, male, white, 16, single, attended school since 9/1/1919, able to read & write, born in ME, father born in ME, mother born in Canada English mother tongue, speaks English, no profession; Roscoe J., son, male, white, 11, single, attended school, able to read and write, born in ME, father born in ME, mother born in Canada English mother tongue, speaks English, no profession; Oliver, son, male, white, 8, single, attended school, born in ME, father born in ME, mother born in Canada ENG mother tongue, speaks English, no profession; Henry C., son, male, white, 5, single, same as above; Roy B., son, male, white 1/12, single, same; B___, George H., boarder, male, white, 70, widowed, able to read & write, born in ME, father born in Canada Eng mother tongue, mother born in ME, speaks ENG, no profession.
---1930 Census Calais Washington ME: Hamden C. Davis, [s/b Hamden O.] widowed, 58, father, male, white, not in school, can read and write, born in ME, parents born ME, employed, laborer, general farm, code of worker W, yes employed, not veteran; Roscoe J. 21, male, while, 19 when married, head, rent house $5 mo. not a farm, didn't attend school, can read and write, born in ME, father born in ME, mother born Canada/English, can speak English, laborer, general farm, code of worker W, at work last working day, not a veteran; Dorothy M. (Roscoe's wife) 20, female, white, married at 18, not at school, can read and write, born in ME, parents born in ME, can speak English; Richard S. 1 10/12, male, white, single, didn't attend school, born in ME, parents born ME
---1935 Calais Directory: Hampton A. Davis, r, River Road, R B [sic Red Beach]
---1935 Calais Directory: Roscoe (Dorothy G.), chauffer George Hunt, h Newton, RD 1 R B [sic Red Beach]
---1940 Census Calais, Washington, ME: Own home, value $200, Andrew Davis [sic should be Hamden], Code 0, male, white, 70, widowed, did not attend school, highest 6th grade, born ME, on a farm, not at work, was seeking work, duration unemployed 12, laborer, playground, income in 1939 $410, no other than money wages, 1 no. of farm schedule; Shirley, daughter, code 2, female, white, 16, single, attend school, H2, born lived ME, residence 1935 Calais, not working, not emergency work, not seeking work, at school.
Roscoe Davis, head, male, white, 31, highest grade H2, lived same house 1935, married, born & live in ME, not on farm, working, worked 48 hours, hired man, private family, worked 52 weeks, earned $750, received income over $50 from other than wages; Dorothy, wife, female, white 30, married, not attending school, highest H1, born & lived ME, not working & not looking for work, engaged in housework, did not receive income other than wages; Richard, son, male, white, 11, single, in school, 6 grade, born & lived in ME.

MaineThing.com/Alexander: CROCKETS CORNER LOTon lot 92. The corner here was of three roads, one west to the Airline Road in Crawford, one north by the Huff Place to the Airline in Alexander, and one southeasterly to Breakneck Mountain. This location is also known as Sears Corner, after Civil War soldier John Sears who followed W. V. Davis living at this site. The grave(s) are located south of the new Crawford Road under a maple tree. “Lucy E. died 1863 wife of William V. Davis” – This is on the only stone that we find. It is likely that William V. Davis’s grandparents William Crockett [1782 – 1862] and Rebecca Barber Crockett [1784 – 1855] are buried here. Their Alexander home was north of the cemetery. According to records they were the parents of six daughters and one son. Three children married included Rebecca Chatman Crockett who married Joseph Davis in 1828. Their first born was William Valentine Davis. William and Lucy [Bird of Crawford] Davis were living here in 1860 along with his grandfather William D. Crockett and Lucy’s sister Matilda Bird. After Lucy’s death at age 30, widower William Davis married Lucy’s sister Matilda Bird and they moved to Danforth.

Record # 000006250, time period 1777/06/03 - 1777/11/15, Public Archives of Nova Scotia; Chipman Collection; Cornwallis/Horton Receipts; MG1 Vol.183 #51,99; Pages:0; Quantity:2; Original Document; Archive: Original; Two miscellaneous receipts for services rendered. individuals named include Mason Cogswell, Ahira Calkins and John Davis. Further Planters are listed in the document(s); Planter: Davis, John (1); Kings NS; Government Documents--Court Records.

[IGI Record;  any connection?Aaron Davis b 1794 married Eunice Bishop 1/16/1812 St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis Twp, Kings, NS children Hiram, William, Charles, Frederick, James, Graham. William Davis married A/Emelia Bishop 12/8/1818 St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis/Horton, Kings, NS; children William born 5/19/1815 Horton; Amy Ann born 4/13/1822 Horton Twp; Charles born 5/10/1817 Horton; Frederich born 5/21/1819 Horton (died Machias ME); Hiram born 10/21/1812 Horton; James Graham born 6/29/1822. George Davis married Elizabeth Bill 4/13/1815 St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis Twp, Kings NS; children Elizabeth Ann born 4/14/1817 Horton Twp. Ann Davis married William Brownell 7/11/1816 St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis. Catherine Middleton Davis married John Babcock Baptist12/17/1809   Cornwallis Twp.,moved to Alexader Washington Co. ME then to Campobello NB  Charlotte Davis married Beamish Spinny 12/8/1812 Baptist, Cornwallis Twp. Elizabeth Davis married Lemuel Bent 10/29/1818  St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis Twp. Emma Sophia Davies born 11/26/1850 to Thomas Harris Davies and Lavinia Drew, Horton, Kings, NS. George Henrie Davis married Mary Eliza Browne 9/25/1873 St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis Twp. Isabella Davis married Nicholas McIntosh 1873 Horton Twp. James Davies married Martha Jane Borden 2/11/1847 St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis Twp. Jane Davis married George D. Martin 12/16/1874 Horton Twp. John Davis married Christana Stevey 9/22/1822 St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis Twp. Joseph A. Davis married Martha Irvine 1/21/1857 Cornwallis. Martha Davis married 8/20/1855 Joseph Boyce Best, St. John's Anglican, Cornwallis Twp. V. M. Davis married Samuel U. Tupper 4/20/1847, Cornwallis, Annapolis, NS. William Davis married Elizabeth Bennet 11/18/1813 Baptist, Cornwallis Twp.] Cato Davis m Hanah Duckit  3/6/1789 parishes St. George & St. Patrick Shelburn NS.  Dorcas Davis m 5/8/1823 Jacob Wesley Shelburn NS. Elizabeth Davis m William Skeen 1/5/1797 Shelburn. John Valentine Davis m Isabella Taylor 2/3/18 Shelburn NS children Peter Sarah, Jeanette.   Ann Davis m William Brownell 6/11/1816 St. Johns Anglican Cornwallis NS.   Charlotte Davis born 1792 Cornwallis  m Beniah/Beamish Spinny 12/8/1812. Elizabeth Davis m Lemuel Bent 10/29/1818 St. John's Anglican Cornwallis NS.  George Davis son John & Amy Miner b 210/1792 m Elizabeth Bill 4/13/1815 Horton Twp NS children George, Eliz, Ann, Amy, Jeremish, Martha, Jeheil, James, Edward. John Davis m Christiana Stevey St. John's Anglican Cornwallis NS. William David or Davis born 1787 m Elizabeth Bennett 11/18/1813 Baptist Cornwallis NS children Elen born 6/22/1832 Lubec. William Davis m Amelia Bishow (born CT may be cousins)  12/8/1818 Horton Twp NS,  John Daves born 1766 Glamorganshire Wales died 1801-1857 Maine, Lucy b 1770  died 1801.

Per Heather Chevalier, The Babcocks of Campobello Island, John Babcock b 10/6/1780 Cornwallis Parish NS died 1/23/1857 aged 76 @ Wilson's Beach, Campobello Island NB. He married 12/17/1809 at Parrsboro NS Catherine Middleton Davis born 5/1/1789. John & Catherine and children were living in Alexander ME in 1828. John's brothers Gideon & Stephen with families; his sister Phoebe & husband William Patterson & children; and Catherine's brother, Joseph Davis were all in Alexander ME, also.

Maine Hist. Magazine Vol VII, July 1891 - June 1892. The First Meeting House in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia 1767. The first settlers there were from CT 1763-5. A Congregational church was founded about the same time. "A meeting house was erected in 1767-8, at Chipman's Corner, near Kentville, on the corner of the parade and very near the site of the old French Church. It was a large square edifice, unpainted, and with no claims to grace or beauty; it contained four tiers of pews, beside wall pews, and would seat about one thousand persons. It had a high square pulpit and a canopy sounding board. The frame of the building was probably brought from Machias, whence the frames of the old gambrel roofed houses on Church street, Cornwallis, were said to have been brought." This was the typical old New England Meeting House. /P/ The first minister of the church was Rev. Benajah Phelps, from Hebron, CT, who graduated at Yale, and settled there in 1765. He sympathized with the colonies and returned to CT about 1778, and was settled minister at Manchester CT 1780. He returned to Cornwallis about 1795-6, and died there 1817, aged about 76. He married Nathan Longfellow and Margaret Bigetow 10/10/1765, who with several others settled in Machias, where their descendants are a multitude. Prior to the Revolutionary was there was much intercourse and business between Cornwallis and Machias. Among the early settlers of Machias who came from Cornwallis and vicinity were: Jonathan Longfellow and family, 1765. He died about 1785-6. Nathan Longfellow and wife, 1765. He died 4/9/1796 aged 58. Jonathan Pineo. Rev. James Lyon, 1782. He died 10/12/1794 aged 59. Doctor William Chaloner, 1774. Ebenezer Gardner and wife. Jabez West? William Tupper, 1769. [Rev. Arthur W. H. Eaton of NY City, in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, July, 1892, page 219, from whose article I have copied in part--Editor]

Any connection?? Passengers arriving 3rd Quarter 1836 at Passamaquoddy did not remain. Jacob Davis, 41, male, farmer, b 1795 NS; Lydia, 25, female, wife, born 1811 NS; Ethel, 16, male, born 1820 NS; Hubbard, 12, male, born 1824 NS; Catherine, 2, female, born 1834 NS; Joseph, 8, male, born 1828 NS; Amasa, 5, male, born 1831 NS; Sarah, 4, female, born 1832 NS; Lucy, 2, female, born 1834 NS. Jacob's parents were Ethel & Margaret Davis, grandmother was Sarah Hawkins loyalists.

?? George E. Davis, 62, born NS circa 1818, parents born NS, living in Calais 1880.  1860 Census Eastport: Stephen Davis 56 born NS circa 1804, pauper. 

Atlantic Ports, Gulf Coasts, and Great Lakes Passenger Lists, Roll 7 80-1835. Jacob David 1836 July - Sept; port of embarkation Nova Scotia; County of Origin NS; Destination US; Port of Arrival Passamaquoddy ME, farmer, age 52, male.

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