de Bellofago or de Boufou

de Bellofago, de Beaufou, Bellafago, Beaufo, Boufou, 

Richard de BELLOFAGO or de BOUFOU born  in Beaufour, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France

Spouse: daughter/Emma/Basilia? and coheir of Ralf the Earl of Yvery and Baieux

Children: Richard; Henry, heir,  remained in Normandy


Richard de BELLOFAGO 

Spouse: Elayre 

Children: Adeliza; Ralph born c. 1040; Robert born c. 1020 father of Richard & William


Adeliza/Alice de BELLOFAGO born c. 1035 Bellofago, Pont L'Eveque, Calvados, Normandie, France

Spouse: Hugh de MONTFORT present at the Battle of Hastings, died after 1088

Children: by (1) Hugh  general to William Rufus in 1096, died in a pilgrimage without issue; Robert, died in a pilgrimage without issue, General of the army to King William Rufus by (2) Alicia

 The Manors of Suffolk: The hundreds of Babergh and Blackbourn By Walter Arthur Copinger, Harold BernardCopinger: Hugh de Montfort ... was present at the battle of Hastings 20 years before the [Domesday] Survey and must have been then a good age as at the eventful battle he had the command of the horse. Indeed it is known that in 1054 he had greatly distinguished himself by his conduct in Normandy when the great army with which King Henry I of France invaded Normandy was defeated at Mortemer. He had supplied the Conqueror with 50 ships and sixty knights, and in the Battle of Hastings he and the Seigneur de Vieuxpont gallantly rescued William Malet who had his horse killed under him and would have been slain himself but for their timely aid. They lost many of their people but succeeded in protecting Malet and mounting him on a fresh horse. His high character and the confidence placed in his abilities is shown by the fact that he was one of the three barons to whom the Conqueror, when he visited Normandy in 1067, entrusted the administration of justice in England. The family were a family of warriors and the father of this Domesday tenant lost his life in a duel with Walkelin de Ferrieres. In fact both the combatants lost their lives in the same affray and on the same day Hugh de Montfort, the tenant in chief, received in reward for his services in the conquest sixteen manors in Essex, nineteen in Norfolk, twenty eight in Kent, and the large number of fifty-one in Suffolk besides a considerable proportion of Romney Marsh. He married a daughter of Richard de Bellofago by a daughter of the Count of Ivri and was, therefore, niece of John Archbishop of Rouen, of Hugh Bishop of Bayeux and of the wife of Osbern de Crepon. By her he had two sons Hugh and Robert and by a second wife he had a daur Alice who on the death of her half brothers without issue inherited the family estates. Hugh de Montfort became a monk in the Abbey of Bee and probably died shortly after the Domesday Survey. His 2nd son Robert was commander in chief of the Norman army in Maine in 1099 and joined the Crusade under Bohemund in 1107. Alice, the daughter of Hugh de Montfort, married Gilbert de Gant son of Baldwin VI count of Flanders and consequently nephew of Queen Matilda. Their son Hugh de Gant assumed the name of Montfort and was called Hugh the Fourth. He married Adeline daughter of Robert Count of Mellent and had a son Robert de Montfort who died without issue. The Montfort arms were Bendy of ten Or and Azure.

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents Preserved ...By Great Britain. Public Record Office: Hereford. Stoke Lacy manor is not the king's escheat as Normans lands but was of the foe of Walter de Lacy and held by Richard de Bellofago because Hugh de Lacy gave it in free marriage to Richard de Boufou father of the said Richard with Elayre his wife. (See No 73) C. Hen. III. File 3. 17.
 //P// 73. Richard son of Richard de Bellafago. Writ to the sheriff of Oxford 27 Jan. 80 Hen. III. Inq. (undated) Henry de Bella Fago is the heir of the said Richard the father and remained in Normandy.
 Oxford. Pirie and Ledhal 2 knights fees viz a third part held in demesne and two parts by William son of Elias in service Richard the father impleaded Emma de Pirie of the whole manor of Pirie by writ of King Henry the king's grandfather and they agreed. so that the said two parts remained to the said Emma and her heirs to be held of the said Richard and the third part to the same Richard in demesne with the lordship of the two parts. (See No 57) C. Hen. III. File 4. (13.)

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Henry III HEREFORD. Stoke Lacy manor is not the king's escheat as Normans lands but was of the fee of Walter de Lacy and held by Richard de Bellofago because Hugh de Lacy gave it in free marriage to Richard de Boufou father of the said Richard with Elayre his wife. Sec No 73 C Hen III File 3 (17) 

The Conqueror and His Companions Vol II: "Belfou Robert le Sire de" 1. 13,558--- Here we have a baptismal name to assist us and as Guillaume de Poitiers also calls him Robert. I adopt it merely observing that Le PreVost states he is called Ralf in some contemporary documents and that we find a Radulph de Bellofago in Domesday. The modern lists have Raoul and William Beaufou Beaufoi or Belfai latinised Bellofagus is in the neighbourhood of Pont l'Eveque. Its lords were descended in female line from Ralph Comte d' lvri uterine brother of Duke Richard I already mentioned (page 220 ante) and Sir Henry Ellis in his Introduction to Domesday suggests that the Radulphus of that book was a near relation if not a son of William de Beaufoe Bishop of Thetford Chaplain and Chancellor of the Conqueror. I consider him more likely to have been the son of Robert the combatant of Senlac and nephew of William the Bishop. No particulars are known of either and except through females no descendants are traceable in England. 


White Swirled Line

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