de Montfort

de Montfort / de Montford

Thurstan de Bastenburgh, a Norman


Children: Hugh; William; Beetram


Hugh de Montfort called Hugh with a Beard (cum barba), accompanied William into England, attended the Conquorer at the Battle of Hastings; lost his life in a duel with Walcheline de Ferrers, had many lordships in many counties

Spouse: daughter of Count of Irvi

Children: Hugh



Spouse: (1) Adeliza daughter of Richard de Bellofago or Beaufou (2) ??

Children: by (1) Hugh died in a pilgrimage without issue; Robert (Robert Curthose), died in a pilgrimage without issue, General of the army to King William Rufus by (2) Alicia


Alicia / Adeliza / Adelisia de MONTFORD married circa 1075

Spouse: Gilbert de GANT / GANZ / GAUNT Domesday tenant of Folkenham (2) Robert de Vere

Children: Gilbert predeceased his father; Walter de Gant; Emma married Alan, Lord Percy; Hugh IV de Montfort-sur-Risle; Robert, 4th son, Lord Chancellor of ENG  1153; by (2) Alice married Henry de Essex

 The Manors of Suffolk: The hundreds of Babergh and Blackbourn By Walter Arthur Copinger, Harold BernardCopinger: Hugh de Montfort ... was present at the battle of Hastings 20 years before the [Domesday] Survey and must have been then a good age as at the eventful battle he had the command of the horse. Indeed it is known that in 1054 he had greatly distinguished himself by his conduct in Normandy when the great army with which King Henry I of France invaded Normandy was defeated at Mortemer. He had supplied the Conqueror with 50 ships and sixty knights, and in the Battle of Hastings he and the Seigneur de Vieuxpont gallantly rescued William Malet who had his horse killed under him and would have been slain himself but for their timely aid. They lost many of their people but succeeded in protecting Malet and mounting him on a fresh horse. His high character and the confidence placed in his abilities is shown by the fact that he was one of the three barons to whom the Conqueror, when he visited Normandy in 1067, entrusted the administration of justice in England. The family were a family of warriors and the father of this Domesday tenant lost his life in a duel with Walkelin de Ferrieres. In fact both the combatants lost their lives in the same affray and on the same day Hugh de Montfort, the tenant in chief, received in reward for his services in the conquest sixteen manors in Essex, nineteen in Norfolk, twenty eight in Kent, and the large number of fifty-one in Suffolk besides a considerable proportion of Romney Marsh. He married a daughter of Richard de Bellofago by a daughter of the Count of Ivri and was, therefore, niece of John Archbishop of Rouen, of Hugh Bishop of Bayeux and of the wife of Osbern de Crepon. By her he had two sons Hugh and Robert and by a second wife he had a daur Alice who on the death of her half brothers without issue inherited the family estates. Hugh de Montfort became a monk in the Abbey of Bee and probably died shortly after the Domesday Survey. His 2nd son Robert was commander in chief of the Norman army in Maine in 1099 and joined the Crusade under Bohemund in 1107. Alice, the daughter of Hugh de Montfort, married Gilbert de Gant son of Baldwin VI count of Flanders and consequently nephew of Queen Matilda. Their son Hugh de Gant assumed the name of Montfort and was called Hugh the Fourth. He married Adeline daughter of Robert Count of Mellent and had a son Robert de Montfort who died without issue. The Montfort arms were Bendy of ten Or and Azure.

Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society, Volume 5:   The Rev Thomas Streatfeild in his manuscript notes to Hasted's History of Kent states that Adeliza or Alice de Montford widow of Gilbert de Gant married Robert de Vere for her second husband and had issue Alice wife of Henry de Essex. In corroboration of this assertion we find that the Priory of Monks Horton in Kent was founded in the beginning of the reign of Henry II by Robert de Ver son of Bernard for monks of the order of Clugny making it a cell to Lewes. Further gifts among which was the Church of Purley in Essex were added by a second charter given by Robert de Ver Constable of England and Adeliza daughter of Hugh de Montfort his wife for the soul of their lord King Henry, their own souls, and those of their ancestors and relations. The first subscribing witness to this charter is Roberto de Ver juvene. A third charter of Robert de Ver Constable of England and his wife Adeliza daughter of Hugh de Montfort given in the Monasticon adds a further gift of the manor of Tinton. The first witnesses to this gift are Gaufrido de Ver and Robert his brother. The connection and communication between the two branches of the house of Vere is obvious Alberic de Vere I and Alberic de Vere II, both had younger sons of the names of Geoffry and Robert. As the charter is posterior to Stephen the Geoffry and Robert in question were probably the sons of the second Alberic. It is difficult to say who the Robert de Vere juvene of the second charter was. That Robert de Ver and Henry his brother were witnesses to Robert de Essex foundation charter of Prittlewell Priory has been already mentioned. Further research may show the exact degree of relationship that existed amongst these various members of the de Vere family. But that Alicia wife of Henry de Essex was the daughter and heir of Robert de Vere and of Adelisia de Montford his wife is proved by the facts that Henry de Essex confirmed these gifts of Robert de Ver to Monks Horton and styled himself constabularius regis as Robert de Ver had done before him. This charter of Henry de Essex is not given in the Monasticon but was seen by Hasted j Henry de Essex is continually designated as Constable in charters. Another proof arises from the possession of the Honor of Haganet or Hawley by Henry de Essex. This Honor was composed of manors and lordships that belonged at the Survey to Hugh de Montfort and must have come to Henry as the inheritance of Adeliza of Montford and afterwards of his wife Adeliza de Ver. It is well known to genealogists that on the death of Hugh de Montfort's sons without issue his daughter Adeliza and her children became his representatives. Hugh de Gant her son by her first marriage was known as Hugh de Montford IV. He had the castle of Montfort and the Norman Barony, and we find a considerable portion if not the whole of the English estates falling into the hands of the husband of old Hugh de Montfort's granddaughter Adeliza de Ver or de Essex under the name of the Honor of Haganet. Robert de Vere and Henry de Essex gave to the Knights Templars lands, tenements, and meadows in Waltham belonging to Swynfelde. In the second and third years of Henry II Henry de Essex was Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckingham shire.

 A Topographical and Historical Account of Wainfleet and the Wapentake of ... By Edmund Oldfield  This Gilbert was a benefactor to the Abbey of Saint Mary in York being one of the few Normans who escaped the fury of the Danes when they destroyed that city in 1069. He also re edified and amply endowed the Abbey of Bardney which had been destroyed by the Danish pirates Inguar and Hubba. Amongst his other benefactions was the church of Saint Peter in this place with its lands and tithes and also the tithe of the demesne. He died temp William Rufus about the year 1094 leaving issue by his wife Alice the daughter and heir of Hugh de Montford three sons. Walter his successor, Hugh who took the sirname of his mother de Montford, and Robert Chancellor of England, also one daughter. Walter his son and heir founded the Priory of Bridlington in Yorkshire. In 1115 he confirmed to Bardney Abbey his father's charter of foundation adding further endowments by another charter dated 1125. The mill at Skendleby was in the number of these additions This Walter was one of the commanders at the celebrated battle o the standard near Northallerton where the Scots were totally overthrown. He married Maud daughter to Stephen Earl of Brittany and Richmond and died AD 1138 leaving issue three sons Gilbert, Robert, and Geffery. 

A general and heraldic dictionary of the peerages of England, Ireland, and ...By John Burke: MONTFORT BARONS MONT FORT By Writ of Summons dated 23rd June 1295. Lineage. HUGH DE MONTFORT commonly called Hugh with a Beard son of Thurston de Bastenburgh accompanied William the Conqueror into England and aided that prince's triumph at Hastings for which eminent service he obtained divers fair lordships and at the time of the general survey was possessor of twenty eight in Kent with a large portion of Romney Marsh; sixteen in Essex fifty one in Suffolk and nineteen in Norfolk. This gallant soldier eventually lost his life in a duel with Walcheline de Ferrers and was s. by his son HUGH DE MONTFORT who had issue by his first wife two sons viz Robert general of the army to King William Rufus but favouring the title of Robert Curthose in opposition to Henry I he was impeached for his disloyalty whereupon being conscious of guilt he got permission to go to Jerusalem and left all his possessions to the king he died s.p. Hugh died in a pilgrimage also s.p. Hugh de Montfort senior had besides these sons a daughter by his second wife who m Gilbert de Gant and had issue Hugh who on account of his mother being so great an heiress assumed the name of Montfort. _______ m to Simon Earl of Huntingdon. Which HUGH DE MONTFORT (Olem Gant) inherited all the possessions of his grandfather and was called Hugh the Fourth. This Hugh having married Adeline daughter of Robert Earl of Mellent joined with Waleran her brother and all those who endeavoured to advance William son of Robert Curthose against King Henry I in 1124 and entering Normandy for that purpose he was prisoner with the said Waleran and confined the fourteen years ensuing. The time of his death is not ascertained but he left issue Robert, Thurstan, Adeline m to William de Britolio, _____ m to Richard son of the Earl of Gloucester. He was s. by his elder son. 

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