Farrow, Farrar, Farro

John FARROW born by circa 1608 Hingham, Norfolk ENG died 7/7/1687 Hingham MA, John & Frances & child Mary sailed from England in 1635, carpenter,  Hingham church 1639, will dated 3/28/1687 proved 8/17/1687

Spouse: Frances _____ born circa1612 of Hingham ENG died 1/28/1688-9 Hingham MA; married by 1633 Hingham ENG

Children: Mary baptized 9/22/1633 ENG died 10/24/1708 MA married (1) Samuel Stowell 10/25/1649 Hingham, Samuel died 11/9/1683 [AMR] (2) Joshua Beal son of John Beal & Nazareth Hobart married 4/10/1689 - see Beal & Hobart); John baptized 6/1639 Hingham, died 1/27/1716, married Mary Hilliard daughter of William Hillard, see Hilliard (2) Frances 11/16/1691; Remember baptized 8/1642, died 9/11/1715 age 73, married Henry Ward 2/3/1659-60; Hannah baptized 4/9/1648 Hingham, married Nathaniel Folsom 6/9/1674, see Folsom; Nathan born 9/17/1654 baptized 9/17/1654 MA died 12/5/1683, (1) married Mary Garnet/Garret 12/5/1683 (2) Joanna (May) (Garnet) Whiton daughter of Samuel May  3/23/1710-1


John FARROW, Jr. born 6/1639 Hingham MA, baptized 6/6/1639, died 1/27/1716 Hingham age 77; carpenter, constable 1672, will proved 4/9/1716

Spouse: (1) Mary HILLIARD married 8/14/1664 Hingham, born 6/6/1644 Boston MA, died 9/14/1689 age 45 (2) married 11/16/1691 Frances ?

Children: Abigail born 1/27/1670 Hingham MA died 4/28/1723 age 53 suicide; Mary born 10/25/1665 married Lanix Buerly had 8 children; Hannah born 12/9/1667 died before 1702 age 34, married Joseph Josselyn 3/17/1687 Hingham [AMR] had 3 children; John born 12/8/1672 married Persis Holbrook, was in Windham ME 1737; (H)Esther born 6/28/1675 died 1/21/1760 Weymouth MA,   married Jeremiah Beale had 6 children; William born 11/17/1677 died 12/23/1702 married Patience Tower daughter of Ibrook Tower & Margret Hardin (see Richard Tower below married to Abigail Farrow) had daughter Patience; Priscilla (Percilla) born 4/4/1679, died 8/26/1712 buried Cohasset, married (1) Hezekiah Lincoln had daughter Percilla (2) Hezekiah Lincoln; Remember born 2/3/1682, died circa 1719,  married (1) John Terry (2) Thomas Gaige; Sarah born 8/29/1685 married John Studley


Abigail FARROW born 1/27/1670 Hingham MA, died 4/28/1723 Hingham age 53, drowned herself in a well

Spouse: (1) Richard TOWER married about 1692 Hingham, died 1702. She married  (2) Francis Horswell 10/13/1711 (3) John Orcutt 11/23/1719

Children: Abigail born 3/14/1694 married Prince Joy; Rachel born 2/24/1697 married John Stephenson; Elisha born 5/22/1700; Obadiah born 3/31/1702; Richard born 9/6/1703; all born in Hingham

Great Migration Study Project: John Farrow. Origin: Hingham, Norfolk. Migration: 1635. First Residence: Hingham. Occupation: Carpenter (his inventory included "carpenter's tools" valued at 10s. and "cooper's ware and one chest" valued at 13s.). Church Membership: John Farrow or his wife, or both, had been admitted to Hingham church by 1639, as evidenced by the baptism of their children. Education: Signed his will by mark. Offices: His inventory included "one barrel of a gun" valued at 3s. Estate: "The several parcels of land and meadow legally given unto John Farro by the town of Hingham"; "for a houselot five acres of land," 3 July 1636; "for a planting lot two acres of land in Broad Cove Field"; "for a great lot ten acres of land lying upon the great plain in the first  furlong eastward from the center"; "one acre of salt marsh ling near strait pond"; "four acres of land lying to the eastward of John Porter's great for lying by the wayside as you go to Cituate"; and "one acre of salt marsh at Conye Hassett and it is the second lot on the southeast side of the river" [HIBOP 60v]. On 7 March 1680/1, Samuel Baker of Hull, planter, sold to "the 13 owners of the cornmill and sawmill now built at Straits Pond, in proportion to their several parts & interest in the said mills ... one acre & half & about one rod of meadow" in Hull, one of the mill owners was John Farrow of Hingham, who held one sixteenth part [SLR 14.68-70].  In his will, dated 28 Mar 1687 and proved 17 Aug 1687, "John Farrow Senior of Hingham ... carpenter," bequeathed to "Francis Farrow my wel beloved wife the use of all my house, lands and meadows which I am now possessed of in said Hingham for and during the term of her natural life," also all moveables for life, to "my son John Farrow," 5; to "my son Nathan Farrow all my said houses and lands and meadows which I am now possessed of in said Hingham after the death of my said wife"; to "Mary Garnett (the wife of John Garnett) my grandchild the feather bed that I now lie upon with all the furniture belonging to it"; to "my daughter Mary Stowell," a cow; to "my daughter Remember Ward the wife of Henry Ward," a cow and an oak chest; to "my grandchild Francis Ward," a box; to "Nathan Ward my grandchild," a bed; "my son Nathan Farrow to be sole executor and residuary legatee [SPR 10:81-82]. The inventory of the estate of "John Farrow, carpenter, late of Hingham in the County of Suffolk in New England deceased, who departed this natural life the seventh day of July Anno Domini 787," taken 9 Aug 1687, totalled 78 14s, of which 57 was real estate: "his house, orchard and meadow by his house," 32, "three acres of land at a place called the World's End," 11, "one are of salt marsh," 10, and "one acre and an half of fresh meadow," 4 [SPR 10.83].  On 15 Oct 1691, "Nathan Farrow of the town of Hingham ..., carpenter and Mary his wife" sold to Isaac Johnson of Hingham, carpenter, "his houses & several parcels of land lyin & being in tthe said township of Hingham (to wit) his dwelling house with the barn & all that piece of land on which the houses doth stand which contains three quarters of an acre of land," with provisions for maintaining the fencing "according as was engaged by John Farrow that purchased the said land  of the said Nathaniel Baker, also one small parcel or strip of land granded by the inhabitants of Hingham to the said John Farrow lying between the fresh meadow of the heirs of said Nathaniel Baker & the causeway that leads to the bridge ..., also four acres of land lying & being in said Hingham near to Turkey Hill ..., all the abovesaid hereby granted & bargained houses & lands were given to the said Nathan Farrow by his father John Farrow deceased, also one share of the undivided common lands in said Hingham, also all his piece of swamp meadow land lying in Hingham at a place called Pope's Hole .... which said piece of swamp land the said Nathan Farrow lately purchased of the inhabitants of the said town of Hingham" [SLR 14.405-8].  Birth:  By about 1608 based on estimated date of marriage.  Death: 7 July 1687 [NEHGR 121:271].  Marriage: By 1633 Frances _____ (assuming that she was the mother of all his children). She died at Hingham 28 Jan 1688/9 [NEHGR 121:273].  Children:  i. Mary, bp. Hingham, Norfolk, 22 Sep 1633; m. (1) Hingham 25 Oct 1649 Samuel Stowell [NEHGR 121:22]; m. (2) [10] Apr 1689 Joshua Beal [NEHGR 121:274].  ii. John, bp. Hingham, MA [bland] June 1639 [NEHGR 121:11]; m. (1) Hingham 14 Aug 1664  "Mary Hillard the daughter of William Hillard" [HiVR 4]; m. (2) Hingham 16 Nov 1691 Frances ____ (bride's name not given in marriage record [NEHGR 121:278]; in his will of 10 Feb 1707/8, John Farrow included a bequest to "my loving wife Frances Farrow" [SPR 19:90]). iii. Remember, bp. Hingham [bland] Aug 1642 [NEHGR 121:15]; m. Hingham [3] Feb 1659/60 Henry Ward [NEHGR 121:110]. iv. Hannah, bp. Hingham 9 Apr 1648 [NEHGR 121:20], m. Hingham 9 Jun 1674 Nathaniel Folsom [NEHGR 121:196].  v. Nathan, b. Hingham 17 Sep 1654 [NEHGR 13:214] bp. 17 Sep 16544 [NEHGR 121:104]; m. (1) Hingham 5 Dec 1683 Mary Garnet [NEHGR 121:213], m. (2) 23 Mar 1710/1 Joanna (My) (Garnet)) Whiton [Hingham Hist 2:215], daughter of Samuel May and widow of Francis Garnet and Thomas Whilton (on 5 Jan 1680/1, Francis Garnet married Joanna May [Hingham Hist 2:243]; on 26 Jan 1689/90, Thomas Whiton married Joanna Garnet [Hingham Hist 3:290]. /// Comments: according  to Daniel Cushing, in 1635 "John Farrow and his wife and child came from Old Hingham and settled in New Hingham" [NEHGR 15:25]. Both Savage and Pope misread John Farrow's will. Savage seeing 'granddaughter Mary, wife of his grandson John Garnett" [Savage  2:146], and Pope reading "grandchild John Garrett" [Pope 161]. John Farrow's beequest was to "Mary Garnett (the wife of John Garnett) my grandchild," making it clear that Mary and not John was Farrow's grandchild. She was Mary Stowell, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Farrow) Stowell, who married at Hingha on 25 Feb 1682/3 John Garnett, and gave John Farrow two great-grandchildren before he died [Hingham Hist 2:243; Stowell Gen 18].  Bibliographic Note: In 1852 "A Member of the N.E. Historic Genealogical Society" [probably Timothy Farrow) published a brief genealogy of the family of John Farrow [NEHGR 6:314-16].  

Founders & Patriots: Farrar/Farrow, John ( _____ July 7, 1687) m Frances MA

Topographical pg 117: FARROW, John; Hingham Norfolk; Hingham MA; Ref Cushing Mss.

Pioneers MA pg 161: FARRAR, FARROW, John, carpenter, with wife & ch came from Hingham Eng & settled at Hingham in 1635; propr 1636; Wife Frances d 1/28/1688. Ch Mary married Samuel Stowell & Joshua Beal; John bapt 6/6/1639; Remember bapt 8/1642 married Henry Ward; Hannah bapt 4/9/1648 married Nathaniel Foulsham; Nathan bapt 9/17/1654. He d 7/7/1687; will prob 8/17/1687. Mentions all the ch except Hannah; also gr ch John Garret, Frances & Nathaniel Ward. [Reg VI 315]

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE:  FARROW, JOHN, Hingham 1635. Nathan, son of John Farrow, was b in 1654.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 146: Farrow, JOHN, Hingham, came from Hingham, Eng. 1635, with w. Frances and one ch. Mary, wh. m. 25 Oct. 1649, Samuel Stowell, and 10 Apr. 1689, Joshua Beal; had here John, b. 6 June 1639; Remember, bapt. Aug. 1642, wh. m. 1 Feb. 1660, Henry Ward; Hannah, 9 Apr. 1648, wh. m. 9 June 1674, Nathaniel Folsom; perhaps one other d.; and Nathan, b. 17 Sept. 1654; d. 7 July 1687, not 1678, as Deane has it, at gr. age. His will of 28 Mar. pro. 17 Aug. 1687, ment. w. and all the ch. exc. Hannah, gr.d. Mary, w. of his gr.s. John Garnett, and gr.ch. Frances, and Nathan, of his d. Remember. His wid. d. 28 Jan. after him. JOHN, Hingham, s. of the preced. m. 16 Nov. 1691, sec. w. but m. 14 Aug. 1664, first, Mary Hilliard, perhaps d. of Anthony, had Mary, b. 25 Oct. 1665; Hannah, 8 Dec. 1667; Abigail, 27 Jan. 1670; John, 8 Dec. 1672; Esther, 28 June 1675; William, 17 Nov. 1677; Priscilla, 1679; Remember, 3 Feb. 1682; and Sarah, 29 Aug. 1685; and he d. 27 Jan. 1716. His will of 10 Feb. 1708, pro. 9 Apr. 1716, names w. Frances, and seven of his ch. all exc. Hannah, and William, wh. were d. gr.ch. Mary Josselyn, d. of Hannah, and Patience, d. of William. NATHAN, Hingham, br. of the preced. m. 5 Dec. 1683, Mary Garnett, had Francis, b. 16 Dec. 1684; Christian, 13 Oct. 1686; Jonathan, 20 June 1689; Benjamin, 1692; Nathan, 29 Apr. 1695; and his w. d. 27 Feb. 1710. He had ano. w. 23 Mar. 1711, Joanna, wid. of Thomas Whiton, wh. was d. of Samuel May of Roxbury, and had been wid. of Francis Gardner of H. and d. 18 Oct. 1715. His will of 7 Oct. 1715, pro. 14 Oct. 1718, names w. and all the ch. It is thot. by some, that this is the same with Farrar, but I do not incline to that opin. while owning that often the spel. of the names is interchange. 

History of Hingham: 1. John Farrow came from Hingham ENG in 1635 with w Frances and dau Mary. He had a grant of five acres of land in our Hing. on Town (South) St., near the spot where Dr. H.E. Spalding resides. At the time the new meeting-house was erected, he and his 2 sons were located on East St., below cushing's Bridge. His w, who outlived him, d the 28th of Jan. 1688-89, and he d 7 July, 1687, leaving a will dated 28th of March, 1687, proved 17th of Aug. foll. Ch., i. Mary, b. in Eng. m. (1) Oct. 25, 1649, Samuel Stowell, and (2) Oct. 10, 1682, Joshua Beal, wid. ii. John, bt. in Hing. June 6, 1632. iii. Remember, bt. in Hing. Aug. 1642 m Feb 3, 1659-60, Henry War. iv. Hannah, bt. in Hing. Apr. 9, 1648 m June 9, 1674, Nathaniel Foulsham. v. Nathan, bt. in Hing. Sept 17, 1654.
2. John bt. in Hing. June 6, 1639 m. first, Aug. 14, 1664, Mary, dau of William Hilliard. She d 14 Sept 1689. Nov 16, 1691, he took a second w. whose chris. name was Frances. John d. 27 Jan. 1715-16, aet. 76 yrs. In his will of 10 Feb. 1708-9, proved 9 Apr 1716, mentions w. Frances and seven ch.; two, namely, Hannah and William, having d. before him. "Carpenter." Constable in 1672. Resided in the sec. pre. Ch. all b. in Hing, by w. Mary, i. Mary, Oct. 25, 1665 m. Lanix Burrly. ii. Hannah Dec 9 1667 m. March 17, 1685-87 Joseph Josselyn and d. before 1702. iii. Abigail Jan 27 1669-70 m (1) Richard Tower (2) Francis Horswell and (3) John Orcutt. iv. John Dec. 8 1672. v. Hester June 28 1675 m Jan 2 1700-1 Jeremiah Beale. vi. William Nov 17, 1677. vii. Percilla April 4, 1680 m. Feb. 21, 1710-11 Herekiah Lincoln.  viii. Remember Feb. 3, 1682-3 m _____ Terry. ix. Sarah Aug 29 1685 m. (pub. Nov. 2 1717) James Studley of Scit.

Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs ..., Volume 4. edited by William Richard Cutter: I John Farrow immigrant ancestor was born in England probably at Hingham where he lived and whence he came to Hingham Massachusetts in 1635 with his wife Frances and one child.. He had a grant of five acres of land in the new town on Town now South street near the present location of Dr HE Spalding's house. At the time the new meeting house was erected. he and his two sons lived on East street below Cushing's bridge/ He was a carpenter by trade coming with the first settlers/ He died July 7 1687 leaving a will dated March 28 1687 proved August 17 following/ His wife died January 28 1688-9. In his will he mentions all the children except Hannah also grandchildren John Garret, Frances and Nathaniel Ward. Children i Mary born in England married first October 25 1649, second October 10 1689 Joshua Beal. 2 John baptized June 6 1639 mentioned below. 3 Remember baptized in Hingham August 1642 married February 3 1659 60 Henry Ward. 4 Hannah born 1648 baptized April 9 married June 9 1674 Nathaniel Foulsham. 5 Nathan born 1654 baptized September 13 married Mary Gardner and Joanna Whiton. II John Farrow son of John Farrow I was born in Hingham Massachusetts 1639 baptized there June 6 1639, married first August 14 1664 Mary Hilliard daughter of William Hilliard. She died September 14 1689. He married second November 16 1691 Frances. He was a carpenter and farmer in Hingham. He was constable in 1672. His house was in the second precinct. He died there January 27 1715-6 aged seventy six years. His will dated February 10 1708-9 was proved April 9 1716 mentioning wife Frances and seven children. Children all born in Hingham. i Mary born October 25 1665 married Lanix Buerly or Beverly. 2 Hannah born December 9 1667 married March 17 1686 7 Joseph Josselyn and died before 1702. 3 Abigail born January 27 1669-70 married Richard Tower, Francis Horswell and John Orcutt. 4 John born December 8 1672 mentioned below. 5 Hester born June 28 1675 married January 2 1700-1 Jeremiah Beale. 6 William born November 17 1677 married Patience Tower January 31 1700 1. 7 Priscilla born April 4 1680 married February 21 1710-11 Hezekiah Lincoln. 8 Remember born February 3 1682/ 3 9 Sarah born August 29 1685 married James Studley/

Lincoln, G. Hingham genealogies: 2 JOHN [Orcutt] from Bridgewater wid and prob s of William and bro of Andrew m secondly in Hing Dec 23 1702 Mary Beal dau of Jeremiah and Sarah Ripley Beal, She was b in Hing May 6 1666 and d 22 May 1719 act 53 yrs, He m thirdly Nov 23 1719 Mrs Abigail Farrow Tower Horsewell wid of Francis Horsewell and dau of John and Mary Hilliard Farrow. Her first hus was Richard Tower. She Was b in Hing Jan 27 1669-70 and d drowned herself in a well 28 Apr 1723 at 53 yrs. For his fourth w he m (pub Aug 10 1723) Mercy Jepson of Boston. She d 19 Nov 1750 and Dec 31 1750 he m for his fifth w the wid Esther Sharp. John d Sept 1753 being about 86 years of age. Constable 1712. Resided in the sec pre and was one of the original members of the second church formed in 1721. 

John Farrow's estate value 78:14:00 included 1 ox at 3; 3 cows at 7; 2 swine at 7:04

White Swirled Line

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