Fry / Frye - Family 1; Family 2

Family 1:

John FRY born circa 1530 resided Weymouth Dorset, possibly brother of Thomasine family 2; father perhaps William

Spouse: ?

Children: William born 1566


William FRY born 1566 Pimperne / Piperne Dorset ENG died 1643 ENG

Spouse: Sarah HILL born 1572 Lyme Regis Dorset died ENG

Children: Mary born 1592, William emigrated to Weymouth MA; Elizabeth; Hannah married William Rawlings & came to America; Thomasine married John Meggs and emigrated to America


Mary FRY born 1592 perhaps from Axminster, Devonshire, ENG  died 1/24/1655-6 New London CT

Spouse: Walter HARRIS born 1590s, 1637 in Weymouth MA,  of Dorchester in 1652; died 11/6/1654 New London CT,  came on "Speedwell" 1637 in "Speedwell"; married 1621

Children: seven children were baptized at Honiton, Devonshire between 1621 and 1636. Mary baptized 11/4/1621 died young; Sarah baptized 3/13/1624-5 died 3/26/1695 Hingham married George Lane; Mary baptized 2/4/1626-7 married by 1652 Nicholas Lawrence of Charlestown and Dorchester; Gabriel baptized 3/8/1628-9 married Elizabeth Abbott; Elizabeth baptized 8/28/1631 died Dorchester 4/10/1723 married before 1/19/1655-6 Amiel Weekes; Susanna baptized 5/31/1624; Thomas baptized 1/10/1635-6

Fry/Harris information from NE H&G Register Vol 156 April 2002

Record of the descendants of Vincent Meigs: who came from Dorsetshire: Supposed Fry Meigs Ancestry. John Jurdaine of Lyme Regis England d fall of 1588 perhaps about 65 years of age and so b 1523 and m 1546-48. He had wife Thomasine and dan Judith, say dau Judith b about 1550. Judith Jurdaine b abt 1550 m 1568-70 James Hill also of Lyme Regis b abt 1545-48. They had dau Judith and dau Sarah Fry b about 1570 and 1572-4. James Hill d 1621 aged about 75 or 76 years which would be all right as he had a married dau and probably grandchildren. Sarah Hill dau James above b about 1572-5 m about 1590-95 a Wm Fry. We will suppose he was Wm Fry Sr of Weymouth Eng only a little ways from Lyme Regis. William Fry Sr of Weymouth Eng, according to M Fayette Meigs, b about 1568-70 probably m about 1590- 95 Sarah Hill of Lyme Regis dau of James and Judith Hill and grand dau of John and Thomasine Jurdaine.They had or certainly Wm Fry had, whether we give him the correct information or not, the following children and probably others dau Hannah b perhaps 1591 95 who m Wm Rawlins and emigrated to America; (See Rawlin's Gen) dau Mary b 1593-97 whom m Walter Harris and emigrated to America 1632 on ship William and Frances H Weymouth Mass and New London Ct; (See Mary Harris will on p 269 Caulkin's Hist of NL) dau Thomasine b about 1610-12 m 1632 John Meggs and emigrated to America etc etc; son William Jr b about 1600 who emigrated to Weymouth Mass and there d 1642. Gives to Thos Rawlin's, Thomas Harris, and John Meggs, his three sisters youngest children each a kid. (See will in NE Reg Vol 2 p 385) We have positive proofs from Rawlin's Gen and Mrs Walter Harris will and William Fry's Jr will that the above four people were brothers and sisters. We have it from Fayette M Meigs of Cal that Thomasine or Tamzin Fry Meigs wife of John Meigs was a dau of William Fry Sr of Weymouth England.

 William Frye's Will:  Mary Frye was the daughter of William1 Frye who died in Weymouth Oct 26 1642. In his will Gen Reg Vol 2 p 385 he gave his wife his house and four acres of land the same being his homestead and after her decease the estate was to go to his two daughters Elizabeth and Mary to whom he gave 2 acres of mead & sixe acres of land lying by the mill also to each a Goate.

Family 2:

Thomasine / Tamazine FRY/FRYE born circa 1529 died after 1588, possibly sister of John family 1; father perhaps William (see below)

Spouse: John JURDAINE born circa 1525 died 11/12/1588

Children: Children: William baptized 3/9/1561; Susan baptized 12/19/1562 married John Woodruff & Viney; Judith baptized 11/20/1566; Silvester baptized 2/14/1565; Robert baptied 6/22/1569; John married Susan ___, took service with East India Co.; Charles;  Mary ; Unknown born 1573; Unknown born 1575.


Judith JURDAINE born 1550 Lyme Regis died 1620 Lyme Regis

Spouse: James HILL born 1545 Lyme Regis ENG died 5/5/1621 Lyme Regis

Children: Sarah born 1572 Lyme Regis died ENG married William Fry; William; Charles born circa 1567; Mary born circa 1571; Silvester born circa 1556 baptized 2/14/64; Robert baptized 6/22/68; Robert born 2/14/64; Susan born 1547 baptized 12/19/1582; male born circa 1573; female born circa 1575; John born circa 1564 died 9/27/1620 buried same day married Susan?

Information per LDS,

 Notes and queries for Somerset and Dorset: 38 Rogers of Brianston Dorset and Barwick Somerset (VIII Ixiii 233 lxiv 254) The interesting series of notes on Rogers of Bryanston has reminded me of a theory I have long held that there was some connection between that .family and the Frys of Tarrant Gunville. The will of John Rogers, son and heir apparent of late Sir Henry Rogers deceased late of Bryanston, proved in 1546 in the PCC (8 Alen) was witnessed by John Fry. Administration of the goods of Sir John Rogers of Bryanston was granted in 1565 to William Fry among others. The will of Dame Katherine Rogers late wife of Sir John Rogers, Knight of Bryanston proved in 1581 in the PCC (40 Darcv), contains a bequest of to William Frye the elder, if he die then I give it to his daughter that is my god daughter. In Star Chamber Proceedings 23rd October 2 and 3 Philip and Mary, 1555, under Bundle 25 Hen viii No 275, in the case of Wm Bradstock v Bullen is a long account of the abduction of Thomasine Fry daughter of William Fry deceased from the house of her uncle Thomas Fry at Tarrant Gunville. She was said to have been taken by force while another account says she went voluntarily to the house of Sir John Rogers where she remained six or seven days. The connection if any may be through the Cammells. Sibella Cammell late wife of John Cammell of Glaston in her will proved 1499 at the (PCC 34 Home) desires to be buried in the chancel of St John Baptist Glaston in the tomb of her husband Thomas Frye armiger. Richard Frye her son was executor and Walter Frye no relationship given her overseer. I shall be very glad of any assistance in proving relationship between these Frys of presumably Somerset and those of Tarrant Gunville Dorset and also with Rogers of Bryanston Walthamstow. Geo S Fry.


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