Stephen GATES born circa 1600 Norwich Norfolk ENG, died 1662 Cambridge MA; came from Hingham ENG 1638 on the "Diligent" of Ipswich, John Martin, Master; founder of Lancaster (Nashaway) MA 1654, will dated 6/9/1662 proved 10/7/1662 

Spouse: Anna VEARE born circa 1603 Norfolk ENG died 2/19/1682-3 Stow Middlesex Co MA; married 5/5/1628 Hingham ENG per parish register; she married (2) Richard Woodward 1663, he died 2/16/1665 

Children: Elizabeth born circa 1630 ENG, died Hingham MA 8/3/1704; Stephen born probably circa 1634 ENG; married Sarah Woodward 1665; Mary baptized Hingham ENG 10/15/1636, died Marlborough MA 12/22/1711,  married John Maynard in Sudbury MA 4/5/1658; Simon baptised Hingham MA 6/3/1646 died 1693,married Margaret Barstow, Soldier in King Philip's War; Thomas born 1642 married Elizabeth Freeman; Isaac baptized 5/3/1646 died 9/3/1651; Rebecca baptized Hingham 5/3/1646, died 1/1650


Elizabeth GATES born probably circa 1630 Norfolk ENG; died 8/3/1704 Hingham MA

Spouse: John LASELL (Lazell/Lassell) born circa 1620 ENG died 10/21/1700 Hingham MA age 81; married 11/29/1649 Hingham MA

Children: John baptized 9/8/1650 died 5/14/1665; Thomas born 9/15/1652 married Mary Allen at Duxbury 1685;  Joshua born 11/17/1654 married Mary ?; Stephen born 10/6/1656; Elizabeth born 2/28/1657-8 died 4/7/1676; Isaac born 7/10/1660; Hannah born 8/31/1662 married ? Turner;  Mary born 9/2/1664 married Simon Burr Jr.; John born 4/25/1669; Israel born 9/24/1671 married Rachel Lincoln; Sarah born 11/29/1666 Hingham MA died 9/19/1736 Hingham married Peter Ripley 

Vital Records from the NEGHS Records:  Stephen Gates and Ann Veare were married in Hingham, England, 5 May 1628 (The American Genealogist, vol. 10, p. 199, April 19134). She deposed in Middlesex Co., MA, Court, 12 June 1673, aged about seventy years, from which it appears that she was born in or about 1603. It is believed that Stephen Gates was born probably in or near Norwich, co. Norfolk, about 1600. // He settled in Hingham MA where he received a grant of three acres for a house lot, twelve acres for a "greate Lott," and a three acre planting lot. His house lot was on Town (now North) Street and was bounded on the north by the street, on the east by William Buckland's land and upon the west by the town swamp. In 1647 he received a grant of half an acre of salt marsh. On 26 June 1648 he sold his house lot, etc., to William Hersey, but remained in town for some time before his removal. // Stephen Gates and his wife probably did not become members of the Hingham church until about 3 May 1646, when their children Simon, Thomas, Isaac and Rebecca were baptized. Birth dates of the children are not found in the Hingham town records.  If Stephen Gates was in Cambridge, Mass., in 1652, as stated by some writers, he did not  remain there long, since he was one of the early settlers of Lancaster, Mass., where he subscribed to town orders 3 April 1654.  // While living in Lancaster he was admitted freeman 14 May 1656. He was elected constable, at that time a responsible and honorable position. In 1657 he failed to notify the voters about a town meeting. In consequence, he was fined ten pounds, bet the fine was remitted when he informed the court that his failure was due to sickness.  // In 1658 there was trouble between the Gates and Whitcomb families due to the fact that three sons of John Whitcomb had killed three swine belonging to Stephen Gates.  Whitcomb agreed to pay for the swine, but afterward sought to be released from ppaying, claiming that he was "aged & weak and mean in estate." The court decided that he must pay for the swine.  ... //  It is stated that Stephen Gates was deprived of his constable's staff. This probably occurred after his failure to notify the voters about the meeting, to which reference has been made. At the time of the Gates-Whitcomb trouble Stephen Gates was living in Sudbury MA.  // He next appeared in Cambridge, where he made his will, 9 June 1662, and died before 29 Sept 1662, when the inventory of his estate was taken. // In the report of the Cambridge committee for seating the meeting house, 19 Jan 1662/3, it was provided that "Goodie Gates" should be seated "at ye end of ye Deacons seats." This record refers to Stephen's widow. // She married secondly (contract 18 Apr 1663), as his second wife, Richard Woodward of Watertown, MA, who died 16 Feb 1664/5. In her will, dated 18 Apr j1682, she described herself as of Pompasitacutt (Pnpositicut, now Stow MA). The will was proved 9 Apr 1683. In it she calls herself "Ann Gates." A footnote states that "my last Husbands name was Woodward but I generally went by ye name of Gates notwithstanding." There are conflicting statement about the date of her death. According to Stow records Anne Woodward died 19 Feb 1682 [1682/3], Marlborough MA records state that Wid. Hannah [!] Gates died 5 Feb  1682 [[i.e. 1682/3].  Children:  i Elizabeth, b. probably in co. Norfolk, Eng., about 1630; d. in Hingham, MA 3 Aug 1704; m. there 29 Nov 1649, John Lazell or Lassell, d. there 21 Oct 1700, aged 81 years. [For her descendants see The Register, vol. 88, p. 257 ff., July 1934]. ii. Stephen, b. probably in co. Norfolk, Eng, about 1634.  iii. Mary, bapt. in Hingham, Eng, 15 Oct 1636; m. in Sudbury MA 5 Apr 1658, John Maynard, d. in Marlborough MA 22 Dec 1711, aged, probably, about 81 years, who m. (2) about 1679, Sarah (Blandford) Keyes, widow of Elias Keyes. In Jan 1656/7 during a church service, Mary disputed some statements which had been made by the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, minister in Lancaster. For particulars concerning this interesting case see Nourse, op. cit., p. 46-48. iv. Simon, bapt, in Hingham MA 3 May 1646. v. Thomas, bapt 3 May 1646. vi. Isaac, bapt. 3 May 1646, d. 9/3/1651. vii. Rebecca, bapt. 3 May 1646; d. in Jan 1650.

Powers-Banks Ancestry: [Note - This has not been proven and is likely incorrect.. It has been repeated multiple times.] Here is the pedigree of Stephen Gates reproduced from the Gates volume the lineage is in part supplemented from Fuller's Worthies. Fuller thus affording confirmation of this line as do also certain Josselyn wills. Thomas Gates of High Easter and Thurstonbie Essex England fl c 1327 had a son William and grandsons Sir Geoffrey, Ralph and Christopher. Sir Geoffrey married Agnes heiress of Sir Thomas Baldington of Aldersbury and had a son William who in turn married Mabel heiress of Thomas Capdon and Ann heiress of Thomas Fleming and had a son Sir Geoffrey. This pedigree is paralleled out of Thos Fuller's Worthies where we learn that Sir John Gates condemned with Northumberland for promoting Jane Grey to the throne was son to Sir Geoffrey and great grandson to another Sir Geoffrey. Fuller's Worthies of England refers to the epitaph 2 of the earlier Sir Geoffrey in High Easter and places his death in 1477. The father of Sir John died in 1526. If the pedigree of Sir John and Stephen be thus correctly adjusted, we may add from the Dictionary of National Biography that the mother of Sir John was Elizabeth daughter of William Clopton of Kentwell Suffolk. Other children of Sir Geoffrey were Geoffrey, Henry, William, and Dorothy. Now Sir John the eldest son was born in 1504 probably then Geoffrey was born in 1505 or 1506. Henry is probably the Sir Henry who was also condemned with Northumberland but not executed; he was executor of sister's will 1582. Geoffrey's wife was of the family of Pascall they had sons Geoffrey, Henry and John ( this latter the ancestor of General Horatio Gates). The last Geoffrey married Joan Wentworth and had a son Peter who marrying Mary Josselyn s had son Thomas, this last was the father of Stephen the emigrant. Some perhaps all of the foregoing names of marriage connections are familiar in east England. The following facts are mostly from Waters's Gleanings. The name Gates appears frequently in east England. About 1575 in Bury a Geoffrey Gates married an Elizabeth Pynchon probably an aunt of the American Pynchon. This may be the same foregoing Geoffrey who earlier or later married Joan Wentworth. In Boxford Suffolk a widow Clopton 1603 mentions in her will a great grandson Thomas Gates; still other Thomas Gateses appear in the same family. There were at the time Gateses in Kent and in Hertford. One feels certain that the Boxford Bury and High Easter Gateses were all of the same family. Curious, not once does the name Stephen appear among them; it was found in generation after generation of the American family. Geoffrey does not appear in the American family; it was probably under the Puritan ban. Stephen doubtless was too pronounced a Puritan for the rest of his family. Indeed he seems to have been violent and at times ill to get along with. Thus may in part be explained the break with English relatives. The American successors of this English ancestry have not maintained the distinction of the family. 

CN Genealogies #1: Stephen Gates settled in Hingham MA where he received a grant of 3 acres for a house lot, 12 acres for a "greate lott," and a 3 acre planting lot. Simon, Thomas, Isaac & Rebecca were baptized at the Hingham church 5/3/1646. Stephen was one of the early settlers of Lancaster MA where he subcribed to town orders 4/3/1654. He made his will in Cambridge 6/9/1662 and died before 9/29/1662 when the inventory of his estate was taken. Ann Veare married second (contract 4/18/1663) as his second wife, Richard Woodward of Watertown MA.

Topographical pg 117: GATES, Stephen; Hingham Norfolk; Hingham MA; Ref Cushing Mss. Pg 119: GATES, Stephen; Norwich Norfolk; Hingham MA; Ref NEGR 3/401,31/Boston T. 16 Sept. '25.

Pioneers MA pg 183: GATES, Stephen, with wife & 2 ch from Hingham Eng came in 1638 to Hingham. Frm 5/14/1656. Rem to Cambridge c 1652; spent a few yrs at Lancaster; Wife Ann; ch Elizabeth m in Hing John Lassell, Mary m John Maynard, Stephen, Simon, Thomas, Isaac, Rebecca bapt at Hing 5/3/1646 d 1/1650. His will dated 9(4) prob 24(9)1662 beq to wife; sons Simon, Stephen & Thomas, daus Elizabeth & Mary Mayner. Elizabeth Bradstare to abide with his wife. The widow m 2 Richard Woodward; she d "Hannah G., widow" 2/5/1682; made will 4/18/1682 prob 9(2)1683; beq to dau Elizabeth Lazell; gr ch Mary cau of Jahn Maynard, sons Stephen, Simon & Thomas G. "My last husband's name was Woodward, but I generally went by the name of Gates."

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE pg 118: GATES, STEPHEN, MA, was adm freeman 1653, d 4/3/1654.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 66: Lazell/Lassell/Lasell, JOHN, Hingham 1647, m. 29 Nov. but ano. rec. says 22 Dec. 1649, Eliz. d. of Stephen Gates, had John, bapt. 8 Sept. 1650, d. under 15 yrs.; Thomas, b. 15, bapt. 19 Sept. 1652; Joshua, 17 Nov. 1654, bapt. 6 May foll.; Stephen, b. 6 or 10, bapt. 19 Oct. 1656; Eliz. 28 Feb. bapt. 21 Nov. 1658, wh. d. at 18 yrs.; Isaac, b. 10 or 15 July 1660; Hannah, 31 Aug. 1662; Mary, 2 Sept. 1664; Sarah, 29 Nov. 1666; John, again, 25 Apr. 1669; and Israel, 24 Sept. 1671; was freem. 1678. His will, of 2 Sept. 1695, pro. 16 Jan. 1700, ment. four s. liv. beside Joshua, s. of his s. Joshua, and the two ch. Isaac and Abiah, s. and d. of his s. Isaac, both the f.'s dec; The ds. are nam. Hannah Turner, Mary Burr, and Sarah, wh. m. 17 Apr. 1693, Peter Ripley. JOHN, Hingham, tenth ch. of the preced. m. 26 Mar. 1696, Deborah Lincoln, had John, b. 23 Jan. foll. and Joshua, 29 Dec. 1703. JOSHUA, Hingham, br. of the preced. d. 12 Feb. 1688, and his wid. Mary, wh. he m. " the last of Jan." 1681, had admin. on his est. 28 Apr. 1691. Their ch. were Eliz. b. 20 Dec. 1681; Martha, 23 Feb. 1683; Joshua, 15 Nov. 1686; and Simon, 12 Sept. 1688. STEPHEN, Hingham, br. of the preced. by w. Sarah had Lydia, b. 20 Sept. 1688, d. next yr.; Phebe, 23 Feb. 1690; Stephen, 29 Jan. 1691; Lydia, again, 26 Nov. 1693; Mary, wh. d. 28 Dec. 1698; and Mary, again, 11 May 1700; beside ano. whose name is not found, unless it be that Israel, bapt. 2 Oct. 1692. He d. 16 Jan. 1718, in his will of 9 of that mo. pro. 4 Mar. foll. speak of his five ch. 

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 236: Gates,  SIMON, Cambridge, s. of first Stephen, by w. Margaret had Abigail, b. 1671; Simon, 1673, d. 11 Apr. 1675; Simon, again, 5 Jan. 1676; George, 1678, d. next yr.; Amos; Samuel, 11 Aug. 1685; and Margaret, 13 Aug. 1689. He had rem. a short time to Lancaster, after was of Boston, liv. at Muddy river. STEPHEN, Hingham 1638, came in the Diligent with w. and two ch. that yr.; was from old Hingham, rem. to Cambridge, thence 1654 to Lancaster, where he was constable 1657, freem. 1656, went back to C. there d. 1662. He calls hims. of C. in his will, made 9 June, pro. 7 Oct. of that yr. He had Stephen, Simon, and Thomas, b. I think, on this side of the ocean; and those he brot. prob. were Eliz. wh. m. Nov. or 22 Dec. 1649, John Lazell; and Mary, wh. m. 5 Apr. 1658, John Maynard. His wid. Ann m. 1663, Richard Woodward of Watertown, outliv. him, and d. 5 Feb. 1683, at Stow, where G. had sometime resid. STEPHEN, Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Sarah, prob. d. of George Woodward of Watertown, had Stephen; Simon, b. 5 June 1667; Thomas, 31 Dec. 1669; Isaac; Nathaniel; rem. to Marlborough, and had Sarah, 27 Apr. 1679; Rebecca, 23 July 1682; and Daniel, 25 Apr. 1685; he was some yrs. at Charlestown; and his will was pro. 1707. THOMAS, Marlborough, br. of the preced. m. 6 July 1670, Eliz. Freeman of Sudbury, had Eliz. b. 1671; Sarah, 1673; rem. to Sudbury, where were b. John, 9 Apr. 1678; and Joseph, 16 Mar. 1680; rem. to Stow, there had Josiah, 8 Mar. 1682; Deborah, 22 Feb. 1684; Ann, 18 July 1686; and Abigail, 18 Feb. 1689. He was constable of S. and had ld. in Lancaster; but East Haddam, sold all his est. in Mass. after rem. to Norwich, in 1703.

Encyclopedia of MA Biographical - Geographical:  I Stephen Gates the immigrant ancestor who represents the first American generation of the Gates family was the second son of Thomas Gates of Norwich Norfolk county England. He came from Hingham England to Hingham Massachusetts Bay Colony in the ship Diligent of Ipswich England in the year 1636. With him came his wife Ann Hill and two children. He first settled at Hingham Massachusetts removing from there to Lancaster Massachusetts and the records of that place give him as there in 1656. From Lancaster he went to Cambridge Massachusetts where  he died in 1662 His will was dated June 9 1662 and as it was probated October 7 1662 his death must have occurred between those dates The men of the Gates family were good fighters and soldiers and we find them again and again enlisting in the Indian and Colonial wars of the period They took an active part in the Revolutionary War and one of the family is said to have begun his service at the age of ten Members of the family also took part in the War of 1812 fighting for the same rights they had so bravely upheld in the Revolution Though the records of the Mexican War are scanty they probably followed the old tradition of the house and the records of their services in the Civil War would be too voluminous for anything but the bare mention Stephen i Gates left in his will to his eldest son Stephen 2 Gates his house and its adjacent land in Lancaster Massachusetts To his wife and son Simon he left his place in Cambridge Massachusetts with the arrangement that his son Thomas should live with them should be choose to do so The following were the children of Stephen i and Ann Hill Gates 1 Elizabeth born probably in England died August 3 1704 at Hingham Massachusetts married November 29 1647 John Laselle also spelled Lasell who is suppossed to have died in 1695 2 Mary born probably in England married April 5 1658 John Maynard of Sudbury Massachusetts He died December 22 1711 3 Stephen 2 of whom further mention 4 Thomas born in 1642 married July 6 1670 Elizabeth Freeman daughter of Edmund Freeman of Sudbury Massachusetts 5 Simon born in 1645 died April 21 1693 at Brockton Massachusetts married Margaret of Cambridge Massachusetts 6 Isaac who was baptized with others May 3 1646 and died September 3 1651 7 Rebecca bap tized with others May 3 1646 died January 1650 II Stephen 2 Gates son of Stephen i and Ann Hill Gates was born about 1640 and died in 1706 at Acton Massachusetts He married Sarah Woodward daughter of George and Elizabeth Hammond Woodward of Water town Massachusetts He lived in Stow Massachusetts and he was also an early proprietor of Preston Connecticut in which neighborhood a number of his descendants are still to be found He made a will in Stow dated September 5 1701 which was probated in 1707 His children were 1 Stephen 3 born July 17 1663 2 Simon of whom further 3 Thomas born December 31 1669 died in 1740 at Preston Connecticut married in December 1695 Margaret Geer of Preston Connecticut 4 Isaac born in 1673 married Elizabeth died November 22 1748 at Stow Massachusetts 5 Nathaniel born in 1675 6 Sarah born April 27 1679 at Marlborough Massachusetts 7 Rebecca born July 23 1682 at Marlborough Massachusetts 8 Daniel born April 23 1685 at Marlborough Massachusetts 

Topographical and Historical Sketches of the Town of Lancaster, Mary Gates daughter of Stephen Gates of Lancaster for bold and unbecoming speeches used in the public assemblies and especially against Mr Rowlandson the minister of God's word there upon evidence of John Prescott and others was convicted. She acknowledged the offence and was discharged on paying for the attendance of the witnesses. Middlesex County Court Records 1658 

Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal ..., Volume 1, edited by Ellery Bicknell Crane: I Stephen Gates descendant in England from Thomas Gates of Higheaster and Thurseubie Essex county 1327 through William Peter Geoffrey Geoffrey Sir Geoffrey William Sir Geoffrey William and Thomas Gates. He was the son of Thomas Gates of Norwich Norfolk county England and came to Hingham Massachusetts in 1638 removed to Lancaster then to Cambridge Massachusetts. He died at Cambridge in 1662. His children were Elizabeth, Mary, Stephen, Thomas Simon, Isaac, and Rebecca. 

This will witnessed by Edmund Angier and Esther Sparhawke and proved Oct 7 1 662 is as follows:  I Stephen Gates being sick upon my bed but of p'fect memorie Desire to Count my Soul to God that gaue it in a hope of a Joy full resurrection and my body to be comely buried. And for my other Estate my will is that my wife and my son Simon continue in y place where God haue now set me During the time I haue in it and to keep the stock in theire hands till the term is out and to pay the Rent according to my agreement and that my son Thomas to continue with them as long as he please. I give to my wife a Third of my lands and all the rest of my estate during her life. I give to my Son Stephen my house and my house lott of Twenty acres at Nashaway and Twenty acres of Is lands and all my land at Hemp Swamp and all my Medow at Postepolekin. The third of these Lands being excepted asaboue to my wife during her life. Item I give Three hundred and fourteen acres of Land within the bounds of Nashaway and a Farcell of Medow at Still River To be Divided Equally between Simon & Thomas tern my mind is that my wife Shall give a Colt of a year old unto my Daughter Elizabeth when y Lease of y farm is out. Item my will is that my wife giue to my Daughter Mary Maynar a heifer of Two years old when y Lease of the farm is out. Item I give power to my wife to dispose of all the stock and my moveables when she die amongst my Children according to her discretion. Item my will is that Elizabeth Bradshaw abide w 1 my wife her Service Ship and that when her time is out my wife shall put her in a double suit of apparell and giue her__ heifer a year old. I appoint my wife and lay son Simon to be Executors. 

Vital Statistics of Sudbury: Gates, John, child Thomas & Elizabeth 4/9/1678. Joseph, child Thomas & Elizabeth 3/16/1679-80.

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