Harding / Hardin / Hardine

Came with De Gorges to Maine, settlement failed and went to MA: John Harding and 2 young sons; Richard Harding and infant son Joseph. The 3 brothers were cousins of Lady Gorges; Sir Robert Gorges married Mary, daughter and heir of William Harding


John HARDIN born 1567 died 1637

Spouse: Mary ___

Children: Richard mariner engaged in fishing, died 12/27/1657 at Braintree, married (2) Elizabeth Adams, ancestor of Warren Harding; Joseph died 1630,


Joseph HARDIN, died 1630, in Maine with Gorges as early as 1623, when settlement abandoned went to Plymouth, Braintree

Spouse: Martha DOANE married 1624 Duxbury, taxed at Plymouth 1632-3,  died in 1633 in Plymouth, had brother John who cared for her sons Joseph & John

Children: John; Joseph born circa 1630-5 married Bethia Cook; Phoebe married John Brown 1634; Winifred married Thomas Whiton 1639; 


John HARDING of Braintree, born circa 1625, administered his mother's estate

Spouse: Hannah HURST married 1644 Plymouth

Children: Margaret born 1647, died 1705; Sarah married John Tower 5/14/1669 brother of Ibrook


Margaret HARDING born 1647 Braintree Norfolk MA died 11/19/1705 buried 11/21 Cohasset Cemetery Hingham

Spouse: Ibrook TOWER married 4/24/1668 Hingham

Children: Richard married Abigail Farrow circa 1692 ; Daniel born 6/13/1671 died 11/1690; John born 3/21/1673 married ?; Rachel born 3/16/1675; Mary born 8/16/1677; Patience born 3/21/1679 married William Farrow 1/31/1701; Hezekiah baptized 10/9/1681 married Elizabeth Whiton; Elizabeth born 6/9/1682; Content born 2/3/1684; Nehemiah born 11/4/1685; Lydia born 11/25/1687; Daniel born 7/1692 baptized 7/24/1692; all born Hingham

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE; HARDING, JOHN, MA, freeman 1640, may have been the representative of Medfield in 1689.

Families of Robinson Ancestors (1957): After the DeGorges party arrived in America, there were listed among the passengers, Richard Harding and infant son, John Harding and two young sons, and Joseph Harding. These three brothers, Richard, John and Joseph, were cousins of Lady Georges. //P// The children of John Harding were: Richard b. circa 1580 d. circa 1657, married (2) Elizabeth Adams. Joseph died 1630 m. 1624 Martha Doane.

Who Beget Thee? HARDIN The Hardins were among the very early settlers in New England. The first representatives of this name are believed to have come with Governor Robert Gorges son of Sir Ferdinando in 1623 and to have received their grants of land from him. Sir Robert Gorges a kinsman of the above married in England Mary daughter and heiress of William Hardin or Harding. The Gorges plantation was at the ancient Wessagussett now Weymouth and Braintree. John Hardin Was of Braintree. He was probably a son of Joseph and Martha Hardin of Braintree and Plymouth and born about 1625. His uncle Richard Hardin who died at Braintree Dec 27 1657 and who appears to have had a brother John and a son John left a widow Elizabeth who was related to John Kent. Margaret Hardin 1647 1705 Daughter of John. Born in 1647. Married April 24 1668 Ibrook Tower. Died at Hingham Nov 19 1705, Sarah another daughter of John Hardin married in 1669 John Tower brother of Ibrook. 

 Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of the ..., Volume 4: John 2 Tower son of John 1 Tower was baptized December 13 1639, died in Braintree August 30 1693. He lived in Hingham about fourteen years after his marriage when he removed to Braintree. He owned land in Plymouth colony but never settled there. He married May 14 1669 Sarah Hardin who died October 16 1729, daughter of John Hardin of Braintree. Children 1 Benjamin born January 25 1673 74, 2 Gideon January 26 1676 77 died October 26 1698, 3 Sarah October 21 1679, 4 John June 18 1682, 5 Joseph February 27 1685 86 mentioned below, 6 Mary April 26 1690.

 Genealogical and personal history of the Allegheny Valley ..., Volume 3: There were in Massachusetts before the year 1650 six immigrants of the name of Harding. Abraham who left many descendants in Medford and the vicinity. George of Salem nothing more being known of him. John of Weymouth. Robert of Boston. Elizabeth who settled in Boston, and Martha Harding a widow who settled in Plymouth Massachusetts as early as 1632 and is mentioned further as the wife of Joseph Harding below. I Joseph Harding the immigrant ancestor of this line came to Maine it is believed as early as 1623 in the company of Governor Gorges and when the colony was abandoned took refuge at Plymouth. He may have died however before the family removed to Plymouth for we find that his widow Martha Harding was taxed at Plymouth January 2 1632-33. The inventory of her goods was made by James Hurst, Francis Cook, and John Doane and amounted to the value of twenty pounds eighteen shillings and six pence. She died in 1633 leaving her son Joseph to the care of John Doane who was probably her brother, her elder son John having been committed to his care prior to her death. The sons returned to Braintree Massachusetts afterward to take possession of their father's land in that place. Children of Joseph and Martha Harding: John of previous mention, Phoebe married John Brown, Winifred married Thomas Whiton, Joseph mentioned below. II Joseph 2 son of Joseph 1 and Martha Doane Harding was born about the year 1630 and lived during his youth with Deacon John Doane of Eastham Massachusetts to whose care he had been consigned by his widowed mother who was probably a sister, removed to Braintree circa 1650, married Bethia Cook.

The Mayflower descendant, 1620-1920: a quarterly magazine of ..., Volumes 14-15:   The will of Josias Cooke senr of Eastham, late Deceased was presented at the court at Plymouth 29 October 1673 on the oaths of Lieut John Freeman and Ensign William Merrick, Josias Cooke senir aged about 63 yeares made his will 22 September 1673. Bequests were as follows. My Dwelling house and housing orchyard uplands and meddowes or meddowing inclosed and not Inclosed that I have in the Township of Eastham with all appurtenances excepting ten acrees of upland that lyeth adjacent to my land att the Northerly end Devided by a Dich which comes from the pond toward the sea which I have Given formerly to my son Josias and two acrees of meddow att Blackfish Creeke all my other lands upland and meddow as aforsaid orchyard and housing I Give and bequeath unto my loveing wife Elizabeth During her life and further I Doe assigne over my servant and Apprentice Judah an Indian to her to be att her Dispose and Improvement with the advise of my loveing frinds mr John ffreeman and Goodman Merrick and my three sonnes Josias Cooke and Joseph harding and William Twining and it is my Desire that my son in law Joseph harding should have the Improvement of my above said lands meddowing and housing and servant as alsoe what Cattle or sheep horses or horse kind I shall leave with her my loveing wife for her support Dureing her life and after my wifes Decease I Doe bequeath all my above said upland and meddow orchyard house and housing with all privilidges therunto belonging excepting my share of the land att Pochett Hand and about two or three acrees lying without the ffence that now is next to Joseph hardings land To my Naturall son Josias Cooke and to his heires with the Improvement of my Indian servant an apprentice if his time be not out before my wifes Deceasem further I Doe make and Constitute my loveing wife Elizabeth my whole and sole executrix and after her Discharge of my Just Debts I Dispose of my Goods and Chatties as followeth all my house hold stuffem Cart and plow tacklingm Cattlem sheepm horse mkind and Neat Cattle to my wife During her life and after her Decease to be equally Devided betwixt my son Josias Cooke and my Daughter Bethyah harding or her Children after her excepting these following thinges which I Doe paticularly Give by legacye as first. I Give to my Grandchild Joseph harding all my share of land att Pochett Hand further I Give to my Grandchildren Josiah and Maaziah harding forty acrees of upland and five or six acrees of meddow in the Township of Plymouth adjoyning to a place Comonly Called Cookes pond, further I Give to my Grandchild Anna Snow a young mare that Runs att Blackffish Creeke as alsoe two Cowes which are in my son Josias keeping and halfe of a two yeare old steer and a two yeare old heiffer and the halfe of a yearling steer and a yearling heiffer and the halfe of a Calfe being likewise in the hands of my son Josias as alsoe half a Cow and halfe a steer of three year old and halfe a steer Calfe that are in my owne keeping as alsoe forty shillings more to be payed her in Cattle alsoe two sheep and a Ram lamb, further I Give to my Grand Child Steven Twining a muskett which was formerly his Grandfather Deanes, further my will is that my Daughter Merriam Dean shall have a Cow that is in my son Josias keeping Called Primrose with halfe her Increase to be Delivered to her the next fall as alsoe five pounds in Currant Marchantable pay to be payed to her att my Decease, further my wearing Clothes viz one stuffe Coate and two Cloth Coates I Give to my son Josias, further I Give to my Grandchild Josias Cooke my Rapier belt and muskett, ffurther I Give to my other Grandchildren Richard Cooke and Maaziah harding my proportion of land att Saconett, they paying nessesarie Charges arising about it twenty shillings being payed towards it alreddy, further I Give to my Grandchild Richard Cooke after my wifes Decease my Great bible. The will was dated 22 September 1673 and witnessed by John Freeman and William Merricke.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Harding, John (1567-1637) m. .... ..... MASS XXV, 69. Joseph (...-1630) m. 1624 Martha Doane MASS XXI, 161; XXII, 57; XXV, 286.

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