Walter HARRIS born 1590s ENG of Honeton or Honiton Devonshire ENG, 1637 in Weymouth MA, freeman 1641 MA Bay Colony,  of Dorchester in 1652; died 11/6/1654 New London CT,  came on "Speedwell" 1637 with wife, 6 children & 3 servants or on William & Francis in 1931 and married Mary Fry here, records of the two Walter Harris were often confused.

Spouse: Mary FRY born 1592 perhaps from Axminster, Devonshire ENG married by 1621 (first child),  died New London Ct 1/24/1655-6

Children: seven children were baptized at Honiton, Devonshire between 1621 and 1636. Mary baptized 11/4/1621 died young; Sarah baptized 3/13/1624-5 married George Lane; Mary baptized 2/4/1626-7 married by 1652 Nicholas Lawrence of Charlestown and Dorchester; Gabriel baptized 3/8/1628-9 married Elizabeth Abbott; Elizabeth baptized 8/28/1631 died Dorchester 4/10/1723 married before 1/19/1655-6 Amiel Weekes; Susanna baptized 5/31/1624; Thomas baptized 1/10/1635-6 returned to ENG & never heard from again apparently lost at sea..


Sarah HARRIS born circa 1612 baptized 3/13/1624-5, died 3/27/1695 Hingham MA

Spouse: George LANE born circa 1613  died 6/4/1689 Hingham MA; married 1634 Hingham

Children: Sarah baptized Hingham 3/1637-8 married 10/31/1655 married Lt. James Lewes; Hannah baptized Hingham 2/24/1638-9 married 12/23/1665 Thomas Humphrey; Josiah baptized 5/23/1641 died 3/26/1714 married (1) Mary ? died 10/4/1671 (2) 5/9/1672 Deborah Gill; Susanna baptized 6/23/1644 married 12/23/1665 William Robbarts; Elizabeth born 1646 married Walter Poor; John born 1/20/1648-50, shoemaker married Mehitable Hobart; Mary born 4/11/1653 married Richard? Ellis; Ebenezer baptized Hingham 8/25/1650 married 12/1688 Hannah Hersey; Peter born 7/23/1656 died 2/6/1711

pg 780: HARRIS, Walter d 1654 to Boston 1632; freem 1641; at New London 1652 m Mary Fry d 1655

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 365: Harris, WALTER, Weymouth 1632, came in the William and Francis, freem. 2 June 1641, in 1649 was of Dorchester, rem. to New London 1633, with w. Mary, and ch. Gabriel, bef. ment. and Thomas (who went to Eng. a. the time of d. of his f. but was not heard of after); and d. 6 Nov. 1654. His wid. Mary, d. 24 Jan. 1656. 

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE: HARRIS, WALTER, MA, freeman 1641.

See Ships, Speedwell for passenger list.

Pioneers of MA pg 215: HARRIS, Walter, of Dorchester, frm. June 2, 1641, signed the inv. of John Pope in 1649.

Information from the NE H&G Register Volume 156 April 2002

Richard -1651) & Margaret _____ (-1664); Southold, in Eng, by 1606, by 1607; Hingham (George Hacker, Salem, had son Ibrook in 1687); {Bent Anc. 50-51; Crary-Dunham 31, 32, 36; Whipple-Hill 71; Stowell 40; Tower 7, 31; TAG 12:112, 27:94-5; Bassett-Preston 156-7; Ackley-Bosworth 45; Smith-Bryant 179; Granberry 252, 262; Spear Anc. 56; GDMNH 125}

 Historical sketch of the town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, from 1622-1884; The land of Walter Harris: An acre and a halfe in the west ffield first giuen to Robert Louell bounded on the north by the land of John Whitman on the East by the streete on the south by the land of Robert Louell on the west by the land of Thomas Doget. Eyght acres lying in Harrises Raing first giuen to Walter Harris being a tryangle bounded on the East by a swampe on the south by the land of John Upham and on the west by a swampe. Eyght acres in the mill furlonge first given to him the saied Walter Harris bounded on the East by the land of Richard Siluester on the west by the land of Thomas Rider on the south by the land of Phillip Reade.

 Genealogical and family history of southern New York and the ..., Volume 3: Walter Harris the immigrant ancestor of the Harris family came to America in the William and Francis from Norwich England it is supposed. He took passage on March 6 1631 at London and arrived at Boston June 5 of that year. It is probable that his mother widow of Walter Harris and his brother Gabriel came with him. Gabriel returned to England for property left behind and was lost on the return journey. Walter Harris settled at Weymouth Massachusetts 1632. He remained in Weymouth until 1649 and possessed a large landed property still called the Harris Range. In 1649 he removed to Dorchester and in 1652 to New London Connecticut where he died November 6 1654. On his first application for a house lot at New London he is styled of Dorchester which makes it probable that his last temporary abiding place had been in that town. He married at Weymouth Massachusetts Mary Fry who survived him by less than three months one inventory and settlement of estate sufficing for both. The will of Mrs Harris is one of the oldest extant wills in the county and is rich in allusions to costume and furniture. From it it is clear that the Harris family ranked in point of comfort and accommodations with the well to do portion of the community. They had a better supply of pewter than is found in many early inventories and such articles of convenience as a gridiron, chopping knife, brewing tub, smoothing iron, four silver spoons and two cushions. The house consisted of a front room, lean to shop room and two chambers. Among the children were Gabriel mentioned below and Thomas.

The last Will and Testament of Mary Harries taken from her owne mouth his 19th of Jan 1655. I give to my eldest daughter Sarah Lane the bigest brass pan and to her daughter Mary a silver spoone And to her daughter Sarah the bigest pewter dish and one silken riben. Likewise I give to her daughter Mary a pewter candlesticke. I give to my daughter Mary Lawrence my blew mohere peticote and my straw hatt and a fether boulster. And to her eldest sonne I give a silver spoone. To her second sonne a silver whissle. I give more to my daughter Mary my next brasst pann and a thrum cushion. And to her yongest sonne I give a pewter bassen. I give to my yongest daughter Elizabeth Weekes a peece of red broad cloth being about two yards alsoe a damask livery cloth, a gold ring, a silver spoone, a fether bed and a boulster. Alsoe I give to my daughter Elizabeth my best halt, my gowne, a brass kettle, and a woolen jacket for her husband. Alsoe I give to my daughter Elizabeth thirty shillings, alsoe a red whittle, a white apron, and a new white neck cloth. Alsoe I give to my three daughters aforesaid a quarter part to each of them of the dyaper table cloth and tenn shillings apeece. I give to my sister Migges a red peticoat, a cloth jacket, a silke bud, a quoife, a cross cloth, and a neck cloth. I give to my cosen Calib Rawlyns ten shitlinges. I give to my two cosens Mary and Elizabeth ffry each of them five shillinges. I give to Mary Barnet a red stuff wascote. I give to my daughter Elizabeth my great chest. To my daughter Mary a ciffer and a white neck cloth. To my sister Hannah Rawlin my best cross cloth. To my brother Rawlin a lased band. To my two kinswomen Elizabeth Hubbard and Mary Steevens five shillinges a peece. I give to my brother Migges his three youngest children two shillinges sixe pence a peece. I give to my sonne Thomas ten shillinges if he doe come home or be alive. I give to Rebekah Bruen a pynt pott of pewter, a new pctticoate and wascote wch she is to spin herselfe, alsoe an old byble and a hatt wch was my sonn Thomas, his hatt I give to my sonne Gnbriell my house, land, cattle and swine with all other goodes reall and psonutl in Pequet or any other place and doe make him my sole executor to this my will Witness my hand  The mark of O Mary Harries. Witness hearunto John Winthrop, Obadinh Bruen, Wilm Nyccolls  

 Plymouth Colony, its history & people, 1620-1691: Walter Harris had bound himself by indenture to Mr. John Atwood [of London] under the command of Mr. John Doane [of New Plymouth] for 5 years and on 8 April 1633, Doane sold his services, with Harris' consent to Henry Howland for 14. (PCR 1:12-13) This is the only time he appears in the records although Pope shows a Walter Harris in Dorchester in 1641. As sheer speculation, one might wonder if the name Walter is a recording mistake, and if he might not be identical with Arthur Harris (also called Harrison). On 31 August 1640 Arthur Harrison was granted 25 acres of land in Duxbury due him for his service (CPR 1:160) but no record of his working earlier as a servant is available = see Pope for additional information on him.

Torry's NE Marriages Prior to 1700: Walter (-1654, New London) & Mary [FRYE?] (-1655/6, New London) (sis William); in Eng, by 1622; Dorchester/ Weymouth/New London, CT {New London Hist. 269, 416; Bassett-Preston 120, 171; TAG 12:140; Hartford Prob. 1:123; Plymouth 3:255-6; Smith-Hale 369; Fulton Anc. 64; Harris (,1) 199; Harris (,10) 3; Hyde 1:126; Miner Anc. 107; Clapp Anc. 2:57; Gen Mag. 2:283}



White Swirled Line

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