Spouse: Lucy SABINE

Children: Matthew born 1610


Matthew HAWKE born 1610 Cambridge ENG died 12/11/1684 age 74 bur 12/13/1684 Hingham MA age 74; came with wife and servant John Fearing on Diligent of Ipswich arriving 8/10/1638; freeman 5/18/1642

Spouse: Margaret Nelson married before1635 ENG died 3/18/1684

Children: Sarah born 8/1/1641 married Honorable John Cushing; Elizabeth baptized 7/14/1639 died 11/4/1713 married Stephen Lincoln 2/1660; Bethiah baptized 1/21/1643 married Benjamin Stetson; Mary baptized 8/2/1646 married Benjamin Loring; James, Captain, baptized 5/27/1649 married 1678  Sarah Jacob [great grandparents of John Hancock]; Deborah baptized 3/22/1651 married John Briggs; Hannah born 7/22/1655 married Peter Cushing


Sarah HAWKE baptized 8/1/1641 Hingham MA, died 3/9/1679 Scituate MA

Spouse: John CUSHING, Colonel, born 1627, died 1706, married 1/20/1658 Hingham

Children: John (Judge) born 4/28/1662 Hingham died 1/19/1737 Scituate married Deborah Loring 5/20/1687 Scituate 2. Sarah Thaxter; Thomas born 12/26/1663 married Deborah Thaxter; Matthew born 2/23/1665 married Deborah Jacob; Jeremiah born 7/13/1666; James born 1/27/1668 baptized 3/21/1669 married Mary Barrell 12/10/1713; Joshua born 8/27/1670; Sarah born 8/26/1671 married Col John Alden; Caleb born 1/6/1673; Deborah born 9/14/1674 married Capt. John; Mary born 8/30/1676; Joseph born 9/23/1677; Benjamin born 2/4/1679; all born Scituate except John born Hingham

Topographical pg 156: HAWKES, Matthew; Ipswich Suffolk; Hingham MA; Ref Banks Mss.

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE pg 139: HAWKE, MATTHEW, came from Cambridge Eng & settled at Hingham 1638 where he was the second town clerk. He was adm freeman 1642. Lincoln, Hist. Hingham, 46.

Pioneers MA, pg 221: HAWK, HAWKS, HAWKES, Matthew with wife and servant John Fearing came from Cambridge Eng & settled at Hingham 1638. Frm 5/18/1642. Town officer, schoolmaster. Ch Elizabeth bapt 7/14/1639 m Stephen Lincoln, Sarah bapt 8/1/1641 m John Cushing, Bethiah bapt 1/21/1643 m Benjamin Stetson, Mary bapt 8/2/1646 m Benjamin Loring, Deborah bapt 3/22/1651 m John Briggs, Hannah bapt 7/22/1655 m Peter Cushing. His wife Margaret d 3/18/1683. He d 12/11/1684 ae 74 yrs.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 491: Cushing, PETER, Hingham, s. of Daniel the first, m. June 168, Hannah, d. of Matthew Hawke, wh. d. 4 Apr. 1737, had Peter, b. 1686; Jonathan, 1689, H. C. 1712, min. of Dover; and Stephen.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 381: Hawke, MATTHEW, Hingham, came in the Diligent of Ipswich, 1638, embark. at London, arr. 10 Aug. with w. Margaret, and serv. John Fearing, was from Cambridge; Eng. freem. 18 May 1642, was town clk. and d. 11 Dec. 1684, aged 74 yrs. says his gr.stone, leav. only s. James, b. May 1649. To he gave notes of the sermons of Rev. Mr. Norton and others, said to be yet preserv. His other ch. were Eliz. b. July 1639, m. Feb. 1660, Stephen Lincoln, d. 4 Nov. 1713; Sarah, bapt. 1 Aug. 1641, m. 1657, John Cushing of Scituate, d. 1679; Bethia, 1643, m. 15 Aug. 1665, Benjamin Stetson; Mary, Aug. 1646, m. Dec. 1670, Benjamin Loring, d. 1714; Deborah, Mar. 1655 wh. m. prob. John Briggs; and Hannah, bapt. 22 July 1655, m. June 1685, Peter Cushing, d. 4 Apr. 1737.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 93: Lincoln, STEPHEN, Hingham 1638, came that yr. from Wymondham, a town a. 9 ms. from Norwich, bring. mo. w. and s. Stephen, but prob. not in the Diligent, that arr. 10 Aug. of that yr. or Cushing, wh. was careful to note his fellow-passeng. would have told us so; had Sarah, b. 22 Mar. 1642; and his w. wh. name is unkn. d. next mo.; the d. d. 4 Nov. 1649, and he d. 11 Oct. 1658. His will, made 3 days bef. ment. his mo. Joan, Susanna, d. of his br. Thomas, and gives part of his est. to mo. but most to only ch. STEPHEN, Hingham, only s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. Feb. 1660, Eliz. d. of Matthew Hawke, had Eliz. b. 3 Nov. 1660; Mary, 27 Dec. 1662; Stephen, 9 Nov. 1665; David, 22 Sept. 1668, bef. ment.; Bethia, 29 Oct. 1670; Abigail, 7 Apr. 1673; Margaret, 30 June 1677, and James, 26 Oct. 1681, bef. ment. was freem. 1680, and d. 17 Sept. 1692, and his wid. d. 4 Nov. 1713. Eliz. m. 4 Jan. 1693, Ephraim Marsh; Mary m. 11 Jan. 1688, Enoch Whiton; Bethia m. 16 Apr. 1701, John Lane; and of the other two as. no rec. of m. or d. is found. STEPHEN, Hingham, s. of the preced. never m. was ens. town clk. and d. 27 Dec.

Paine Ancestry by Paine & Pope: MATTHEW HAWKE came from Cambridge England in 1638 with wife Margaret and servant John Fearing. His wife died 18 March 1683. He settled at Hingham. Was admitted a freeman May 18 1642, was a schoolmaster town clerk and one of the selectmen. He made the following instrument which still exists in his handwriting: Know all men by these presents that I Matthew Hawke of Hingham for and in consideration of the great love that I bare to my daughter Sarah Cushing and to her son Joseph Cushing my grantchild and likewise in consequence of some things received by me of my son in law John Gushing I doe hereby freely and fully acquit and discharge my said son in law John Cushing and his heirs from paying anything for the keeping of my said grandchild Joseph Cushing either to me or my heirs executors and assigns for all the time past unto the day of the date hereof 28 February 1682. Mr Hawke died 11 Dec 1684 being as stated on his gravestone aged 74 years. His daughter Sarah baptized Aug 1, 1641 became the wife of John Cashing... 

Genealogical Dic of 1st Settlers of New England: HAWKE. JAMES Hingham s of Matthew freem 1680 m 9 July 1678 Sarah d of John Jacob had Sarah b 1679 Margaret 1681 James 1683 Mary 1685 Matthew 1688 d soon Eliz 1689 and Deborah 1692 He was a capt His will of 21 Nov 1715 pro 10 Jan foil names eldest d Sarah w of Joshua Hersey Margaret w of John Fearing Mary w of James Hersey Eliz w of Rev Daniel Lewis and Deborah then unm wh in the will of her br James 8 July 1716 pro 9 days after is call w of John Lewis JOHN freem 3 Sept 1634 may have then been of Lynn as Lewis claims but more prob of Dorchester and next that inhab of Windsor wh there had John b 13 Aug 1643 Nathaniel 16 Feb 1645 Eliz 10 Jan 1647 Ann 1 Oct 1648 Isaac 11 Aug 1650 Mary 23 May 1652 Joanna 8 Feb 1654 Eliezer 20 Dec 1655 bef ment Sarah 29 Sept 1657 Gershom 12 Aug 1659 beside two that d young rem to Hadley a 1660 there was bur 30 June 1662 His wid Eliz m Robert Hinsdale and 3d Thomas Dibble Of the ds Eliz m 1664 Joseph Gillet Ann m Dr Thomas Hastings of Hatfield Mary m 1670 Experience Hinsdale and in 1677 m John Evans Joanna m William Arms and Sarah m 1677 Philip Mattoon was third w of Daniel Belden and d 17 Dec 1751 All the ch named were liv at his d but Gershom d young JOHN Lynn perhaps s of Adam m 3 June 1658 Rebecca d of Moses Maverick had Moses b Nov 1659 and his w then d He m 11 Apr 1661 Sarah Cushman had Susanna b 29 Nov 1662 Adam 12 May 1664 Ann 3 May 1666 John 25 Apr 1668 Rebecca 18 Oct 1670 Thomas 18 May 1673 and Mary 14 Nov 1675 Susanna Ann and Rebecca all d in few days after Mary was b He was freem 1690 then call sen and d 5 Aug 1694 Lewis assigns this date to the freem of 1634 wh appears improb JOHN Hatfield s of John of Windsor rem to Deerfield where in the assault by the Fr and Ind 29 Feb 1704 his w a sec one Alice wh had been wid of Samuel Allis of H with s John and his w with three young ch were k also his d Eliz tak and k on the way to Canada so that of ch or gr ch was left to him only d Hannah w of John Scott of Waterbury to wh town he went for residue of his life MATTHEW Hingham came in the Diligent of Ipswich 1638 embark at London arr 10 Aug with w Margaret and serv John Fearing, was from Cambridge Eng, freem 18 May 1642, was town clelk and d 11 Dec 1684 aged 74 yrs says his gr stone leav only s James b May 1649. To him he gave notes of the sermons of Rev Mr Norton and others said to be yet preserv. His other ch were Eliz b July 1639 m Feb 1660 Stephen Lincoln d 4 Nov 1713 Sarah bapt 1 Aug 1641 m 1657 John Cushing of Scituate d 1679 Bethia 1643 m 15 Aug 1665 Benjamin Stetson Mary Aug 1 646 m Dec 1 670 Benjamin Loring d 1 7 1 4 Deborah Mar 1652 wh m prob John Briggs and Hannah bapt 22 July 1655 m June 1685 Peter Cushing d 4 Apr 1737 

James Hawke, The Grocers Arm, Cambridge ENG 1667 - connection, if any, not known

White Swirled Line

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