Jurdaine / Jourdaine / Jordan



Children: John; William; Susan married John Woodroff; Richard


John JURDAINE born circa 1525 died 11/12/1588, will made 9/23/1588 proved 11/18/1588, mayor

Spouse: Thomasine / Tamazine Fry / Frye born circa 1529 died after 1588

Children: William baptized 3/9/1561; Susan baptized 12/19/1562 married John Woodruff & Viney; Judith baptized 11/20/1566; Silvester baptized 2/14/1565; Robert baptied 6/22/1569; John married Susan ___, took service with East India Co.; Charles;  Mary ; Unknown born 1573; Unknown born 1575.


Judith JURDAINE born 1550 Lyme Regis died 1620 Lyme Regis

Spouse: James HILL born 1545 Lyme Regis ENG died 5/5/1621 Lyme Regis

Children: Sarah born 1572 Lyme Regis died ENG; William married Sarah Jurdain, whose father was Ignatius mayor of Exeter mother was Elizabeth Baskerville, , arrived Boston 6/5/1632; Mary born circa 1571;  James; Benjamin; Judith.  Not mentioned in will: Charles born circa 1567; Silvester born circa 1556 baptized 2/14/64; Robert baptized 6/22/68; Robert born 2/14/64; Susan born 1547 baptized 12/19/1582; male born circa 1573; female born circa 1575; John born circa 1564 died 9/27/1620 buried same day; 1 of the daughters married to William Kirridge


Sarah HILL born 1572 Lyme Regis Dorset died ENG

Spouse: William FRY born 1566 Pimpeme Dorset died 1643 ENG

Children: Mary born 1592 Weymouth Dorset died 1/24/1655-6 Dorchester married Walter Harris; Tristram; William

Genealogical Gleanings in England, Vol 2: JOHN JURDAINE of Lyme Regis Dorset merchant 23 September 1588 proved 18 November 1588. To be buried in the church of Lyme Regis. The poor of that parish. The poor of Axrninster and of Charmouth, Katherine Hawkins widow. All my godchildren. My brother William Jurdaine. My daughter Susan the now wife of John Woodroff. Her eon John Woodroffe at two and twenty. Henry Woodroff another son. My daughter Judith at day of her marriage. My daughter Mary Jurdaine at eighteen. My four sons Silvester, Robert, John, and Charles. To Silvester my third part of the ship called the James Bouaventure. To son Robert my interest and term of Tucking Mill and Close near the Mill green in Lyme Regis. Wife Thomazin. Son Charles at twenty five. I make my good friends Walter Harvie, John Jones, my brother Richard Jurdaine, and my son in law John Woodroff merchants my executors of trust &c .Leicester 7.

Wills from New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 49:

John Jourdaine of London, merchant, dated in London 8 February and sealed and delivered in Gravesend 16 February 1617, proved 27 September 1620. Bound on a voyage to the East Indies. I have made an agreement with the Honorable Company to serve them five years to be their principal agent in the Indies, for which service they are to allow me three hundred fifty pounds per annum. I have laid into their hands twelve hundred pounds to be paid three for one at my return to England or one and a half to one if I die before my coming home. Also of this three hundred fifty pounds per annum for my wages I declare that they are to give fifty pounds yearly unto my sister Viney as long as I am wanting out of England. The house where my sister Viney dwelleth which I bought of my cousin Ignations Jourden, cost two hundred pounds, the writing thereof I leave with my sister Viney. In the hands of my cousin Thomas Jourden on adventure to the Isle of St. Michael's. My sister Viney's children Hester and Robert Viney. Provision for the maintenance of my wife and her son John Jourdaine. The principal to be delivered him at his marriage if in case he marry in England with the consent of my sister Viney, my cousin John Jourden of Exon (Exeter) and William Keredge, or two of them consenting thereto. My sister's daughter Hester Viney. Anthony Woodroffe her brother. My three kinswomen Judith Hunt, Ann and Susan Jourden my brother and sister daughters. My brother Charles. My sister Mary and her daughter, my goddaughter. My poor kinsfolk at Lyme. The poor of Lyme. My kinsmen John Woodroffe, Atr Woodroffe, John Jourdaine and Robert Viney. My sister Susan Viney to be my executrix of trust, my cousin John Jourden of Exeter, my cousin William Keredge of Lyme and Mr. Richard Harvie to be my overseers. Proved (as above) by Susan Viney. Commission issued 13 November 1622 to Jone Viney, executrix of the will of Susan Viney deceased, to administer the goods not fully administered by said Susan. Commission issued 22 October 1628 to Susan Jorden, relict of the deceased, to administer &c the grant of a certain Jone Viney in November 1622 being revoked 1625. Soame 87.

John Jordaine of the city of Exeter, merchant, 26 July 1627, proved 2 July 1628. The poor of Exeter and the poor of Lyme Regis. The poor of Tiverton, Devon. I give to the youngest of my brother Ignatius Jordaine's children fifty pounds, to be paid unto him when he shall come to the age of two and twenty years. To my sister Elizabeth Crowe all that her huswband did owe me in this life time and to her five children fifty pounds, i.e., ten pounds apiece. To my sister Christian Lathy one annuity or yearly rent of six pounds to be issuing out of all my messuages, lands &c., called Kerslake als Carslake, in Tiverton, which I lately purchased of John Kerslake. To my sister Lathy's children twenty pounds. To my sister Joane Sinckler ten pounds and to her children ten pounds. To the children of William Bolt of Crediton twenty pounds. To Robert Bolt's youngest daughter twenty pounds. To Nicholas Bolt's youngest daughter twenty pounds. Ten pounds to be bestowed for the relieving of Elizabeth Wonston, the wife of Gregory Wonston (or Wouston), but no part of it shall ever come to her husband's hands or disposition. To my son John my parsonage of Exbourne in Devon. My son Samuel. My son William and such woman as shall be his wife at the time of his decease. My daughter Katherine. My manor of Exbourne. To Samuel the occupation of my dwelling house in Exon. My land in the parish of Saint Sidwell's lying without the East gate of the city, containing seventeen acres, to be enjoyed by my wife Joane as long as she shall live unmarried after my decease; then to my son John. My son Joseph at four and twenty. My three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah. Mary and Katherine the children of my daughter Katherine. Wife Joane to be executrix and my brother Iguatius Jordaine and my brother in law James Osmond to be overseers. Ignatius Jurdaine one of the witnesses. Barrington, 67.

Elizabeth Jurdain of the city and County of Exon, widow, 27 September 1633, proved 31 October 1633. To be buried in the parish church of St. Mary Arches in Exon, in the grave of my late deceased husband, and my desire is that Mr. Henry Painter may preach my funeral sermon. I give to Walter Younge the elder of Collyton and to John Davy of Credy in the parish of Sanford, Devon, Esquires, and to Ignatius Jurdiane of the City of Exon Esq., John Champneys genl. and John Hayne the elder merchant of Exon, five hundred pounds to be employed by them for such good and pious uses within the County and City in such manner and form as they shall think fit and convenient. I give to Mr. Henry Painter, minister of St. Petrocks in Exon forty pounds and ten pounds more to the use of Henry, his son, to be paid him by his said father when he shall accomplish the age of one and twenty years or marry. Other clergymen (including Mr Josias Gale minister of St. Davyes). The poor of Exon and of Liscard in Cornwall. Anne Coade my sister. Philip Coade my servant. William Sampford my servant. /P/ Item, I give all that debt which Nathaniel Duncan oweth, and is indebted unto me, unto his two sons Peter and Nathaniel Deuncan, to be divided equally between them. Item, I release and discharge William Hill my kinsman of all debts and demands whatsoever due unto me from him. I give to James White of the City of Exon, merchant, fifty pounds upon condition that he, his heirs &c., pay yearly unto Elizabeth Ryder my sister in law, during her life, four pounds quarterly to be paid by equal portions, being a legacy bequeathed her by my late husband deceased; and I give to the said Elizabeth Ryder ten pounds. I give unto the aforesaid James White fifty pounds more upon condition that he pay unto Anue Taine four pounds yearly during her life, being a legacy given by my late husband. My son John Jurdaine. My daughters Ruth and Sara Jurdaine. Mr. John Hayne the elder of the City of Exon, merchant, and Mr. James White to be my executors in trust, and I give the residue to them until Elizabeth, Susanna, John, Sarah, Lydia and Ruth Jurdaine, my children, shall severally accomplish the age of one and twenty years or be married. Nicho: Carwithie one of the witnesses. Russell, 89.

Ignatius Jurdain, dated in Exeter 1 March 1635, proved 16 October 1640. To wife Elizabeth one third part of all my goods and to my children that are unmarried one other third part, according to the Order of the City. To the poor &c. The poor of Lyme where I was born and the poor of Gernezey where I was new born. My sister Wackley's children. Richard Slade in St. Thomas Parish. Mrs. Manton, widow. My cousin William Ryder's wife. My brother Synckler. The poor of Topsom (Topsham). Vol. XLIX 42* /P/ Mr. Painter (and other ministers). Also I give to the children of my son Nathaniel Duncan one hundred pounds. Also I give to the children of my son William Hill one hundred pounds. All which money I will shall be delivered to the fathers of each of then and to pay it when they come to the age of four and twenty years, if they be well able to pay it. I forgive all moneys owing unto me if it be under the value of twenty shillings each. My wife to be executrix. For my son Joseph I pray my wife Elizabeth my executrix, and my overseers to take some pains for the placing of him with his portion during his life. Coventry, 130. 

Report and transactions, Volume 29 By Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art: ABSTRACT OF THE WILL OF ELIZABETH JORDAIN. Elizabeth Jurdaine of the City and County of Exeter, widow. 20 June 1645 proved 9 March 1649. John Painter of London merchant oweth me. Hugh Sowden of London merchant oweth me. Fifty pounds to the poor of Exeter in such manner as by the last will and testament of my late deceased husband Ignatius Jurdaine is ordained .To my grandchild Joseph Hill twenty pounds. The residue to my son Ignatius Jurdaine whom I make sole executor Pembroke 42 PCC.

(Sir) Simon Baskervill (knight) Doctor of Physic, of the parish of St. Dunstan in the West (London) 20 April 1641, proved 7 July 1641. I give my dwelling house in Fleet Street and all my houses adjoining, which I lately did purchase of Sir George Crooke, to my dear wife and to her heirs forever. I give to my sister Jourdayne ten pounds. To her son, my nephew Ignatius Jourdayne I give all my books of Divinity. I give to my nephew Richard Baskervill two hundred pounds. To my trusty servant Thomas Hall twenty pounds. To the poor of St. Dunstan's parish wherein I dwell three pounds. All the rest of my goods and leases whatsoever I give to my dear wife whom I make sole executrix. Proved by Dame Catherine Baskervill, relic &c. Evelyn, 88.

Joane Jordaine of the City and County of Oxon (Exon) widow, 21 October 1648, proved 25 August 1649. The poor of St. Mary Archers (Arches) wherein I now dwell. To Elizabeth Jordaine, Mary the wife of Christopher Letthebridge and Sarah Jordaine, daughters of John Jordaine my last husband, all those closes &c. in the parish of St. Sidwells without the city of Exeter which I there hold. Property in Tiverton to Joseph Jordaine youngest son of my late husband. My late husband's legacies to Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah. Fairfax, 123.

Elizabeth Jurdaine of the City and County of Exeter widow, 20 June 1645, proved 9 March 1649. John Painter of London, merchant, oweth me. Hugh Sowden of London, merchant, oweth me. Fifty pounds to the poor of Exeter in such manner as by the last will and testament of my late deceased husband Ignatius Jurdaine is ordained. To my grandchild Joseph Hill twenty pounds. The residue to my son Ignatius Jurdaine whom I make sole executor. Pembroke, 42.

Dame Katherine Baskervile of Richmond surrey, widow, late wife of Sir Smon Baskervile &c. 15 April 1670, proved 10 October 1670, My nephew Mr. Richard Baskerville. Property in Kinge Street, Westminster. My cousin Mrs. Prudence Martyn widow. My cousin Mrs. Anne Martin widow. My god daughter Mr. Penelope Fisher. My nephen Mr. Ignatius Jordan. My two young cousins Mrs Anne Lawrence and Mrs. Katherine Biggs daughters of the aforesaid Anne Martin widow and grand daughters of the said Mrs. Prudence Martin. Mrs. Prudence Martin to be executrix. Penn, 132.

 The New York genealogical and biographical record, Volume 44: Sarah Hill was the daughter of the wp1 Ignatius Jourdain Mayor of Exeter and of his second wife Elizabeth Baskerville sister of Sir Simon Baskerville physician to James I and Charles I descended says the English Dictionary of National Biography from the ancient family of Baskervilles in Herefordshire. Ignatius Jourdain her father was of a prominent family of Lyme Regis, Dorset. John Jourdaine his cousin was a Captain in the service of the East India Company and President in 1618 of the Council of India. Richard Jourdain his uncle was a member of the Society of Merchant Adventurers of Exeter before 1571, was Bailiff in 1583, and Receiver of Exeter in 1596, and Silvester Jourdaine his brother was the companion of his townsmen Sir George Somers Sir Thomas Gates and Captain Newport in their voyage to America in 1609 and was wrecked with them at Bermuda. On his return home Silvester Jourdaine published A Discovery of the Barmudas otherwise called the Isle of Divels 1610 from which Shakespeare is supposed to have drawn material for The Tempest. Ignatius Jourdaine went early to Exeter In 1576 he had occasion to go to the isle of Guernsey where probably through the influence of some of the banished preachers he was new borne as he himself expressed it and he was ever afterward a staunch Puritan though also a good churchman and loyal to the King. But he did not hesitate to express his opinion when any royal act clashed with his sentiments. He wrote to the King a strong letter of protest against the Book of Sports and induced Bishop Carey to present it. When Charles read it he declared that the writer ought to be hanged but the bishop besought the King's leniency asserting that in Mr Jourdaine God had not a better servant nor his Majesty a better subject in the whole land. Again in 1638-9 when the royal proclamation in relation to the seditious practices of the Scots in matters of religion was read in the Exeter Cathedral. Alderman Jourdaine and others put on their hats by way of protest. The delinquents were summoned to appear in the Star Chamber to answer but Mr Jourdaine then nearly eighty years old was excused on the certificate of his medical adviser that a journey to London would endanger his life. Ignatius Jourdain died in Exeter June 15 and was buried June 18 1640 in the church of St Mary Arches. His life was considered of such prominence as to entitle him to a biography written by his pastor and published in London in 1654. It concludes That therefore his name may live and that he may be a pattern of Piety and Charity to succeeding generations it hath been thought fit to commit to writing and to publish to the world those singular graces and memorable acts that did shine forth in him both living and dying. Mr Jourdain filled many municipal offices in Exeter. In 1599 he was appointed one of the Bailiffs or Stewards and in 1608 he was chosen a member of the Chamber of Alderman. He was Receiver of the city in 1610, Sheriff in 1611, and Mayor in 1617. He acted also as Deputy Mayor in 1624-5 when Exeter scourged by the plague was deserted by Mayor Walker and other officials. In 1625 he was elected one of the Burgesses to represent Exeter in Parliament and again in 1627-9. He was prominent in both sessions serving on important committees and speaking frequently. He also introduced several bills against profane swearing, against abuses of the Lord's Day, and for the capital punishment of adulterers. Mayor Jourdain's first wife married June 24 1589 was Katherine daughter of John Bodley goldsmith and nearly related to Sir Thomas Bodley from whom the Bodleian Library Oxford was named. She was buried May 4 1593 in St Mary Arches Exeter, and Ignatius married second Aug 5 1593 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Baskerville. The Register of St Mary Arches contains the baptisms of seventeen of his children all excepting the first three by the second marriage. Of these Sarah the sixth child was baptized March 4 1598 9. She married in Exeter Oct 28 1619 William Hill son of James Hill of Lyme Regis and came with him and his six children to New England in the William and Frances arriving in Boston June 5 1632. William Hill was among the first settlers of Dorchester Mass where he was made a freeman Nov 5 1633. Land was granted to him there Nov 2 1635 and in 1636 he was a Selectman. He removed soon to Windsor Conn which he represented in the General Court in 1639 41 and in 1644. Thence he removed to Fairfield Conn where he was an Assistant and Collector of Customs. He died in September 1649. His will made Sept 9 of that year was not proved until May 15 1650 but the inventory of his estate was made at Windsor Sept 24 1649 and at Fairfield Nov 16 1649. His widow was then about fifty years old. The date of her marriage with Edmund Greenleaf of Boston is not known but it was in or after 1663 as Greenleaf s first wife died January 18 of that year. With these facts before us the myth of a Wilson marriage precedent to Sarah jourdain's marriage is scarcely worth discussing as it was invented solely to explain the relationship between the Hill and Wilson families. While Sarah Jourdain's age twenty at the time of her marriage with William Hill would not absolutely preclude the possibility of an earlier marriage, the fact that she was wedded under her maiden name of Jourdain would seem to settle that question conclusively. We must therefore look further for the solution of the problem in New England genealogy given by Mr OP Dexter in the New England Genealogical Register xxxix 78. Nor does it seem necessary to accept his suggested solution Gen Reg Hi 83 that if it can be proved that Anthony Wilson and the Hills were not blood relations then I will not hesitate to say that Anthony Wilson married probably in 1655 7 Elizabeth younger daughter of William and Sarah Jordan Hill had by her his daughter Sarah and then immediately lost his wife. While this is not impossible it seems hardly probable for the relation between the Wilsons and the Hills may be accounted for through their marriage connections. Anthony Wilson whose first wife was Rachel Hubbard Brundish widow of John Brundish married second Sarah Jones Bulkeley daughter of Rev John Jones and widow of Thomas Bulkeley son of Rev Peter Bulkeley. Mr Jone's coadjutor at Concord Mass. William Hill son of William and Sarah Jourdain Hill married Elizabeth Jones the younger sister of Sarah Jones Bulkeley and this sisterly connection of the two wives fully explains Anthony Wilson's designation of William Hill as his brother ie brother in law. While this may not wholly justify viewed from a twentieth century standpoint his speaking of his brother in law's mother as Mother Hill and of his brothers as brothers Ignatius and James Hill we must remember that family relationships were not very clearly defined in the early days and that the Hills and Wilsons appear to have been very intimately associated. Those interested in the subject will find wills of the Hills the Jourdaines and the Baskervilles with remarks by Mr Henry F Waters in Gen Reg xlix 494. See also The Life and Death of Mr Ignatius fourdatn by Ferd Nicolls London 1654 and An Exeter Worthy and his Biographer by Frances B Troup a reprint from Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science Literature and Art 1897.

 The Journal of John Jourdain, 1608-1617: listed baptism dates from parish register for John & Thomazine's children in Introduction.

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