Lane, Layne [Family 2 daughter Sarah]

William LANE born by 1581 England, in Dorchester MA by 1635, died before 7/6/1654 Hingham MA, lived with daughter Mary Long after his wife died; maltster & yeoman; origin Beaminster, Dorset, migration 1635 on the "Hopewell" with wife and son; will dated 2/28/1650-1 and proved 7/6/1654

Spouse: Agnes ____ died before husband, admitted to Dorchester church circa 1638-9, married by 1606

Children:  Avis/Anis/Anith baptized Beaminster Dorset 6/18/1606, died Hingham MA 2/1682-3 married Thomas Lincoln, the cooper; William baptized Beaminster 8/28/1608 no further record; Andres or Andrew, felt maker & farmer, baptized Beaminster 5/9/1610, died Hingham MA 3/1/1675, married Triphena ?;  George, born circa 1613 died 6/4/1689; Mary born circa 1615, died 4/3/1671 married by about 1636 (1) Joseph Long (2) Joseph Farnsworth by 1656 (3) John Wilcox after 1660; Sarah born circa 1617 died 8/19/1695 Hull Plymouth MA married Nathaniel BAKER by 1639;  Elizabeth born circa 1627 married Thomas Ride by circa 1647 and Henry Garnsey 


 George LANE born circa 1613  died 6/4/1689 Hingham MA; married by 1638 Hingham

Spouse: Sarah HARRIS born circa 1612 died 3/26/1695 Hingham MA

Children: Sarah baptized Hingham 3/1637-8 married 10/31/1655 married Lt. James Lewes; Hannah baptized Hingham 2/24/1638-9 married 12/23/1665 Thomas Humphrey; Josiah baptized 5/23/1641 died 3/26/1714 married (1) Mary ? died 10/4/1671 (2) 5/9/1672 Deborah Gill; Susanna baptized 6/23/1644 married 12/23/1665 William Robbarts; Elizabeth born 1646 married Walter Poor; Mary born 4/11/1653 married Richard? Ellis; Ebenezer baptized Hingham 8/25/1650 married 12/1688 Hannah Hersey; Peter born 7/23/1656 died 2/6/1711; John born 1/20/1647-8 married Mehitable Hobart


Sarah LANE chr 3/1638 Hingham MA died 3/17/1697-8 Barnstable

Spouse: James LEWES, Lieutenant of Barnstable; married 10/31/1655 Scituate MA; (2) Benjamin Eaton

Children: John born 10/29/1656 chr 9/20/1657 Hingham died 11/5/1715 Hingham; Samuel born 4/10/1659; Sarah born 3/4/1661; James born 6/3/1664; Susanna born 1666 married Lazarus Beal 2/18/1690; Ebenezer born 1668; Mary born 1670; George born 1672; Hannah born 1674; Joseph born 7/1676; all born Barnstable

Family 2 Smith/Glidden family:

Sarah LANE born ENG, of Dorchester MA, died 8/19/1695 at Mary's house in Hull [daughter of William Lane above.]

Spouse: Nathaniel BAKER, yeoman, Watertown proprietor before 1636 Beverbrook Plow Land, admitted as planter at Nantasket / Hull 4/9/1642, Hingham selectman 12/1/1650, constable 3/8/1668-9,  died 6/3/1682 Hingham estate valued at 1273 19s. Active in King Philip's War, 

Children: (1) Mary baptized 7/1639 Hingham, only child

The Great Migration: William Lane.  Origin: Beaminster, Dorset. Migration: 1635 on the Hopewell (on 8 May 1635, "William Lane, his wife and son" were listed as passengers for Massachusetts Bay on the Hopewell of Weymouth [NGSQ 71:174]). First Residence: Dorchester.  Church Membership: Agnes Lane was admitted to Dorchester church about late 1638 or early 1639 [DChR3]. Education: On 7 Feb 1641[/2?], William Lane made his mark on a petition regarding "the maintenance of a school in Dorchester" [DTR 106]. His inventory included "one old Bible & another book" valued at 4s [SPR 2:154l].  Offices: His inventory included "one musket, sword & other things" valued at 1 [SPR 2:134].  Estate: On 2 Jan 1637/8, it is "ordered that Goodman Lane shal have one acre there [the little neck towards the old harbor, in Dorchester]" [DTR 28]. On 18 Mar 1637/8 "Will[iam] Lane" was granted three acres, two qarters and sixteen rods in the Neck and the same amont of land in the Cows" Pasture [DTR 31].  On 23 Jul 1642, "Brother Atherton and Brother Deyer are appoint to lay out one acre of ground for John Capen which was granted to William Lane in the lieu of the Calves' Pasture" [DTR 50]. On 23 Feb 1646 [/7?], "Wilyam Layne" was required to maintain four rods and eleven feet of fence around the Great Lots [DTR 76, 79].  In his will, dated 28 Feb 175-[/1?] and proved 6 Jul 1654, "W[illia[m Lane of Dorchester" bequeathed to "Thomas Rider my son-in-law & my daughter Elizabeth his wife my now dwelling house in Dorchester with all the outhousing, garden, orchard, homelot & all my lan & accommodations thereunto belonging ... except my great lot within the great lots of Dorchester within pale & without estimated twenty-four acres ... which I give unto my daughter Mary Long forever"; "such personal estate as I shall die possessed of shall by my faithful executors be after my funeral charges discharged thus distributed first unto my son Thomas Linckhorne of Hingham eight pounds in silver, also unto my son Nathaniell Baker of Hingham eight pounds in silver, also unto my son Andrew Lane of Hingham eight pounds in silver and the discharge of these legacies in silver aforesaid I appoint sixty pounds due unto me upon bill from Mr. John Glover, the remainder of the bill after thirty-two pounds in legacies (being twenty-eight) I give unto Mary Long my daughter" along with moveables, to "Fredome Kingley who hath been my faithfl servant twenty shillings", "Mary Long shall have liberty in my dwelling house after my decease, for the removal of her self & her goods from thence such time as my executors shall think convenient not exceeding six months"; "my loving bretheren Joseph Farnworth & John Wiswall" to be executors [SPR 1:99}.  The inventory of the estate of "William Lane of Dorchester," taken 5 July 1654, totalled 82 10s. 81/2d., with no real estate included [SPR 2:153-54]. On 23 May 1655, "Elizabeth Rider, the wife of Thomas Rider, of Boston, being left by her husband with five small children to maintain, & no means wherewith all to keep the, desiring liberty from this court to sell a house & land in Dorchester, which her father, W[illia]m Lane, gave to her & her children, in answer to her request, it is ordered, that the selectmen of the town of Boston shall & have power to dispose of the said house & land, either by sale, mortgage, or otherwise, as they shall judge meet, for the use of the petitioner, which this court doth hereby confirm & allow" [MBCR 3:389]. /// Birth: By about 1581 (based on estimated date of marriage). Death: Between 28 February 1650[/1?] (date of will) and 5 July 1654 (date of inventory) (and probably closer to the latter date). Marriage: By 1606 Agnes ____.  /// Children: i. Avis Lane, bp. Beaminster, Dorset, 18 June [TAG 64:214]; m. by 1635 Thomas Lincoln, cooper (1636, Hingham; [TAG 64:214-15: 106; Hingham Hist. 3:3]. ii. William Lane, bp. Beaminster, Dorset, 28 Aug 1608 [TAG 64:215]; no further record.  iii. Andrew Lane, bp. Beaminster, Dorset, 9 May 1610 [TAG 64:214]; m. by about 1641 Tryphena ___ (three eldest children bp. Hingham 16 August 1646 [NEHGR 121:19].  iv. George Lane, b. about 1613 (aged 22 on 20 Mar 1634/5 [Hotten 285]); m. by 1637 Sarah Harris (eldest known child bp. Hingham [blank] March 1637/8 [NEHGR 121:10]), daughter of Walter Harris {1637, Weymouth} [NEHGR 156:145-49]. v. Mary Lane, b. say 1615; m. (1) by about 1636 Joseph Long (eldest known child m. Dorchester 3 Feb 1661[/2?] [DVR 20]) [NEHGR 100:220, 328]; m. (2) by 1656 Joseph Farnsworth (only known child bp. Dorchester 14 Sep 1656 [DChR 168]); m. (3) after  1660 John Wilcox [Hale, House 805-8]. vi.   Sarah Lane, b. about 1617 (aged 18 on 20 Mar 1634/5 [Hotten 285]); m. by 1639 Nathaniel Baker {1635, Hingham} [GM 2:1:133-39]. (This reverses our position in the Nathaniel Baker sketch, and assumes that Baker had only one wife, named Sarah. This change is based in part on the realization that the "Sarah Land" of the 1635 passenger list was really Sarah Lane.)  vii. Elizabeth Lane, b. say 1627; m. (1) by about 1647 Thomas Rider [Weymouth Hist 4:602; BTR 1:1126]; possibly m. (2) by an unknown date Henry Carnsey ("Elizabeth Ryder granddaughter to Goody Garnsey was baptized the 9 of June she then owned the covenant [16]95" [DChR 207]). /// Comments: On 20 Mar 1634/5 "George Land, hisr servant, 22 years," and "Sarah Land, his kinswoman, 18 years," were included in the passenger list of the Marygould, in the family of Angel Hollard, sailing for New England from Weymouth, Dorsetshire [Hotten 285]. No records appear in New England for these passengers under the surname Land. They are very likely children of William Lane.  // William Lane's wife is identified as Agnes Farnsworth in some secondary sources [Baset-Preston 169]. The only justification for this is the provision in William Lane's will that "my loving brethren Joseph Farnsworth & John Wiswall" be executors. Since both men are referred to as brothers, this almost certainly indicates a church relationship (although Farnsworth did marry William Lane's daughter Mary by 1656). Bibliographic Note: In 1897 James Hill Fitts published a genealogy of the descendants of William Lane [Lane Genealogies, Volume II, Part I (Exeter, NH, 1897)]. In 1989 Frederick J. Nicholson published records for the familites of William Lane and Thomas Lincoln from the parish register of Beaminster, Dorset [TAG 64:214-15, 65:106]. 

Pioneers MA pg 277: LANE, LAINE, LANNE, LAND, William, Dorchester, propr 1637. Wife Agnes memb chh about 1637. Ch George ae 22 came as a servant to Angel Hollard in 1634-5, with "kinswoman" [sister] Sarah ae 18; she m Nathaniel Baker Jr.; Annis or Avith m Thomas Lincoln the cooper; Mary m Joseph Long; Elizabeth m Thomas Rider; Andrew. Will prob 7/6/1654; house to son-i9n-law Thomas Rider & my dau Elizabeth, his wife; dau Mary Long; sons George & Andrew Lane & Thomas Linckhorne & Nathaniel Baker, all of Hingham; faithful servant, Freedome Kingley; loving bro Joseph Farnworth & John Wiswell, exec. [Reg V 304].

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE: LANE, ANDREW, Hingham 1635, perhaps went to Portsmouth, where Andrew Lane purchased in 1650, houses, &c. valued at 1000 sterling. Lincoln, Hist Hingham, 43.  

Gen Dictionary of NE CD#169: Genealogical Dictionary of New England: LANE  GEORGE, Hingham 1635, br. of Andrew, b. in Eng. by w. Sarah had Sarah, bapt. Mar. 1638; Hannah, 24 Feb. 1639; Josiah, 23 May 1641; Susanna, 23 June 1644; John; Eliz.; Ebenezer, bapt. 25 Aug. 1650; Mary, b. 11, bapt. 17 Apr. 1653; and Peter, 23, bapt. 27 July 1656; freem. 1672, d. 4 June 1689. His wid. d. 26 Mar. 1696. Sarah m. 31 Oct; 1655, James Lewis of Barnstable; Hannah m. Dec. 1665, Thomas Humphrey of Dover; Susanna m. 23 Dec. 1665, William Roberts; Eliz. m. Walter Pore; and Mary m. an Ellis. 

Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of ..., Volume 4: I William Lane immigrant ancestor born in England came probably from the western part of England. He was a resident of Dorchester Massachusetts as early as 1635. He received grants of land there in 1637. His will proved July 6 1654 mentions children but no wife. Children all probably born in England - 1 Elizabeth married Thomas Rider 2 Mary married first Joseph Long second Joseph Farnsworth 3 Anis or Avith married Thomas Lincoln 4 George mentioned below 5 Sarah married Nathaniel Baker died at Hull August 19 1695 6 Andrew. II George Lane son of William Lane 1 was an early settler in Hingham and at the first division of land September 18 1635 was granted a house lot of five acres also had a grant of ten acres at Nutty Hill and thirteen shares in the common lands. He was a shoemaker and resided on what is now North near Beal street. He was selectman in 1669 and 1678. He died June 11 1689. His will was dated October 16 1688 and proved August 20 1689. He married Sarah 1 Harris died at Hingham March 26 1694 5 daughter of Walter and Mary Frye Harris. Her father came to Weymouth in 1632. Children all born in Hingham 1 Sarah born March 1637 8 married 1655 James Lewis, 2 Hannah born February 24 1638 9 married December 23 1665 Thomas Humphrey, 3 Josiah born May 23 1641, 4 Susannah born June 23 1644 married December 2 1665 William Robbarts, 5 Elizabeth born 1646 married Walter Poor, 6 John born January 20 1647 8, 7 Ebenezer born August 25 1650 mentioned below, 8 Mary born April 11 1653 married Ellis, 9 Peter born July 21 1656.

Genealogical and family history of the state of New Hampshire: a ..., Volume 4 I William Lane referred to above as of Hingham was probably an old man when he came to this country with his sons and is found at Dorchester as early as 1635. In 1637 he received several grants of land there amounting in all to eight acres. He was among the seventy one accepted inhabitants of the town in 1641 and on December 7 of that year he relinquished his grant to Thompson's Island for the purpose of a public school.The first public school in America was established at Dorchester in 1639 and William Lane with others relinquished their grants on Thompson's Island that it might be devoted to school purposes. He was evidently a man of means and a very good citizen who enjoyed the esteem of his fellows. His last years were spent in the home of his daughter Mary who was the widow of Joseph Long and he died in 1658. His will was dated December 28 1650. The inventory amounted to 82 10 shillings and &14 pence, and the daughter was made residuary legatee after paying bequests of 32. His children were Elizabeth, Mary, Annis, George, Sarah, and Andrew. II George elder son of William Lane was born in England and was one of the early planters of Hingham Massachusetts. He was among the thirty proprietors of that town and on September 18 1635 drew his house lot of five acres situated on the main street which is now North street. His lot is described as No 21 from the cove on the north side of the road to Fort Hill. In the next three divisions his land was increased to twenty acres besides thirteen acres in the common lands . He was a shoemaker by trade and was evidently prominent in the community as shown by his rating of six pounds six shillings and eight pence for the building of the new meeting house which rate was laid October 9 1680. Upon the assignment of seats in the new building he was assigned to seate under ye pulpit and his wife to a sitting in the fore seate for the women in the body of the meeting house. He died June 11,1688 and was survived nearly eight years by his widow who passed away March 26 1695. She was Sarah daughter of Walter and Mary Frye Harris and died in Dorchester Massachusetts. Walter Harris came to America in 1632 and was about twenty years at Weymouth Massachusetts and died in Dorchester November 6 1654. He was survived by his widow less than three months. The children of George and Sarah Lane were baptized in Hingham namely Sarah, Hannah, Josiah, Susanna, Elizabeth, John, Ebenezer, Mary, and Peter III John second son and fifth child of George and Sarah Harris Lane was born January 20 1648 in Hingham. He was known in that town as John Lane shoemaker to distinguish him from John Lane carpenter of the same town. He served as constable of Hingham in 1689. About 1604 he removed to Norton Massachusetts and settled on the boundary between that town and Attleboro. It is apparent that he owned land in Attleboro as he was taxed one pound for the town debt there in 1696 and was chosen grand juryman March 22 1697. In 1710 he was rated in Norton for building the first meeting house and was on a committee in 1711 to 1secure the incorporation of the precinct of Norton. He died in that town November 23, 1712. His gravestone gives his age as sixty two years which would make him born about 1650. He was married first June 18 1674 to Mehitable daughter of Jonathan and Jane Hobart. She was born in Hingham July 4 1651 and baptized when two weeks old. She was seated January 5 1682 in the fift scate next ye pew of the wife of John Lane shoemaker. She died February 15 1690 in Hingham in her thirty ninth year. John Lane married second about 1693 Sarah Briggs who was admitted to the church in Norton on profession of faith in 1718 and died November 12 1727 aged eighty three years. John Lane's children are recorded in Hingham, Rehobotb, Attleboro and Norton baptisms are in the Rehoboth church records. By his first wife there were Samuel, Priscilla, Mary, As,a and a child who was drowned September 16 1692. By Sarah Briggs he had Ephraim, John, Benjamin, Sarah, Meletiah and Elizabeth.

History of the town of Dorchester, Massachusetts: William Lane came to Dorchester about 1636. He was a man in humble life and died about 1654. He had sons Andrew and George who lived in Hingham. In his will he names sons Nathaniel Baker and Thomas Lincoln of Hingham. He had a daughter Mary Long probably the widow of Joseph Long and if so she afterwards married Joseph Farnsworth, but in his will he calls Joseph Farnsworth brother. There was a Sarah Lane baptized in Dorchester 28 3 1648, Elizabeth baptized in 1655 6 and married Thomas Rider. There were two children of Job Lane baptized in Dorchester early viz Rebekah 4 5 1658 and John 18 6 1661 being about a quarter of a year old by reason of their dwelling soe remote. The name of Lane is very ancient One came over to England with William the Conqueror in 1067.

William Lane of Dorchester. Inventory prized by John Wiswall, Wm Clarke 5 July 1654. Amt 82. 10. 08 1/2. Joseph Farnsworth deposed. [Will vol V p 364]

THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL REGISTER, PUBLISHED QUARTERLY: William Lane had two sons George and Andrew both of whom came, it is supposed, from England with their father. They were early settlers at Hingham Mass. William had also four daughters viz Elizabeth who married Thomas Rider lived in Boston, Mary married Mr Long lived in Hingham widow in 1690 married Joseph Farnsworth, the other daughters married one to Thomas Lincoln the cooper the other to Nathaniel Baker both of Hingham. Andrew Lane son of William had four sons and three daughters. John the second son of Andrew 2 baptized June 30 1648 died in Norton Nov 23 1712 had ten children by his two wives, the eldest child of whom was Samuel born in Hingham March 16 1718 died in Attleborough Mass Dec 7 1725. Samuel Lane had two sons John5 and Ebenezer. Ebenezer born in 1712 in 1735 married Bethiah Shaw who died Jan 19 1787 aged 91. He died in 1791. Ebenezer5 had eleven children of whom Ebenezer born Feb 10 1717 died in Northampton June 6 1808 married Vol XXI.

 the new england: William Lane of Dorchester Vnto Thomas Rider my Sonne in Law & dau Elizabeth his wife my new dwelling house in Dorchester with all the outhousing garden &c only to & for the vse of my dau & hir children ffor euer except my great Lott within the great Lotts of Dorchester within Pale & without. Estimated 24 Acres more or lesse well, I giue vnto dau Mary Long also such psonall Estate as I dye possesed of shall by my Executors be thus distributed vnto sonne Thomas Linclekorne of Hingham, 8 in silver vnto Sonne George Lane of Hingham  8, sonne Nath Baker of H  8, sonne Andrew Lane of H  8, the discharge of these Legacyes in Siluer aforesaid 60. due vnto me vpon Bill fro m Joltn Glover the Remainder of the Bill after  32 in Legacyes (being Twenty Eight) I giue vnto Mary Long my dau together with all my psonall estate except one standing bedsteed in the Parlor, also one table & one chest in the house & also two fatts in the Leantoo to wett Barly in wch I giue vnto my sonne Rider & his wife to Remaine at the house vnto Mary Long all my Cattle haye Come mault swine, Pewter brase beding & all my Estate funnerall charges & Legacyes being discharged vnto ffredome Kingley who hath beene my faithfvll Servant 20s. Mary Long to haue liberty in my dwelling house after my decease for the Removall of hirselfe & goods fro thence such time as my executors thinke convenient not exceeding sixe moneths after the day of my Buriall also such liberty in the Barne & vpon the Land Concerning hir haye Come & Cattle wch is thus to be vnderstood that it shall not at all p judice or hinder Tho Rider from the vse of the Land at all in case I dye in such Season as the Land is to be planted or Sowne, he haue liberty so to doe & she haue liberty to Reape & take what was by me planted or Sowne. Louing Brother Joseph ffarnworth & John Wiswall executors. 28 12mo 1650. Signed in p sence of Thomas Wiswall, ffreedome Kingsley,  p sent y Govern mr Nowell, mr Hibbins, Capt Gookin Sc Record..  the mark of H William Lane. Thomas Wiswall deposed before ye magist this 6th of July 1654 yt this was ye Last  will of W Lane.

Lane genealogies, Volume 2 By Jacob Chapman, James Hill Fitts: WILLIAM LANE1 was a resident of Dorchester Mass as early as 1635. Dorchester's early grants of land were certified by a committee consisting of the clergymen and deacons Noah Clap. Several grants were assigned to William Lane in 1637 Jan 2. It is ordered that Good Lane shall haue one acre the litde neck towards the harbor. March 18 he had two additional grants of between six and seven acres. Dorchester established the first public school in the country to be supported by taxation in 1639. The name of William Lane is on a list of seventy one inhabitants of Dorchester in 1641. William X Lane and other proprietors 7 th 12 mo 1641 relinquished mark their individual grants of Thompson's Island to the town of Dorchester for the maintenance of a Free School. This ancestor of a numerous posterity was a person of competent property, a freeman a virtuous and good citizen who evidently had the esteem and confidence of the people. His daughter Mary was the widow of Joseph Long with whom he lived several years and died apparently in 1654. Inventory of William Lane of Dorchester as prized by John Wiswall and William Clark. 5 July 1654 82 10s 8 1 2d Sufolk Probale Records. Children of William Lane in the order mentioned in his will. I Elizabeth9 b England m Thomas Rider who came to America in ship Hercules 1634, a caulker by trade residing in Dorchester and Boston. They received by her father's will my new dwelling house in Dorchester etc. Their daughter I Hannah b Boston 7 Mar 1655 6, II Mary9 b England m first Joseph Long who lived and died in England leaving two sons who came with their mother and grandfather Lane to Dorchester. She m second Joseph Farnsworth of Dorchester a widower with four children. They received by her father's will the Great Lot estimated 24 acres and personal estate. He was a freeman Mar 14 1639, selectman 1647, and died 12 June 1660. She was living a widow in 1690. Her children by Joseph Long I Joseph Senior res Dorchester m 3 Feb 1662 Mary and d 26 Aug 1676. Children I Mary b 9 4 1665 m Henry Straight and Thomas itchliold and d about 1703. 2 Sarah b 3 7 1667, Joseph b 31 6 1669, 4 Hannah b 3 12 1671, 5 Alwen b 28 9 1673 Dorchester Records 2 Thomas res Roxbury Mass m and had 1 Thomas b 26 Nov 1688. Her children by Joseph Farnsworth 3 Joseph mentioned in his father's will June 2 1660, 4 Samuel res Windsor Conn m first 3 June 1677 Mary 1 daughter of Thomas Jr and Mary Wadsworth Stoughton. He m second in 1685 Mary dau of John and Mary Brown Moses. A child by each wife 1 Mary b 17 May 1678 d in a few days, 2 Joseph b 1694, 5 Esther unm at the time of her father's will June 2 1660, 6 Elisabeth m John Mansfield res Hingham. III Annis9 b England m there about 1630 Thomas Lincoln and came to Hingham Mass about 1635 where both were members of the first church. Annis Lincoln dyed 14 Feb 1682 83 Hingham Records. February 13 1683 The wife of Thomas Lincoln, the cooper, dyed Diary of David Hobart. Thomas Lincoln, the cooper, and malster was granted at Hingham July 3 1 636 five acres at the west end of the town for a house lot. He was freeman 1638, was allotted 1680 81 a sitting in the seate under ye pulpit and Mrs Lincoln was assigned to the second seate next ye pew. He d 28 Sept 1691. Will dated July 13 1688, proved Oct 27 1692 mentions three sons and one daughter. Their children 1 Child b and d in England. 2 Surah b England d soon after the arrival in America. 3 Thomas bapt Hingham 6 May 1638 m first 18 Feb 1662 63 Mary dau of Thomas and Alice Chubbuck who d 12 June 1690, m second 12 Nov 1690 Lydia youngest dau of Rev Peter and Rebecca Ibrook Hobart who was b 1659 and d 1732. He was carpenter constable 1671, freeman 1672, selectman 1684 8 91 ensign lieutenant and captain. Died 28 Nov 1708. Will Dec 18 1700 mentions wife Lydia and sons Thomas and Joseph. Children 1 Lydia b 29 Sept 1691. 2 Mary b 24 June 1693. 3 Thomas b 13 July 1695. Lydia b 16 Oct 1696. 5 Josiah b 10 Apr 1699 deacon in the first church Hingham and d 23 Jan 1774.  4 Joseph bapt 20 Nov 1640 m first 14 June 1682 Prudence dau of Andrew and Elinor Ford, she b 22 Dec 1663 and d 26 Nov 1695 m second 27 Feb 1696 Sarah wid of Hopestill 1 Elisha Thomas 1 Bisbee. He lived in Hingham and d 18 Mar 1716. Will Mar 5 1715 mentions wife Sarah and the four children by first marriage. 1 Joseph b 13 Mar 1683, 2 Israel b 17 Apr 1685, 3 Nehemiah b 4 May 1688, 4 Elisha b 2 Oct 1692, 5 Benjamin bapt 7 May 1643 m 6 Feb 1666 67 Sarah b 1649 dau of John and Margaret Hawks rearing. He was a malster lived in Hingham and d 27 Sept 1700. Six children I John b 5 Jan 1667 68. 2 Margaret b 7 Oct 1669. 3 Benjamin b 16 Jan 1673 father of Col Benjamin Lincoln the personal friend of George Washington. 4 Thomas b 12 Dec 1674. 5 Jeremiah b 1 April 1683. 6 Jonathan b 28 Sept 1684. 6 Deborah bapt 3 Aug 1645 m 13 June 1678 second wife of Samuel son of Thomas and Elizabeth Thaxter who d in Hingham May 1 725. She d 7 Dec 1694 Three children 1 Deborah b 24 July 1679, 2 Samuel b 19 Feb 1681 82, 3 Abigail b 4 Feb 1684 85, 7 Sarah bapt 6 Oct 1650 d 7 July 1658 2. IV George9 of Hingham Mass m Sarah Harris. V Sarah9 b England wife of Nathaniel Baker original settler in Hingham and brother of Rev Nicholas Baker of Hingham and Scituate Mass. He drew a five acre house lot in Hingham Sept 18 1635 was farmer, constable 1668, selectman 1661 and 1676, in active service in Philips War 1675, died 3 June 1686. Will May 11 1682 provides for wife Sarah and gives legacies to two Indian servants, to his grandchildren, and to children of his deceased brother Nicholas late of Scituate. Mrs Baker d at the house of her son in law John Loring of Hull Mass 19 Aug 1695. Their only child I Mary bapt Hingham Aug 1639 m 16 Dec 1657 John Loring and d 13 July 1679 x 40th year. He was son of Dea Thomas and James Newton Loring b Axminster Devonshire Eng 22 Dec 1630 came to Dorchester 1634 and settled in Hull, freeman 1673, representative 1692,, m second 22 Sept 1679 Mrs Rachel Buckland and d 19 Sept 1714. She had ten children: 1 John b Hull 19 Sept 1658 d young, 2 Joseph b 10 Mar 1660, 3 Thomas b 11 Mar 1662, 4 Sarah b I Jan 1664 d young, 5 Isaac b 4 Feb 1669 settled in Boston, 6 Nathaniel b 5 Mar 1670 res Boston, 7 Daniel b 8 Feb 1672 res Boston, 8 Rachel b 28 Feb 1674 d young, 9 Jacob b 21 Apr 1676, 10 Israel b 29 Mar 1678 d young. 
 3 VI Andrew9 of Hingham Mass m Trypheny.
GEORGE LANE9 William1 born in England, was one of the early planters of Hingham Mass. There were settlers at Barecove as early as 1633 who were assessed in 1634. Rev Peter Hobart and his colonists joined them and the plantation was erected in July 1635. The first distribution of land was Sept 18 1635 when Mr Hobart and twenty nine others drew for themselves houselots. The name of the plantation was changed to Hingham by order of the General Court Sept 2 1 1635. Specific grants of pasture and tillage lands were made the same year. George Lane was among the thirty proprietors and drew Sept 18 1635 his houselot of five acres situated on the main street now North street No 21 from the cove on the north side of the road to Fort Hill. He had ten shares in the 1st, 2d, 3d, and 4th Divisions a grant of ten acres at Nutty Hill and thirteen acres in the common lands. He was a shoemaker, was appraiser of the goods of Thomas Collier given in to Court 1647, had lot bounded on the southward by land of William Hersie Senr, Mar 9 1657 appraiser of the estate of Thomas Collier, Mar 23 1659 selectman, 1669 and 1678 freeman Oct 8 1672. The first meeting house in Hingham built in 1635 was palisaded and had belfry and bell not architectural but defensive. The town agreed to build a new house Jan 19 1679 80 which was raised July 26 27 28 1681 and dedicated Jan 8 1681 2, cost 430 pounds and the old house. This is now the oldest meeting house in continuous use in New England. George Lane was rated Oct 9 1680 for the building of a new Meeting House 6 6s 3d. He was assigned Jan 5 1681 2 to the seate under ye pulpit and his wife to a sitting in the fore seate for the women in the body of the meeting house. Mr Lane died 11 June 1689. His wife Sarah Lane widow dyed the 26 of March 1694 5. Her parents Walter and Mary Fry Harris died at Dorchester Mass. He came to America in 1632, was at Weymouth Mass about twenty years and died at Dorchester 6 Nov 1654. She survived him less than three months. Her nuncupative will Jan 19 1655 makes bequests to my eldest daughter Sarah Lane & to her daughter Mary & her daughter Sarah. The will of Mr George Lane, shoemaker, signed and sealed Oct 16 1688 was exhibited by Sarah Lane and Ebeneaer Lane for probate Aug 20 1689. Bequests to wife, to sons Josiah, Ebenezer, and Peter to daughters Sarah, Luis, Elizabeth Poor, and Mary Ellis, to grandchildren Thomas Robbarts, George Umphrey, William Umphrey, Ebenezer Humphrey, Joseph Humphrey, and Mary Lane dau of my son Josiah, my wife and my son Ebenezer joint executors. The mark G seal of George Lane. The inventory taken June 13 1689 was presented by Sarah Lane and Ebenezer Lane Aug 29 1689. Items home lott horbly fiele land at nutty hill, great lot by Weymouth river, parcels of salt marsh at Weymouth river, housen, barnes, orchards, gardens, meadows, fences, divisions, undivided, commons, chattels, goods, movables, privileges, profitts, appurtenances. Children of George and Sarah Lane baptized in Hingham I Sarah3 bapt Mar 1637 8 m 31 Oct 1655 Ijeut James Lewis b 1631 son of George and Sarah Jenkins. Lewis who was from East Greenwich, Kent Co, England, came to America in 1633, resided in Scituate Mass where he united with the church in 1635. Lt James Lewis admitted freeman 1658, removed to Barnstable Mass where he was lieutenant and selectman 1660, 1679, 1681. He d 4 Oct 1713 ae 81 yrs. Ten children 1 John b Barnstable 29 Oct 1656 bapt Hingham 20 Sept 1657 m 17 Nov 1682 Hannah Lincoln, 2 Samuel b 10 Apr 1659 m 1690 Prudence Leonard, 3 Sarah b 4 Mar 1 660 1 m first 6 Jan 1684 5 Thomas Lincoln, second 20 Feb 1698 9 Robert Waterman widower, 4 James b 3 June 1664 m 1698 Elizabeth Lothrop, 5 Susanna b 1666 m first 18 Feb 1689 90 Lazarus Seal second 11 Mar 1728 9 Benjamin Eaton of Kingston Mass, 6 Ebeneter b I668 m 1691 Anna Lothrop, 7 Mary b 1670 m 18 Jan 1694 5 Benjamin Lincoln, 8 George b 1672 m 14 June 1711 Alice Crocker j n, 9 Hannah b 1674 m 4 l mbard of Truro Mass i, 10 Joseph b July 1676 m first 3 Feb 1702 3 Sarah Marsh second 16 July 1718 Elizabeth Vickery Dixon 


White Swirled Line

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