Richard LANGER born circa 1594, died 1/25/1660-1 Hingham MA age 67, propr. Hingham 1636

Spouse: Margaret ? born circa 1590; married Hingham 1627 [Torrey's]

Children: Margaret born circa 1620; Dinah; Elizabeth


Margaret LANGER born circa 1620 died 3/5/1693-4 Hingham MA age 73

Spouse: Thomas LINCOLN, the "husbandman," born Wymondham ENG died 8/16/1692 Hingham MA; brother of Stephen; married by 1643 [Torrey's]

Children: Caleb born 10/8/1643 died young; Joshua born 5/3/1645 chr 5/8/1645 died 4/21/1694; Caleb twin of Joshua married Rachel Bates 5/8/1684; Susanna born 8/15/1646 married Joseph Barstow; Mary born 2/10/1648 chr 4/23/1648 married Frances Barker; Sarah born 9/29/1650 married Thomas Marsh; Thomas born 12/22/1652; Daniel born 5/14/1654 died 2/14/1670; Elizabeth born 12/2/1656 married Daniel Lincoln; Ephraim born 11/1/1659 died 1/28/1660; Ruth born 11/19/1662 married Samuel Gill; all born Hingham

Pioneers of  MA pg 278: LANGER, Richard, Hingham, propr 1636. Will dated 2/20/1659 prob 5/2/1661. Inv taken 2/18/1660. All his lands in Hingham NE which he bought of his son-in-law Thomas Lincoln, and land at Great Rocke & Conyhasset to his dau Margaret's oldest son, Joshua Lincoln; beq to daus Margaret, Dinah & Elizabeth. Witness, Nicholas Baker. [Reg X, 269 & XXXI 178]

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE pg 173: LANGER, Richard, Hingham 1636. Lincoln Hist Hingham 44.

Gen Dictionary of NE CD#169: LANGER  RICHARD, Hingham 1636, very aged, when he made his will, 20 Feb. 1660, pro. 2 May 1661, in wh. he refers to ds. Dinah and Eliz. wh. should rec. ea. 4s. from his d. Margaret, w. of Thomas Lincoln, to whose eldest s. Joshua, the testat. gave his lds. at H. 

RICHARD LANGER of Hingham Inventory of the estate taken Feb 18 1660 Abstract of Will and Inventory REGISTER x 269 Four acres of land giuen for two house Lotts 08.00 0 A greate lott of tenn acres 04.00 0 one acre & halfe of meadow lyeing at Cony hassett 01.10 0 File No 258 

 Richard Langer of Hinghame being of perfect memory yet very Aged doe make this my last will. To my dau Margarets Eldest sonne Joshua Lincon all my land in Hinghame in New England. That is to say those two home lotts that I Bought of my sonne in law Thomas Lincon with my great lott lyeing neere Glad tidings Rocke and my lott of meadow at Conyhasset whom I make my Executor. I giue my Greene Rugg to my dau Margaret shee giueing as a gift from mee to my other two dau Dinah and Elizabeth 4s each 20 Feb 1659. Witnes Nico Baker Richard X Langer who deposed 2d May 1661. Inventory of the estate apprized by Mathew Hawkes & Thomas Hewet 18 Feb 1660. Amt 21 02s


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