Lewes / Lewas / Lewis

George LEWIS born 1571 Brenchley Kent ENG died 7/11/1631 Brenchley buried 7/11

Spouse: Dennis FOREMAN born circa 1575? christened 8/15/1579 Brenchley Kent ENG died 1/10/1625-6 Brenchley; married 5/24/1596 Brenchley

Children: George born 8/31/1600; John came 1635 on "Hercules" of Sandwich with Sarah


George LEWES, baptized Brenchley Kent 8/21/1600, clothier, died after 6/3/1662 grand jury service and before 3/1/1663-4 appointment of administrator; first residence Scituate, Barnstable by 1642, Scituate church 9/20/1635, freeman Plymouth 1/3/1636-7 and Barnstable 1637

Spouse:   Mary DOGGETT daughter of Thomas 11/1/1624 Horsmonden Kent, outlived George

Children:  Mary baptized Brenchley 12/27/1625, married John Bryant 11/14/1643 Scituate;  George baptized Brenchley 11/11/1627, married Mary Lombard 12/1654 Barnstable, killed by the Indians at Blackstone's farm, Barnstable, 3/26/1676; Thomas baptized 1/5/1630-1, married Mary Davis 6/15/1653 Barnstable daughter of Dolor Davis; James baptized Brenchley 3/25/1632, married Sarah Lane 10/1655 Barnstable; Edward baptized Staplehurst 5/5/1634 married Hannah Cobb daughter of Henry 5/9/1661 Barnstable; John born Scituate 3/2/1637-8, baptized 3/11/1637,  killed by the Indians at Pawtucket 3/26/1676, unmarried;  Ephraim born 7/23/1641 Barnstable MA no further record;  Sarah born 2/2/16433-4 Barnstable, baptized 2/11/1643-4, married 1st James Cobb 12/26/1663 Barnstable, son of Henry,  2nd Jonathan Sparrow 11/23/1698 son of Richard


James LEWES, Lieutenant, Barnstable Co., born 3/25/1632 Brenchley Kent ENG chr 3/25/1632 died 10/4/1713 Scituate MA age 82

Spouse: Sarah LANE of Hingham married 10/31/1655 Scituate

Children: Susanna married Lazarus Beal; Hannah born 1674 Barnstable married Jedediah Lombard Jr 11/8/1699 Barnstable; Joseph born 1676 married Sarah Marsh; John born 10/29/1656 married Hannah Lincoln of Hingham and had 9 children; Samuel born 4/10/1659; Sarah born 3/4/1660-1; James born 6/3/1664 died 6/18/1748; Ebenezer born 1668 married 1691 Anna Lothrop; Mary born 1670; George born 1672


Susanna LEWES born 1666 Barnstable Plymouth MA

Spouse: Lazarus BEAL married 2/18/1690 Barnstable (2) Benjamin Eaton 3/11/1728-9

Children:Ebenezer married Elizabeth Low ; Lazarus born 10/28/1691 married Ruth Andrews; Susanna born 11/14/1692 married 1/1/1712-13 Jonathan Bate; Mercy born 10/20/1694 died young; Sarah born 4/4/1696 married 1/28/1719-20 Ambrose Low; Rachel born 10/15/1697; Leah born 8/26/1699 married 6/29/1721 Dadid Lincoln widow; John born 12/30/1700; Daniel born 6/1/1703 married 10/15/1724 Elizabeth Tucker  Rachel born 8/20/1703 died 10/13/1700; Kezia born 10/19/1704 died 9/2/1705; Obadiah born 6/5/1706 died 1723; Jonathan born 7/20/1708; Hannah born 5/1/1715 married 4/18/1745 Samuel Gill died 5/3/1781 age 66

The Great Migration. George Lewis. Origin: Staplehurst, Kent. Migration: 1634 (based on grant of land on 20 Feb 1634[/5?]. [ScitTR 1:239; TAG 72:322--23]. First Residence: Scituate: Removes: Barnstable by 1642 (on 22 Mar 11642[/3] "Georg[e] Lewis of Barnstable" was to receive a payment as a third party in a transfer of land [PCR 12:8]). Occupation: Clothier [PCR 12:53].  Church Membership: On 20 Sep 1635, "Goodman Lewis Senior" joined Scituate church [NEHGR 9:280].  Freeman: Admitted to Plymouth Colony freemanship, 3 Jan 1636/7 [PCR 1:48[. In 7 Mar 1636/7 list of Plymouth Colony freemen [PCR 1:53]. In Scituate section of 1639 list of Plymouth Colony freemen, then erased and appended to Barnstable section of same list [PCCR 8:175, 177]. In Brnstable section of 1657 Plymouth Colony list of freemen [PCR 8:200].  Offices: Plymouth petit jury, 7 June 1649, 5 Jun 1655 [PCR 2:140, 7:46, 73]. Grand jury, 3 Jun 1662 [PCR 4:14].  Barnstable highway surveyor, 7 Jun 1648, 4 Jun 1650 [PCR 2:124, 155]. Barnstable constable, 5 Jun 1651 [PCR 4:14]. In Barnstable section of 1643 Plymouth Colony list of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:193]. Education: Signed his will.  Estate: On 20 Feb 1634[/5], George Lewis was granted ten acres of upland in Scituate [ScitTR 1:239]. On 10 Apr 1635, he was granted "the first lot on the south side of the Meeting House Lane being four acres" [ScitTR 1:239]. On 7 Feb 1636[/7], he was granted "of marshland six acres" [ScitTR 1:239].  On 8 Jan 1639[/40], " George Lewes of Scituate, clothier," sold to "Richard Willis of Plym[outh], planter, ... his dwelling house in Scituate and lot of lands adjoining containing by estimation five acres or thereabouts and one acre and three-quarters of swamp lying before the said lot and three acres of marsh ground lying between the lands of John Winter and John Lewes in Scituate aforesaid and all the lands given the said George Lewes by the freemen of Scituate"; Richard Willis immediately resold this land to Thomas Roberts [PCR 12:53, 55].  In his undated will,  proved on 3 March 1663[/4], "George Lewis Senior, deceased," bequeathed to "my wife and my son Ephraim Lewis my whole estate that shall be left remaining after my debts are paid, as well my lands and other interests within the town of Barnstable ... as also all my cattle and chattels & goods whatsoever," to enjoy during their lifetimes, "and after the decease of the both what shall be then left remaining shall be divided amongst my other five sons, vis: my son George, my son Thomas, my son James, my son Edward and my son John, only my son George shall in the first place have five pounds out of it .. only I do will that my daughter Sarah Lewis shall have also an equal share in it"; "my wife Mary Lewis [to be] my full and only executrix" [PCPR 2:2:19, MD 16:23].  On 1 Mar 1663/4, "Mr  Hinckley is appointed by the Court to administer an oath to the widow Lewis for the truth of the inventory of the estate of G[e]orge Lewis, deceased, and to take security in the Court's behalf for her true and faithful administration on the said estate" [PCR 4:55].  /// Birth: Baptized Brenchley, Kent, 31 Aug 1600, son of George and Dennis (Forman) Lewis [TAG 68:24]. Death: After 3 Jun 1662 (Grand jury service [PCR 4:14]) and before 1 Mar 1663/4 (appointment of administrator [PCR 4:55]).  Marriage: Horsmonden, Kent, 1 Nov 1624 Mary Doggett, daughter of Thomas Doggett [TAG 72:321-28]. Children: i. Mary Lewis, bp. Brenchley, Kent, 27 Dec 1625 [TAG 68:25]; m. Scituate 14 Nov 1643 John Bryant [PCR 8:17].  ii. George Lewis, bp. Brenchley, Kent, 11 Nov 1627 [TAG 68:26]; m. Barnstable [blank] Dec 1654 Mary Lombard [PCR 8:45].  iii. Thomas Lewis, bp. Brenchley, Kent 5 Jan 1630/1 [TAG 68.26; m. Barnstable 15 June 1653 Mary Davis [NEHGR 9:287; PCR 8:45, daughter of Dolor Davis (1634, Cambridge) [GM 2:2:296].  iv. James Lewis, bp. Brenchley, Kent, 25 Mar 1632 [TAG 68:26]; m. Barnstable [blank] Oct 1655 Sarah Lane [PCR 8:46].  v. Edward Lewis, bp. Staplehurst, Kent, 25 May 1634 [TAG 72:322, 328, 74:258]; m. Barnstable 9 May 1661 Hannah Cobb, daughter of Henry Cobb [1632, Plymouth] [GMB 1:392-95].  vi. John Lewis, b. Scituate 2 Mar 1637[/8] [PCR 8:46; MD 10:249], bp. there 11 Mar 1637/8 [NEHGR 9:281]; killed by the Indians at Pawtucket on 26 Mar 1676, unmarried [TAG 60:239, 68:26]. vii. Ephraim Lewis, b. Barnstable 23 July 1641 [PCR 8:46; PCR 10:249], bp. there 25 July 1641 [NEHGR 9:282]; named in father's will sometime before 3 March 1663/4; no further record. (The terms of his father's will suggest that Ephraim was infirm or otherwise not expected to marry.)  viii. Sarah Lewis, b. Barnstable 2 Feb 1643[/4] [PCR 8:46; MD 10:249], bp. there 11 Feb 1643/4 [NEHGR 9:282]; m. (1) Barnstable 26 Dec 1663 James Cobb, son of Henry Cobb [1632, Plymouth] [GMB 1:392-95]; m. (2) Barnstable 23 Nov 1698 Johnathan Sparrow, son of Richard Sparrow {1632, Plymouth} [GMB 3:1715-18].  /// Associations: Brother of John Lewis [1635, Scituate] [TAG 68:24-28],  Comments: On 4 Dec 1638, "Georg[e] Lewes" was fined 3s. for non-appearance at Court [PCM 1:104]. On 5 Apr 1641, "[w]hereas Georg[e] Lewes attached certain corn of Thomas Roberts in the hands of Captain Standish, and neither came nor anyone for him to prosecute his suit, was nonsuited, & the corn released [PCR 2:12].  On 8 June 1655, the "Court do allow unto George Lewis, of Barnstable, for charge and trouble about the said Anthony Gilpin [recently deceased] in his sickness and all other times, the sum of six pounds three shillings and four pence, besides ten shillings for the wintering of an heifer, and two shillings and six pence which was brought in upon account afterwards" [PCR 3:83].  The Plymouth section of the 1643 Plymouth Colony list of men able to bear arms includes an entry for "George Lewes," with a mark to indicate that this item was interlineated [PCR 8:188]. This item is puzzling, as George Lewis also appears in his proper place in the Barnstable section [PCR 8:193], and there is no other evidence for this or any other George Lewis in Plymouth. This may be a simple clerical error. Bibliographic Note: In 1993 Robert S. Wakefield prepared an account of the immigrant brothers George and John Lewis, with information on their English origins [TAG 68:24-28].  In 1997 Gordon Lewis Remington published two articles on this immigrant, the first discussing the history of the discovery of the English origin, and the second identifying his wife; he followed this in 1999 with a few corrections and additions [TAG 72:311-20, 321-28, 74:258].  

Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families pg 172: George from E. Greenwich ENG mc 1634 Sarah Jenkins and had Mary, Thomas, George, James, John, Joseph, Nathaniel

Founders & Patriots: Lewis, George (c1600- a Mar 3 1662/3) m c 1626 Sarah Jenkins MA. MASS 165;  XXXI, 256; XXXII, 151.

Amer Gen II: Lewis, George (d 1662) from East Greenwich Co Kent Eng to Plymouth MA 1630; one of the first makers of cloth at Scituate MA; a founder of Barnstable 1639 where he died; married Sarah Jenkins

Mayflower Increasings pg 55: Benjamin Eaton m 2nd, 3/11/1728/9, Hingham, Susanna (LEWIS) Beal (dau of James Lewis & Sarah Lane) bc 4/1669, poss Barnstable, d 4/13/1739 Kingston "ae 70 (the same month she died)" (Susanna m 1st 2/18/1689/90, Barnstable, Lazarus Beal). Pg 26: Jonathan Sparrow m 3rd 11/23/1698 Barnstable, Sarah (Lewis) Cobb (dau of George Lewis & Sarah Jenkins) b 2/2/1643 Barnstable d 2/11/1735 92nd yr Barnstable. Sarah m 1st 12/26/1663 Barnstable, James Cobb. They had 11 children.

Topographical pg 79: LEWIS, George; Greenwich Kent; Scituate; Ref Farmer

Pioneers of MA pg 285: LEWIS, LEWES, George, clothier, Plymouth. Rem to Scituate; adm chh 9/20/1635. His house and that of goodman Lewis, Jr. men by Parson Lothrop as being in Sci in 1636. Rem to Barnstable. Frm 6/3/1657. Wife Mary; ch John bapt 3/11/1637; Ephraim bapt 7/25/1641; Sarah bapt 2/11/1643. Will prob 3/3/1663; wife Mary; ch Ephraim, George, Thomas, James, Edward, John, Sarah. His dau Mary m 11/14/1643 John Bryant, Jr. [Reg VI 185] Note. The id of the ch is difficult owing to the similarity of names in the several families.

Vol VI pg 788: Lewis, George (d 1662) from E. Greenwich co Kent Eng to Plymouth MA 1636; one of the 1st makers of cloth at Scituate 1634; a founder of Barnstable 1639 where he d; m Sarah Jenkins m 2d Mary Fuller

Gen Reg of First Settlers of NE 178: LEWIS; GEORGE, Scituate 1636, came from East-Greenwich in Kent, England, and was admitted a member of the church in Plymouth; dismissed 23 Nov 1634 and settled in Scituate, from whence he removed to Barnstable, and was killed by the Indians at Blackstone's farm, 26 March, 1676. His wife was Sarah Jenkins, whom he m in England, and his children were, 1. George; 2. Thomas; 3. Edward; 4. James, who m Sarah Lane, and had 10 children, of whom John, the eldest, was b 29 Sept 1656, m Hannah Lincoln, of Hingham, where he resided and had 9 children, the 2d of whom was Rev. Daniel Lewis, of Pembroke, Mass, b 29 Sept 1685, grad at H.C. 1707, ordained 3 Dec 1712, d 29 June 1753 ae 68, 5. John; 6. Jabez; 7. Mary; 8. Sarah. Daniel Lewis, H.C. 1734, was son of Rev. Daniel. Hon. John Lewis, of North Yarmouth ME a senator of MA was son to a brother of Rev. Daniel and d. 4 March 1803 ae 85. A. Lewis, MS Letter.

Gen Dictionary of NE CD#169: LEWIS GEORGE, Plymouth, and Scituate, where he join. the ch. 20 Sept. 1635, a clothier, was from East Greenwich, in Kent, bef. 1633, and rem. to Barnstable bef. 1641, had in Eng. m. Sarah Jenkins, by her had sev. ch. b. there, as Mary, wh. m. 14 Nov. 1643, John Bryant; prob. George; and Thomas; perhaps Edward; Jabez, wh. d. unm.; and James, but at S. had John, b. 2, bapt. 11 Mar. 1638; and at B. had Ephraim, 23, bapt. 25 July 1641; and Sarah, 2, bapt. 11 Feb. 1644; but we know not the date of his d. yet it was prob. aft. 1663, for his will was brot. forward 3 Mar. 1664. It names w. Mary, s. Ephraim, George, Thomas, James, Edward, John, and d. Sarah. John was k. by the Ind. unm. 26 Mar. 1676, under capt. Pierce. His d. Mary, wh. had m. 14 Nov. 1643 John Bryant of Scituate, and had seven ch. was d. seven yrs. bef. her f.; and Sarah m. 26 Dec. 1663, James Cobb, and, next, 23 Nov. 1698, Jonathan Sparrow. He had, in 1658, with Richard Foxwell, purchas. lds. at Scarborough, but both soon came back. GEORGE, Barnstable, 8. of the preced. b. in Eng. prob. m. Dec. 1654, Mary, d. of Bernard Lumbard, had George, b. Sept. 1655; Mary, 9 May 1657; Sarah; 12 Jan. 1660; Hannah, July 1662 ; d. at 5 yrs.; Melatiah, 13 Jan. 1661; Bathshua, Oct. 1667; Jabez, 10 June 1670; Benjamin, 22 Nov. 1671; Jonathan, 25 July 1674; John, 1 Dec. 1676; and Nathan, 26 July 1678; and he d. 20 Mar. 1710.
 LEWIS JAMES, Barnstable, s. of the first George, perhaps b. in Eng. was selectman and lieut. m. 31 Oct. 1655, Sarah Lane, d. of George of Hingham, had John, b. 29 Oct. 1656, bapt. 27 Sept. foll.; Samuel, 10 Apr. 1659; Sarah, 4 Mar. 1661; James, 3 June 1664; Susanna; and Ebenezer; and he d. 4 Oct. 1713, in 82d yr. Sarah m. 6 Jan. 1685, Thomas Lincoln; and next, 20 Feb. 1699, Robert Waterman. 

The Indian Attack upon Casco pg 289: Honored Mother - After my duty & my wifes presented to your selfe these may inform you of our present health, of our present being when other of our friends are by the barbarous heathen cut off from having a being in this World. The Lord of late hath renewed his witnesses against vs, & hath dealth very bitterly with vs in that we are deprived of the Societie of our nearest friends by the breaking in of the adversarie against us: On Friday last in the morning your own Son with your two Sons in Law, Anthony & Thomas Bracket & their whole families were Killed & taken by the Indians, we Know not how, tis certainly known by us that Thomas is slain & his wife & children carried away captive, & of Anthony & his familie we haue no tidings & therefore think that they might be captivated the night before because of the remoteness of their habitation from neighborhood. G Corban & all his family G Lewis & his wife, James Ross & all his family, G Durham, John Munjoy, & Daniel Wakely, Benjamin Hadwell & all his family are lost, all slain by Sun an hour high in the Morning & after. G Wallis his dwelling house & none besides his is burnt, there are of men salin 11, of women & children 23 killed & taken; we that are aliue are forced upon Mr. Andrewes his Island to Secure our own & the lines of our families. we haue but little prouision & are so few in number that we are not able to bury the dead til more strength come to us, the desire of the people to your Selfe is that you would be pleased to Speak to Mr. Munjoy & Deacon Philips that they would entreat the Governour that forthwith aid might be Sent to us either to fight the enemie out of our borders that our English Corm may be inned in wherby we may comfortably liue or remoue vs out of danger that we may prouide for our Selues elswhere, hauing no more at present but desiring your prayers to God for his preservation of vs in these times of danger, I rest Your dutifull Son from Casco-bay 14.6.76. Thaddeus Clark. remember my Loue to my sister & 

Genealogical& Family History of ME: George Lewes of East Greenwich in Kent was a clothier and probably followed his trade in London before coming to New England. It is quite probable that he was a member of Mr Lothrop's church in London at the time of its disruption in 1632, and he evidently emigrated shortly afterward as he was in Plymouth Massachusetts in 1633 and two years later he rejoined his former pastor in Scituate where he was admitted a freeman in 1636 37. His home in Scituate was located on Kent street, the residents of which were mostly from that county in the mother country and known as the men of Kent. In 1639 he sold his property in order to remove with Mr Lothrop and the other church members to Barnstable and in common with the rest he received land grants in the latter place. He served as surveyor of highways in 1648 and 1650 rendered jury duty in 1649 and was constable in 1651 He was an honest man and a sincere Christian whose chief desire was to live in peace with his fellowmen to avoid actions at law and to yield rather than contend with his neighbors. He died in Barnstable in 1662 or 1663. His first wife whom he married in England about 1626 was Sarah Jenkins, a sister of Edward Jenkins who was subsequently a resident of Scituate. She accompanied him to America and died in Barnstable. The maiden surname of his second wife is unknown but her given name was Mary and she was living in 1670. He was the father of eight children five of whom were probably born in England. Their names were Mary, Thomas, George, James, Edward, John, Ephraim and NB. These children are not given in the order of their birth. II Lieutenant James son of George and Sarah Jenkins Lewes was born in England in 1631. Although compelled to work hard from daylight to dark he nevertheless found the means of gratifying a desire for the acquisition of knowledge by devoting the long winter evenings to study under the direction of the pastor and at his majority he was well prepared for the business of life. Like his father he was both honest and industrious but unlike his progenitor he possessed the faculty of acquiring property and he became wealthy. He was made a freeman in 1658 rendered the customary jury service was for many years an officer in the local militia company and probably served in King Philip's war, was a selectman for the years 1679 81 89 90, but did not unite with the church until 1699 when he was sixty eight years old. He died October 4 1713. His will was dated May 8 1713 and proved October 17 of that year. October 31 1655 he married Sarah daughter of George Lane of Hingham. Their children all born in Barnstable were John Samuel Sarah James Ebenezer George Joseph Susannah Mary and Hannah. III Ebenezer fourth son and fifth child of Lieutenant James and Sarah Lane Lewes was born in Barnstable December 20 1666. He acquired both wealth and prominence was one of the most able business men of Barnstable in his day held various town offices and was judge of the court of common pleas. The date of his death does not appear in the records at hand In 1691 he married Anna daughter of Hon Barnabas Lothrop and on February 28 1728 he married for his second wife Rebecca Sturgis of Yarmouth. The latter died April 10 1734 aged sixty five years. His children all of his first union were Sarah Susannah James Ebenezer Hannah Lothrop George Nathaniel John David and Abigail.

NE Historical & Genealogical Register 1863: GENEALOGY OF THE LEWIS FAMILY Prepared by Jon v H SHEPPAKD AM of Boston I GEORGE LEWIS came out here before 1633 from East Greenwich in Kent Eng m Sarah Jenkins of that country sister of Edward Jenkins clothier who afterwards emigrated to Plymouth Mr Lewis was dismissed from the Plymouth Church in 1634 and joined the church in Scituate as appears by the church records Sept 20 1635 where he had lands he was enrolled in the list of freemen at New Plymouth March 7 1636 and removed to Scituate where with certain freemen in 1637 he petitioned the court for more land his allotment being insufficient for his support and the petition was granted From thence he removed to Barnstable in 1640 where he resided till his death which in Farmer's Genealogical Register p 178 is stated to have been March 26 1676 when he was killed by the Indians at Blackstone farm but this is an error as the date applies to his son for he died in 1663 as his will was presented for probate at Barn stable March 3 1662 3 See NE His and Gen Register vol vi p 185 also Savage's Geneal Dictionary II 1 CHILDREN OF GEORGE LEWIS 2 Mary b about 1623 m John Bryant of Scituate Nov 14 1643 d 1656 They had seven children 3 Thomas b in England m Mary Davis June 15 1653 was one of the first settlers of Swansey and selectman there twice m 4 George b in England m Mary dau of Barnard Lombard of Scitnate December 1654 d March 20 1710 5 JAMES b 1631 in Scituate m Sarah Lane Oct 31 1655 dau of George Lane of Hingham was admitted freeman in 1658 was selectman of Barn stable 1660 1679 and 1681 Plymouth Col Records and from his military rank was called in the records Lieut Lewis There was a Select Court in each town and he was appointed one of the three justices for Barnstable d Oct 4 1713 a 82 6 John b at Scituate Oct 29 1637 m Margaret In the year 1676 the time ofthat bloody and destructive war with the Indians under King Philip he was in the battle called Pierce's fight which took place in Rehoboth near Mount Hope the residence of that celebrated Sachem Capt Michael Pierce of Scituate commanded the brave band consisting of 63 English and 20 Cape Cod Indians They were decoyed by the wily foe into an ambueb surrounded by 500 Indians and after fighting heroically were nearly all slain save only 8 English and 10 Indian allies who escaped John Lewis was slain in this battle which took place on the sabbath day March 26 1670 in his 39th year he had only one son b July 1638 7 Ephraim b at Barn stable July 23 1641 and bap 25th In Dr Stiles copy of Records of Churches of Scituate and Barnstable is the following 28 Goodman Lewis Sr joined September 20 1635 and again Ephraim son of George Lewis July 25 1644 See NE His and Gen Register vol ix p 282 PS This is named because Ephraim aud Edward were supposed by Mr Drake to be the same person The will of George Lewis exhibited Mar 3 1663 at Barnstable speaks of both lug vol vi p 185 8 Sarah b Feb 2 1643 m Dec 26 1663 1st James Cobb and 2d Jonathan Sparrow Nov 23 1698 9 Nathaniel b 1645 ra removed to Swansey where he had a son Nathaniel 1673 he d Oct 1 1683 10 Joseph b 1647 ra Mary Jones removed to Swansey and was killed by the Indians in the war June 1675 Deane's Hist of Scituate p 303 he left two children 11 Edward m Hannah Cobb May 9th 1661 

Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families, Volume 2 By Amos Otis: George Lewes was not one of the distinguished men of his times. He was an honest Goodman and got his living by his labor. He was a sincere christian and his constant purpose seems to have been to live in peace with all men to avoid suits at law to yield rather than contend with his neighhor/ He was not a shrewd business man and perhaps not so careful a manager as many/ He did not hold that the chief end of man is to gather up riches but to do good to train up his children in the way they should go to be useful citizens honest and industrious men/ His son James was a man of more energy of character of more business tact and became a distinguished man. Thomas was in some respects like his brother, James. The other sons, George, Edward, and John were like the father, good honest men, quiet and respectable citizens and their descendants to this day inherit the same good qualities. George Lewes clothier from East Greenwich County of Kent England married first in England Sarah Jenkins who came over with him and here died. He married second Mary, living in 1670 whose family name is not known. He died in Barnstable in 1662 or 3. His older children were born in England and no record of their births having heen preserved the arrangement of their names is problematical. I Mary born in England about the year 1623 married Nov 16 1643 John Bryant of Scituate and died before 1657 leaving a family of seven children. II Thomas born in England married June 16 1653 Mary Davis daughter of Dolar. Thomas removed to Falmouth was proprietor's clerk and a prominent man there. III George born in England perhaps the older of the family married Dec 1 1654 Mary daughter of Barnard Lumber died 20th March 1709. IV James born in 1631 in England married Oct 31 1655 Sarah Lane daughter of George of Hingham died Oct 4 1713 aged 82 yrs. V Edward probably born in England married 9th May 1661 Hannah Cobh daughter of Elder Henry. He died March 29 1703. She died Jan 17 1729 30 aged 90 years 8 months 12 daya. VI John born in Scituate March 2 1637 8 baptized March 11 1637 8 an inhabitant of Barnstahle 1670 killed at the Rehobeth battle March 26 1676. VII Ephraim born in Barnstable July 23 1641 baptized July 25 1641. He was living in 1663 but there is no notice of him after. He was probably dead in 1670. VIII Sarah born in Barnstable Feb 2 1643 4 baptized Feb 11 1643 4 married 1st James Cobb 26th Dec 1663 and 2d Jonathan Sparrow Esq of Eastham. She died in Barnstable Feb 11 1735 in the 92d yesr of her age as recorded on her grave atones according to the town records 92 years and 9 days. Mr Deane says be also had Nathaniel 1645 and Joseph 1647. Neither the town colony or church records confirm this statement. Mr Savage rejects this addition but gives him a son Jabez who died unmarried. His authority I do not find.


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