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John LILLY on "List of Men, Women and Children of the Penobscot Loyalists settled in the District of Passamaquoddy the 10th of June 1784"; 1784 grants in St. Andrews Lot 96 & Oak Bay/St. David Parish; leased a farm on Campobello from David Owen in 1798; born circa 1755; carpenter at Fort George, Penobscot

Spouse: Elizabeth __ born circa 1760

Children: John above age 10 6/10/1784; Charles under age 10 6/10/1784 (Charles Lilley of Eastport age 25 in 1808, name of petition of distressed seamen but said he did not sign); Lydia under age 10 6/10/1784; Elizabeth; Possibly Joseph Lilley born circa 1777, age 23 in 1811; Simeon Lilley born circa 1782, age 18 in 1811; Joseph & Simeon  members of the 1811 CampoBello Company of Militia per Campobello NB GenWeb site; Hannah S. lived St. Stephen & Campobello, born c. 1792,  died 3/29/1850 in Sandwich MA age 58 years 8 mo. MA death record, married Joseph Lapham born 9/9/1773 died 1847 was a master mariner removed to Boston 1810 [Lapham Family Register]


Elizabeth LILLY/LILLEY born 5/22/1785 St. Stephen NB died 10/29/1860 Alexander ME buried 10/31 Alexander Cemetery.

Spouse: Jesse STEPHENSON born 6/2/1784 married 3/29/1807 Eastport ME by Oliver Shead Justice of Peace

Children: Margaret Loring (Margrette L. per birth record Eastport ME) born 12/3/1807 married Samuel Brackett Lamb; (Margrette L. per birth record Eastport ME); Caroline C. born 10/7/1809 Eastport died 11/1886 Crawford married Jedediah Dwelley 2/16/1834 at Crawford; Elisha born 7/5/1811 Eastport married Abigail Spencer Bonney daughter of William and Rhonda (Pike) Bonney 10/2/1850; Elizabeth born 8/1/1813 Eastport died 2/17/1857 married Francis Burns; Lucia born 5/31/1816 Eastport married Isaac Bickford Edgerly son of Richard and Abigail (Bickford) Edgerly, this was his third marriage; Hannah born 11/18/1818 Eastport died Fitchburg MA 6/6/1914 married Harlow H. Thompson ; Jesse Jr. born 5/18/1821 Eastport married at Alexander on 12/10/1845 Sabrina Knight born 4/18/1825 Calais Maine daughter of  Hiram Knight born 9/2/1798 Calais and Jane Hester Duke born 3/22/1799 Annapolis Royal, NS married 5/27/1824; Rachel born 5/2/1823, the 1880 census lists her as age 57, single, and a housekeeper in John Sears household; Luke Wilton farmer, born 10/30/1825, died 7/2/1904 age 78 yrs 8 mo 2 days at Alexander of heart disease, married at Alexander on 6/29/1850 or 6/13 Elizabeth Harmon born circa 1829 at Machiasport daughter of Peter M. and Betsy (Woodruff) Hammond, on 9/24/1892 Luke married Martha widow of Levi Connick in St. Stephen NB; James Ripley born 5/6/1828 married Harriet L. ? (per A-CHS married Mary Caroline Hatfield daughter of Francis and Mary (Fraser) Hatfield); Harriet Lydia born 4/2/1830-3 married 11/1852 to James Philbrook Hammon brother of Elizabeth who married Luke

The Maine Genealogist - The Artificers and Inhabitants who built Fort George, Penobscot 1779 - 1780: The last large Artificers' Payroll was that for the month of April 1783 at which time the organization was: ... Carpenter at 5/ per diem John Lilley ...

Loyalists to Canada: pg 153; The date of he Loyalist grant, to "William Gammon and 429 others," on the town plot of St. Andrews [N.B.], was August 12, 1784. Individuals and families who were granted town lots were mostly Loyalist refugees, officers and men of the 74th Regiment, and Argyll Highlanders who had been stationed at Fort George.  There were others from the 64th, 70th, 84th, N.C. Highlanders, Royal Garrison Battalion, and King's Orange Rangers.  /P/ The plan for the town of St. Andrews consisted of six parallel streets running from northwest to southeast, and thirteen streets crossing them at right angles, forming sixty square blocks, etc. Each block was divided into eight lots.  Three divisions -- Bulkley, Parr, and Morris -- were planned for the settlement, and the streets were to be broad and regular.  Grantees were required to build their houses six feet from the street line.   This early planning resulted in a beautiful seaside town, which is noticeably attractive even today (1992). pg 155; The names of the St. Andrews grantees were: ... Barber, John ...Henderson, Hugh ... Hitchings, Amos ...Lillie/Lyall, John ... pg 160; The following St. Andrews grantees were also grantees of the Port Matoon/Mouton Association (now St. Stephen, New Brunswick): ... Barber, John ... Lillie/Lyall, John ... pg 161 The following St. Andrews grantees were also grantees with the Cape Ann Association in St. David Parish: ... Hitchings, Josiah, Jr. ...  Among the following St. Andrews grantees, are included part of the 74th Regiment, Argyll Highlanders ... Henderson, Hugh ...  pg 222 James Lylly 8 Mar, 1784, St. Johns.

 Return of the Back Lands of the Penobscott Loyalist - 1784 John Lillie, 1 woman, 3 children, 0 servants, 200 acres : 1811 Campobello Militia #27 Joseph Lilley #28 Simeon Lilley Campobello Facts provided by Patricia McCurdy Townsend. "At the end of the Neck at Man-of-War garden, Owen gave Daniel Holmes a choice piece. The Flagg farm that he had taken for himself he leased for 3 years to George Peck to cultivate it. /P/ Jonathan Parker in 1804 leased the Clark/Butler house and was given leave to sell liquor in the house and to trade. /P/ These leases were at the whim of David Owen. When Robert McLellan died in 1798 he got a release from the widow and re-rented the farm to John Lilley. The same was done at John Parker's - to Archibald Ladley.

Annals of Calais ME and St. Stephen NB pg 24: Hon. J. G. Stevens of St. Stephen, in his able and interesting "Prize Essay on Charlotte County," says: "The first settlement of the County began in 1784," when several persons previously of H.B.M's. 71st. Regiment, with others from Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, New York and elsewhere, united in a Corporate Body called the "Cape Ann Association," and obtained a Grant of a large tract of land in what is now the Parish of St. David. The Grant was given to David Clendenin and 147 others. Many of them, and some accompanied by their wives and children, in that year and the next, permanently located on the Grant. Among them were David Clendenin, William Moore, William Vance, Thomas McLaughlin, Reuben Smith, Samuel Thomas, Josiah Hitchings, Francis Norwood, Nathaniel Parsons, David McAllister, and others probably, whose names cannot be ascertained. The descendants of these people still occupy farms in St. David. pg 25: In the same year, 1784-5, and probably from the same localities, fourteen other families came and settled near the bank of the St. Croix, probably below Porter's Stream and down to the Ledge. The names of the men were Edmund Doherty, James Thompson, James Nickerson, Zeb, Linnekin, John McMullen, John Lily, Joshua Babb, Wm. Gallop, John Leeman, Luther Dany, Alex. Patterson, John Jordan, John Young, and John Hopps.

IGI Records: Mrs. Ann Lillie married Nathaniel Lillie circa 1682 Canada; Samuel Lilley born 1787 New Brunswick; Hannah S. Lilley born about 1782 of Campobello, NB married Joseph Lapham; Samuel Lilley married Rebecca Green 12/9/1819 York NB. Vital Records of Eastport Sentinel: Vol 3 #42 6/9/1821 marriage in NY no date Herkimner Co., James B. Wheat of Truxton to Lois Lilley of Homer. Eastport Vital Records:" Nathl Ingraham and Harriot J. Liley entered marriage intentions 11/29/1812 in Eastport ME. The date of the certificate was 12/14/1812." " List of marriages performed by Oliver Shead, Justice of the Peace in 1812: Decr 27th Nathaniel Ingraham with Harriot J. Lillely both of Eastport ME." " Ruben Davison(?) of Plantation #3 and Lydia C. Lilley of Eastport filed marriage intentions April 8, 1818 in Eastport. Their certificate was issued 4/22/1818. They paid 50/100."  "I hereby certify that an intention of marriage between Mr. Ruben Damon of Plantation No. 3 and Miss Lydia C. Lilley of Eastport hath been entered with me fourteen days prior to the date hereof and published in the town of Eastport as the law directs. Given under my hand and seal at Eastport this twenty second day of April AD 1818 John Swett Town Clerk." "Nathaniel Manson and Ann Lilley, both of Eastport, entered marriage intentions June 3, 1820. The certificate was granted June 19, 1820. They paid 50/100."

Penobscot Loyalists Settled at Passamaquoddy 1784: Men: Jonn Greenlaw, Amos Hitchens, Ebenr Greenlaw, John Lilly, John Davis, Alex. Greenlaw, William Davis - Women:  Mary Hitchins, Eunice Greenlaw, Eliz. Greenlaw, Eliz. Lilly, Hannah Greenlaw, Rebecca Greenlaw, Honor Davis (widow): Children - Greenlaw - Hanh, Jean, Lucy, Abigail, Eliz, Wm, James, Elijah, Jonn, Wm, John, Ebenr, Jonn, Thos., Richd., Walter, Eliz., Joanna, Jane, Eunice, Ebenezer, Rebecca, Sarah, William, John, Abigail, Eliz, Wm 3d. Davis - Rachel, William, Mary, Elizh, Charlotte, Martha, Sophia. Hitchens/Hutchins - Sally, Betsey, Mary, Amos, James, G.A. Lilly - John, Charles, Lydia.. 

Ward Chipman, Muster Master's Office (1777-1785). John Lilley, 1777, 3rd Battalion DeLancey's Regiment, Muster Roll. Musteer Roll of Captain Hewlett's Company inn the 3rd Battalion of Provincials commanded by Brigadier General De Lancey. Ward Chipman Papers. MG 23 D1, Series 1, volume 25, page 38, C-9818.

NB Campobello GenWeb: John Lilley to the Surviving Grantees of Campobello, May 1793 Deed Registered November 1800 
These leases were at the whim of David Owen.  When Robert McLellan died in 1798 he got a release from the widow and re-rented the farm to John Lilley.

The Artificers and Inhabitants Who Built Fort George, Penobscot, 1779-1780: The last large Artificers' payroll found was that for the month of April 1783 at which time the organization was Master Carpenter @ 10/- per diem John Chaytor; Foreman @ 7/6 per diem John Rigby; Carpenters @ 5/- per diem Lauchlan McCurdy, John Lilley, William Munro, Michael Leonard, Nineon Linsey, John McKinley, Michael Ryan John Evans. @ 4/- per diem: William Cookson, Maurice Henley

PANB/UNB Grantbook Database: LILLEY, JOHN, Volume: A, page 176, Grant no. 96. Original province of registration: Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia registration date: 1784/08/03. NB registration date: 1785/05/21. No accompanying plan. 100 Acres. Passamaquoddy, Sunbury County. Penobscot Assoc.

[Sandwich MA Vital Records: 1850, March 30, Mrs. Hannah T. Lapham, widow, 58y.8m., born Eastport Maine to John & Elizebeth Lilley - Death];

[Pioneers of MA pg 286: Lily, Lillye, Luke, propr. at Marshfield, atba. 1643; served against the Narragansetts in 1645 - any connection?]

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