McDowell / McDowall / MacDowall / McDougall / McDoual / McDouall

Patrick McDowell born circa 1699 at Old Luce, Wigtownshire, Scotland

Spouse: Agnas Dugan born circa 1730 married about 1730 in Wigtownshire

Children: Alexander born 1730 at Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland Christened 6/13/1731 at Old Luce; Peter


Alexander McDOWELL b 1730 Kirkmaiden, Wigton, Scotland

Spouse: Elizabeth MORRISON b  4/29/1731 m 6/26/1755 Old Luce, Wigtownshire, Scotland

Children: Children: James b 10/16/1756, d 1/16/1763; Agnes b 1759; Williamina b 6/9/1760 or 7/7/1763?, d 3/15/1787 Kirkmaiden; Jean b 7/18-19/1761; Elizabeth b 6/28/1765, d 12/1/1770 Kirkmaiden; Robert b 1/3/1767, died 9/3/1797 Norfolk VA; Alexander b 11/20/1770 or 6/11/1770, died 7/6/1841 St. Andrews NB, (2) Janet McClery; Patrick b 6/4-19?/1773, died 6/14/1849 St. Andrews NB.


Alexander McDOWELL / McDouall b 11/20/1770 Kirkmaiden, Scotland died 7/6/1841 age 71, brought brother Patrick to NB & several children), buried Greenock Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Spouse:  Janet McCLERY / McAlery / McChlery married about 1787

Children: James born 2/27/1788 [information by Bruce McDowall from the old Parish registrar in Wigtownshire, Scotland and Rena Harris]; John born circa 1790


James McDOWELL born 2/27/1788 Kirkmaiden, Galloway, Scotland died 6/4/1849 Pennfield Parrish Charlotte NB [Christ Church Cemetery GROUP 4  BLOCK A   in front and south end of church -  MCDOWELL, James died June 4 1849, age 57 (if correct, birth year was circa 1792 not 1788); wife Ann died Nov. 1842, age 45]

Spouse: 1) Elizabeth Groves b circa 1790 m 5/1812 2) Ann REID married 5/1822 in Pennfield NB. died 11/1842 age 45; born circa 1797

Children: 1) James b 5/5/1813 Barrony of Dulhullow, Ireland, died  married Jane Dunbar; Margaret b 1/25/1815 Ireland; Elizabeth b 9/1817 Ireland. 2) John b 9/1823 Ireland; William b 3/26/1831 Pennfield Parrish NB; Duncan b 3/16/1833 NB


William McDOWELL born 3/26/1831Pennfield Parish Charlotte NB died 8/30/1883 Bocabec St. Patrick Parish Charlotte NB age 52, have photo of grave stone in Bocabec Presbyterian NB cemetery buried with 1st wife Mary [Bonds 1858 N.B. Mary Reid Film#F-9090 Ref. 1858-10/29-A co-signer James McWilliams]

Spouse: (1) Mary Reid/Reide born 4/19/1838 Bocabec died 1/14/1877 aged 38 years 9 months married 12/3/1858 (2) Mary Jane WILSON, born 1852, buried Waite ME no marker, married at Bocabec NB 12/1/1877, Marriage Bonds 1877 Film #F-9109, Reference 1877-5697, Hugh McKay co-signer; she married,  (2) Thomas Rogerson (3) Stanley W. Fenlason

Children: Jessie Mabel born circa 1878 died when only a few months old per Mary Levinia; Sarah Maria born 2/14/1882 ("Sadie"); Mary Levinia (Aunt May) born circa 6/24/1880 Bocabec NB, died in Brewer ME 3/7/1961 married Everett James Pettingill of Enfield ME 8/12/1901 per ME Marriage Archives, children Leonice Marion died 1979, Orman, John Woodrow (Woody). Son of Mary Jane: Albert Ernest Rogerson born 6/17/1885 Oak Bay, died with influenza 10/16/1918 age 33, occupation Chef, son of Thomas Rogerson born 3/4/1819 England died 3/9/1904 Bartlett Mills Charlotte NB; his children were Lloyd & Virginia, Lloyd lived in Brewer ME & Virginia was nurse in Brighton MA.. McDowell children by (1) Mary Reid: William A. born 3/20/1862;  James born 9/12/1863; Elizabeth Annie born 4/18/1864 died 4/20/1902(1903, married Frederick O'Brien); Thomas born 3/17/1866 had a son Ralph who had a son Hugh; Gideon Prescott born 2/12/1868, married Jennie Buchanan, moved to California, filed petition for naturalization, died 9/3/1940; John born 1871; John born 3/4/1876 married Margaret Ellen Thompson; Nancey "Nan" born circa 1875 married a Fred A. Sloan 


Sarah Maria McDOWELL "Sadie" born 2/14/1882 Bocabec NB, died 2/12/1926 of gallbladder complications Red Beach ME, buried Calais ME, marriage certificate & grave stone list her as "Sadie"

Spouse: Hamden Oliver DAVIS born 6/29/1869 died 8/28/1940 buried Calais ME; married 7/20/1900 Princeton ME; lived on Boardman St in Milltown in 1910

Children: Mary Evalina born3/19/1902 Danforth ME died 3/22/1902 1902 buried Danforth ME, memorial stone in Calais ME cemetery with parents; Everett Edmund born 4/2/1903 Crawford died 8/1983 Vero Beach FL buried National Cemetery Pensacola FL never married, US Army WWII; Roscoe Jacob born 10/5/1908 Baring ME died 9/27/1966 buried in Brewer Cemetery Robbinston ME married Dorothy Goodwin (Aunt Dot) daughter of Albion Goodwin and Cora McDonald; Vernard Webster born 4/5/1917 Milltown ME died 11/7/1917 age 7 mo. 1 da of pneumonia & chicken pox, buried Calais ME; Oliver LeRoy born 3/14/1911 died 7/7/1921 drowned St. Croix River Milltown ME buried Calais ME; Henry Cleon born 5/12/1914 Milltown ME, US Air Force retired WWII Pacific, married Doris Noel (Aunt Doris) of St John Newfoundland; Roy Bernard born 7/7/1919 Milltown ME died 12/28/01 Chelsea MA buried Calais ME, U.S. Army, WWII Pacific; Arnold A. born 1/12/1921 Chipman Hospital St. Stephen NB, US Navy WWII, married Ottobell Joyce Spencer (Aunt Joyce); Carl Clayton born 1/16/1922 Milltown ME married Dorothy Anderson Seymour (Aunt Dorothy) died Concord CA; Shirley Elizabeth born 5/30/1923 Chipman Hospital St Stephen NB married Maurice Russell Smith born 11/10/17 Calais ME died 7/17/01 Milton FL (Chrome Dome/Chromey)

Sarah went to live with Jacob & Lucy Davis when 9 years old, she was listed in a servant in Census, but attended school. Her father had died & mother remarried Thomas Rogerson and Stanley W.  Fenlason. When 19, Sadie married Hamden.  Shirley  was raised from age 3 by Aunt May (Mary Levinia) after her mother died. Aunt May wrote that she and Sadie "dearly loved" their half brother Albert. In a letter Sara Maria McDowell Davis wrote to Aunt May, she referred to "Aunt Sadie," Nan, & Albert.

Provincial Archives of NB 1865-1866 Directory: McDowell, William; Farmer, Pennfield, Charlotte Co.
Provincial Archives of NB 1867-1868 Directory: McDowell, William; Farmer; Pennfield, Charlotte Co.; McDowell, John; Farmer; Pennfield, Charlotte Co.; McDowell, James; Farmer; Pennfield, Charlotte Co.
Marriage Bonds, 1810-1932: McDowell, William, 1858, Groom, Charlotte Co. Film #F-9090, Reference 1858-10/29-A; James McWilliams from Charlotte Co. Co-Signer; Mary Reid, bride, from Charlotte Co.
Marriage Bonds, 1810-1932: William McDowell, 1877, groom, from Charlotte Co., Film # F-9109, Reference 1877-5697; Hugh McKay Co-Signer, Mary Jane Wilson from Charlotte Co. bride.

?? Irish Immigrants in the NB Census of 1851 and 1861: McDowell, James; landed 1819, age 38, Pennfield, Charlotte Co.

The NB Census of 1851, Charlotte Co. Vol I, Pennfield Parish: McDowal, p. 14 [Shares house with John Kernian] James, 38, Irish, Husb. Farmer: Prop. Sept 1819; Jane, 29, N.B., wife, birth; Thomas, 11, NB, son, birth; Nancy, 9, NB, daughter, birth; Elizabeth, 7, NB, NB, daughter, birth; Mary, 5, NB, daughter, birth; Margaret, 1, NB, daughter, birth; William, 20, NB, brother, birth; Dunkin, 18, NB, brother, birth; William Sutherland, 58, Scot, lodger, shoemaker, 9/1791.
McDowal, p. 14: John, 27, NB, husband, farmer, birth; Mary, 22, NB, wife, birth.
St. Andrews: McDowal, p. 86: John, 33, Scot, husband, farmer, 1828; Margaret, 35, NB, wife; Mary, 5, NB, daughter; Joseph Mears, 20, Eng., lodger, farmer, 1850.
1871 Census Province of New Brunswick, Parish of Saint Patrick. McDowell, William, M, 38, born NB, Presbyterian C of LP, Origin Irish, Occupation Farmer, Married; McDowell, Mary, F, 33, born NB,  same,  same, -, married; McDowell, William, M, 9, -, same, same, same, -, -; McDowell, Elizabeth, F, 7, -, same, same, same, -, -; McDowell, Thomas, M, 5, -, same, same, same, -, -; McDowell, Gideon P. M, 3, -, same, same, same, -, -; McDowell, John, M. 1/12, Mar, same, same, same, -, -; Reid, James, M, 62, -, Ireland, same, same, Labourer, W; Reid, Martha, F, 20, -, NB, same, same, -, -; Reid, Rebecca, F, 17, -, same, same, same, -, -
1881 Census Province of New Brunswick, Parish of St. Patrick. McDowell, William, M, 48, Born NB, Religion Presb C., Origin Irish, Profession Farmer, M. McDowell Mary, F, 29, Born NB, Presb C., Irish, -, M. McDowell, William, M, 19, NB, Presb C, Irish, Farmer son. McDowell, Annie, F, 17, NB, Presb C, Irish; McDowell, Thomas, M, 15, NB, Presb C, Irish; McDowell, Gideon, M, 13, NB, Presb C, Irish; McDowell, John, M, 10, NB, Presb C, Irish; McDowell, Nancey, F, 6, NB, Presb C, Irish; McDowell, Mary, F, 10/12, June, NB, Presb C, Irish. 

Pennfield Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Block A, Row 4: James McDowell/ Died/ June 4, 1849/ Aged 57 years/ Ann, his wife/ died Nov. 1842/ Aged 45 years./ Also Thos. McDowell/ died Oct. 19, 1838/ aged 29 years. In Memory of Duncan McDowell who died 6/8/1854 aged 21.

Rogerson, Thomas 3/4/1819 ENG died 3/9/1904 Barlet Mills NB father William Rogerson mother Mary; married Eunice Linton Nutter 5/133/1854 St. George NB; children Mary Ann 4/27/1854, Frances Augusta, Elzaid Smith, Thomas Furber, Minnie Maria, Statira Jane, Susan Cephrite, William Ernest, Morton Hatch, Bernard McAdam, Eunice Dora, Hugh Talbot 5/7/1877; (2) married Mary Jane (Wilson) McDowell 12/24/1884 in Brockway, York Co., NB.  
Family Group Record Albert Ernest Rogerson married 3/22/1906 Danforth, Washington ME to Lily Ella Josephine Shanks born 11/28/1889; Albert died 12/16/1918.
1910 Census Danforth Maine Albert E. Rogerson age 24, married 4 years, cook in Lumberwoods; wife Lillian, age 20; son Lloyd age 3; daughter Virgy age 11/12?. 
1900 Census Danforth MaineStanley W. Fenlason, born June 1865, age 34, married 8 years, born Maine, father and mother born ME; Mary J. wife, born July 1853, age 46, mother of 5 children, 3 living, born Canada, mother & father born Canada, 9 years in the US; Albert E. Fenlason [sic] stepson, born June 1887, age 12, born Canada, mother & father born Canada, came to US 1891, been in US 9 years, attending school.

RS551A Marriage Bonds, 1810-1932: Film # F-9109, Ref 1877-5697; William McDowell, 1877 groom, of Charlotte Co.   Hugh McKay, Co-signer, of Charlotte Co.; Mary Jane Wilson, bride, of Charlotte Co. Film # F-9090, Reference 1858 - 10/29-A; William McDowell, 1858, groom, of Charlotte Co.,  James McWilliams, Co-signer, of Charlotte Co.; Mary Reid, bride, of Charlotte Co.

St Croix Courier 1876: AUGUST 17, 1876 DIED : MCDOWELL - At Moore's Mills on the 5th inst., William Robert McDowell, aged 41 years. September 25, 1913: MCDOWELL - At Milltown, Sept. 20, to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick McDowell, a daughter. 12/20/1877. 12/20/1877 m. Bayside (Charlotte Co.) 11th inst., by Rev. William Millen, William McDOWELL, Bocabec / Miss Mary Jane WILSON, Tower Hill.
McDOWELL 9/13/1883 d. Bocabec (Charlotte Co.) 30th Aug, William McDowell, age 52.
St Andrews Beacon 10/3/1895: Mrs. RUSSELL w/o James RUSSELL, M.P.P., Bayside, who has been ill for some time, died Friday morn. at her home. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon. The funeral ceremony was conducted by Rev. A.W Mahon of Greenock Church, St. Andrews. The deceased was a native of Scotland and came to this country with her father, Major McDOWELL in 1828. She was about 80 years of age. She leaves a husband and two sons.
St. Andrews Standard (December 8, 1858): 3rd Dec., by Rev. John Ross, William McDOWELL, Pennfield (Charlotte Co.) / Miss Mary REID, St. Patrick.
St. Croix Courier 12/20/1977: m Bayside (Charlotte Co.) 11th inst., by Rev. William Millen, William McDOWELL, Bocabec / Miss Mary Jane WILSON, Tower Hill
St. Andrews Standard (December 8, 1858).: Married 3rd Dec., by Rev. John Ross, William McDOWELL, Pennfield (Charlotte Co.) / Miss Mary REID, St. Patrick.

Sacred  To the Memory of Alexander McDOUALL  Formerly of  Dru More Parish of Kirkmaiden County  of Wigton, Scotland, late of the parish of St. Andrews; Who died July 6, 1841 / Aged 71 years Family Group Record James McDowell (AFN:8G67-G7) born before 1817 Pennfield, Charlotte NB, married May 1842 Jane Dunbar born before 1819 Pennfield; children all born Pennfield: Margaret born 8/5/1850 died 6/8/1928, Thomas born 1/6/1844, Nancy born 1/17/1846, Elizabeth born 8/31/1848, Annie born 1/3/1854 died 10/3/1855, William John born 7/13/1855 died 5/31/1859, James Alexander born 11/23/1856, Robert John born 2/14/1860 died 2/29/1862, David born 1864 died 5/1864, Emily born 6/1866] 26 June 1648. Title Contract of Marriage, dated at Logan,between Isabel ADAIR (eldest daughter of Sir Robert ADAIR of Kinhilt)and Patrick McDOWELL (son and heir of Alexander McDOWELL of Logan. Alexander McDOWELL of Logan to provide the spouses in: the ..... lands of Miltoun, 5 merkland of Bar, 5 merkland of Cocholloche, 5 merkland of Elrig and an a/c of 2000 merks principal lying in wadset in the parish of Mochrum, but if Jean AGNEW spouse of Alexander (McDOWELL ) survives him she is to have the liferent of the same. Tocher (widows 1/3 portion ?) 7,000 merks Wit:- Uchtred McDOWELL yr. of Freugh, Patrick McDOWELL of Creichane, John CATHCART of Gannoche and James McKittrik notary. From : McDouall family of Logan, Wigtownshire GD141/164 Scottish Archives

In-Laws, Outlaws and Kin Folk, column by F.E. McConvey: "From Bayside to Bogota (and parts in between)" Alexander was reportedly a prosperous farmer and corn merchant in Wigtownshire, and also built the harbour at Drunmore in Kirkmaiden Parish about 1810. By 1826 he had run into financial difficulties and the harbor property was sequestered. Alexander, along with his partner Thomas McChlery, lost all his material possessions. After his farm was surrendered to the Earl of Stair, Alexander remained on his property as a tenant until December 1828. In 1828 Alexander emigrated to New Brunswick, his trip financed by his wife's father. He brought several of his children, along with his brother Peter (Patrick).

Lewiston Daily Sun 11/6/1928: In the case of Prescott j. Fox, administrator of the estate of Nancy Sloan, against Fred A. Sloan, the plaintiff is awarded $317.78. This case goes to the Law Court.

 Members of parliament, Scotland, including the minor barons: McDowall, James of Garthland Wigtownshire 1643 conv 1644-7, 1648 laird, [1654-5 1656-8 1658-9 English parlt WILLIS] Sir James McDowall of Garthland served heir of his father Sir John 1637, he m Jane dau of Sir John Hamilton of Grange and had a son William MP. William of Garthland Wigtownshire 1689 conv 1689 until his death s.b. [31 Dec 1700] Son of Sir James MP last named m Grizel dau of A Bentoun and had at least 4 sons.

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