Margaret NELSON baptized 6/22/1608 Asterby Lincolnshire ENG died 3/18/1684 Hingham MA

Spouse: Matthew Hawke married before 1635 ENG


  Sarah born 8/1/1641 married Honorable John Cushing; Elizabeth baptized 7/14/1639 died 11/4/1713 married Stephen Lincoln 2/1660; Bethiah baptized 1/21/1643 married Benjamin Stetson; Mary baptized 8/2/1646 married Benjamin Loring; James, Captain, baptized 5/27/1649 married Sarah Jacob; Deborah baptized 3/22/1651 married John Briggs; Hannah born 7/22/1655 married Peter Cushing; Stephen Lincoln died 11/4/1713


Sarah HAWKE baptized 8/1/1641 Hingham MA, died 3/9/1679 Scituate MA

Spouse: John CUSHING, Colonel, married 1/20/1658 Hingham

Children: John (Judge) born 4/28/1662 Hingham died 1/19/1737 Scituate married Deborah Loring 5/20/1687 Scituate 2. Sarah Thaxter; Thomas born 12/26/1663 married Deborah Thaxter; Matthew born 2/23/1665 married Deborah Jacob; Jeremiah born 7/13/1666; James born 1/27/1668 baptized 3/21/1669 married Mary Barrell 12/10/1713; Joshua born 8/27/1670; Sarah born 8/26/1671 married Col John Alden; Caleb born 1/6/1673; Deborah born 9/14/1674 married Capt. John; Mary born 8/30/1676; Joseph born 9/23/1677; Benjamin born 2/4/1679; all born Scituate except John born Hingham


White Swirled Line

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