Sarah Ann OAKELEY (she may have married an Oakeley second or that was her maiden name per Great Migration) born circa 1586, died 6/23/1649 Hingham MA; 

Spouse: John LYFORD,Rev. born circa 1590 Laughgaid, Loughall, Armagh Ireland died in Virginia circa 1628; minister at Levalleglish, Laughgaid Armagh; came to N. E. in 1624, lived at Plymouth, Nantasket, Salem &  Virginia in 1627, preached at Plymouth, Hull, Cape Ann & Salem & finally Virginia; for mutinous conduct (religious) he was banished from Plymouth colony also like-minded John Oldham left; sailed in 1627 to Shirley Hundred, Virginia and died soon after arrival; she married (2) Edmund Hobart/Hubbard of Hingham at Charlestown, but did not have any children by him, married circa 1617

Children:  Obediah born circa  1617, scholar at Trinity College, Dublin, died Ireland without issue 1639; Ruth born circa 1619, married James Bates 4/19/1643;  Mordecai born circa 1621; Martha (probably) born by 1628,  married Samuel LINCOLN by 1650 [Smith/Davis family]


Ruth LYFORD died 3/9/1690 Hingham MA

Spouse: James BATES married 4/19/1643 Hingham [AMR]

Children: Hopestill born 12/12/1644 died same Scituate; Clement baptized 10/19/1645 died young Scituate; James; John born 1649 Scituate died 6/7/1690 Hingham; Ruth baptized 9/2/1651 Hingham; Joseph baptized 10/20/1653 Hingham; Benjamin born 7/15/1655 Hingham; Solomon born 8/23/1657 Hingham; Rachel married Caleb Lincoln


White Swirled Line

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