Porterfield, Paterfield


Spouse: ?

Children: William born 1713; Patrick, Captain in militia, born 1722 North Ireland, died 1799, married Martha Jameson circa 1743, Martha died 1771, resided Thomaston ME; [energetic, liberal, popular, passionate in temper capable of strong terms of speech. His death was sudden caused by undue mental excitement over some trifling matter - Jameson's in America]


William PORTERFIELD, Jr. born 1713

Spouse: Mary JAMESON born about 1713; intentions of marriage 1/4/1738; died 3/14/1802 aged 89

Children: Hannah Eliza born 1750 Windham Cumberland ME; William; Catherine married William Slemons in Falmouth 1744; Capt. John married 1788 Catherine Slemons 


Hannah Eliza PORTERFIELD born 1750 Windham Cumberland ME died Windham

Spouse: John LAMB married 5/15/1774 born 1740 Westbrook Cumberland ME, married 5/15/1774 Falmouth ME resided Oxford ME

Children: Robert born 8/24/1771 Windham died 4/11/1861; Eleanor born 1772 Windham;  James born 8/24/1774 Gorham died 3/4/1853 Maine; Richard born 3/17/1777 Gorham died 12/22/1871; Martha born 1778 Windham; Robert born 5/26/1779 Gorham; William born 1788 Windham died 1864.

Information provided by Alta Flynt & Mary

Records of Falmouth ME Intentions of Marriage. William Porterfield Jr. with Mary Jameson January 4, 1738. Jordan John with Mary Porterfield 1/15/1737. Johnson James Jr. with Elizabeth Porterfield 1/20/1759. McCraight John with with Mary Porterfield 2/27/1738. 

1790 Census Falmouth ME: William Porterfield - 3 free white males 16+;  2 free white males -16; 6 free white females;  0 all other free persons; 0 slaves. Elizabeth Porterfield - 0 3 6 0 0. William Lamb 2 3 6 0 0 

New England Family History pg 118: William Porterfield was a member of Capt. Thomas Skilling's Stroudwater Co., at the taking of the list Aug. 11, 1757, together with Solomon Haskell, Sergt. & Benjamin & John Haskell; James & John Frost & William & Robert Slemons; the latter being on the Alarm List; i.e., "one quarter of the company most able and fit for service, always in readiness and completely armed to be sent forth and marched into service against the enemy," etc. William Porterfield was a tax payer in he first Parish, Portland in 1760. An entry in Parson Bradley's Journal is as follows: "Mrs. Porterfield died March 14, 1802 aged 89." This was probably Mrs. William Sr.

Deering News 3/17/1894: "William Porterfield and William Porterfield, Jr. appear upon the original list of tax payers of the parish of Cape Elizabeth of 1735, the first paying a tax on real estate and personal property, while the latter paid only a poll tax. Hereabouts the name is now extinct. From whence came these persons is a mystery but conjecture places then among the band of Scotch-Irish emigrants who landed here some fifteen years anterior to the date above given. Their first descendants were somewhat peculiar in their inclinations, abounding in sociability and mirthfulness."

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