Spouse: James McDOWELL born 2/27/1788 Kirkmaiden, Galloway, Scotland died 1849 Pennfield Parrish Charlotte NB

Children: William born 3/26/1831 Pennfield Parrish Charlotte NB died 8/30/ 1883 Bocabec St. Patrick Parish Charlotte NB, have photo of grave stone in Bocabec NB cemetery buried with 1st wife Mary [Bonds 1858 N.B. Mary Reid Film#F-9090 Ref. 1858-10/29-A co-signer James McWilliams]

Provincial Archives of NB 1865-1866 Directory: McDowell, William; Farmer, Pennfield, Charlotte Co.
Provincial Archives of NB 1867-1868 Directory: McDowell, William; Farmer; Pennfield, Charlotte Co.; McDowell, John; Farmer; Pennfield, Charlotte Co.; McDowell, James; Farmer; Pennfield, Charlotte Co.
Marriage Bonds, 1810-1932: McDowell, William, 1858, Groom, Charlotte Co. Film #F-9090, Reference 1858-10/29-A; James McWilliams from Charlotte Co. Co-Signer; Mary Reid, bride, from Charlotte Co.
Marriage Bonds, 1810-1932: William McDowell, 1877, groom, from Charlotte Co., Film # F-9109, Reference 1877-5697; Hugh McKay Co-Signer, Mary Jane Wilson from Charlotte Co. bride.

The NB Census of 1851, Charlotte Co. Vol I, Pennfield Parish: McDowal, p. 14 [Shares house with John Kernian] James, 38, Irish, Husb. Farmer: Prop. Sept 1819; Jane, 29, N.B., wife, birth; Thomas, 11, NB, son, birth; Nancy, 9, NB, daughter, birth; Elizabeth, 7, NB, NB, daughter, birth; Mary, 5, NB, daughter, birth; Margaret, 1, NB, daughter, birth; William, 20, NB, brother, birth; Dunkin, 18, NB, brother, birth; William Sutherland, 58, Scot, lodger, shoemaker, 9/1791.
McDowal, p. 14: John, 27, NB, husband, farmer, birth; Mary, 22, NB, wife, birth.
St. Andrews: McDowal, p. 86: John, 33, Scot, husband, farmer, 1828; Margaret, 35, NB, wife; Mary, 5, NB, daughter; Joseph Mears, 20, Eng., lodger, farmer, 1850.

1871 Census Province of New Brunswick, Parish of Saint Patrick. McDowell, William, M, 38, born NB, Presbyterian C of LP, Origin Irish, Occupation Farmer, Married; McDowell, Mary, F, 33, born NB,  same,  same, -, married; McDowell, William, M, 9, -, same, same, same, -, -; McDowell, Elizabeth, F, 7, -, same, same, same, -, -; McDowell, Thomas, M, 5, -, same, same, same, -, -; McDowell, Gideon P. M, 3, -, same, same, same, -, -; McDowell, John, M. 1/12, Mar, same, same, same, -, -; Reid, James, M, 62, -, Ireland, same, same, Labourer, W; Reid, Martha, F, 20, -, NB, same, same, -, -; Reid, Rebecca, F, 17, -, same, same, same, -, -.

White Swirled Line

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