Sowter, Sowtar, Sowther, Souter





Thomas SOWTER born circa 1540 Derby ENG, died 7/26/1574 Derby

Spouse: Alice TURNER / Alicia Turnar, born ENG, married 5/19/1560 All Saints Derby Derby ENG

Children: Philippa christened 7/6/1568 All Saints Derby; Thomas christened 4/1567 All Saints Derby


Phillipa SOWTER baptized 7/6/1568 All Saints Derby Derbyshire ENG

Spouse: William OLDHAM married 1588 Derby Derbyshire ENG

Children: John born 7/14/1592; Lucretia born 1/14/1599-00 Derby married Jonathan Brewster 4/10/1624

Mayflower Increasings pg 24: Jonathan Brewster b 8/12/1593 Scrooby Eng d 8/7/1659 New London Ct bur Preston Ct; m 4/10/1624 Plymouth Lucretia Oldham (dau of William Oldham & Phillipa Sowter) bpt 1/14/1600 Parish of All Saints Derby/Darby Eng, d 3/4/1678-9 Norwich Ct bur Preston Ct.

Biographical history of Gonville and Caius college, 1349-1897: Sowter Thomas of Long Sutton Lincolnshire son of Thomas Sowter mediocris fortunse School Wisbech four years Age 22 Admitted pensioner Dec 8 1568 Assigned a cubicle with Henry Hammot fellow his tutor and surety Probably BA Qu 1568 9 MA 1572 and vicar of Wiggenhall St Mary Norf 1577 1591 Suspended in 1584 for non compliance with Abp Whitgift's Articles Will proved Norw 1591 

?? The chronicles of the collegiate church or free chapel of All Saints, Derby: 1592 Sep 31 Ricus filius Wilmi Sowter sep 31 die ex peste. The Plauge began in Darby in the house of William Sowter bootcher in the parishe of All Sts in Darby, Robertt Woode Ironmonger & Robertt Brookhouse ye Tanner beinge then bayliffes and so continued in the Towne the space of 12 moneths at ye least as by the Register may appeare. //P// List of churchwardens: 1531-2 John Sowter. //P// Sm to s solut' pro diet' Roberto Lyv'sege iiij iiijj. Receyved of the saide Robert lyv'sege the Wedynsday nexte befor palme sonday the xx yer of kynge henry the viij by the hands of mr ballyve warde And Raufe ley the saide mr lyv'sege p'ste xxijs viijd And delyvered to the chnrchwardyns Elsie symson John steade John sowtar and Willm yates to the byldyng of the alhaloes steple. //P// Item paid to John Sowtar  for the scoyryng of ye candelstykks...iiijd //P// And to John sowt' for sod' and medyng of the church rove of ye north parte xvjd.

 The new British traveller By James Dugdale: Derby has been visited by the plague several times and in the year 1592 and 1593 several hundred inhabitants fell victims to its ravages. In the register of All Saints parish it is thus noticed: October 1592 The plague began in Derby in the house of William Sowter Bookseller or --- in the parish of All Saints in Derby &c and it continued in the town the space of twelve months at the worst as by the register may appear ---  October 1593 About this tyme the plague of pestilence by the great mercy and goodness of Almighty God stayed past all expectation of man for it rested upon assudayne at what tyme it was dispersed in every corner of this whole parishe thir was not two houses together frie from it and yet the Lord had the angell stey as in Davide's tyme. His name be blessed for ytt. In 1665 when London was depopulated by the same dreadful calamity the plague again broke out at Derby and proved so fatal that the country people refused to bring their commodities to the market place. To prevent a famine the inhabitants raised a pile of stones in an open space on the west side of the town near the buildings now called Friar Gate it received the name of Headless Cross and consisted of four or five quadrangular steps with one large stone covering the centre. Hither after precautionary measures to prevent infection the market people resorted and placing their provisions on the ground retired to a distance till the buyer who was not permitted to touch any article before purchased had concluded his agreement and deposited the money in a vessel filled with vinegar. The plague is said to have never infected the premises of a tobacconist, a tanner, or a shoe maker.

Will of Thomas Sowter made 29 Septmeber 1574: To be buried in the parish of All Saints....To Thomas Sowter my eldest son Richard my son 20 at age Margery my eldest duaghter 20 at age 21 or day of that child which my wife is now supposed to be conceived my brother William Sowter my best Agnes my sister one bale of William Joan Margery William G----my servant all my tools, instruments & implements...residue to Alice Sowter my wife, she & Edward Turner my brother-in-law to be executors...overseers to be my brother-in-law Richard oughtie, Thomas Ilsley & Richard Fletcher. 

 4 October 1571: The will of Agnes Sowter of Drby, be buried in the church of All Saints in Derby near unto Mr my son James 2 of the best candlesticks and to his son Thomas my godson one silver my son John one pair of---in the kitchen and to James his son my godchild one silver my daughter Agnes a mark in money...she to have but one feather my son James 2 coverlet, 2 bedsteads in the middle chamber, one great chest and 2 fine sheets and a pair of middling sheets, a plain towell, one diaper towell, and one my daughter Margery my best---, but for want of heirs then to Margery Sowter daughter of Thomas Sowter...also to my daughter Margery 3 fine pillowberes, 2 new plain towells and a dozen napkins, 2 fustain daughter Elizabeth my third featherbed, one bolster...coverlets and a bed covering and a pair of flaxen sheets, one pair of middling sheets, 2 pair of towells, 8 fladxen napkins, a pillowere next unto the best, a brass pot,...6 cushions of my own my daughter Margery my half dozen of the best every one of them 6s.8d. at age 18...goods of Robert Robynson that I have in my custody shall be delivered unto his children when they come to age of Thomas Robynson one matress, a bolster and a pair of John Sowter my son 20 nobles of money of my heir Thomas Sowter within 2 Agnes my daughter 5 marks to be paid by my son (Thomas?) my heir within 3 years...residue to daughter Margery, she and son William to be exeutors...supervisors to be Thomas Condys, John Scaterweate, Richrd Prkynsion and John Dey...also Elizabeth my daughter to have 20 nobles to be paid her by my daughter Margery and my son William my executors within one Thomas Sowter son of John Sowter 40s. to be paid him by my son William in 8 daughter Agnes one silver spoon, my best gown, my best peticoat, my best hat and a kerchief, my house, the andirons, the rack in the hall, a brasen mortar with a pestle of iron and a dish board in the kitchen as heirlooms forever. Witnesses: Elys Kyrsont, vicar of Saint Peters, Thomas

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