Stansby, Stanesby, Stansbury, Stainsbury

John STANSBY / STANSBURY of Bildeston / Belston Suffolk

Spouse: __

Children: Joan



Spouse: Nicholas HOBART of Layham

Children: Andrew; James

The Visitation of Suffolk made by Hervey 1561: HOBART of Monk's Illeigh. WILLIAM HOBART of Layham in Suff, son and heir of Thomas, mar Ann dau of Sir Philip Tilney of Shelley co Suff and had issue. Thomas son and heir, NICHOLAS second son, John third son. NICHOLAS HOBART of Layham, second son of William, mar the da of John Stansby of Bildeston in Suff and had issue. ANDREW son and heir, James second son. ANDREW HOBART of Monkes Ely со Suff Esq, son and heir of Nicholas, mar Margaret, the da and heir of Robert Ryce of Preston со Suff Gent, and had issue. NICHOLAS son and heir, Thomas second son. NICHOLAS HOBART of Linsev in Suff Gent, son and heir of Andrew mar Elizabeth da of Richard Clopton of Fordehall in Melford in Suff Esq, and had issue. WILLIAM son and heir, Robert second son, Thomas third son, Walter fourth son, Mary mar to William Loveday of Bradenham in Wilks, Elizabeth mar to George Marrow of Lidgate in Suff, Frances mar to Thomas Stacie of Ridgewell in Essex, Ann mar to Robert Tod of Sturmere in Essex, Margery mar to George Carter of Whattield in Suff clerk, Margaret mar to her first husband George Holton of Stoke jueta Nayland in Suff and to her second husband Henry Dawes of Rayne in Essex. WILLIAM HOBART of Linsey in Suff Gent, son and heir of Nicholas, mar Alice da and co-heir of William Hobert of Horsley in Suff and had issue. William son and heir apparent, Edward second son, Nicholas third son, Elizabeth, Mary ,and Susan.

Proceedings, Vol XI, Suffolk Institute of Archaeology & Natural History: At Bildeston of the fourteen foreigners mentioned in the Rolls thirteen who were servants or workmen to John Stansby clothmaker were Italians by birth The industry appears to have been on the decline after the serious riot in Suffolk 1525 mentioned by Shakespeare Henry vin Act L sc 2 The imposition of the tax was ascribed to Cardinal Wolsey

Medieval Suffolk: An Economic and Social History, 1200-1500 By Mark Bailey: However there is some evidence that by the 1460s control over production in a few places had become concentrated in the hands of a smaller number of wealthier clothiers. In Bildeston, for example, John Stansby monopolized textile manufacture, and cloth making in both Hadleigh  and and Sudbury was now dominated by small elites: just six clothiers handled over two-thirds of Hadleigh's manufacturing. A few of these clothiers possessed the wealth and contacts to lift them above their locality onto a national stage. John Stansby was resident in London and boasted significant Italian connections... One of the most profound ironies of English history is that the catastrophes of 1349 and 1361 created great opportunities for advancement and prosperity among the ordinary  people who survived, irrespective of the emotional and psychological scars they inflicted, and the stable population levels of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries helped them to preserve their gains. [note - referring to Black Death]

Textile Manufacturers in Early Modern England by Eric Kerridge: ...although Bonvisi was Italian, he had lived in England since early childhood perhaps all his life, was a man of great parts, had business interests in the wool and woolen trades, and had made his first fortune by 1513. He was a very old man when he died in 1558, so he may have played a part also in invention of the original tops warp baizes in the Woodland, or, if not, his father perhaps. This would explain why a Bildeston clothmaker named John Stansby was employing twelve Italian servants in his business in 1483-4.

Proceedings Vol. 11 by Suffolk Inst of Arch. & Natural History: At Bildeston of the fourteen foreigners mentioned in the Rolls, thirteen, who were servants or workmen of John Stansby, clothmaker, were Italians by birth. The industry appears to have been on decline after the serious riot in Suffolk, 1525, mentioned by Shakespeare. The imposition of the tax was ascribed to Cardinal Wolsey.  

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