Tower, Towers, Tour, Towar, Tore

Robert TOWER buried 5/1/1634 Hingham Norfolk ENG

Spouse: Dorothy DAMON buried 11/10/1629 Hingham ENG married 8/31/1607 Hingham ENG

Children: John born 5/17/1609 married Margaret Ibrook


John TOWER born 5/13/1609 baptized 5/17/1609 Hingham Norfolk ENG, died 2/13/1701-2 Hingham MA age 93 years; to Hingham in 1637, in Philip's War, freeman 3/13/1638-9, received grant of 3 acres for a house-lot on Bachelor (Main) Street, also a great lot of 10 acres, a 4-acre planting lot, and 1 1/2 acres of salt marsh on the north side of Layford River

Spouse: Margaret IBROOK  baptized Southwold 9/3/1620, died 5/15/1700 Hingham MA buried 5/17, married Hingham or Charlestown 2/13/1638-9 

Children: Ibrook born 2/1643-4 married Margaret Harding; John baptized 12/13/1639 married 5/14/1669 Sarah Hardin possible sister of Margaret who married Ibrook Tower moved to Braintree MA by 1685-6; Jonathan born 8/1/1641; Jeremiah baptized 3/9/1645-6 died before 1/30/1676-7 married Mrs. Elizabeth (-) Rowland {or Howland}; Elizabeth baptized 6/4/1648 married William Roberts of Boston; Sarah born 7/16/1650; Hannah born 7/17/1652 married David Whipple; Benjamin born 11/5/1651; Jemima born 4/25/1659; Samuel born 1/26/1661; [Ambrose per 1st Settlers of NE]


Ibrook TOWER born 2/7/1644 Hingham MA baptized 2/7/1644, died 11/22/1731-2 Hingham aged 88 years 9 months, will was dated 5/24/1720 and proved 3/10/1731-2 (Suffolk probate #6192) spent early life in South Hingham and later resided in the second precinct (became Cohasset), he was a cooper and Selectman in 1699

Spouse: Margaret HARDING (Hardin?) married 4/24/1668 died 11/19/1705 (2) Mrs. Patience  Jones Hobart widow of Daniel Hobart and Benjamin Jones

Children: Richard born 7/20/1669 married Abigail Farrow; Content born 1/13/1683-4 married at Hingham 4/22/1708 Joseph Souther; Rachel born 3/16/1674-5 married Joshua Bates 1/15/1695 Hingham [AMR] son of Joseph and Esther (Hilliard) Bate; Daniel born 6/13/1671 died 1690 in the Canada Expedition under Sir William Phips; John born 3/21/1673 died at Hingham 12/9/1711 married 1/15/1695-6 Hester Canterbury daughter of Cornelius and Anna ; Mary born 8/16/1677 married at Hingham 2/3/1703-4 John Whiton son of Matthew and Deborah (Pitts) (Howard) Whiton; Patience born3/21/1678-9 married at Hingham 1/31/1700-1 William Farrow son of John and Mary (Hilliard) Farrow (2) at Hingham 5/30/1704 Thomas James son of Francis and Elizabeth (-) James; Hezekiah baptized 10/2 or 9/1681 married at Hingham 1/13/1703-4 Elizabeth Whiton daughter of Matthew and Deborah (Pitts) (Howard) Whiton; Elizabeth born 6/9/1682 married ? Meritt; Nehemiah born 11/4 or 7/1685; Lydia born 11/25/1687 mariage int. at Hingham 3/15/1711-2 John Franklin; Daniel baptized 7/24/1692 died before 3/10/1774 marriage int. (1) at Hingham 2/25/1715-16 Sarah Lincoln daughter of Mordecai and Sarah (Jones) Lincoln (2) Persis ?; died with Captain Andrews ill-fated expedition to Canada in 1690 [Stone - Gregg Genealogy]


Richard TOWER born 7/20/1669 Hingham MA died 12/21/1702 Hingham, Mrs. Abigail Tower appointed administratix for the estate of Richard and the inventory taken 1/21/1702-3 (Suffolk Probate #2833)

Spouse: Abigail FARROW married circa 1694 Hingham. She married  (2) Francis Horswell, (3) John Orcutt 

Children: Rachel Tower born 2/24/1697 Hingham MA married John Stephenson 6/22/1717 Boston - The Story of John & Rachel; Abigail born 3/14/1693-4 marriage int. at Hingham 9/26/1713 Prince Joy son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Andrews) Joy; Elisha born 5/22/1700 married (1) at Hingham 12/8/1723 Abigail ? (2) at Hingham 9/18/1760 Esther (Cobb) Tower daughter of Richard and Esther Cobb widow of John Tower; Obadiah born 3/31/1702; Richard born 9/6/1703


Rachel Tower born 2/24/1697 Hingham MA

Spouse:  John Stephenson married 6/22/1717 Boston - The Story of John & Rachel

Children: Jesse born 1/29/1721 married Content Cushing, member Committee of Inspection in 1774; John born 8/6/1718 Hingham, married Martha Nichols 10/22/1747; Obadiah born 10/22/1724 died 10/23/1750 age 26; Rueben born 10/2/1726 married at Boston 11/24/1757 Elizabeth Parrott; Luke born 6/17/1728 died 12/3/1750 age 22 years 6 mo.; Luther born 7/13/1730 married 5/13/1756 Lucy Beal born 4/16/1736; Lucitanus born 4/13/1732 died 7/22/1791 in 59th year, soldier in French and Indian War, served in Revolutionary War; Solon  9/14/1734 baptized 11/17/1734, mariner, served in French & Indian War, married Susanna Beal born 1/27/1736-7, they moved to Belfast ME; Sarah born 6/16/1736 baptized 12/5/1736 married 11/8/1756 Caleb Joy; Jerome baptized 6/25/1738 served in Revolutionary War & French & Indian War, married 12/22/1760 Mary Beal born 7/1740, moved to Belfast ME; Thomas  born 1739, living in 1786; 

Founders and Patriots: Tower, John (bpt 5/14/1609 - 2/13/1701-2) m 2/13/1638-9 Margaret Ibrook MASS XIV, 57; XVII, 69; XXXI, 144; XXXII, 75, 76

Amer Gen I: Tower (Towers) John (1609-1702) from Eng to Hingham MA 1637; freeman 1639; removed to Lancaster 1654; served in garrison house in King Phillip's War; m Margaret Ibrook. "Amer Gen IV": Tower, John son of Robert (m Dorithe Damon) m 1639 Margaret 1617-1700 dau of Richard Ibrook.

Torry's NE Marriages: John Tower (1609-1702) & Margaret IBROOK (1620-1700); 13 Feb 1638/9, Feb 1639; Hingham {Charlestown 539, 947; Austin's Dict. 222; Reg. 2:252, 15:26; Spear Anc. 49; Hingham 3:252; Davis-Everett 46-7; Bent Anc. 50; Whipple-Hill 62, 71; Clapp Anc. 2:63; Shotwell 48; Tower 7; Bartlett (1925) 7; Bassett-Preston 157, 298, 320}

John Tower, 1639, MA, US, Freeman 13 Mar, MA Bay Colony Record Original Volume S1a, Original Line No. 3186198

Gen. Dictionary of ME & NH pg 688: Tower, John, s. of John and Margaret of Hingham, had a 2 a. ho lot next to Dartmouth or Sheepscot fort and 104 + 20 a east of Dyer river from Col Dongan 1686, all claimed by his s Benjamin.

Topographical pg 118: TOWER, John; Hingham Norfolk; Hingham MA; Ref Cushing Mss.

Pioneers MA pg 459: TOWER, TOWERS, John, planter, Hingham, propr 1637; frm 3/13/1638-9. Bef Gen Court 1640 & 1645. He deposed 1/9/1676 ae about 69 yrs. He m 2/13/1638, Margaret, dau of Richard Ibrook; she d 5/15/1700. Ch John b 12/13/1639; Jonathan b 8/1/1641; Ibrook b 2/1643; Jeremiah b 3/9/1645-6; Elizabeth b 6/4/1648 m Wm. Roberts; Sarah b 7/16/1650; Hannah b 7/17/1652 m David Whipple; Benjamin b 11/5/1651; Jemina b 4/25/1659; Samuel b 1/26/1661. John died 2/13/1701-2.

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE pg 290: TOWER, John Hingham 1637, freeman 1638, Lancaster 1654. Savage ii Winth NE 234. Willard Hist Lancaster. Back of book: TOWER, JOHN, Hingham, buys a large tract of land of several Indians in that place; deed dated 6/17/1641. In an endorsement on said deed, (made by Ri: Bellingham, 19: 1: 1662-3,) JOHN TOWER is called senior. But in the Tower Genealogical Tree there are assigned as the children of John Tower of Hingham, (1637) only Ambrose, Benjamin, Jonathan, Hannah, and Jeremiah.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England: TOWER, John, s. of John and Margaret of Hingham, had a 2 a. ho.-lot next to Dartmouth or Sheepscot fort and 104 + 20 a. east of Dyer river from Col. Dongan 1686, all claimed by his s. Benjamin in 17--. List 164.See Tower Gen. (1891), p. 46, for ch.

MA Vital Records Births: Ibrook, s. of John, 1643 GRI. Daniel, s. of Ibrook, 1692 GRI.

Gen Dictionary of NE CD#169: TOWER, or TOWERS, DAVID, Hingham, perhaps s. of John, more prop. his gr.s. perish. in the doleful exped. of Phips against Quebec, 1690, but as he d. of smallpox, I conclude it occurr. as did many others, bef. the squadron left our harbor. JEREMIAH, Salisbury, perhaps s. of John of Hingham, m. Eliz. d. of Richard Goodale. JOHN, Hingham 1637, came from Hingham in Co. Norf. it is said, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, m. Feb. preced. or foll. Margaret Ibrook, d. prob. of Richard, had Ambrose, Benjamin, Jonathan, Hannah, and Jeremiah; but perhaps he had s. John, at least we kn. that he was describ. as John sen. He was engag. in early plant. at Lancaster, 1654, and descend, are very num. 

Who Beget Thee? John Tower 1609 1702 Son of Robert and Dorothy Damon Tower Baptized at Hingham Eng May 17 1609 Settled at Hingham Mass in 1637 Had several grants and made many purchases of lands in Hingham He married Feb 13 1639 Margaret daughter of Richard Ibrook He took an active part in current affairs and opposed both civil and religious authorities when occasion required He was prominent in the Lieut Eames military difficulties He fortified and garrisoned his house at his own expense but gained and kept the confidence of the Indians He was a man of both courage and diplomacy He died Feb 13 1702 Ibrook Tower 1644 1731 Son of John Born at Hingham Feb 7 1644 Married April 14 1668 Margaret daughter of John Hardin Married 2 Aug 6 1712 Patience widow of Daniel Hobart whose father Edmund was twin brother of Rev Peter Hobart He was selectman in 1699 Died Nov 21 1731 His widow Patience died Dec 22 1747 se 80 His son Daniel b 1671 died when on the ill fated expedition to Canada in 1690 with Capt Thomas Andrews Rachel Tower 1675 1757 Daughter of Ibrook Born at Hingham March 16 1675 Married Jan 15 1696 Joshua Bates whom she survived Died in old age after 1757

 A narrative history of the town of Cohasset, Massachusetts By Edwin Victor Bigelow: Another family of smaller proportions only twelve children but of great vigor is yet to be mentioned that of Ibrook Tower the progenitor of scores of the present inhabitants of the town. His home was near Daniel Lincoln's on North Main Street on lot number sixty six which he received from his father John Tower and which remains to this day in the family name. He was selectman in the year 1699 representing the interests of Cohasset settlers. He was a cooper and worked in his cooper shed at home whenever he was not engaged upon his farming. His wife was Margaret Hardin of Braintree and with family of several children they came to Cohasset at about the same time that Daniel Lincoln came with his young wife. Both families had a son born in the year 1681 whom they named Hezekiah and the next daughter of each family received the name Elizabeth. This is either a strange coincidence or a neighborly compliment If there was anything more than an accident in this naming we can infer that both families were living here before the year 1681. Of the Tower family there were twelve children and of the Lincoln six so that a good deal of company might be had without traveling far. At the death of Ibrook Tower November 28, 1731, his property was so divided that Hezekiah got some of the King Street end of the lot. There the ruins of an old well and a cellar may be seen to day marking the home of this second generation. Other lands bordering on Lily Pond fell to this son so that for many years the beautiful body of water was called Kiah Tower's Pond.

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