Turner, Turnar

John TURNER born 10/30/1554 Kent ENG 

Spouse: ? born 1571

Children: Humphrey born 10/22/1593 married Lydia Gamer


Humphrey TURNER born circa 1595 Kent ENG, died after 1 Nov 1672 and before 29 May 1673 Scituate MA, tanner in ENG, arrived Plymouth 1632, Scituate by 1634, erected a tannery as early as 1636, one of 17 organizers of Church of Scituate 1/18/1634-5, will dated 22/28/1669-70 proved 6/5/1673

Spouse: Lydia GAMER [Lydia correct but Gamer is not proven] born 1598 ENG, died by 2/28/1669-70 Scituate MA, married circa 1622 [ Torrey]  Sandon Essex ENG, baptized Terling, Essex, ENG, 5/18/1602

Children: John born circa 1620, married Mary Brewster 11/10/1645 Scituate; Young John born circa 1624, died before 6/8/1687 Scituate married Anne James 4/25/1649 Scituate [AMR]; Thomas born circa 1627 married Sarah Hiland 1/6/1651-2 had a son Humphrey; Lydia baptized Little Baddow Essex 2/17/1629-30 married James Doughty 8/15/1649 [AMR] had a daughter Mary; Mary baptized 1/25/1634-5 Scituate married 11/13/1651 William Parker [AMR];  Joseph baptized 1/1/1636-7 Scituate, served in King Philip's War severely wounded in expedition against the Narragansetts in 1673, recovered and rejoined troops under Gov. Winslow & was at storming of Narragansett Fort 12/19/1675, unmarried; Nathaniel baptized 3/10/1638-9 Scituate married Mehitable Rigby daughter of John of Rochester married (2) Abigail ___ Stockbridge; had daughter Abigail;   Daniel born circa 1641, married Hannah Randall 1/20/1665 daughter of William 


John TURNER born Scituate MA died 6/28/1697 Scituate; served against the Narragansetts in 1645

Spouse:  Mary BREWSTER born 4/16/1627 Plymouth Colony MA married11/10-12/1645 Scituate died between 1695 (will) and 1697 (probate)

Children: Lydia born 1/24/1652 married William Barrell; Jonathan born 9/30/1646; Joseph born & died 1647-8; Elizabeth daughter of (1) Elizabeth; Joseph born 1/12/1648-9; Ezekiel born 1/7/1650; John born 10/30/1654; Elisha born 3/8/1656-7; Mary born 12/10/1658; Benjamin born 3/5/1660; Ruth baptized 5/17/1663; Isaac born 1665; Grace born 1667; Amos born 1671


  Lydia TURNER born 1/24/ 1652 Scituate;  made will 4/29/1714, died 6/20/1714 age 62 as a widow

Spouse: (2) William BARRELL married 4/20/1680 Scituate; Lydia married (1) John James

Children: Mary baptized 1681 died young; Mary born 1686 Scituate MA married James Cushing 12/10/1713 Scituate; William born 1683 married Elizabeth Bailey; Lydia born 1684 married Samuel Stockbridge; James born 1687; children of Lydia through 1st husband John born 1/1676-7

The Great Migration: Humphrey Turner. Origin: Unknown: Migration: 1632.. First Residence: Plymouth. Removes: Scituate by 1634.  Occupation: Tanner. Church Membership: Founding member of Scituate church, 8 Jan 1634/5 [NEHGR 9:279]; "Goody Turner," presumably his wife, joined the same church 10 Jan [1635/6] [NEHGR 9:280]. Freeman: In the "1633" Plymouth list of freemen, in close proximity to men made free on 1 Jan 1632/3 [PCR 1:4]; in 7 Mar 1636/7 Plymouth list of freemen [PCR 1:52]. In Scituate section of 1639, 1658 and 29 May 1670 lists of Plymouth Colony freemen [PCR 5:275, 8:175, 198].  Education: He signed his deeds until 1 Nov 1672, when he made his mark.  Offices: Deputy for Scituate to Plymouth General Court, 2 June 1640, 1 June 1641, 7 June 1642, 5 June 1644, 20 August 1644, 28 October 1645, 3 March 1645/6, 7 July 1646, 1 June 1647, 4 June 1650, 5 June 1651 3 June 1652 7 June 1653 [PCR 1:155 2:16 40, 72, 74, 94, 95, 104, 117, 154, 167, 3:8, 32].  Constable for Duxbury, 5 Jan 1635/6, 5 Mar 1638/9, 4 June 1639 [PCR 2:41, 53 56]..  Grand jury, 7 June 1642, 7 Mar 1642/3, 6 June 1643 [PCR 2:41, 53, 56]. Plymouth jury, 4 Sep 1638 [PC 1:96].  Committee to divide lands in Scituate, 30 Nov 1640 [PCR 1:168]. Supervisor of highways Scituate, 1 June 1647, 7 June 1648 [PCR 2:115, 124].  Coroner's jury, 5 June 1666 on the body of Maray, wife of Thomas Totman [PCR 4:130]. In Scituate section of 1643 Plymoouth list of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:191].  ESTATE: Assessed 9s. in the Plymouth tax lists of 25 Mar 1633 and 27 Mar 1634 [PCR 1:10, 28].  On 18 May 1633 "Humphrey Turner, having obtaianed leave to make use of a piece of ground by the pond on the western side of the fort near the town, & having enclosed the same with a firm alisado, hath sold his right & title to the same, as alo the palisado itself, together with a small randevow, to Josias Winslow, the elder, for & in consideration of eight pounds sterling" [PCR 1:13].   Had built a house at Scituate by Sep 1634 [NEHGR 10:42]; by 1636 he had built a second home "on his lot," and at some point his first house had passed to Goodman Jackson [NEHGR 10:42, 43].  On 1 Jan 167/8 Humfrey Turner was one of a number of freemen of Scituate who complained that their proportions of land were so small that they could not subsist upon them, and the court of assistants granted them a portion of upland and neck between the North & South Rivers and all the meadow between the rivers from North River to Beaver Pond "always provided and upon condition that they make a township there and inhabit upon the said lands" [PCR 1:72].  On 7 Mar 1639[/40?] Thomas Roberts of Plymouth sold to "Humfrey Turner of Scituate" one acre and three-quarters of swamp in Scituate "lately purchased of George Lewis of Scituate" [PCR 12:66].  On 27 May 1648 "Humphery Turner" of Scituate, tanner, sold to Henry Ewell of Scituate, joiner, "all that my ten acres of upland lying and being by the water mill in Scituate" [PCLR 5:208].  On 1 Oct 1668 "Humphery Turner" of Scituate, tanner, deeded to "my sons Joseph Turner and Nathaniell Turner ... all that my lot of upland lying and being on the easterly side of Taunton River"; on 23 July 1669 wife Lydia consented [PCLR 3:175]. On 21 Feb 1669 "Humphery Turner" of Scituate, tanner, deeded to "my son Nathaniell Turner" of Scituate twenty-seven acres of upland as the Third Cliff, with housing, and thirty acres of marsh meadow adjoining [PCLR 3:282].  On 24 Feb 1669 "Humphery Turner" of Scituate tanner, deeded to "my son Thomas Turner" of Scituate twenty acres of upland at the Third Cliff, which "sometimes was John Whetcmb's" along with nine acres of marsh meadow adjoining [PCLR 3:218]. On 1 Nov  1672 "Humphery Turner" of Scituate deeded to "my loving son Joseph Turner" of Scituate all right to undivided land in Scituate" or any way appertaining to the right of a purchaing freeman of the patent of Plymouth"; acknowledged 29 May 1673 by the witnesses, the grantor being deceased [PCLR 3:321].  In his will, dated 28 Feb 1669 [/70] and proved 5 June 1673, Humphrey Turner of Scituate,, tanner, "being weak in body" bequeathed "to my eldest son John Turner" his farm, to "my son Joseph Turner 40" also  12; to "my son John Turner  5" to "my son Daniel Turner  12"; to "my son Nathiel Turner  50"; to "my daughter Mary [illegible]  10"; to "my daughter Lydia Doughtey  12; "unto my grandchild Humphrey Turner  5"; to "my grandchild Mary Doughtey  10"; to "my grandchildren Jonathan Turner, Josiah Turner and Elizabeth Turner, being the fruits of my eldest son, 10s. a year; to "son Nathaniel Turner all my livestock both cattles, horses, sheep, etc."; to "my son Thomas Turner all my wearing clothes, one wood bed and blanket" [Briggs Gen 313-14; MD 24;42-43, citing PCPR 3:1:71].  /// Birth: About 1595 based on estimated date of marriage.  Death: After 1 Nov 1672 and before 29 May 1673 [PCLR 3:3211].  (A tombstone gives his age in 1673 as 78, and says he was born in 1594, but this stone was erected in 1869 [Briggs Gen 312.)  Marriage: By about 1620 Lydia ___ (see Comments below); she was living on 23 July 1669 when she consented to her husband's deed of 1 Oct 1668, but had died by 28 Feb 1669[/70] when she was not named in her husband's will. Children: i. John, b. say 1620 (in Scituate section of 143 Plymouth list of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:191]); m. 10 or 12 Nov 1645 Mary Brewster [PCR 2:94; MD 1:8 (from "Brewster Book")], daughter of Jonathan Brewster and granddaughter of William Brewster.  ii. John, b. say 1624 (in Scituate section of 1643 Plymouth list of men able to bear arms  [PCR 8191]); m. Scituate 25 April 1649 Ann James  [MD 2:33]. III. Thomas, b. say 1627; m. Scituate 6 Jan 1651[/2] Sarah Hiland [PCR 8:21].  iv. Lydia, b. say 1629; m. Scituate 15 Aug 1649 James Doughty [MD 2:33].  v. Mary, bp Scituate 25 Jan 1634/5 [NEHGR 9:281]; m. Scituate 13 Nov 1651 William Parker [PCR 8:19].  vi. Joseph, bp. Scituate 1 Jan 1636/7 [NEHGR 9:281]; d. unm. after 1681 [Briggs Gen 314].  vii. Nathaniel, bp. Scituate 10 Mar 1638/9 [NEHGR 9:281]; m. (1) Scituate 29 Mar 1664/5 [sic] Mehitable Rigby, daughter of John Rigby of Dorchester (see Comments below); m. (2) by 1691 Abigail (____) Stockbridge, widow of Charles Stockbridge [NEHGR 133:191-92]. viii. Daniel, b. say 1641; m. Scituate 20 June "1665 or 1666" [sic] Hannah Randall, daughter of Wiliam Randall. ///  Comments: On 17 Feb 1629 Lydia Turner, daugter of Humphrey Turner, was baptized at Little Baddow, Essex [TAG 19:231, citing Somerby Papers 20--288].  This one record is not sufficient to make a positive identification of the origin of the immigrant, but it should be noted that William Vassal, who also came to Scituate to reside, had two children baptized at Little Baddow about the same time.  At 4 Dec 1638 court Humphrey Turner was fined twice, 3s. each time, for non-apearance [PCR 1:104].  On 7 June 1649 Humfry Turner and others desposed that William Gilson had requested land on behalf of two of his sister's children, whom he had brought from England [PCR 2:143].  Al secondary sources agree in giving Humphrey Turner one wife, Lydia Gamer, but nowhere is there any evidence for this surname. The earliest appearance of the name in print seems to be in Deane [Samuel Deane, History of Scituate, Massachusetts, from its First Settlement to 1831 (Boston 1831), p. 360]. A tombstone in the South Parish Cemetery in Norwell gives her nae as Lydia Gamer, but this sstone was not erected until 1856 [Briggs Gen 12].  The two eldest surviving children of Humphrey Turner were both named John In England at the time of birth of these sons, they could be by the same mother, but the chances are good that they were half siblings, and that Humphrey Turner married twice in England. Bason on the two paragraphs above we concur with Selim Walker McArthur in his statement that Lydia was "not necessarily his [Humphrey's] first wife or mother of his eldest son John" [McArthur=Barnes 129].  Deane says that Turner "arrived with his family, in Plymouth 1628. He had a house lot assigned him 1629 ..." [p. 360]. This is not supported by any contemporary records, and lots were apparently not assigned in Scituate until 1633.  In the printed Scituate vital records the first wife of Nathaniel Turner is given as "Mehetabell Bigbee." but in the Dorchester church records is the baptism on 23 April 1643 of "Mehitabell Rigby" with the annotation "(to Mr. Turner of Scituate)' [DChR 156].  Bibliographic Note: In 1938 L. Vernon Briggs published a substantial treatment of Humphrey Turner, unfortunately perpetuating several of the nineteenth-century myths about the man ]History and Genalogy of the Briggs Family, 1254=1937 (Boston 1938), pp. 309-15].    

Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families pg 268: TURNER Humphrey came to Plymouth 1628 with wife Lydia Gamen and a son John, m Mary Brewster. He afterwards had a 2nd John called Young John m Ann James; Thomas m Sarah Hiland; Joseph; Daniel m Hannah Randall; Nathaniel m Mehitable Rigby; Mary m Wlm Parker; and Lydia m James Doughty. John, the elder, son of 1st Humphrey, Scituate, m Mary dau of Jonathan Brewster, 1645, and had Jonathan 1646; Joseph 1648; Joseph 1650; Ezekiel 1651; Lydia 1653; John 1654; Elisha 1657.

Mary Brewster b 4/16/1627 Plymouth d aft 3/23/1697-8 prob Scituate m 10/12 Nov 1645 Plymouth John Turner b prob Essex Eng d bet 3/4/1695 (will) and 5/20/1697 (inv) Scituate. Birth 13 children Scituate. Will of John Turner 3/4/1695 mentions sons Jonathan, Joseph, Ezekial Grandchildren Isaac Turner, John Joiner, Thomas Prince, Margret Turner, Alice Prince and eldest child of son Ezekiel; sons John, Elisha, Amos; daus Grace Christophers; four daus Lydia, Mary, Ruth, Grace; son Benjamin; wife Mary.

American Marriage Records: John Turner & Mary Brewster 11/12/1645, Scituate MA

Amer Gen I: Turner, Humphrey (ca 1593-1673) from Eng to Plymouth MA 1628; removed to Scituate 1633; a founder of ch there 1635; constable; rep Gen Ct 1640, 52, 53; pvt in mil company; married Lydia Garnet. Amer Gen IV: Turner, Humphrey married Lydia Gamer.

Pioneers MA pg 464: TURNER, Humphrey, tanner [Col Rec 1643] Plymouth; frm 1632-3. Rem to Scituate; memb chh 1634. Town officer. Ch Mary bapt 1/25/1634-5 m 11/13/1651 Wlm Parker; Joseph bapt 1/1/1636; Nathaniel bapt 3/10/1638; Lydia m James Doughty. Will dated 2/28/1669; prob 6/5/1673. Eldest son John, other ch Joseph, Daniel, Nathaniel, Mary Parker, Lydia Doughty; gr ch Humphrey T; gr ch Jonathan & Joseph sons of his eldest son; gr ch Abigail T. dau of son Nathaniel; gr ch Mary Doughty. JOHN, Scituate, served against the Narragansetts in 1645. Ch Jonathan b 9/30/1646; Joseph b and d 1647; Joseph b 1/12/1649; Ezekiel b 1/7/1650; Lydia b 1/24/1652; John b 10/30/1654; Elisha b 3/8/1656; Mary b 12/10/1658; Benjamin b 3/5/1660; Ruth bapt 5/17/1663. Inv of his est taken by John Chipman and John Ottis 5/31/1667. [Reg VII 177]

Gen Reg of the First Settlers of NE pg 293: TURNER, Humphrey, Scituate 1633, died a 1673 leaving a numerous descent, John being the eldest son. 2 Coll Mass Hist Soc iv 243

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 346: Turner, JOHN, Scituate, eldest s. of  Humphrey, b. in Eng. m. 12 Nov. 1645, Mary, d. of Jonathan Brewster, had Jonathan, b. 20 Sept. 1646; Joseph, 12 Jan. 1648, d. in 3 days; Joseph, again 12 Jan. 1650; Ezekiel, 7 Jan. 1651; Lydia, 24 Jan. 1653; John, 30 Oct. 1654; Elisah, 8 Mar. 1657. His d. Mary m. a. 1683, Isaac Prince; and Lydia m. 1675, John James, and in 1680, William Barrell. JOHN, Scituate, sec. s. of Humphrey, by his f. call. young John, perehaps b. in Eng. tradit. says the name at bapt. was giv. by godfather, but such folly should not have been allow. m. 25 Apr. 1649, Ann James, but her parents are not kn. had Japhet, b. 9 Feb. 1650; Ann, 23 Feb. 1652; Israel, 14 Feb. 1654; Miriam, 8 Apr. 1658; Sarah, 25 July 1665; Jacob, 10 Mar. 1667; David, 5 Nov. 1670; Philip, 18 Aug. 1673; and Ichabod, 9 Apr. 1676; and d. 1687. Ann m. 1695, Joseph Green; Miriam m. 1687, Nathan Pickles; and Sarah m. Ichabod Holbrook.
Genealogical Dictionary of New England 535; James, JOHN, Scituate, wh. Deane suppos. to be s. of Thomas of Dedham, and calls a freem. of S. 1668, m. 1675, Lydia, d. of John Turner, had only ch. John, b. 1676; and d. a. the same time of the conseq. of wound. from the Ind. and his wid. m. 1680, William Barrell

Gen Dictionary of NE CD#169 TURNER HUMPHREY, Scituate, had come with w. and eldest s. John, perhaps also sec. John and tradit. would be him bring, two more from a part of Eng. hitherto undeterm. where he had been a tanner and a. 1628 sat down at Ply- mouth, some yrs. aft. rem. to S. where he was one the found. of the ch. Jan. 1635, and earliest rest promin. men. There his w. join. the ch. 10 Jan. 1636. At P. he was taxed, we kn. by the rec. 1633 and 4, and there prob. were b. Lydia, and Thomas. But to S. we kn. he rem. 1634, and assign to this resid. Mary, bapt. 25 Jan. 1635; Joseph, 1 Jan. 1637; Nathaniel, 10 Mar. 1639; and Daniel. Certain. in 1643, two Johns are in the list of those able to bear arms for Scituate. There 
he was constable, rep. in 1640, 52 and 3; d. 1673. His w. Lydia had d. bef. that d. Lydia m. 15 Aug. 1649, James Doughty; and Mary m. 13 Nov. 1651, William Parker, as his sec. w. 

See notes Brewster Mayflower Increasings

New England Families by Cutter: The I Humphrey Turner the immigrant ancestor was born in England about 1593 and is said to have been from Essex England He came to Plymouth Massachusetts about 1638 and had a house lot assigned him in 1629 He built his house and lived in Plymouth until 1633 when he removed to Scituate where he had a house lot granted him on Kent street. He settled however on a farm east of Colman's Hills. He was a tanner by trade and is said to have possessed that judgment discretion energy and perseverance of character which eminently fitted him to be one of the pioneers in beginning and carrying forward a new settlement. Deane says in his history of Scituate He was a useful and enterprising man in the new settlement and often employed in public business He was a member of the first church. He represented the town several years as deputy to the general court was commissioner to end small causes constable etc Following an infrequent and puzzling custom of his forbears he had two sons of the same name John Turner whom he distinguished in his will as John and Young son. John so named tradition says at the instance of godfathers. Both brought up families and died at a good old age in Scituate. At last accounts a lineal descendant of the pioneer owned and occupied the Turner homestead in Scituate. His will was dated February 28 1669 and proved June 5 1673. Besides his children he mentioned grandchildren in the will. He married in England Lydia Gamer born in England died in Scituate in or before 1673. Children John born in England married November 12 1645 at Scituate. John of whom further. Thomas born in Plymouth married Sarah Hiland .Mary baptized January 25 1634 35. Joseph baptized January I 1638. Daniel married Hannah Randall. Nathaniel baptized March 10 1638 .Lydia married James Doughty II .

Genealogical & Personal History of Allegheny Valley, PA by Jordan: Humphrey Turner the first and perhaps the most important American ancestor was born in England about 1593 died at Scituate Massachusetts in 1673 aged about eighty years He arrived with his family at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1628 The following year he had a house lot assigned him and erected his cabin in which he probably lived until 1633 A little later he moved to Scituate Massachusetts where he lived until his death As early as 1636 he had a tannery at Scituate and was a man of prominence in the town He married in England Lydia Gamer an English woman who died at Scituate before 1673 Children the first four born in England 1 John of whom further 2 Thomas died November 1688 at Scituate married Sarah Hiland January 6 1652 3 Joseph never married 4 Daniel still living at Scituate in 1699 married Hannah Randall January 20 1665 5 Nathaniel died January 31 1715 in Scituate married Mehitable Rigby March 29 1665 6 Mary married November 13 1651 at Scituate William Parker 7 Lydia married August 15 1649 at Scituate James Doughty 8 Child name unknown 


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