Matthew AUSTIN Sr. born 1620 York ENG, will made11/19/1684 Kittery ME shortly before his death, occupation weaver, Sergeant 1659

Spouse: (1) ? CANNEY; (2). Mary Davis widow of Geo. Dodd married before 6/6/1686

Children: Child of Canney -- Matthew born circa 1658; Children of Mary Davis --  Mary born c1665 married Jonathan Saywood circa 1684 & Lewis Beane/Bane, Sarah born before 1667 married Joseph Preble & Job Young, Isabella born after 1667 married Samuel Bragdon who married 2nd Lydia (Young) Haynes

Captain Matthew AUSTIN Jr. born circa 1658, died before 1/6/1718-9 York ME, innholder

Spouse: Mary LITTLEFIELD born 1659, died 1701, married before 1675

Children: Matthew killed by Indians near Cape Neddick 8/11/1704 while working in the fields; Mary captured by Indians married Etienne Gibau of Montreal; Patience married James Grant; Elizabeth married Ralph Farnun/Farnham; Ichabod; Joseph; Benjamin

Ichabod AUSTIN born circa 1688 York Co. ME; died 9/19/1718 York

Spouse: Susanna YOUNG born Scotland 1701, married 3/29/1717; Susanna's 2nd husband was Magnus Redlon of York married 1720 had 4 children with him; died 1730

Children: Ichabod; by husband (2) Ebenezer born 2/13/1724; John born 3/31/1726; Mathew born 9/19/1728; Daniel;  - (Ichabod Sr. may have had son Benoni/Ichabod 8/12/1712 by Sarah Moore);

Ichabod AUSTIN baptized 3/29/1717-8 York ME; died 10/5/1748; Icabod & Elizabeth admitted Biddeford church 11/21/1742

Spouse: Elizabeth BILLINGS; intended marriage Biddeford 9/5/1736

Children: Susanna married Joshua Maddox; Rebecca

Rebecca AUSTIN born 1738 Saco ME; died after 1790 Eastport ME

Spouse: (1) William RUMERY born 2/3/1737 Biddeford ME; died 11/21/1764 Biddeford ME when a cart wheel went over his body; married 8/8/1758 First Congregational Church Biddeford ME (2) William Clark; family moved to Passamaquoddy area after 1770

Children: Elizabeth baptized 7/12/1761 Biddeford, died 3/1822 Plantation 14 East Ridge ME married Nathan Preston Sr born 1753 Newmarket NH residing Trescott ME when married 7/4/1780; Elizabeth age 3 when father killed; age 8 when mother wed Wlm Clark; Dominicus born 10/9/1763, died 10/27/1835; wed 1792 Eastport to Pamela Fountain; Dominicus Rumery of Lubec applied for Revolutionary War Land Grant or Pension; Rachel born 1759 married Increase Davis?; William born before 11/3/1765 Biddeford married Elizabeth & Anne;

Gen Dictionary ME & NH pg 69: Matthew Austin, York, weaver, Serg 1659; selectman 1665, 1669-73, 1683-6; Jury 1662. Grand jury 1663, 1674, 1676, 1679, 1681, 1686. Lists 25, 33. Will 19 Nov 1684-1 Mar 1685-6. He m 1st a dau of Tho Canney; 2nd Mary (Davis), widow of George Dodd, dau of Nicholas Davis who m 3d after 1686 (William of Boston?) Wright, and was living in York in 1713. Ch by first wife, Matthew b c 1658; by 2d wife, Mary, m 1st bef 6 June 1686 Jonathan Saywood, 2d Lewis Beane; Sarah b bf 1667 m 1st Joseph Preble, 2d Job Young; Isabella b aft 1667 m Samuel Bragdon. pg 69: Capt. Matthew Austin, innholder, many years juryman, foreman 1711, 1712, prominent in county affairs. Adm 6 Jan 1718-9 to James Grant. Wife Mary Littlefield dau of Capt. John. Ch Matthew "only son," killed by Indians 11 Aug 1704. List 96. Mary, taken by Indians bef 1695, m 3 Jan 1710 Etienne Gibau of Montreal, carpenter, d 4 Oct 1755. List 99. 9 ch Patience, m James Grant of York, gent. Ch b 1709-1723. Elizabeth m 25 Dec 1712 Ralph Farnham. 10 ch. Ichabod accused by Sarah Moore, dau of John and Martha (Walford) Moore (her son "Ichabod" b 12 Aug 1712, peh called himself Benoni, possibly that Ichabod drowned at Gloucester 17 Mar 1734-5); m in 1717 Susannah Young dau of Matthews and Eleanor (Haines). He d 19 Sep 1718 and his widow m Magnus Redlon. Her ch by both husbands were recorded together: Ichabod b 29 Mar 1717-8, four by Redlon. Joseph had the homestead, m 19 Apr 1725 Sarah Grant dau of James and Mary (Nason) Grant of Berwick, d 4 Feb 1799. List 279. 3 ch rec. Benjamin of Berwick, laborer, in 1746. pg 69: Joseph Austin b c 1616, Matthew b c 1620, and Samuel, but little younger than Benj Bosworth b c 1615, all had to do with Dover. Matthew named a dau Isabel. Samuel was an early friend and [church?] bro of Capt Benj Bosworth, for the region of Dedham, whence Francis Austin came to Hampton. The relations of these men to each other, to the Austins of Charlestown, and to Annis (Austin) Littlefield have not been exam.

Ancient City of Gorgiana and modern town of York ME: No disturbance took place for some years but June 1703 a party Led on by one Sampson an overgrown savage slew the family of Arthur Bragdon consisting of his wife and five children and carried Mrs Hannah Parsons a widow woman and her young daughter into captivity. This daughter is supposed to be the girl whom the savages on their march in 1706 being short of provisions and unsuccessful in hunting prepared a fire to roast when a dog falling in their way supplied the child's place. Afterwards another party made their appearance in town and slew Matthew Austin near the garrison at Cape Neddick and not being able to do any more mischief visited Berwick and after torturing burned Joseph King at the stake. 

History of the Ancient Ryedales: Magnus Redlon whose parents are not certainly known, was born in Shetland, on the north coast of Scotland in the year 1698; came to America in 1717, and first appears as a resident of the ancient town of York, in the county of that name, in the province of MA, now in the state of Maine, where he married Susannah, daughter of Matthew Young, and widow of Ichabod Austin, of the same town......./P/ footnote: Rowland Young, of Kittery, whose wife was Susanna, was from Scotland and had children as follows: Joseph, Beniah, Jonathan, Matthias (on some old records spelt Mathew), Mary Susanna, Elizabeth, Sarah & Mercy.  //P// Ichabod Austin Jr went to Saco with the Redlon family and his name is found with that of Magnus Redlon who married his mother on a petition to Gov William Shirley in 1742 then of Narraganset No 1 now Buxton York County Me. He settled in Nobleborough Lincoln County Me as blacksmith and Robert Redlon the son of John Redlon  grandson of Magnus Redlon went to Nobleborough and learned the trade with him. Ichabod Austin married and left numerous descendants now living in the eastern section of Maine. There was also an Elizabeth Austin associated with the Redlon family at Saco presumed to have been in some way related to Ichabod.

The NE historical & genealogical record 1876: YOUNG The communication of GT Ridlon found on page 236 of the April number of the REGISTER contains some errors. He says Susanna the daughter of Matthias Young married Ichabod Austin. Matthias Young was the fifth child of Matthew Young and married Mercy Main January 9 1733. Susanna above named was the first child of Matthew above named born Nov 3 1696 married Ichabod Austin had one child Ichabod born March 29 1718. Austin died and she married Magnus Readlan by whom she had 1 born May 26 1722 and died when 6 days old. 2 Ebenezer born Feb 13 1724. 3 John born March 31 1726. 4 Matthias born Sent 19 1728. Matthew was as Mr Ridlon states one of the sons of Roland who lived in York and was an adult July 3 1653 as he had land granted him at that date. He had sons bearing the names mentioned by Mr Ridlon also a son Roland which name has continued to this day. It is in all cases spelled Rowland NATHANIEL G MARSHALL York Maine 

The History of York, Maine Vol I pages 223 and 224 by Charles Edward Banks. He (our Mathew Austin) is first of record in July 1653 (T.R.i.21). At that time he was thirty-three years old, having been born in 1620 (Deeds i, 163), and in 1659 he became sergeant of the military company; in 1665 he was first elected Selectman. He held this later office in 1669, 1670, 1671, 1672, 1673, 1676 and 1678. He was a weaver by occupation (Deeds iv, 66). He was an Uncle of Jeremy and Joseph Tibbetts of Dover, perhaps through marriage with a daughter of Thomas Canney of that town, but later of York. If so, he married a second wife, Mrs. Mary (Davis) Dodd, daughter of Nicholas Davis, and widow of George Dodd of Boston. She survived him and married for a third husband William Wright of Boston and later of York (Deeds vi; ix, 33), and in 1714 was a widow for the third time. Matthew Austin drew his will November 19, 1684, "a little before his death," but it was not allowed by the court because "it was not Clearly & Methodically done to the understanding & satisfaction either of authority & some other of sd Mathew Austines relations, who were most espetally Concern'd therein, vidzt Mary Austine his wife & Mathew his onely sonn" (Deeds iv, 66). The parties called in Arthur Bragdon, Senior and John Sayward as arbitrators and friends. The uncertainties of the will related to the bequests of his real property to his wife and his son and its reversions, and a compromise was reached, apparently satisfactory to all concerned, and was signed by the widow, his son Matthew, and his daughters Mary (Sayward) and Sarah Austin on June 6, 1686. Matthew Austin, Sr., left the following issue: i. Matthew (only son). ii. Mary, b. about 1665; m. (1) Jonathan Sayward and (2) Lewis Bane. iii. Sarah, b. about 1667; m. (1) Joseph Preble and (2) Job Young. iv. Isabella, b.about 1675; m. Samuel Bragdon The genealogy of this family appears in Vol III (Verna Victor, because of this statement tried to trace Vol III only to recieve notification, that the author Charles E. Banks had died before finishing Vol III. Old York Historical Society sent her some pages of research by George Ernst, listed below)(source, unpublished records of George Ernst, author of New England Miniature) I Matthew Austin c. 1620 d, c. 1685 Married (1) Canney, - , dau. of Thomas of Dover (2) Mary Davis, dau. of Nicholas, widow of Geore Dodd, Boston. She m. (3) after 1686 William Wright, of Boston? Selectman 1665, 1669-73, 1683-6 In York by 1653 Weaver Prob. related to Joseph of Dover, Sam of Wells Children: II 1. Matthew c. 1658 - , m Mary Littlefield, dau. of John --- II 2. Mary c. 1665-1723 , m. (1) bef 1686 Jonathan Sayward (2) Lewis Bane II 3. Sarah bef. 1667 , M. (1) Joseph Preble (2) Job Young II 4. Isabella b. aft. 1667 , m. Samuel Bragdon (hand written in) Mary Bane, dau of Mathew and Mary Austin died 25 March 1723 - consort of Lewis Bane Esq. Isabella Bragdon, dau of Mathew and Mary Austin died 16 June 1722 abt 46 years old. Matthew Austin (only son) of Matthew Sr. was born abt 1658 Mother would have to be Canney, because Mary Davis's last child while married George Dodd, was born 25 May 1660. Mary was then widowed and married Matthew Austin. Their first child Mary was born abt 1665. This would also explain the ------ (dashes) between Matthew and Mary in this source naming his issue.

The History of the State of Maine: From Its First Discovery, A.D ..., Volume 2: The returning spring was a season of distressing melancholy aggravated by an early renewal of hostilities or alarms and as Berwick was an important pass Major Mason was posted there with 95 Pequods and Mohegans from Connecticut who were at first a great terror to the enemy. Nevertheless they did not cover the settlement for on the 25th of April Nathaniel Meadar was shot dead when at work in his field and his body most barbarously mangled and about the same time two men were killed and one taken on the road in Wells. Afterwards a party fell on York where they slew Matthew Austin near the garrison without being able to do any more mischief in this visit.



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