Richard BAKER, of co. Kent ENG, born circa 1614, came to Boston 1635 as master's mate on Bachelor, in Dorchester by 1640, died Dorchester 10/25/1689, member of A & H Artillery Co. 1658

Spouse: Faith WITHINGTON born 1620 died 2/3/1688-9, married about 1639

Children: Sarah; John baptized 4/30/1643, died 8/26/1690, married Preserve Trott; Mary baptized 2/14/1641, died 8/27/1714, married Samuel Robinson; Thankful baptized 3/19/1646-7 married William Griggs; Elizabeth baptized 10/27/1650 died young; James baptized 4/30/1654 died 3/30/1721, unmarried; Elizabeth baptized 7/20/1656 married William Pratt; Hannah baptized 11/9/1662 died 9/18/1690 married John Wiswell


Sarah BAKER baptized 6/22/1645 Dorchester; married 2/22/1664-5, died 10/13/1688

Spouse:  James WHITE born 1/1/1637 Dorchester Suffolk MA, died 11/11/1713, married 2/22/64; he married (2) Elizabeth Withington

Children:   Edward born 8/4/1683; Sarah 11/8/1665 died 11/2/1665; Thankfull born 8/18/1667; Ichabod born 4/26 died 5/12/1669; John born 6/7/1670; Experience born 3/2/1673; Martha born 8/28/1675;Mary born 1677; James born 5/29/1679; Richard born 3/2/1681; Edward born 8/2/1683; Ebenezer born 7/3/1685 graduated Harvard in 1704 

The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 75:  Withington, England i FAITH 2 bapt 13 Oct 1616 came with her father and stepmother to New England d at Dorchester 3 Feb 1688-9 m about 1639. RICHARD BAKER said to have been born in co Kent Eng about 1614, d at Dorchester 25 Oct 1689. He came first to Boston as first mate of the ship Bachelor leaving England 18 Aug 1635 and lived in Dorchester after his marriage. He was a brother of Thomas Baker of Roxbury and an uncle of John Baker of Boston. He was admitted freeman in 1642 was a selectman in 1653, a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1658, and in 1668 was elected ruling elder of the church in Dorchester but declined to serve. He was an ancestor of Walter7 Baker the chocolate manufacturer of Dorchester whose grandfather James Baker bought the original chocolate mill of Henry Stone 6 ii (4 REGISTER vol 43 pp 279 et seq). Children 1 Mary bapt 14 Feb 1641, d 27 Aug 1714, m in 1664 Samuel2 Robinson, bapt 14 June 1640, d 16 Sept 1718 s of William 1.  2 John bapt 30 Apr 1643, d 26 Aug 1690, m 11 July 1667 Preserved Trott. 3 Sarah bapt 22 June 1645. d 13 Oct 1688. m 22 Feb 1664-5 James White s of Edward1 vide infra 3. 4 Thankful bapt 19 Mar 1646 7, m William Griggs. 5 Elizabeth bapt 27 Oct 1650 d young. 6 James bapt 30 Apr 1654 d unm 30 Mar 1721. 7 Elizabeth bapt 20 July 1656 m William Pratt of Weymouth they set out for South Carolina 22 Oct 1695. 8 Hannah b 9 Jan 1662, d 18 Sept 1690, m 5 May 1685 John2 Wiswell (Enoch1).

 A history of the Dorchester Pope family. 1634-1888: Richard Baker was a member of the Dorchester church in 1639 and a freeman of the colony in 1642, a man of good standing in the community. He married Faith daughter of Henry Withington who bore him a good number of children,one of whom Sarah mentioned above became the wife of James White. Faith died Feb 3 and Richard followed her Oct 25 1689. His will is in Suffolk files. A descendant of his Dr James Baker made himself his family and his town famous by the manufacture of chocolate from 1780 onward. The following jottings in England may not come amiss to the future historian of this family. The index to wills at Taunton Somersetshire gives Richard Baker Wayford 1609. Among Totness wills at Exeter Devon indexed but missing Richard Baker Dartmouth 1559, Richard Baker Broadwood Kelly 1595, Parish register of Winwick Lancashire chronicles Richard Baker buried Aug 23 1630. Richard Baker buried Oct 2 1633.

The Western antiquary, Volume 4: 715 RICHARD BAKER AND DORCHESTER MASS In the History of the Town of Dorehester Massachusetts by a Committee of the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society Boston 1859 8vo is the following pp 105 6 which I transcribe as there may be no copy of the book in England. Richard Baker joined the Church in 1639 made freeman May l8th 1642 was one of the early grantees of lands one of the raters ie assessors in 1647 50 and 60 a Selectman in 1653 constable in 1663 was once chosen a ruling elder but it does not appear that he accepted was a member of the Artillery Company in 1658. He married Faith the daughter of Elder Henry Withington probably after his arrival in this country. He died Oct 25th 1689. His wife died Feb 3rd 1689. He lived in the part of the town known as Savin Hill and was owner of a large real estate in Dorchester a piece of which is now in possession of his descendants near his homestead at the place mentioned. His son John married Preserved Trott il 5 1667, James died a bachelor March 30th 1721 aged 69, Mary born 27 2 1643 marred Samuel Robinson, Thankful married William Griggs, Hannah born 9 I i 1662 married John Wiswell May 6th 1685, Sarah born 12 5 1668 married James White, Elizabeth married Pratt of Weymouth. A facsimile of the signature of Richard Baker to a town document dated 7 12 1641 is given in Annals of the Town of Dorchester Boston 1846 Svo being N o 2 of the Collections of the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society. In the Fourth Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston which was printed in 880 and is devoted to the Town Records of Dorchester are numerous references to Richard Baker but I will only notice two. In 1674 he lent the Selectmen for the use oí the town three pounds ten shillings repayment of which is acknowledged in 1 191 by James Baker In 1680 the Elder and Deacons and the rest of the Selectmen, and Richard Baker were appointed a Committee to look out for the supply of the Ministry until a man could be found to take the office of Minister. The will of Richard Baker dated October 7th 1689 was proved February eighth 1689 00 and is recorded in Book XL p 122 of the Suffolk Probate Registry at Boston. Baker seems to have been possessed of considerable property but as no record remains of his inventory the amount cannot be stated. He was interested in certain ironworks at Taunton Mass and gave his right in them to his grandchild John Baker. No mention is made of his wife so that probably she pro deceased him and the date of her death should read February 3rd 1688 9. In the old burying ground of Dorchester are the memorials of various members of the Baker family the earliest which I noticed bearing the date of 1745. One inscribed with the name of John Baker who died October 91 1 1746 in his seventy fifth year may possibly commemorate the grand child already mentioned of the emigrant.

History of the Town of Dorchester MA: Edward White came from Branbrook in Kent to Dorchester with his wife Martha and two daughters in the Abigail Hopewell from London  1635. Mr White was born in 1593, his wife in 1596, his daughter Martha in 1625 and Mary in 1627. His son James joined the church in 1662. He married Sarah Baker a daughter of Richard 22 ( 12) 1664; died Nov 11 1713

New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial by Cutter: I Richard Baker immigrant ancestor came to Boston November 28 1635 from London England in the Bachelor as master's mate. He was a man of superior mould and capacity. He settled in Dorchester and became influential in town and church affairs: freeman 1642, member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1658, town officer nearly every year from 1642 to 1685, selectman in 1653. He married Faith daughter of Henry Withington immigrant in 1636 and a prominent citizen of Dorchester, he signed the church covenant with Rev Richard Mather in 1636 and was soon after chosen ruling elder which office he held twenty nine years, his first wife was Elizabeth and his second wife Mrs Marjorie Turner Paul, he died February 2 1666 67 aged seventy nine years. Richard Baker died October 25 1689 and his wife February 3 1688 89. II John son of Richard and Faith Withington Baker was born in Dorchester April 30 1643 died August 26 1690. He married July 11 1667 Preserved born 1646 died November 25 171 1 daughter of Thomas and Sarah Proctor Trott of Dorchester. Thomas Trott came from Bristol England in the James May 23 1635, he was made freeman in 1641,  joined the church the same year, was selectman in 1646, died July 28 1696 aged eighty two years. Sarah Proctor Trott died May 27 1712, she was daughter of George and Edith Proctor who came from England and settled in Dorchester. Mr Proctor was granted land in 1634 37 56 and was town bailiff in 1642.  

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