Spouse: ?

Children: Rev. Nicholas born 1611 Scotland, married (1) ? (2) Grace Dipple, A.B. St. John's College Cambridge 1631-2, A.M. 1635, died 1678, of Hull  & Scituate; Nathaniel both came to Hingham 1635


Nathaniel BAKER, yeoman, Watertown proprietor before 1636 Beverbrook Plow Land, admitted as planter at Nantasket/Hull 4/9/1642, Hingham selectman 12/1/1650, constable 3/8/1668-9,  died 6/3/1682, Hingham estate valued at 1273 19s. Active in King Philip's War, 

Spouse: Sarah LANE born ENG, of Dorchester MA, died 8/19/1695 at Mary's house in Hull

Children: (1) Mary baptized 7/1639 Hingham, only child


Mary BAKER baptized Hingham 8/1639, died 7/13/1679, married 12/16/1657

Spouse: John LORING born Axminster, Devonshire, ENG 12/22/1630 baptized 12/27/1630 died at Hingham 9/19/1714 at the home of his son Thomas. Freeman oath 1673. He married (2) Rachel (Wheatley) Buckland of Braintree 9/22/1679

Children: by wife (1) Mary Baker: John born 9/19/1658 died 1/2/1678; Joseph born 3/10/1659-60 married Hannah Leavitt; Thomas born 3/1/1661-2, sadler, married Leah Buckland; Sarah born 1/1/1664 died 12/16/1678; Isaac born 1/22/1666 married Sarah Young; Mary born 2/4/1668 married Thomas Jones; Nathaniel born 34/5/1670 married Susanna Butler; Daniel born 2/8/1672 married Priscilla Mann and (2) Susanna Breck; Rachel born 2/29/1664 died at Hull 3/8/1607-7; Jacob born 4/21/1676 married 2/9/1708-9 Sarah Lewis and (2) Hannah Jacob on 5/8/1728; Israel born 3/29/1678 died 12/31/1678 Children of wife (2) Rachel Wheatley: John born 6/28/1680 died 2/26/1719-20 married Jane Baker; Israel born 4/1682 married Mary Hayman; Sarah born 6/6/1684 died unmarried; Caleb born 1/2/1689 died at Hull 9/16/1756 married Elizabeth Baker and (2) 

The Great Migration: [ Note William Lane - vi.   Sarah Lane, b. about 1617 (aged 18 on 20 Mar 1634/5 [Hotten 285]); m. by 1639 Nathaniel Baker {1635, Hingham} [GM 2:1:133-39]. (This reverses our position in the Nathaniel Baker sketch, and assumes that Baker had only one wife, named Sarah. This change is based in part on the realization that the "Sarah Land" of the 1635 passenger list was really Sarah Lane.)] 

The Great Migration: Nathaniel Baker. Origin: Unknown. Migration: 1635. First Residence: Hingham. Occupation: Yeoman [SLR 8:60-622].  Church Membership:  Nathaniel Baker or his wife was admitted to Hingham church by July 1639 when their  daughter, Mary, was baptized [NEHGR 121:11].  Freeman: Took the Oath of Allegiance in Hingham 29 Oct 1678 [SCC 2975].  Education:  Signed his name to deeds [SLR 8:60-62, 11:335-37] and to his will. The inventory of his estate included "his books," valued at 30s.  Offices: Hingham selectman, 1 Dec 1650 [HiTR, 1642-1651, 25].  Constable, 9 Mar 1778 [/9] [SLR 5:1].  Estate: "The several parcels of land and meadow legally given unto Nathaneell Baker by the town of Hingham"; "for a house lot five acres of land," 18  Sep 1635, "for a planting lot two acres of land lying upon Pleasant Hill," 1735; "for a Great Lot ten acres of lad lying upon the Great Plain," 8 Oct 1637; "one acre & half of salt marsh lying in Weymoth Meadow," 10 June 1637; "two acres of planting land lying at the end of his own house lot," no date; "one acre and half of salt marsh at Conyehassett, it is the fifth lot in the first division ... which parcel of meadow was given him for satisfaction for meadow given him at Nantascott," 1647;  "a piece of ground to set a barn upon at the southward of his home lot where he now dwells," [11?] Jan 1650; "four accres of salt marsh lying at Conyehassett it is the fourth lot in the third division," 1647; and "a parcel of land for the straightening of the fence of his Great Lot over the new bridge, provided it doth not exceel two acres, but the wood is to remain to the use of the town," 1 Jan 1654 [HiBOP 43].  Nathaniel Baker was admitted as a planter to the plantation at Nantasket [Hull] on 9 Apr 1642. He, like the others so admitted, was to have two acres of land located in the valley between the two hills next to Peddock's Island, as well as two acres of meadow, and four acres of planting land at Peddock's Island "to be laid out when the plantation shall be fuller," in the meantime to have liberty to plant wherever they wished, and reserving the beaches for anyone to set up fishing stages as desired [MBCR 2:5-6].  On 25 Feb 1655[/6?], "upon a request of Goodman Baker unto the Town concerning the running of his greater lot lying over the new bridge along by the fresh river it falling out that there was a neck of the town's land did fall into the greater lot if it run unon a straight line from a marked tree by a great rock to a little small tree by the side of a hill at the outside of his great lot the matter having been discussed by the town at a town meeting, the town did refer it to the townsmen to do in it according to their discretion and it is ordered by the selectmen that that nook of land which fell in his lot which doth amont to three acres and a rood, it is given him and he is to run upon a straight line, only the wood of that land is retained for the town's use, this three acres and a rood that the selectmen hath given him is besides that two acres of land that the town has given him before, both which doth amount to five acres of land and better" [HiBOP 43].  On 15 Jan 1648, John Porter of Salem granted unto Nathaniel Baker of Hingham his house and lot in Hingham, with the barns and outbuildings, and "several parcels of land in Hinham" [SLR 1:10]. On 16 Dec 1649, "Henery Chamberlin" sold to "Nathaneell Baker ... my Great Lot ... and my meadow at Conyhassett" [HiBOP 43].  On 17 June 1661, Nathaniel Baker of Hingham, together with Capt. Joshua Hubbard, Lt. John Smith and Sgt. John Leavitt, purchased a tract of land fifteen miles square from various Indians, which deed was acknowledged by Chish-thamuck Pumham-sem on 4 Apr 1661, Wamsutta alias Alexander on 2 Jun3 1662, and, in a separate release dated 8 June 1664, with a map of the tract attached thereunto, by "Pom-me-toc-come al[is]s Philip," who speaks of "my brother Alexander alias Womsittah deceased" [SLR 7:161=64].  On 15 Jan 1672//3, "Nathaniell Baker of Hingham ..., yeoman, ... for the entire love & respect, that I have unto my sonn-in-law John Loring and to Mary his wife my daughter, of Hull,"  granted to them "one third part of that parcel of land, that lyeth between the highway leading to the land called the world''s end and the Fresh River, namely that their part next to the highway that leadeth to John Pharas house or the bridge"; also "one third part of my great lot over the bridge, namely that third part next to Turkey Hill, next to the lot of John Pharo"; also "ones great lot lying on the Great Plain that was formerly Henry Chamberlines the shoemaker, as bounded in the town book of Hingham"; also "one lot lying in the first division at Conihasset containing fifteen shares of the whole, lying next to Mathew Ganet's land, as bounded in town book"; also "one third part of my lot of land lying in the third division, which lot in the whole contains fifteen shares, bounded as in the town book"; alsso "one full third part of all the privilege of commons and common lands, wood, herbage, and feeding, to me in any wise due or appertaining, within the limits and bounds of Hingham"; also "all my meadow lands from the head of Porter's Cove downwards towards Lincornes Rocks, and all my meadow land at Turkey Meadow, bounded as in the town book"; these lands to be possessed by "them the said John Loring & Mary his wife from & immediately after the decease of me the said Nathaniell Baker & of Saray my now wife, during the time of the natural life of them the said John Loring & Mary his wife, or of the longer liver of them & after their decease to their children, namely, to John, Joseph, Thomas, Isaac, Nathaniell & Daniell Loring," with further provisions for carrying out this grant [SLR 8:60-62].  On 14 Feb 1673/4, Humphrey Johnson and his wife, Eleanor, of Hingham sold to Nathaniel Baker of Hingham, yeoman, Lot 44 of the second division of the Conihasset uplands in Hingham, containing 17 1/4 acres and 12 rods [SLR 944=45].  On 13 July 1680, Nathaniel Baker of Hingham, yeoman, granted unto "my wife's kinsman, Andrew Lane of Hingham ... wheelwright ... my lot of saltmarsh which I ... am now possessed of by virtue of the Town of Hingham their grant to me as may appear by the town record the said lot is the fifth lot in the first division of Conihasset saltmarshes in Hingham and the said lot contains one acre and half an acre of saltmarsh" [SLR 11:335-37].  In his will, dated 11 May 1682 and proved 25 July 1682, Nathaniel Baker of Hingham bequeathed [see will below] .... The inventory of Nathaniel Baker's estate, dated 23 June 1682, totalled 1273 19s., of which 1074 was real estate: ...Lots and value [SPR 9:87=88].  On 12 Feb 1696/7, letters of administration cum testamento annexo were granted to Thomas Loring of Hingham, sadler, on th remaining estate of his grandfather, Nathaniel Baker, sometime of Hingham, yeoman, both executors, Sarah Baker and Joseph Loring, being deceased ]SPR 11:255, NS 4:212-14].  On 20 Apr 1697, a new inventory was made of the estate left remaining to be administered, totalling 714 4s., of which 706 14s. was real estate; .... Birth: By about 1614, based on grant of land in 1635 and estimated date of marriage. Death: Hingham 3 June 1682 [NEHGR 121:210; HiVR 56].  Marriage: By 1639 [See paragraph above from The Great Migration: William Lane.] Sarah Lane, daughter of William Lane of Dorchester, who left his "son Nath Baker of Hingham" 8 in his will dated 28 Feb 1650[/1].  ... Sarah , who died, a widow, at the home of her daughter, Mary (Baker) Loring, on 19 Aug 1695[Hingham Hist 411].  Child:  i. Mary, bp. Hingham [blank] July 1639 [NEHGR 121:11; m. Hingham 16 Dec 1657 John Loring [NEHGR 121:107].  Associations: He was a brother of Rev. Nicholas Baker of Hingham, Hull and Scituate, naming the six children of his brother, Nicholas, in his will. Nicholas named his brother, Nathaniel, as overseer of his will.  Comments: ...

In the name of god amen, this eleventh day of May 1682, I Nathaniel Baker of Hingham, in the County of Suffolke in the Massachusetts--being weake of body but of sound and perfect memory and knowing the uncertainty of this life on earth, being desirous to settle things in order to make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following (that is to say) First I committ my Soule into the hand of God, hoping to bee saved by the merits of Christ, and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken to bee buryed in such decent manner as to my Executors hereafter named shall seme most meete. And as touching my outward Estate which God of his grace hath lent me my will is as followeth Imp. I give unto my beloved wife Sarah Baker all my Household goods of brass-pewter and iron and wood, clothing and bedding, woollen and linnen and whatsoever in the house named or not named and also my Indians, -- man and woman Servants -- for their apprenticeships--all to bee at the whole and sole dispose of Sarah my said wife. Item; I give unto my beloved wife Sarah for and during the term of naturall life my whole estate not already disposed of both houseing Lands--Cattle and movables--for her maintenance, and at her decease my will is ---that Joseph Loring my Grandchilde shall have all my Houses--Orchards--and Home land adjoyning hereunto and a peice of Salt Meadow adjoyning to said Land which said Meadow was sometimes--Noltons--, as--also one peice of Salt Meadow in the home meadow sometimes -- Strongs--, also my Salt Meadow at Porter's Cove from the head of said Cove towards--bass-point; also that my Lott of Land at a place called the worlds-end, also one Lott next the Ware River in the neck so called, also a grant of Salt Meadow I had of Henry Chamberlin at Cohasset. Also ten Shares -- of my Common Rites -- or previledges -- in the Town of Hingham and also two thirds -- of my Land both Meadow and upland that lyeth between the highway that leadeth into the Neck and the Fresh River so called, also two thirds of my great lott over said River on the left hand of the way to Turkey Hill also two thirds -- of my third division lott so called also my lott in the fourth division next Waymouth line, also my Cattle and movables--not already disposed to my said wife. The above said estate of Houseing Lands--Cattle and goods I give unto my said Grandchilde Joseph Loring to him and his heirs--for ever if hee live to have any childe, otherwise to bee equally divided amongst his Brothers after the said Joseph's decease saving one third of said Estate to his--widdow if hee leave any during her naturall life, Provided also the said Joseph Loring doth relinquish or give up his right to or interest in certain parcels of land given by Nathanael Baker to his Father John Loring to bee divided amongst his sons--I say that hee the said Joseph resigne his--part to the rest of the Brothers--in the said gift mentioned as also that the said Joseph pay or cause to bee paid One Hundred pounds--in money or other things--at money price to his Brother Jacob Loring and his -- sisters -- Marah and Rachel Loring (that is-to say) to Jacob Loring Fifty pounds, and to Marah and Rachel twenty five pounds--apiece to bee paid to said Jacob when at the age of twenty one yeares--or one yeare after the death of their Grandmother Baker, and to Marah and Rachel when at the age of Eighteen years--or one yeare after the death of their said Grandmother; but if either the said Jacob, Marah or Rachel dye before they come to enjoy their legacy, then my will is -- that the Survivors--of them shall have it equally divided betwixt them. Item: I give unto my Grandchilde Nathanael Loring all that my lott of land in the second division of Cohasset upland and a peice of Salt Meadow on the South Side of the great Neck of Cohasset of about four or five acres----, to him the said Nathanael and his heirs forever. /// Item: I give unto my Grand sons---Thomas Loring, Isaac Loring, Nathan Loring and Jacob Loring all that my part Share or interest in a parcel of land lying in the Narranganset Country in partnership with Captain Hobart, Leif Smith and Deacon John Leavit to bee equally divided betwixt my said grand sons -- or the survivors of them when they come to age. /// Item: I give to my Grandchilde Daniel Loring a great Lott lying on the great plain which was formerly the Lott of William Carsley; and unto the six children of my brother Nicholas Baker deceased ten shilling apiece. /// Item: I give unto my Son in law John Loring my right in a Lott of Land with the Deed for the same that I had of Humphrey Johnson in the Second division of the Cohasset upland all the said grant to them and their heires. /// Item: My will is---that Sarah my beloved wife and Joseph Loring my Grandson shall bee executrix and Executor to this my last will and Testament. Lastly I do hereby request and betrust Deacon John Leavit , Captain John Thaxter, Cornet Mather Cushing and John Jacob to bee Over Seers----to see this my will performed with whome my will is----my Executors consult especially in matters of weight. And to confirm this----my last will and Testam I have hereunto set my hand and seale the day and yeare above written. /// Nathanael Baker & a seale. In presence of us witnesses: John Leavit, John Thaxter, Matthew Cushing, John Jacob, John Leavit and John Jacob made oath in court 25 July 1682: that they were present and did see Nathanael Baker signe and seale and heard him publish the same to bee his last will and testament and that hee was----then of disposeing minde to their understanding.

History of Hingham: Nicholas was a delegate from Hingham to the General Court in May 1636 and again in May 1638. He was twice married. His first wife died (prob. at Scit.) 23 April 1661 and on the 29 of April 1662 he took a second wife which Christian name was Grace. He removed early (1644 or 1645) to Hull, where he lived and was an extensive land-owner, until he received an invitation to preach at Scit., which invitation was accepted. He was ordained minister at Scit. in 1660. he died 22 August 1678. Nathaniel, brother of the preceding, married Sarah, daughter of William Lane of Dorchester, Mass. She was born in England and died at the house of her son-in-law, John Loring of Hull, 19 Aug 1695. He died in Hingham 3 June 1682. "Farmer," and a large land-owner. Constable, 1668; Selectman, 1661 and 1676. Was in active service in King Philip's War. Resided on East Street on land now owned by the Hingham Ag'l and Hort'l Soc'y. In his will of May 11, 1682, he provides for wife Sarah, and gives to the children of his son-in-law, John Loring; also 10s to each of the children of his deceased brother Nicholas, late of Scit. Child -- Mary, baptised in Hingham August 1639, married December 16, 1657, John Loring of Hull, and died 13 July 1679, mt. 40th year.

Pioneers of MABaker, Nathaniel, yeoman. Watertown, propr. before 1636. He deposed 9/21/1677, ae about 66 years, regarding Dexter's purchase of Nabant in 1632 or 1633. Hull propr. 1642. Hingham propr. and resident. Town officer. Deeded lands 1/15/1672 to his dau. Mary and her husband John Loring. He d. 6/3/1682. Will dated 5/11 prob. 7/25/1682. Wife Sarah; son-in-law John Loring and his ch. Joseph, Jacob, Marah, Rachel, Nathaniel, Isaac and David; to the six ch. of his bro. Nathaniel B., dec. The widow d. at her dau.'s house 8/19/1695.

History of the Town of Hingham: January 1 1660. Those whose names are hereafter mentioned do dissent from having Capt Hubbard freed from paying his rates to the public charge of the town for the maintenance of the ministry. Nathaniel Baker, John Otis, Michael Peirce, John Jacob, William Spraguc, John Tucker sen, John Tucker jr, William Johns, Thomas Leavitt, Onesiphorus Marsh, Joseph Jones, Henry Chamberlin, William Hcrsey - Town Records
To the Constable of Hingham You are hereby required in his majesty's name forthwith at the sight hereof to destraine upon the goods or chattels of Nathaniel Baker of this Town to the value of twenty shillings for his entertaining a Indian or Indians contrarv to a Town order which fine is to be delivered to the selectmen for the use of the Town. Hereof you are not to fail Benjamin Bute in the name of & by the order of the rest of the Selectmen of Hingham. This is a true copy of the warrant as attest Moses Collier Constable of Hingham. The fine imposed upon Mr Baker was in consequence of his disobedience of an order passed by the town forbidding the employment or entertainment of an Indian by any person. It was almost immediately followed by petitions from Baker John Jacobs and others to the General Court asking that they be permitted to retain their Indian servants and it appears from the State Archives that the following similar request had already been granted. It is of added interest for its illustration of the conduct of the war and the standard of the times. 

NE Historical & Genealogical Register: William Lane had two sons George 2 and Andrew both of whom came it is supposed from England with their father. They were early settlers at Hingham Mass. William had also four daughters viz Elizabeth 8 who married Thomas Rider lived in Boston, Mary 2 married Mr Long lived in Hingham widow in 1690 married Joseph Famsworth, the other daughters married one to Thomas Lincoln the cooper the other to Nathaniel Baker both of Hingham.

Suffolk Deeds: To all Christian People to whom these presents shall come Nathan ffarrow of the Towne of Hingham in the County of Suffolke in New England Carpenter and Mary his wife Sendeth Greeting Know Yee that they the aforesaid Nathan ffarrow & Mary his wife for & in con Farrow sideration of the full and Just Sum of threescore john on pounds in money and Lands to them in hand well and truely paid by Isaac Johnson of said Hingham Carpenter the receipt whereof they the said Nathan ffarrow & Mary his wife doth hereby acknowledge and themselves therewith fully Satisfyed contented and paid and thereof and of every part & parcel thereof Doth clearly acquit exonerate and discharge the said Isaac Johnson his heires Executors & Administrators for ever by these presents Have given granted bar 406 gained Sold aliened enfeoffed and Confirmed and by these presents Doe fully cleerly and absolutely give grant bargaine Sell alien enfeofl e and confirme Unto the saiil Isaac Johnson his heires & Assignes for ever his houses & several peels of Land lying & being in the said Town shipp of Hingham to witt his Dwelling house with the barne & all that peice of Land on which the houses doth stand which contain three quarters of an Acre of land as it is now fenced in & it ia bounded with the lane that leadeth toward the County Bridge toward the South & with the Land late in the possession of Nathaniel Baker of said Hingham Deceased toward the East & toward the North & toward the west with the Orchard & garden & all the fences thereunto belonging which said fences about the said Bargained peice of Land must for ever be kept up & maintained by the said Isaac Johnson his heires & assignes & by such persons as shall Iweomc proprietors of said Land according as was ingaged by John Farrow that purchased the said Lund of the said Nathaniel Baker Also one small peel or strip of Land granted by the Inhabitants of said Hingham to the said John Farrow lying between the fresh meadow of the heires of said Nathaniel Baker & the Causey that lead to the Bridge the said Strip of Land runneth to the River Reserving alwayes and it is hereby reserved a liberty for the Owners of the said ffresh meadow that was formerly Nathaniel Bakers their heires & Assignes to pass & repass quietly with a Cart or Carts throw the said Strip or parcel of land from time to time for ever for the Carting their hay that shall grow upon the said Meadow Also four Acres of Land lying & being in said Hingham necr to Turkey Hill and it is bounded with the great lott that was Nathaniel Bakers toward the West & with the Towne land Eastward Northward & Southward ...

An Address Delivered Before the Citizens of the Town of Hingham: Nicholas Baker a freeman in March 1635 6 a deputy at the May Court 1636 and again in 1638 lived at the foot of Baker's Hill which received its name from him or his brother Nathaniel. In 1642 he made application for lands at Seekonk but he did not remove there. In 1657 he received several grants of land in Hull among them a home lot and resided there. After the death of President Dunster Pastor of the First Church in Scituate Mr Baker was invited to preach there. Mr Deane says where and when he had qualified himself for the ministry we have not learned but the probability is that without a regular education by the force of his own talents he had acquired a respectable degree of theological knowledge and by the virtues of his life he had recommended himself to the public. He was ordained in Scituate in 1660. He was instrumental in producing a reconciliation of the two Churches at Scituate which had held no communion with each other for thirty five years. Cotton Mather gives a favorable notice of him in the Magnalia. Mr Baker died August 22 1678 at Scituate where he left descendants.  /P/   Nathaniel Baker brother of the preceding was a large landholder. He died June 3 1682. In his will executed May 11 1682 he disposes of his estate chiefly among his grand children Joseph Loring and others children of John Loring. He also makes provision for his wife, his two Indian servants, and he gives 10s a piece to the children of his brother Nicholas late of Scituate.

Lane Genealogies: SARAH9 b England wife of NATHANIEL BAKER original settler in Hingham and brother of Rev Nicholas Baker of Hingham and Scituate Mass. He drew a five acre house lot in Hingham Sept 1 8 1635, was farmer, constable 1668 ,selectman 1661 and 1676, in active service in Philips War 1675 ,died 3 June 1686 .Will May n 1682 provides for wife Sarah and gives legacies to two Indian servants to his grandchildren and to children of his deceased brother Nicholas late of Scituate, Mrs Baker d at the house of her son in law John Loring of Hull Mass 19 Aug 1695 

Loring Genealogy: 3 JoHN LORING Thomas1 born at Axminster England as his son Rev Israel Loring tells us December 22 1630 baptized December 27 1630 married first December 16 1657 Mary only child of Nathaniel and Sarah Lane Baker who was baptized at Hingham in August 1639 and died July 13 1679, "a pious woman of whose conversion her husband was the instrument." He married second September 22 1679 Mrs Rachel Buckland widow of Mr Benjamin Buckland of Reho both and daughter of Mr John Wheatly of Braintree, she died September 20 1713 aged seventy years. He resided in Hull was town clerk seventeen years one of the selectmen nine terms representative in 1692. His son Israel became a minister and wrote a very affectionate and particular obituary upon his father which is preserved in the archives of the Massachusetts Historical Society and in the copy of that document in Mr James Spear. Loring's manuscript volume in the New England Historic Genealogical Society Several items of interest are worth quoting. Mr John Loring while a boy of five years definitely determined to be a good child of his heavenly Father and was earnestly religious all through his life. His wife attributed her own conversion to his influence. He was very solicitous to secure the conversion of his children .He began with them when they were young tender and flexible to put them in mind of God their Creator and the things that belong to their everlasting peace. He was a great reader. His was a religious family the morning and evening sacrifice were duly offered up and on the Lord's Day evenings the sermons which at meeting he took down in characters were repeated. He cut his foot at one time and the wound developed into a malignant sore which gave him extreme pain. After a famous physician of Boston had treated the foot and failed to cure it or relieve the agony a friend of Mrs Loring, Mrs Whitmore of Medford a doctress, came to visit the family and applying her balsom to his angry wounds he presently had rest and ease and slept soundly the night following and with the blessing of heaven upon her endeavors she effected a curem He recovered his health and lived some time thereafterm He died Lord's Day morning September 19 1714. 

Lincoln G. Hingham Genealogies by Hingham MA: BAKER, NICHOLAS and NATHANIEL came to Hing in 1635. They were brothers and when the first house lots were drawn Sept 18 1635 they had adjoining lots of five acres each granted to them on Town(North  near Beal St).  Hence the name of the sightly eminence in that locality known as Baker's Hill.  //P//  NATHANIEL bro of the preceding m Sarah dau of William Lane of Dorchester Mass. She was b in Eng and d at the house of her s in law John Loring of Hull 19 Aug 1695. He d in Hing 3 June 1682. Farmer and a large land owner. Constable 1668. Selectman 1661 and 1676. Was in active service in King Philip's War. Resided on East St on land now owned by the Hing Ag'l and Hort' l Soc' y. In his will of May 11 1682 he provides for W Sarah and gives to the ch of his s in law John Loring, also 10s to each of the ch of his deceased bro Nicholas late of Scit. Child i MARY bt in Hing Aug 1639 m Dec 16 1657 John Loring of Hull and d 13 July 1679 aged 40th yr. 

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