Brown, Browne, Broun, Broune

James BROWN born circa 1604, age 71 in 7/1675; migration 1633 to Charlestown, removed to  Newbury 1662 and Salem 1668; glazier; died in Salem 11/3/1676, will dated 1/29/1674-5 proved 11/29/1676; admitted to Charlestown church 3/10/1633-4, Freeman 3/4/1633-4; Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co.

Spouse: (1) Judith/Elizabeth _____ married by 1638, died by 1647; married  (2) Sarah Cutting daughter of John, married by 1647; Sarah married 2nd by 2/28/1682-3 William Healy, Sr. of Cambridge

Children:  by wife (1)  John born 1/4/1637 Charlestown; Mary baptized Charlestown 3/3/1639-40 "daughter of James Broun and of Elizabeth his wife" no further record; James born 2/20/1642-3 Charlestown "son of James Browne & Judith his wife", buried 8/8/1643. Children with wife (2):  James born 8/19/1647  Charlestown, married Hannah House 3/16/1670; Nathaniel born Charlestown 11/21/1648, not in father's will; Sarah born circa 1652 married 1st Robert Beasley; "for fornication before marriage fined or to be whipped the next lecture day," Samuel born Charlestown 1/14/1656-7, named in father's will, no further record; Hannah baptized 9/12/1658 Charlestown, named in father's will, no further record; Abraham baptized 10/14/1660  Charlestown, died 1/13/1683 Newbury; Mary born 5/25/1663 father's will, no further record; Abigail born 10/24/1665 Newbury, named in father's will, no further record; Martha born 12/22/1667 Newbury, named in father's will, no further record 


John BROWN / BROWNE, born Charlestown 1/4/1637 "son of James Browne & Judith his wife", baptized 3/1/1638-9 "son of James Broun and of Elizabeth his wife", glazier, lived in Newbury & Ipswich

Spouse: Mary WOODMAN married 2/20/1659 in Newbury, daughter of Edward

Children:  Judith born 12/3/1660;  Mary born 3/8/1661-2 married William Partridge 12/1680 in Newbury; Elizabeth born 5/15/1664; John born 9/29/1666; Jonathan born 11/4/1668 married Linda Kindrick; Sarah born 12/2/1670; Hannah born 11/13/1676 in Ipswich


Judith BROWN born 12/3/1660 Newbury married 2/4/1680-1

Spouse: Zachary DAVIS born 2/22/1645-6 Newbury MA died 6/25/1692 Newbury

Children: Judith born 9/7/1684 died 12/9/1702; Elizabeth born 4/27/1687; Zachariah born circa 1690

The Great Migration: James Brown. Origin: Unknown. Migration: 1633. First Residence: Charlestown. Removes: Newbury 1662; Salem 1668. Occupation: Glazier [SLR 3:330 EQC 5:245-46].  Church Membership: Admitted to Charlestown church 10 Mar 1633/4 [sic] [ChChR 8].  Freeman: 4 Mar 1633/4 (as the second of a sequence of three Charlestown men) [MBCR 1:368].  Education: Inventory included "a Bible and other books" valued at 10s.  Offices: Two men of this name were admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, one in 1638 and one in 1643, and the former has been claimed as the 1633 Charlestown settler [HAHAC 1:55].   Estate: In 1635 relinquished five acres of land Mystic Side in Charlestown [ChTR 14].  Granted small yard before his doof, 11 July 1635 [ChTR 15].  Granted hay ground, Lot #35, 9 Feb 1635/6 [ChTR 19, 20].  Granted 5 acres Mystic Side, 6 Mar 1636/7 [ChTR 27]. Granted three and a quarter cow commons, 1637 [ChTR 32].  Granted Lot #37 Mysttic Side, with parcels of fifteen, forty and five acres, 23 Apr 1638 [ChTR 36]. Granted three and a quarter cow commons, Lot #21, 30 Dec 1638 (probably the same as the 1637 grant) [ChTR 42].  In the Charlestown Book of Possessions "James Browne" held 9 parcels: dwelling house with yard and garden, containing half a rood; two acres of arable land in the East Field; three and a quarter milch cow commons; one acre in the South Meadow; eight acres of arable land in the Line Field; five acres of woodland in Mystic Field; two acres of meadow in Mystic Marshes, 15 acres of woodland in Mystic Field; and 40 acres of land in Water Field. All of these parcels expect the 22 acres in East Field, the 8 acres in Line Field and the 40 acres in Water Field were marked as sold to Robert Mirriam [ChBOP 16].  On 7 Apr 1640 Anne Quicke sold to "Jeames Browne" for 14 11s. "one house and garden in Charlton, the which was late the house of Will[[ia]m Studson" [i.e., Stilson] [SLR 1:16]. On 20 Nov 1643 "James Browne of Charlstowne" sold to Abraham Hawkins of the same "one dwelling house or tenement which the said James Browne lately purchased of Micaell Bayerston" [i.e., Barstow] [SLR 1:46].  On 19 June 1652 "James Browne, glazier, inhabitant in Charllstowne, and Sarah my wife," sold to Robert Hale, carpenter, of Charlestown, to acres and a quarter "in the east end of the town, in a place called Wapping Row" [ChBOP 156; MLR 11:43].  On 10 Jan 1656 James Brown of Charlestown, glazier, sold to Thomas Shippy of Charlestown, fisherman, "a house with an orchard, yard, a garden & a pump" which had belonged to Peter Mud deceased [MLR 2:124]. On a 25 Aug 1659 James Brown of Charlestown, glazier, mortgaged land in Charlestown to Richard Crickely of Boston as security against a judgment given in court against Brown [MLR 2:86].  On 17 June 1673 Mr. George Keaser sued "James Browne, glazier," for laying claim to or pretending a title and interest in a parcel of land of plaintiff's, also plowing and sowing the said land several years and for suspicion of taking away the partition fence and removing two boun posts" [EQC 5:170-72]. (The many depositions and other documents in this case help in the proof that James Brown of Newbury, glazier, is the same as James Brown of Salem, glazier.)  In his will dated 29 Jan 1674[/5?] and proved 29 Nov 676, "James Browne of Salem" bequeathed to "my beloved wife Sarah  my dwelling house & outhousing with the ground adjoining lying here in Salem during her natural life"; to "my eldest son John Browne who have had his portion given him formerly" the debt owing from the estate of Henry Bright of Watertown, deceased, "in consideration of money lent to him or paid for him many years ago," one--half for himself and one-half "to Sarah my said wife"; "whereas there are certain writings drawn between my said wife & my son James Browne," this agreement is confirmed, to "my son Samuel my dwelling house & outhousing" with some of the ground adjoining "after his mother's decease, he paying fifteen pounds for the use of my daughters"; to "my son Abraham about 32 pole of the around belonging to my dwelling house" to return to son Samuel if Abraham does not reach age of 21; to "my said wife Sarah" the rest of the ground beyond that given to Abraham to cover debts and necessary expenses, and at her death to son Abraham "he paying four-fifths of the value thereof for the use of his four youngest sisters: viz: Anna, Mary, Abigaile & Martha" at eighteen or at marriage; the 35 to be paid by James and the 15 to be paid by Abraham to be equally divided "amongst my five daughters, viz: Sarah Beasly, Anna, Maary, Abigaile & Martha"; to "my said wife all the rest of my estate," she to be sole executrix and "my brother Nicholas Noyce and Hilliard Veren Sr. to be overseers' [EPR 3:108-09].  The inventory of the estate of "James Browne, Sr., who deceased Nov 3, 1676," was taken 30 Nov 1676 and totalled 119 10s. 6d. (against which were debts of 101 ts. 3d.) of which 100 was real estate "a dwelling house and barn and about 3/4 acre of land in Salem," 100 [EPR 3:110].  (The later history of some of James Brown's real estate in Salem may be found in Essex Ant 8:70-71.)   Birth: About 1604 (deposed in July 1675 "aged seventy-one years" [EQC 6:44].  Death: Salem 3 Nov 1676 [EPR 3:110].  Marriage: (1) By 1638 Judith/Elizabeth ____ possibly the "Elizabeth Brown" admitted to Charlestown church 6/14/1634, or more probably the "Elizabeth Broun" admitted 31 July 1641 [ChChR 8,10); died by 1647. (2) By 1647 Sarah Cutting, daughter of John Cutting of Charlestown and Newbury; probably the "Sarah Broune" admitted to Charlestown church 14 Mar 1651/2 [ChChR 11]; she married (2) by 28 Feb 1682[/3] William Healy [MLR 8:296-97].  Children: With first wife: i. John, b. Charlestown 4 Jan 1637 [sic] "son of James Browne & Judith his wife" [ChVR 1:2]; bp. Charlestown 1 Mar 1638/9 "son of James Broun and of Elizabeth his wife" [ChChR 48]; m. Newbury 20 Feb 1659 Mary Woodman. ii. Mary, bp Charlestown 3 Mar 1639/40 "daughter of James Broun and of Elizabeth his wife" [ChChR 49]; no further record. iii. James, b. Charlestown 20 Feb 1642/3 "son of James Browne & Judith his wife," and bur. there 28 Aug 1643 [ChVR 1:2].  With second wife: iv. James, b. Charlestown 19 Aug 1647  [ChVR 1:10]; m. Charlestown 16 Mar 1670 Hannah House [ChVR 1:71].  v. Nathaniel, b. Charlestown 21 Nov 1648 [ChVR 1:10], not mentioned in father's will, 29 Jan 1674/5.  vi. Sarah, b. say 1652; m. by 26 Nov 1672 Robert Beasly, on which day "Robt. Beasly and his wife, for fornication before marriage, wee fined or to be whipped the next lecture day" [EQC 5:121].  vii. Samuel, b. Charlestown 14 Jan 1656/7 [ChVR 1:18]; named in father's will, 29 Jan 1674 [/5?]; no further record.  viii.Hannah, bp. Charlestown 12 Sep 1658 [ChChR 51]; named in father's will 29 Jan 1674[/5?]; no further record.  ix.  Abraham, bp Charlestown 14 Oct 1660 [ChChR 60]; d. Newbury 13 Jan 1683, apparently unmarried. x. Mary, b. Newbury 25 May 1663, her father's inventory included a debt of 8 to "Goodwife Bonfeild for carying for Mary's leg"; probably the Mary Brown "aged about nineteen years" who gave testimony in the case against James Creek, 28 Mar 1682 [EQC 8:286-87]; no further record.  xi.  Abigail, b. Newbury 24 Oct 1665, named in father's will, 29 Jan 1674[/5?], no further record.  xii. Martha, b. Newbury 22 Dec 1667, named in father's will, 29 Jan 1674[/5?]. no further record.  Comments. James Brown was in lists of Charlestown inhabitants dated 9 Jan 1633/4  and Jan 1635/6 ChTR 10, 15].  On 1 Sep 1635 James Browne and Edward Converse each forfeited a bond of 10, for the failure of William Dixon to appear at court [MBCR 1:154].  On 20 Nov 1637 James Browne was one of the two Charlestown men to be disarmed as an adherent of Wheelwright and Hutchison [MBCR 1:212].  On 12 Mar 1649/50 Thomas Peeke of Colchester, Essex, England, linen draper, made a letter of attorney to Thomas Firmin to proceed against "James Browne of Charls towne in N: England" to recover a debt due to Josias Firmin and Thomas Peeke [Aspinwall 350-51]. This suggests that Brown may have come from the Colchester area, and indicates that research in that area should be undertaken.  Three men named James Brown were made free in the 1630s; on 4 Mar 1633/4, 25 May 1636 and 17 May 1637 [MBCR 1:368, 372, 373]; by their plaement and associations in the lists these men were respectively of Charlestown, Boston and Newbury. The Newbury freeman of 1637  was almost certainly the elder James Brown at Newbury when the James Brown of the present sketch resided in Newbury in the 1660s and was referred to as James Brown Jr. The fact that the date of admission of James Brown to the Charlestown church somes six days after his admission to freemanship reinforces the defective nature of the Charlestown church records. That this James Brown resided successively in Charlestown, Newbury and Salem relies in the first instance on the evidence that he is called glazier at all locations, that his son James, also a glazier, returned to live in Charlestown, and that the list of the births of children picks up in Newbury just as it breaks off in Charlestown. The evidence for the identy of his second wife ties this James Browne to both Charlestown and Salem. In his will of 22 Oct 1659 John Cutting of Newbury bequeathed to "my daughter Sara Browne of Charlestowne, the wife of James  Browne," 5 per annum from his lands by his widow if she should remarry, "all the house I now dwell in, with the twelve acres of upland that the house stands upon, and three-quarters of that twenty acress of salt marsh land lately purchased of Mr. Steven Dummer," and 40 to be paid by Samuel Moody; James Brown gave a receipt for 20 on 15 Oct 1664 and for the remaining 20 on 11 Nov 1667 [EPR 1:308-11].  In the inventory of James Browne there is a debt of 6 described as "due for legacies for four children which Mr. John Cutting gae to his grandchildren & was James Browne's" [EPR 33:110]. If the four children reeferred to are those who were living at the time of Cutting's will, and if James Browne's son Nathaniel, who is seen only in his birth record, had died before Cutting's will, then the eldest child of James Brown with his second wife, Sarah Cutting, would be the son James born in 1647.  The name of his first wife is uncertain, as she is called Judith in the town birth records, but Elizabeth in the church records. There is no evidence that there were two men by the name of James Browne in Charlestown prior to 1640, so these records should all apply to the same family. There are problems with both the town and the church records at this time, so no preference is possible on this basis. There may be a hint in the fact that John Brown, son of the immigrant, named a daughter Judith. On 28 Mar 1682 the Essex grand jury presented a number of women, including "Mary Browne and Elizabeth Browne, the glazier's daughters," for "folding their hair, frizzling and knots, and for wearing silk scarfs" [EQC 8:291]. There is no other evidence that James Browne had a daughter Elizabeth so this is probably an error fr one of his other daughters, perhaps Abigail or Martha. Various marriages have been claimed for some of the four daughters who were unmarried at the time their father made his will, but none of these has been demonstrated with certainty, to a large extent because of the commonness of the surname. As has been seen in his land transactions, James Brown was frequently involved in disputes over land and business matters, further evidence for this may be found in the Essex court records [EQC 3:378, 383, 421].  

Vital Records of Newbury: Davis, Zachary and Judith Brown Feb. 4, 1680-81. /P/ John Brown and Mary Woodman married 2/20/1659

A Sketch of the History of Newbury: 1699 DAVIS ZACHARY son of John m Judith Brown 4 Feb 1681 Ch Judith 7 Sept 1684 and d 9 Dec 1702 Elizabeth 26 April 1687 

The Essex Antiquarian: John Brown, glazier, lived in Newbury 1659-1662 in Ipswich 1663 1686. He bought house barn and land on High street in Ipswich Jan 15 1663 4; married Mary Woodman Feb 20 1659 60 Newbury and she was his wife in 1676. Judith born Dec 3 1660 Zachary Davis Feb 4 1680 in Newbury;  Mary born March 8 1661 2 in married William Partridg Dec 1680 in Newbury Hannah born November 13 1676 in Ipswich Records 

New England Families: SApril 19 1638 Nicholas Holt was chosen one of the surveyors of highways for one whole yeare & till new be chosen February 24 1637 it was agreed that William Moody James Browne Nic Holt Francis Plummer Na Noyse shall lay out all the general fences in the towne that are to be made as likewise tenn rod between man & man for garden plotts this is to be done by the 5th of March on the penalty of 55 apiece. In June 1638 all the able bodied men of Newbury were enrolled and formed into four companies under the commandi of John Pike, Nicholas Holt, John Baker, and Edmund Greenleafe. They were required to bring their arms compleat on Sabbath day in a month and the lecture day following and stand sentinell at the doors all the time of the publick meeting 

The Ancient Records of the Town of Ipswich: The names of such as are Commoners in Ipswich, viz: that have right to Commonage there: The last day of the last month 1641 - John Browne. /P/ Month the first day 26th 1640. Agreed with James Pitney and John Browne the day and yeare abovesaid that they shall keepe a herd of Swyne soe many as shall be put before them at Castle neck and Hogg Island from the 10th of Aprill untlll harvest be fully ended and they are to carry them and bring them back to the severall owners yvided that the owners send each of them a man to drive them and bring them back and that they shall stand to all damage done in Corne and that they chall put them up in the pen every night In consideration wereof they shall have 401b and if any hoggs shall be lost by their negligence they shall pay for them and they are to be there every night except upon extraordinary occasions and then but one of them to be absent and they are to have Is in hand for every Hogg put before them 2s 6 d for every Hogg at midsummer and the remaynder to make up 40lb at the time when they deliver them up either in mony or merchantable Corne within 14 days after the tyme or else they are to pay half soe much more as the agreement and in case any Hogs be put bf fore them they shall pay for them the whole pay except they fetch them away upon the Hogkeepers information of being soe poor that they are not like to live. The mark P of James Pitney John Browne 

Oulde Newbury: 2 21 Oct 26 1659 Nicholas Wallington of Newbury conveyed to John Browne of Newbury house and four acres of land lately purchased of the executrix of Henry Travers described as above Ipswich Deeds book 2 leaf 13 24. Nov 7 1660 John Browne of Newbury glazier sold to Henry Sewall of Newbury gentleman house and four acres of land in Newbury formerly owned by Henry Travers bounded with the streets on the south and east the land of Richard Browne on the west and Tristram Coffin's land on y north also shop and new shop lately built and floored etc Ipswich Deeds book 2 page 16 28 

Essex Institute Historical Collections: 1 James Browne of Charlestown Newbury and Salem, glazier, born about 1605 married 1st about 1637 3 JUDITH CUTTING Capt John who died about 1650 2d about 1650 52 5 SABAH CUTTING sister of Judith who was admitted to the Charlestown church March 14 1652 He was of Charlestown till about 1660 then of Newbury and of Salem as early as 1672 Coffin calls him James Jun to distinguish from Mr James Browne who was one of the first settlers of Newbury and called late teacher at Portsmouth in 1656 James died at Salem Nov 13 1676 Will dated Jan 29 1674 5 probated Nov 29 1676 Widow Sarah married Nov 29 1677 W Ch WILLIAM HEALY SEN f of Cambridge She was living in Feb 1682 8 A Sarah Healy married Dec 3 1685 Nb Hugh March Sen of Nb as his third wife Widow Sarah March died Oct 25 1699 Nb Children 2 JOHN b Jan 4 1637 8 W Ch eldest son in 1674 m Feb 20 1659 60 Mary Woodman 3 JAMBS b Feb 20 1642 3 W Ch bur Aug 8 1643 W Ch 4 JAMBS b Aug 19 1647 W Oh m March 16 1670 Hannah House 5 NATHANIEL b Nov 21 1648 W Ch by 1st wife d young not in will 1674 6 SABAH b m 1st before 1675 Beasly 2d about 1682 William3 Healy jnn William Healy Jun b 1652 is said to have lived in Cambridge and d there in 1689 7 SAMUEL b Jan 14 1656 7 W Ch by 2d wife By the will 1674 he received his father's dwelling house and ground in Salem next to lands of Samuel Pickworth and John Ged ney dec d 8 HANNAH or ANNA b bp Sept 12 1658 W Ch living in 1674 0 ABRAHAM b bp Oct 14 1660 W Ch mentioned in will 1674 Essex Antiq says he was living in 1682 d Jan 13 1688 Nb 10 MARY b May 25 1663 Nb living in 1674 See 14 Mary8 11 ABIGAIL b Oct 24 1665 Nb living in 1674 12 MARTHA b Dec 22 1667 Nb mentioned in will 1674 Essex Antiq states that she probably m Sept 3 1688 John Tappan of Andover 2 John Browne James of Newbury and Ipswich glazier born 1638 married Feb 20 1659 60 Nb MARY WOODMAN (Edward) He removed from Newbury to Ipswich about 1663. By his father's will he seems to have received something from the estate of Henry Bright of Watertown In 1678 he sold house and land in Ipswich and we have found no further trace of him Children 13 JUDITH b Dec 3 1660 Nb probably m Feb 4 1680 1 Nb Zachary Davis John of Newbury 14 MABY b March 8 1661 2 Nb perhaps m Dec 8 1680 Nb Hon William Partridge Wm of Portsmouth and Newbnry 15 ELISABETH b May 15 1664 Ip 16 Jomr b Sept 29 1666 Ip 17 JONATHAN b Nov 4 1668 Ip probably m April 6 1694 Ip Lydia Kindrick 18 SABAH b Dec 2 1670 Ip 19 HANNAH b NOT 13 1676 Ip t Salem 

 Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs ..., Volume 3: Joseph Brown the progenitor was born and lived in England. It does not appear that he came to America though his son James Brown came when a mere youth and perhaps other children were among the numerous Eng lish settlers of New England. James Brown son of Joseph Brown 1 was born in England in 1605 or 1617 18 and when a youth of seventeen came to America on the ship James sailing from Southampton or Hampton England and arriving in Boston June 3 1635. This record may not belong to the James Brown here described or the age as frequently the case may have been given wrong. This James Brown was known as James Brown the glazier settled first in Charlestown Massachusetts where there was apparently another of the same name and about the same age. James the glazier was admitted a freeman May 17 1637 hired Lovell's Island of the town of Charles town in 1636 and must have been of age at  that time. He removed to Newbury where he was one of the proprietors in 1637 and was elected to various town offices. He removed again to Salem. He deposed December 29 1658 that he was about fifty three years old. That would make his year of birth 1605 and that is probably correct. He died at Salem November 3 1676. His will was proved November 29 1676 bequeathing to wife Sarah, brother Nicholas Noyes, children John, James, Samuel, Abraham, Anna, Mary, Abigail, Martha, Sarah Beasly to eldest son John estate left by Henry Bright of Watertown for money lent him many years ago. estate at Newbury left to wife by her father Captain John Cutting. He married first Judith Cutting daughter of Captain John Cutting and second Sarah Cutting sister of his first wife. She was born in 1605 according to her statement in 1658. Children 1 John born January 4 1637 38, 2 James born in 1642 died in 1643 3, James born August 19 1647 mentioned below, 4 Nathaniel born November 21,165_, 5 Samuel born January 14 1656 57, 6 Hannah baptized September 2 1658, 7 Abraham baptized October 14 1660, 8 Mary born May 25 1663, 9 Abigail born October 24 1665, 10 Martha born December 22 1667.    III James Brown son of James Brown 2 was born August 19 1647. He was also a glazier by trade. He married Hannah Huse or Hughes who died his widow November 18 1713. He died February 27 1708.

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