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Henry COLLINS born c. 1606, of Shepney Parish, Middlesex, England; starchmaker in England; buried 2/20/1686-7 Lynn, Essex MA; came with family on the Abigail 1635 age 29; will dated 2/11/1686-7 age 82, proved 3/31/1687; admitted to Lynn church prior to 3/9/1636-7, Freeman 3/9/1636-7

Spouse: Anne ___ born c. 1605, will dated 9/8/1690 proved 11/24/1691, married by 1630

Children: Henry born 10/30/1629 Stepney, died Lynn 10/14/1722 age 92, married Mary Tolman; John born 1/14/1631-2 Stepney, baptized 1/22/1631-2 at 8 days St. Dunstan,  lost in shipwreck with son John in 1679, married by 1636 Abigail Johnson daughter of Richard; Margery born 11/6/1633 Stepney, baptized St. Dunstan 11/13/1633 at 7 days, married Isaac Williams c. 1656; Hannah born c. 1635, married Nathaniel Ingersoll; Mary born c. 1641, married Samuel Johnson;  Joseph born c. 1643, died 2/4/1734, married Sarah Silsbee daughter of Henry & Mariah Smith 10/15/1684; Riall born c. 1645 died Lynn 5/14/1681 in her 37th year; Elizabeth born c. 1646, died 10/7/1690, married John Tolman 11/30/1666 son of Thomas; Benjamin born c. 1648 died c. 1731, married Priscilla Kirtland 9/25/1673 & widow Elizabeth Putnam 9/5/1677


Henry COLLINS born 10/30/1630, baptized 11/4/1630 5 days old St. Dunstand, Stepney, Middlesex,  died 10/14/1722 at Lynn age 92

Spouse: Mary TOLMAN  born c. 1640 Dorchester MA, died 2/14/1723, married by 1651

Children: Hannah; Henry born 10/2/1651; John born 8/19/1662; Sarah born 11/9/1665; Rebecca born 6/9/1668 died 2/3/1743 married John Newhall; Sarah born 8/18/1669, married 1685 Jonathan Hudson;  Eleazer born 10/9/1673 died c 1725


Hannah COLLINS of Lynn born 2/1/1669 Lynn

Spouse: Thomas (T. R..) BROWN

Children: Elizabeth;  Samuel born 12/8/1678; Hannah born 12/5/1680; Mary born 5/26/1683 married Thomas York; Jerusha born 12/25/1688; Sarah born 7/11/1689; Thomas born 2/14/1692 married Deborah Holdredge; Daniel born 10/9/1696 died 8/30/1771 married Mary Breed; Priscilla born 1/30/1699; Humphrey born 9/16/1701 married Tabatha Holdredge

The Great Migration. Immigrants to New England 1634-1635 : Henry Collins. Origin: Stepney, Middlesex. Migration: 1635 on the Abigail. First Residence: Lynn. Occupation: Starchmaker (in England). Church Membership: Admission to Lynn church prior to 9 Mar 1636/7 implied by freemanship. Freeman: 9 Mar 1636/7 [MBCR 1:373]. Took the 1678 oath of fidelity at Lynn (as "Henry Collins, Sr." [EQC 7:158].  Eduction: He signed his name as a witness in June 1676 [EQC 6:182], although neither his son Henry nor his wife Ann could write their names [ELR 9:171]. His inventory included "pewter, some books & a Bible" valued at 1 13s. OFFICES: Essex petit jury 24 June 1637, 26 Dec 1637, 31 Dec 1639, 29 Sep 1640, 25 Jan 1641[/2?], 26 Dec 1643, 28 Dec 1647, 26 Dec 1648, 24 June 1656 30 June 1657, 26 June 1660, 23 May 1660 [EQC 1:6, 7, 14, 21, 33, 55, 129, 153, 424, 2:42, 202, 224] Grand Jury, 30 Dec 1645, 31 Dec 1650, 24 June 1651, 30 Nov 1652, 28 June 1653, 30 Nov 1658, 28 June 1659, 24 Nov 1663, 28 Nov 1665, 29 Nov 1667, 29 Nov 1670, 26 Nov 1672, 24 Nov 1674, 20 July 1675, 25 Nov 1679 [EQC 1:89, 294, 228, 270, 283, 2:123, 157, 3:102, 281, 454, 4:292, 5:105, 417, 6:31, 7:290]. Lynn selectman 1 Mar 1661, 4 Feb 1662 [/3?], 23 Nov 1666 [EQC 2:268, 3:165 373], Lynn constable, 12 July 1642, June 1667 [EQC 1:42, 3:427] Committee to authorize the felling of trees, 15 May 1671 [EQC 1:42, 3:427]. Tithingman, 26 June 1677 [EQC 6:289]. // His inventory included "two muskets, 1 snapsack, 1 sword and bullets." ESTATE: In the 1638 Lynn land distribution, Henry Collins received 80 acres and ten of upland and meadow (one of the larger allotments) [EQC 2:270]. /// On 1 Sep 1654, Daniel King of Lynn, gent., and his "now wife" Elizabeth sold to "Henry Collins Sr. of the same town and county, husbandman," ten acres of fresh meaadow and six acres of land and ten acres that were old Goodman Fitche's and four more acres of fresh marsh [ELR 2:20] On 14 Mar 1671/2, "Henry Collins, Sr., of the town of Lynn ... yeoman," sold to Andrew Mansfield 5 1/2 acres in Reedy Meadow [ELr 4:154]. /// In his will, dated 11 Feb 1686 [/7] and proved 31 Mar 1687, "Henry Collins, Senior, of Lynn aged 82 or thereabouts, being weak and infirm in body" confirmed the gifts of land given to "my own natural children or  those that stand related to me by marriage with any of my daughters" including "my son Johnson upon marriage with my daughter"; my dear and loving wife, who hath ever been tender of me and industrious in her place in procuring what outward estate God hath bestowed upon us" to receive the benefit of all the housing and lands; "my movables, chattels, cattle, etc.," at her disposal to either "my own children or my grandchildren as she shall see cause at her decease"; after wife's decease, lands and meadows wheresoever divided equally "among my three sons, Henry, Joseph and Benjamin, only my eldest son Henry hae 30 pounds worth of land more"; to "my son Benjamin," ten acres of land in my planting field"; to "my daughter Margery," 30; to "my daughters Hannah and Elizabeth," 20 apiece; "as for my son John deceased his portion he received in his life time and so that his children do greatly and peaceably enjoy the same"; my children to be dutiful and tender to "their aged mother"; "my loving wife and eldest son, Henry Collins," executors; "Mr. Oliver Purchase  and Mr. Jeremiah Shepard" overseers [SPR 11:69-70]. /// The inventory of the estate of "Henry Collins Senor of Lynn," presented 31 Mar 1687, totaled 474 10s., of which 406 was real estate: "The dwelling house and barn with all other housing with the orchard and land therein," 70; "land, upland and pasture land, meadow salt and fresh," 315; and "80 acres of wilderness land up in the country so-called but sold," 21 [SPR 9:184]. /// On 13 Dec 1687, "Ann Collins of Lyn ... widow and relic of Henry Collins Sr. of Lynn, deceased, and Henry Collins, now Senior of Lyn aforesaid, son of Ann Collins aforesaid, executors to the last will and testament of Henry Collins Senior deceased," confirm to Thomas Bancroft Senor of Lynn the sale of "a certain parcel of land containing twenty acres by estimation situate and being in Lyn bounds up in the country so-called" [ELR 9:171-72]. On 31 Dec 1687,  "Ann Collins of Lyn ..., widow and relicct of Henry Collins Sr. of Lynn, deceased, and Henry Collins, now Senior of Lyn aforesaid, son of Ann Collins aforesaid, executors to the last will and testament of Henry Collins Senior deceased," confirm to John Bankecroft of Lynn the sale of "a certain parcel of land containing twenty acres by estimation situate and being in Lynn bounds up in the country so-called" [ELR 10:117-18]. (The dates on these two deeds raise the suspicion that one of them was recorded incorrectly, and that both instruments were executed on the same day.) /// In her will dated 8 Sep 1690 and proved 24 Nov 1691, "Ann Collins of Lynn ... widow and relict of Henry Collins Sr. deceased ... being very aged" bequeathed to "my eldest son Henry Collins" my house; to "my grandson Nathaiel Collins" a cow and a young mare, and after my decease, 20s."; to "my grandchildren ... the children of my son John Colins, deceased and not named in my will before ... Elizabeth, Mary Daniel, Hannah, Lois," 3; to "my two grandsons, the sons of John Collins deceased ... Samuel and Joseph Collins," 5s. each after her decease; also to "Abigail, now Townsend"; to Susannah Collins, the daughter of Benjamin Collins" 20s.; "my sons Henry Collins and Joseph Collins" executors; to "my grandchildren Johnsons ... Mary, Richard, Ruth, Samuel" 20s. each; "my well respected and trusty friends, Mr. Jeremy Shepard, pastor of the Church of Christ in Lynn, and Olivee Purchass" overseers; "I have aid unto Elizabeth Collins, now alias Basset, so much of my legacy to her ... 21s." [EPR Case #6028]. /// BIRTH: About 1606 (aged 29 in 1639 [Hotten 97]; deposed in Nov 1662 "aged about fifty-five years [EQC 3:11]).  /// DEATH: Buried Lynn 20 Feb 1686/7 as "Henry, sr., grandfather of Henry, 3d." /// MARRIAGE: By 1630 Ann ____, born about 1605 (aged 30 in 1635 [Hotten 97]) She died Lynn 29 Sep 1691 as "Ann, sr., wid." /// CHILDREN: i. HENRY, b. 30 Oct 1630 (calc.), bp St. Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex, 4 Nov 16229 at 5 days old, "son of Henry Collins of Ratcliff Highway, starchmaker, & Anne uxor" (aged 5 in 1635 [Hotten 97]; deposed 24 June 1673 "aged about forty-two years" [EQC 5:184]; d. Lynn 14 Oct 1722, aged 92 years); m. by 1651 Mary Tolman (eldest known child b. Lynn 2  Oct 1651), daughter of Thomas TOLMAN (in his will of 25 May 1688, Thomas Tolman made a bequest to "my daughter Mary Collins" [SPR 8:37-38]. ii. JOHN b. 14 Jan 1631/2 (calc.), bp. St. Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex, 22 Jan 1631[/2], at 8 days old, "son of Henry Collins of Ratcliff Highway, starchmaker, & Anne uxor" (aged 3 in 1635 [Hotten 97]; deposed 25 March 1662 "aged about thirty years" [EQC 2:352]; deposed; deposed 24 June 1673 "aged about forty years" [EQC 5:184]); m. by 1656 Abigail Johnson (eldest known child b. Lynn 26 Nov 1656), daughter of Richard Johnson (in his will of 22 Aug 1666, Richard Johnson included a bequest to "my two daughters Abigall Collins & Elizabeth Toleman" [EPR 2:77]) iii. MARGERY b. 6 Nov 1633 (calc), bp. St. Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex, 12 Nov 1633 at 7 days old, "daughter of Henry Collins of Ratcliff Highway, starchmaker, & Anne (aged 2 in 1635 [Hotten 97]); m. by about 1656 Isaac Williams (on June 1664, "Sarah, Deborah, Eizabeth, Isack, children of Sister Isack Williams," were baptized in Salem, and on 2 Apr 1665 "Benjamin, son of Isaac Williams," was also baptized there [SChR 26]; in his Nov 1696 will, Isaac Williams appointed "my brother Henry Collins" an overseer [EPR Case #30003]).  iv.  HANNAH, b say 1635; m. Salem 25 Mar 16[missing] Nathaniel Ingersoll [Abel Lunt Anc 67-68; GMB 2:1062; ELR 10:92-93].  v. MARY, b. say 1641; m. Lynn 22  Jan 1663[/4?] Samuel Johnson.  vi. JOSEPH, b. about 1643 (deposed 24 Mar 1689[/90?] aged 47 years [TEG 10:203, citing court case]); m. (1) by 1669 Sarah Silsbee (eldest known child b. Lynn 18 Aug 1669), daughter of Henry Silsbee (1639, Salem) (son Henry b. Lynn 23 Nov 1673; in his will of 17 Mar 1698/9 Henry Silsbee included a bquest to "my grandson Henry Colins" [EPR 307:189]); m. (2) Lynn 15 Oct 1684 Mariah Smith.  vii. RIALL, b. about 1645; d. Lynn 14 May 1681 "in her 37th year." viii. ELIZABETH b. say 1646; m. Lynn 30 Nov 1666 John Tolman, son of Thomas Tolman.  ix. BENJAMIN, b. say 1648; m. (1) Lynn 25 Sep 1673 Priscilla Kirtland; m. (2) Lynn 5 Sep 1677 Elizabeth Putnam, widow.  ///  ASSOCIATIONS: Henry Collins, the son, deposed in 1684 that "Tymothy Collins who now liveth at Newberry Falls to our knowledge lived in Lynn from a child and was always accounted the son of Christopher Collins of Lynn deceased" [EQC 9:332]. Whether this knowledge indicated a relationship between the families is unknown.  /// COMMENTS: On the lat of June 1635, "Henry Collins," aged 29, "uxor Ann Collins," aged 30, "Henry Colins," aged 5, "Jo: Collins," aged 3, and "Margery Collins," aged 2, were enrolled at London with certificates of conformity from the minister of Stepney for passage to New England on the "Abigail" [Hotten 97]. With the family were listed four servants: "Joshua Griffith," aged 25, "Hugh Alley," aged 27, "Mary Roote," aged 15, and "Jo[hn] Coke," aged 27; and "Geo[rge] Burdin," aged 24 (who may or may not have been a servant) [Hotten 97]. /// Paragraphs omitted. /// In 1990 Caroline Martino and Marcia Lindberg published an account of this family [TEG 10:145-52]. In this article the authors hypothesize that Ann was a Riall because of the name she gave her daughter.

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the ..., Volume 3 edited by William Richard Cutter, William Frederick Adams: The Collins family of New England whose progenitor was Henry Collins came from England and settled in Massachusetts in the pioneer days as documentary evidence clearly shows.  I Henry Collins as recent research has developed resided on Tatcliff Highway in the parish of Stepney in the eastern part of the city of London and worshipped at the old parish church of St Dunstan in that place. The church records show that several of his children were baptized in this church among them being his son John at the age of eight days January 22 1631. Henry Collins born in England in 1606 died in Lynn Massachusetts February 20, 1687 aged eighty one years. The passenger list of the ship Abigail of London contains the following record of June 30 1635. Vltlo Junij 1635. Aboard the Abigail Robert Hackwell;  Mr p eery from the Minister of Stepney pish of their conformitle I that they are no subsedy men (Yeres) Starchmaker Henry Collins 29;  Vxor Ann Collins 30; Children Henry Collins 5; Jo Collins 3; Margery Collins 2; Servants Joshua Griffith 25; Hugh Alley 27; Mary Roote 15; Jo Cooke 27; Geo Burdln 24.  Henry Collins settled in Essex street Lynn, Massachusetts where he remained until his death. In 1637 a town meeting was held in which Daniel Howe, Richard Walke,r and Henry Collins were chosen a committee to divide the lands or as it was expressed in the records. To lay out ffarmes. The land was laid out in those parts of the town best adapted to cultivation and the woodlands were reserved as common property called the Town Common and was not divided until sixty nine years afterwards. In a list of names about one hundred in number recorded in the town records in the year 1638 which follows the above extract appears the following. Henry Collins upland and meadow 80 acres and ten. The ten acres were a separate allotment and undoubtedly his village or town lot where he lived. In 1639. Henry Collins was a member of the Salem court. The facts of Henry Collins bringing servants and the references to him in the public records of Lynn show that he was a man of importance in the community. He was frequently called upon to perform duties of public trust and confidence and sometimes acted as an advocate in court trials. His wife Ann died at Lynn probably in 1690 as her will dated in 1690 was probated in that year. //P// The children of Henry and Ann were Henry, John, Margery and Joseph. II John, second son of Henry and Ann Collins, was born in London England January 14 1631 (O.S.) and was lost by shipwreck with his son John in 1679. In a list of names returned of Quakers in Lynn for the year 1703 appear the names of Samuel Collins, Samuel Collins Jr, and John Collins. The estate of John Collins was valued at 365 1s 6d and letters of administration were granted to the widow June 1680. John Collins married at Lynn Massachusetts Abigail Johnson daughter of Richard Johnson. Richard Johnson came over in 1630 and lived with Sir Richard Saltonstall at Watertown. He was admitted freeman in 1637. He came to Lynn the same year and settled as a farmer on the eastern end of the commons. He died in 1666 aged 54. Abigail Collins married second March 3 1681, Thomas Farrar. The children of John and Abigail Collins were sixteen, twelve of whom survived him. Mary died young, John died young, Samuel, Abigail, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Mary, Daniel, Nathaniel, Hannah, Sarah, Lois, Alice, and William. 

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Collins, Henry (1606-Feb 20, 1687) m. c. 1629 Ann ..... MASS XIV, 120; XXVII, 122, 154, 155

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