Nicholas COTTRELL of Newport RI 1638, in Westerly 1670, died 1680

Spouse: (1) ____ (2) Martha married 1658, she married second Walter Morey [per Torreys]

Children: Nicholas; James; John married Elizabeth ___; Gershom, died 1711 married Bethia Wilcox; Eleazer; Mary; Hannah; Jabez married Anna Peabody


Nicholas COTTRELL in Narragansett War 1675 died Westerly 12/1715

Spouse: ____ married circa 1658 Westerly

Children: Elizabeth; Nicholas born c. 1658 Westerly RI died 1727 Westerly, married Dorothy Pendleton; Mary married Edward Larkin; John married Penelope ___; Dorothy married Samuel Cottrell daughter of Nicholas Cottrell


Elizabeth COTTRELL born c. 1670 Portsmouth Rockingham NH, died 1/12/1709

Spouse: Caleb PENDLETON born 8/8/1669 Portsmouth NH,  died 3/19/1746 Westerly Kings RI; married 1689 Springfield ME

Children: James; Sarah born 7/23/1693 died after 1746 married Seth Lanphere; Hannah born 7/7/1695; Caleb baptized  6/6/1697 at Stonington died 1740 Colchester, married Mary Randall, she married 2nd Stephen Stark; Abigail born 1716; Brian baptized 6/15/1701 Stonington CT removed to Dutchess Co NY, married Anna Wilcox; Elizabeth baptized 6/25/1699 married Jonathan Brown; Ann baptized 8/22/1703 Stonington CT married Samuel Babcock; Read born c. 1705 married John Saunders; Susannah born c. 1707 married Stephen Wilcox; Ruth born c. 1709 died 1787 married Benoni Smith  and Benjamin Wilbur


James PENDLETON born c 1689 Westerly Kings RI, baptized 7/23/1693 Stonington CT, died 6/9/1753 Westerly RI

Spouse: Elizabeth BROWN born 5/9/1694 Stonington CT, died c. 1776 Westerly Kings RI, married 1/6/1718 Stonington, parents Thomas (T.R.) Brown & Hannah Collins; (1) Elizabeth LANPHERE married 1/12/1710; 

Children: By (1)  James born 11/21/1710 married Abigail Brown; Obadiah born 11/1/1712  married Mrs. Rachel Hadsall & Mrs. Rebecca Reynolds; Elizabeth born 4/12/1714 married Joseph Elliot; Christopher born 4/12/1714; By (2)   Thomas; Samuel born 9/21/1720, died 1792, married Phebe Hall; Thankful born 7/14/1725 married Christopher Coats; Read born 2/24/1728-9; Hannah born 7/3/1731; Ruth born 12/19/1734 married Elisha Brown; 

See "Brian Pendleton & His Descendants 1599"

WILL OF NICHOLAS COTTRELL SR. Last will and testament of Nicholas Cottrell Sen living by Taunton River taken _____ day of Feb 1680 as followeth: _____ as Cottrell having my perfect memory and understanding but being weak in body my body to the grave and my soule to God that gave it and I give unto my eldest son Nicholas Cottrell five shillings hee having received a sufficient portion of me before I give and bequeath unto my son John Cottrell one hundred acres of land which he now liveth upon at Skonomicutt by Narragansett. I give and bequeath unto my son Gershom Cottrell one hundred acres at Skonomicutt that he now liveth upon. I give unto my son Eleazer five shillings. I give unto my daughter Mary two pounds ten shillings. I give unto my grand child Hannah Crowe two pound to be payed att her day of marriage. I give unto my daughter Hannah eight pound which her husband owed me upon bond and my warming pan. I give and bequeath unto my grand child Nicholas Osborne an hundred acres of land upon the lott I now live on by Taunton River beginning at the path that is now the roadway to Rhode Island and to begin at that side of the lot next to Job Winslows lott and so to run half the breadth of my lott and soe into the woods until it extends to an hundred acres from the path before mentioned, he is not to receive this land until after the decease of hie father and mother. I give and bequeath unto my wife Martha Cottrell an hundred acres of land beginning att that side of my lott next to John Hathaway Jr his lott and soe to run to that land in breadth that I give my grand child above mentioned and from the said path above mentioned until it extends to one hundred acres. This land to bee my wife's only during her life and after her decease to fall to my son James Cottrell hee paying to her agents or assigns what rationall men shall judge for what the land may be better by what she shall doe upon it in her life by building or renting or breaking up. I likewise give my wife three cows, one mare, and one breeding sow and one pot and kettle and one bed and bedding belonging to it and if please God to take me away now then my wife to have so much provision as will serve her own spending until the next harvest ensuing the date thereof. I likewise will that my wife shall have libertie to cutt so much grass of my meddow as will winter her three cows two years next insuing. I give and bequeath unto my son James all the rest of my land that I now dwell upon and meddow or whatsoever other land or meddow that belongeth unto me with all the rest of my catttle and hoggs and horse kind and all the rest of my household stuff that is not above mentioned or disposed of in my will and doe make and appoint my son Jabez my whole and sole executor to see this my will performed this was done in the presence of us. JOHN HATHAWAY SR. The mark of I rf NICHOLAS COTTRELL SR. The mark of M of MARTHA COTTRELL. The mark of rf RICHARD OSBORNE, HANNAH OSBORNE. Martha Cottrell aged 36 yrs testifyeth and saith that this was the last will of her husband Nicholas Cottrell she hath taken her oath the first day of July 1681. Taken before me GEORGE LAWTON assistant Att the court of his Majtt held at Plymouth the 29th of October 1682. John Hathaway of Taunton made oath to the truth of the above written will before the Court. 

Genealogical and Biographical Record of New London County, Connecticut: Nicholas Cottrell the original ancestor and progenitor of the Rhode Island Cottrells appears in the list of inhabitants of Newport May 20 1638, and he was admitted a freeman of that town in 1655. He represented his town Westerly in the Colonial Assembly in 1670. He was one of the signers of the Misquamicut Westerly Purchase. He was twice married and died in 168O. In his will are mentioned eight children namely Nicholas, John, Gershom, Eleazer, Mary, Hannah, James, and Jabez. From this Nicholas Cottrell of Newport and Westerly the lineage of the late Calvert Byron Cottrell is through Nicholas 2 John Major John Elias and Lebbeus Cottrell II. Nicholas Cottrell 2 was admitted a freeman of Westerly Oct 28 1668 and was a soldier in the Narragansett war of 1675. He held a number of important offices evidencing his character as a citizen. Like his father he represented his town in the Colonial Assembly. He served as constable then an important office and his name appears as a juryman fence viewer and councilman. He was married the name of his wife not being known, and died in December 1715 in Westerly leaving a will in which are mentioned children as follows: Nicholas, John, Mary, Elizabeth, and Dorothy.

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