Davis, Davies

John DAVIS born circa 1612, early settler of Newbury MA, died 11/12/1675

Spouse: Eleanor/Elnor __ married by 1642

Children: Mary born 10/6/1642, died young; John born 1/15/1645 married Sara 3681; Zachary born 2/22/1646; Jeremy/Jeremiah born 6/21/1648, married Mary Huntington; Mary born 8/12/1650; Cornelius born 4/15/1653 married Sara ___; Ephraim born 9/29/1655, died 1718, married Elizabeth Kingsbury.


Zachary DAVIS born 2/22/1645-6 Newbury MA died 6/25/1692 Newbury 

Spouse: Judith BROWN born 12/3/1660 Newbury married 2/4/1680-81

Children: Judith born 9/7/1684, died 12/9/1702; Elizabeth born 4/27/1687; Zachariah born circa 1690


Elizabeth DAVIS born 4/27/1687 Newbury MA

Spouse: Samuel BATCHELDER born 1/10/1681-2 Hampton, Rockingham, NH

Children:  Judith born 1/23/1707-8; Henry born 10/30/1709; Mary born 10/30/1711; Samuel born 8/1/1713; Elizabeth born 5/10/1716; Zachariah born 12/14/1717; Hannah born 10/23/1720; Ruth born 10/29/1722; Mercy born 9/14/1724 married John James; Carter born 10/31/1726; Patience born circa 1729; Nathaniel born 3/2/1729-30

Genealogical Dictionary of ME & NH: . One Zachariah d in Hampton 12/27/1731 perh f in law of Samuel Batchelder.

A Genealogical & Family History of the State of NH: John Davis, a yeoman or planter, was among the early residents of Newbury Massachusetts and died there November 12 1675. He and his wife were members of the Newbury Church in 1674. He appears to have hired a farm from Samuel Hall in 1662. He was born about 1612. His will presented September 26 1676 mentions his wife Elnor and five sons and a daughter. The first child Mary died young. The others were John, Zachary, Jeremiah, Mary, Cornelius, and Ephraim mention of the last named and descendants appears in this article. II Jeremiah third son and fourth child of John and Eleanor Davis was born June 21 1648 in Newbury and resided in that town and in Amesbury. He took the oath of allegiance in Newbury in 1678 and removed to Amesbury about 1690. He died in the latter town December 10 1716 and his estate was divided the following year. He was married March 5 1689 to Mary Huntington daughter of John and Eliabeth Hunt Huntington of Amesbury and granddaughter of William Huntington a pioneer planter of Salisbury and Amesbury. She was born November 15 1667 and was married first March 24 1687 to Abraham Joy who died June 27 1687. The children of Jeremiah Davis were Mary Jeremiah Elizabeth Judith and Joanna III Jeremiah 2 second child and eldest .

A Sketch of the History of Newbury: 1699 DAVIS ZACHARY son of John m Judith Brown 4 Feb 1681 Ch Judith 7 Sept 1684 and d 9 Dec 1702 Elizabeth 26 April 1687.  /P/   DAVIS JOHN an early settler married Ch Mary 6 Oct 1642 John 15 Jan 1645 Zachary 22 Feb 1646 Jeremy 21 June 1648 Mary 12 Aug 1650 Cornelius 15 April 1653 Ephrairn 29 Sept 1655 He d 12 Nov 1675 

Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts: Persons in Newbury who took the oath of allegiance 1678: Jerem. Davis, 28. John Davis, 30. Cornelius Davis, 25. Zech. Davis, 29. Ephraim Davis, 23. James Davis, 20. 

The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts: 1675-1681: ESTATE OF JOHN DAVIS OF NEWBURY The will of the deceased was a Noncupatiue will. He desired that his debts might be paid and that his son John might haue four pounds which he borrowed of him and that the rest of his estate may be left in his wiues hands so long as she lives, she paying twelve pence a peice to her other foure sons & also to his daughter & his wife to dispose of what is left to his children at her death no signature. Witness Tho Brown, Anthony Somerby. Inventory of the estate of John Davis deceased Nov 12 1675 taken Nov 16 1675 by Anthony Somerby and Samuell his c mark Poore.. a mare 31i, two cowes 71i 10s, a cow and a 3 yer1ing heifer 61i 10s, three 2 yer1ings one of them a steere 61i, one yerling calfe 1li, Eleven sheep 41i of corne in the barne, Rye barly oats & Indian 121i, Hay 6li , five small swyne 1li 10s cart & wheels sled 2 chaynes plow & irons 3 yoakes 2 hooes 3 prongs harrow & sider trough 41i, a cannoe 1li, his wearing apparrell 131i, three beds six blanckets 2 coverletts 61i, two Iron potts & pott hookes tramel spit pr of Andirons tongs box of Irrons gridiron 21i 15s, musket 2 swords & belts 2pd of powder 21i 15s, 2 pr of bullet mouls worme scowrer 42 bullets 21i 15s. In provisions 41i, two chests a powdering tub 2 bar ells 2 boxes meale tub & trough buking tub three chayres & other lumber keeler 4 trayes Hi 10s two bucketts 4 seives wooden morter three wheeles cart rope & pr of cards Hi 2s an hower glasse & a bible 1Is 3 small hamers pinssers 2 seithes 2 axes 3 booreers shave crosscut saw froo beetle 4 wedges mortessing axe peck measure 2 meale baggs a hayre bag 4 sickles & 4 hooks 21i 15s, a quart pot of pewter & a pint pot & a pewter candlesticke & pewter dish 12s 3, ladders a double breaker 2 Churnes 2 doore locks a frying pan 1li 4s, An Iron bar trowel & lumber 8s, sheeps wooll 1li, total 80li 2s. The debts of the deceased to Capt Gerrish about 41i 16s, Mr Thos Woodbridg about 31i 15s, Capt White about 21i 10s, Richard Kent about 1li 4s, widdow Moody 21i 10s total 14li 15s. Attested in Ipswich court Sept 26 1676 by Elnor Davis widow and administratrix of her husband's estate. Essex County Probate Files Docket 7,280. 

Essex Institute Historical Collection: 1 Jamesi Browne of Charlestown Newbury and Salem glazier born about 1605 married 1st about 1637. 3 JUDITH CUTTING Capt John who died about 1650 2d about 1650 52 5 SABAH CUTTING sister of Judith who was admitted to the Charlestown church March 14 1652 He was of Charlestown till about 1660 then of Newbury and of Salem as early as 1672 Coffin calls him James Jun to distinguish from Mr James Browne who was one of the first settlers of Newbury and called late teacher at Portsmouth in 1656 James died at Salem Nov 13 1676 Will dated Jan 29 1674 5 probated Nov 29 1676 Widow Sarah married Nov 29 1677 W Ch WILLIAM HEALY SEN f of Cambridge She was living in Feb 1682 8 A Sarah Healy married Dec 3 1685 Nb Hugh March Sen of Nb as his third wife Widow Sarah March died Oct 25 1699 Nb Children 2 JOHN b Jan 4 1637 8 W Ch eldest son in 1674 m Feb 20 1659 60 Mary Woodman 3 JAMBS b Feb 20 1642 3 W Ch bur Aug 8 1643 W Ch 4 JAMBS b Aug 19 1647 W Oh m March 16 1670 Hannah House 5 NATHANIEL b Nov 21 1648 W Ch by 1st wife d young not in will 1674 6 SABAH b m 1st before 1675 Beasly 2d about 1682 William3 Healy jnn William Healy Jun b 1652 is said to have lived in Cambridge and d there in 1689 7 SAMUEL b Jan 14 1656 7 W Ch by 2d wife By the will 1674 he received his father's dwelling house and ground in Salem next to lands of Samuel Pickworth and John Gedney dec d 8 HANNAH or ANNA b bp Sept 12 1658 W Ch living in 1674 0 ABBAHAM b bp Oct 14 1660 W Ch mentioned in will 1674 Essex Antiq says he was living in 1682 d Jan 13 1688 Nb 10 MABY b May 25 1663 Nb living in 1674 See 14 Mary8 11 ABIGAIL b Oct 24 1665 Nb living in 1674 12 MABTHA b Dec 22 1667 Nb mentioned in will 1674 Essex Antiq states that she probably m Sept 3 1688 John Tappan of Andover 2 John Browne James of Newbury and Ipswich glazier born 1638 married Feb 20 1659 60 Nb MARY WOODMAN Edward He removed from Newbury to Ipswich about 1663 By his father's will he seems to have received something from the estate of Henry Bright of Watertown In 1678 he sold house and land in Ipswich and we have found no further trace of him Children 13 JUDITH b Dec 3 1660 Nb probably m Feb 4 1680 1 Nb Zachary Davis John of Newbury. 14 MABY b March 8 1661 2 Nb perhaps m Dec 8 1680 Nb Hon William Partridge Wm of Portsmouth and Newbnry 15 ELISABETH b May 15 1664 Ip 16 Jomr b Sept 29 1666 Ip 17 JONATHAN b Nov 4 1668 Ip probably m April 6 1694 Ip Lydia Kindrick 18 SABAH b Dec 2 1670 Ip 19 HANNAH b NOT 13 1676 Ip t 

Lamb's Biographical Dictionary of the US, Any Connection??: His first ancestors in America were John Davis a son of the Rt Hon Sir Thomas Davis Kt Lord mayor of London 1676 who settled in Newport RI in 1680 where he was a merchant and store keeper; John Howland of the Mayflower and James Davis who came from Marlboro England was admitted a freeman of Newbury Massachusetts Bay 1636 and was one of the original twelve settlers of Haverhill in 1640. 

Catholic World - Any Connection to John???: Something concerning the family of Sister St Benedict may be of interest. Her great grandfather James Davis a native of England came to America with his family at an early day and at first lived in Newbury Mass but afterwards removed to Haverhill where he was residing as early as 1640 in which year he is spoken of as a freeman. He was the largest taxpayer of that town in 1646. In 1660 he was a member of the General Assembly of Massachusetts Bay a proof in those days of his being a man of standing and ability. He died about the age of ninety January 29 1678 OS leaving seven children all mentioned in his will. His son John generally called Ensign John Davis was also born in England. He married Jane Peasley of Haverhill Mass December 10 1646 and in that town some of his children were born among them John Davis Jr father of the Quebec nun who was born August 22 1651. Ensign John removed to Dover NH as early as 1653 and the following year bought a tract of land on the upper shore of Oyster river near the mouth where he erected a garrison and established his family It is a pleasant spot between two creeks with Oyster river in front deep enough in that place to float a man of war at high tide as was proved in the war of 1812 and in full sight of the mouth where the river pours into the broad Piscataqua. Ensign John Davis was admitted freeman in Boston not long after and was from 1662 to 1667 one of the selectmen of Dover to which Oyster River then belonged. He died before May 25 1686 leaving his homestead to his son James the youngest of his eleven children. To his oldest son he makes the following bequest in his will: I do give to my son John Davis six score acres of land which I had by a town grant situate and lying and being at Turtle Pond in Oister river and my best feather bed the ticking and feathers after the decease of my wife. He also gives said John his corslet and best cloak and one fourth part of his guns. This John Davis Jr was already married a second time and was living on his own lands the south side of Oyster river a little below the falls. His house though not a garrison was probably palisaded for he made some resistance before he surrendered to the Indians July 18 1694. It was here no doubt that Sister St Benedict was born. The most distinguished member of the family at Oyster River was Colonel James Davis at once soldier judge and deacon. He was an uncle of the Canadian nun. He received a lieutenant's commission from the Massachusetts government in 1790 at which time New Hampshire was again united with that province. At an early age he organized _ scouting parties against the Indians and was the companion in arms of Colonel Hilton as related in Belknap's history and took part in various expeditions to Maine and Port Royal Annapolis NS. Belknap calls him captain in 1703. He was appointed member of the council of war by the New Hampshire provincial government October 18 1707 and was finally made colonel. He was likewise a member of the New Hampshire General Assembly for more than twenty years and in 1717 was appointed judge of the Court of Common Pleas which office he held the remainder of his life. It was Colonel James Davis who inherited his father's garrison which he successfully defended at the Indian attack of July 18 1694 after taking the precaution to send his family off by water to insure their safety. To his civil and military functions he added the office of deacon in the Oyster River church and it is still related how the veteran officer and able magistrate used at times to lay aside his weapons and convene religious meetings in his garrison in which he took a prominent part in prayer and exhortation showing himself, as Butler says in Hudibras: not far off is his grave with its headstone of unhewn granite gray and shaggy with moss. ... 


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