Erissey, Erisey, Herisey, Erisy, Erisie, de Herisi, le Heer de Herisi, Erisi, Heris, Arisie, Erysy

William de HERISI sanz dat. proved by deed without date [Visitation of Cornwall 1530 & 1620]


Children: Ricardus


Ricardus de HERISI filius Wili sanz date


John ERISEY ob. 1328 Harl MS 4031, age 19 E. III [Visitation of 1620 does not show this John]

Spouse: Joane VIVYAN/VIVIAN died AD 1354, daughter of Richard VIVYAN of Trevidren ob. 1354 Harl. MS 4031

Children: John ERISY


John ERISY  ag. 19 E.III

Spouse: Johanna de GODOLGHAN  filia Allexander D'ns de GODOLGHAN

Children: Peter Erysy witness to a deed 50 Edw.; John Erysye ag. 37 E.3; Johanna married Richard de Dodnstow deed dated 50 Edward III


John ERYSYE ag. 37  E. III


Children: William


William ERISY ag. 37 E.III


Children: John


John ERISY ag. 16 H.VI


Children: Thomas Erisa of Erisa in Con. Cornwall Esq. married Alice da. d'hey of ...Ere of Grindeth; Penticost da. of ..1 wife, named in Inq. taken on the death of her husband, married John Durant of Pensuinganes died 2/21/1518 inq. p.m. vo. Henry VIII Bundle 1 # 264; he married (2) Elizabeth


Thomas ERISA/Erissey in Corn. Co. Esq

Spouse: Elizabeth or Alice daughter & hey. of Ere of GRINDRETH (name is Alice in Visitations)

Children: Mary married Stephen Polwhele vid. ped. post.; Florence married to John Lovelis vid. Lovelis ped. post.; Elizabeth married to Ralph Bonython named in the Inq. taken on the death of her nephew James Erisey; James Erisa died 10/18/1522 Sheriff of Cornwall 1513 married Margaret daughter of Pentacost & John Durant, heir of title


Elizabeth ERISSEY/Erisey

Ralph BONYTHON Spouse: (1) Elizabeth DOWNE (2) Elizabeth Erissey

Children: Richard, son & heir; John; Edmond;  Katherine; Margaret (the 2 daughters may have been Edmond's)

The churches and antiquities of Cury & Gunwalloe in the Lizard District ... : THERE is one other old seat that of Bonython which claims a mention in any record of the parish of Cury inasmuch as it was in the possession of an ancient family of the same name for so many centuries with a history as full of vicissitudes as its near neighbour Bochym but the materials for its story are far too scant and meagre to render a continuous narrative possible. The scraps and jottings when one has searched all that lay within reach amounts to very little of what the whole history would be if it were possible to present it to the reader in all its romantic truth.   As was remarked with regard to Bochym it very frequently occurred in olden time that families took their name from the place where they dwelt and not vice versa as is the prevalent but mistaken notion. The Cornish says Carew entitle one another with his owne and his father's Christian name and conclude with the place of his dwelling and we may take it the custom of adding de was common at a very early period. Thus the de Bochyms and Thomas de Bonython. Many gentlemen changed their names on the removal to a new home an instance occurring in this very family the Bonithons taking to Carclew name and place. Tonkin says that the custom of assuming the names of their habitation and changing it on the next removal was quite left off 1736 though he could instance some who had done so within one hundred years. In the MSS of Hals is this brief sentence. Bonython is in this parish from whence was denominated an ancient family of gentlemen sur named deBonithon who for many descents flourished here in good reputation till the reign of Queen Anne at which time Charles Bonython Esq serjeant at law sold this barton to one Carpenter now in possession thereof. It was not Charles but his son Richard who sold Bonython to the Carpenters. [See p 84] CS Gilbert who is a pretty reliable authority narrates that the family became extinct in the elder line on the death of Richard Bonithon in the early part of the last century. One of the younger branches of the family and the most wealthy settled at Carclew in the reign of Henry IV having made a marriage with one of the co heiresses of Daungers and there Richard Bonithon died July 31 1697 leaving the estates to an only daughter through whom in marriage they passed away for ever from the family. It is said a younger branch of the Bonithons of Carclew were till lately residing at S Austell In the 16th and 17th centuries they were a powerful family. Tonkin mentions one as a man of great repute in the reign of Henry V and a search among county and other records establishes the fact that the Bonithons figured conspicuously in the political events which occurred in the troublesome days of the Stuart dynasty. Among the State papers of James I it is recorded that a grant was made to Nicholas Fortesque and Michael Vivian of 60 out of the goods of John Bonithon deceased which were forfeited by outlawry his death having occurred just prior to the grant viz June 1605. In 1603 and again in 1604 the Comptrollership of the Stannaries in Cornwall and Devon was granted to Richard Bonithon and again in 1605. Richard Bonithon was appointed keeper of the gaol at Lostwithiel. A little later in the 17th year of James I AD 1619 Reskymer Bonython was Sheriff of Cornwall Polwhele mentions a Thomas Bonython who was a captain in the Low Country wars. And in 1625 a John Bonithon was captain and serjeant major of a regiment levied for the King in Devonshire. A Richard Bonython doubtless one of this Cornish family was one of the first emigrants to America and settled at Saco where he died in 1650. His son John died about 1684. Thomes Bonython of Bonython married Frances the daughter of Sir John Parker of London and by this marriage there was a son John Bonython who married Ann daughter of Hugh Trevanion Esq of Trelogan


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