Eunice GETCHELL / GETCHEL 1751 - 1784 

Spouse: Gideon PENDLETON born Westerly RI 12/11/1751, lived Islesboro 40-50 years, Loyalist died Deer Island, NB 1847; first man from Islesboro to command a vessel to West Indies; ship was seized  by Collector Joseph Hook for smuggling 2 lbs of tea. In 1814 moved to New Brunswick, furnished more soldiers for Union Army in Civil War than any other Pendleton. He married (2):   Matilda Gilkey daughter of Capt. John Gilkey

Children: By Eunice:  Gideon born c. 1781 died at sea unmarried; Asa  or Stephen when Revolution started he was serving in British Navy and was retained 3 years, 6' 1", 200 lbs., bought 800 acres near St. Andrews, at War of 1812 he returned to Islesborough. died Lubec 9/6/1845; Berilla born born c. 1779 died 1873. By wife (2)  John born 1792 served in War of 1812 for US,  married Mahitable Gardner;;  James Gilkey. born 1784 married Elizabeth Philbrook, removed to Ohio 1818, died 8/8/1867; Joshua moved to Northport 1814, married Sally Nutter and Sally Ames;   James Gilkey born 1783 died 1867 removed to Ohio; Silvina born 1787 died 1877 married Job Philbrick Jr. 12/2/1802; Matilda born 4/23/1790 died 1876, married Daniel Leeman;   Isaac Gilkey born 1794 married Mary Jameson; Lanatia born c. 1796 married Benjamin Carlow; Elizabeth born 10/20/1798 married Peter Ward; Margaret married James Flynn & Smith Hewitt; Mary married Thomas Calder; Grace born 11/27/1805 married Aaron Cline & Zirah? Harlow; Charles Thomas born 1808 married Esther Stuart; Jane born c. 1810 married James Stuart


Berilla PENDLETON born Islesboro ME c 1779, died Mt. Desert 1874

Spouse: Joshua DODGE born c. 1780 died 1807-8  - he is listed in records as having died 1858 but that Joshua was married to Elizabeth Steward - did Joshua not die but was divorced?; (2) John Bracy married 10/1807 

Children: Joshua Jr born 1804 and lived in Dennysville ME; Gideon P. born 1806-7 married Sarah Davis. Children by John Bracy:  John Jr., born circa 1809-10 married Barbara Pierce; David married Hannah Young; William born circa 1825 died unmarried; George W born circa 1826 married Susan Clement and Mary Garland; Priscilla born circa 1812 died unmarried; Elsie married George Grover 3/30/1837; Eliza J. born 7/30/1817 married Adam Pendleton; James born 7/1820 died 10/10/1872 married Eliza J. Herreck 


See "Brian Pendleton & His Descendants 1599"

Gideon8 Pendleton Thomas James Caleb3 at Westerly RI 11 December 1751 and died at April 1847. He was among the early settlers of and lived there until he was between forty and fifty was a master mariner and was the first man from a vessel sailing to the West Indies.. On the return his voyages he brought home two pounds of tea a great time and as he neglected to declare the goods he came with the US Customs Collector at Castine. Hist of Tradition says that the government's action in this petty to Capt Pendleton that he decided to remove to where his brother Stephen had already settled may be Gideon and his wife Matilda sold Lot 7 with thereon to John Pendleton 4 May 1791 Hancock 219, some years afterwards he removed with his Island where the rest of his long life was spent. His are very numerous and furnished more soldiers to the the Civil War than those of any other Pendleton of his. He left no will By Eunice Getchell he had several children but we if we have all their names. He married later daughter of John and Sylvina Thomas Gilkey She 1855. John Gilkey s will dated 25 September 1816 Me Prob Rec vi 430 refers to daughter Matilda Issue by Eunice Getchell order uncertain 698 Berilla7 b about 1779 m 1 Joshua Dodge Bracy 699 Gideon Jr d at sea unm 700 Stephen or Asa Issue by wife Matilda born at Islesboro Me and NB 701 James Gilkev7 b 1784 m Elizabeth Philbrook 702 Sylvina b 1788 m Job Philbrook 703 Matilda b 23 April 1790 m Daniel Leeman 704 John b 1792 m Mahitable Gardner 

Saint Croix Courier, St. Stephen, NB, June 21, 1894; GLIMPSES OF THE PAST Pendleton’s Island takes its name from Gideon Pendleton, a Loyalist from Long Island. Stephen Pendleton, a son or a brother of Gideon, born in Westerly, R. I., lived for a time in Northport, Me.  He was drafted at Castine; and after the peace he moved to St. Andrews.  The parish of St. Stephen is said to owe its name to the fact that he was a favorite of the surveyor who laid down the parish lines, and who, having exhausted the names of the patron saints of the British Isles, gave his friend’s name to the river parish. The Pendletons belonged to an old New England family.  The will of Brian Pendleton, of Portsmouth, in 1677, devises lands at Saco and Piscataquis.  His son James bequeathed lands at ‘Wells in the Province of Mayne.’  Caleb, son of James, made his will in ‘ye town of Westerley,’ and James, son of Caleb, of the same place, made his will in 1746.  Thomas, another member of the family, married Dorcas O. Dodge, a descendant of Sir Peter Dodge.  The family moved to Long Island in 1769.5

i Joshua8 Jr m and lived in Dennysville ME ii Gideon m Sarah Davis Issue by second husband Bracy iii John Jr m Barbara Pierce iv David m Hannah Young v William d num vi George m 1 Susan Clement 2 Mary Garland vii Priscilla d unm viii Elsie m George Grover ix Eliza J b 30 July 1817 m 1666 Adam8 Pendleton x James b July 1820 d 10 Oct 1872 m Eliza Jane Herrick. He has a son JS Bracy of Camden Me. 

1830 Federal Census Mt. Desert Hancock ME: John Bracy; 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-9; 2 males 10-14; 2 males 15-19; 1 male 70-79; 1 female 10-14; 2 females 15-19; 1 female 40-49; total 11 persons
1850 Federal Census Mt. Desert Hancock ME:
John Bracy 87 born circa 1763 $240 value; Berilla 77;  William 25, fisherman; George W. 24 fisherman; Priscilla P. 38. #21 21 Gideon Dodge 44 Fisherman
1860 Federal Population Schedule Mt. Desert Hancock ME: 
Berilla Bracy
1860 Census Mt. Desert Hancock ME: #611 400 Berilla Bracy age 76 born circa 1784, value of real estate $600 value of personal property $50 ; Priscilla P. Bracy 48; #612 401 George W. Bracy 33, fisherman. On same page James Bracy age 62, fisherman. #613 402 Gideon Dodge age 53, fisherman. #410 299 John Bracy 51, seaman. 

The Legacy of the American Revolution to the British West Indies ..., Issue 1: North of Campobello Deer Island had occupants who as previously noted went to considerable trouble to take the oath of allegiance to the King at the time of the American attack upon Penobscot The earliest refugees to join these settlers probably fled from Colonel Allen's rule at Machias Among these it would appear was Josiah Heney a native of Portland Maine who was aided in making his escape from Machias in 1777 by James Brown of Passamaquoddy. Later Heney sought the protection of the post at Penobscot and came thence to Deer Island where he built a house opposite Pleasant Point. About the same time John Rolf and his daughter arrived from Machias. Several members of the Penobscot Association also took up their residence on the island including Daniel Leemen and William Stewart, the latter settling at Pendleton's Passage. Other loyalists came in from St John New Brunswick one of these being John Appleby who located at Chocolate Cove. Both Appleby and Leeman have descendants now living on Deer Island Another settler from St John was Issaac Richardson whose name is perpetuated in that of Richardsonville. It was not long before these loyalist inhabitants were joined by some of the families from the mainland who evidently thought they could better their condition by removing to Campobello. In 1803 this island and its dependencies had a population of one hundred and seventeen. In the following year a score of these residents tried to establish a claim to the lands on which they were living. The memorial of these petitioners states that they had been on Campobello for twenty years or since 1784 which would suggest that many of them if not all were refugees from the States. Gideon Pendleton whom we know to have been a loyalist from Long Island and whose name appears in that of Pendleton's Island was one of these 2. The island just named had been granted no doubt to Gideon Pendleton as other of the small islands were granted to other adherents of the Crown. However, Moose Island now Kastport was inhabited at the close of the Revolution by about half a dozen families who had been more or less in sympathy with Great Britain during that struggle. It is not known how many outside loyalists joined this little colony, but it is said that George Cline or Klein a recruiting sergeant during the War and Joseph Ferris a native of Stamford Connecticut and a captain in Butler's Rangers both lived for a time on Moose Island. The former spent the end of his days on Bar Island and the latter on Indian Island. James Maloney who was a mariner and a grantee of St Andrews settled on St Andrews Island and had also declared that St Andrews should be thereafter the seat of the County of Charlotte.  But before the passage of this measure by the first Assembly of the province and even before New Brunswick had been made a separate province Governor Parr had created a court for the District of Passrnaquoddy early in 1784 by appointing John Curry, Philip Bailey, Robert Pagan, and William Gallop to be justices of the peace therein. All of these men were loyalists and three of them were grantees of St Andrews while the fourth Captain Philip Bailey was a grantee of St George's. Two of them received appointments in addition to that of justice of the peace Mr Pagan served the Crown as agent for lands in New Brunswick and in looking after matters connected with grants to the loyalists. He also represented his county for a number of years in the Provincial Legislature.  Mr Gallop was commissioned as first registrar of deeds for Charlotte County in March 1786 and continued in that office until 1789. Another St Andrews loyalist Colonel Thomas Wyer became the first sheriff of the county being appointed in the spring of 1785 and serving until 1790 when he was succeeded by his fellow townsman. John Dunn a refugee from New York who held the position twelve years. Mr Dunn also acted as comptroller of customs at St Andrews for a long period. 


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