Goodenow, Goodnow, Goodnew, Gooddenow, Goodnoe, Goodinow, Goodenough


Spouse: _____

Children: Thomas born c 1608 married Jane; John born 1596  died 1654 married Jane; Edmund born 1611


Capt. Edmund GOODENOW born 1611 died 4/5/1688 age 77 Sudbury, husbandman of Dunhead Wilts, Came in "Confidence" 1638

Spouse: Hannah/Ann ___ born c. 1609 died 3/9/1676 age 67, married c. 1634

Children: Hannah; John; Thomas; Sarah married John Kettle


Hannah GOODENOW born 11/28/1639 Sudbury MA died after 1725, married 4/29/1656

Spouse: Capt. James PENDLETON born c. 1627-8 England, of Stonington CT 1677, died 11/29/1709 Westerly Kings RI, Portsmouth Military Co., 9/17/1679 took allegiance to King Charles at Westerly RI , In Indian Wars. Married (1) Mary Palmer married 10/22/1647 died 11/7/1655

Children: (1) Hannah born c. 1655 married at Sudbury John Bush;  James born 11/5/1650 died prior to 1698 unmarried; Mary born c. 1653 died 1732 MA married  William Britton, Joseph Cross, & Nicholas Morey. Wife  (2) Brian  born 7/23/1659 Sudbury; Joseph born 12/29/1661 Sudbury married Deborah Minor & Patience Potts; Edmund born 6/24/1655 Portsmouth NH, died at Westerly RI 1750, married Mary ___; Caleb born 8/8/1659 Portsmouth NH died 3/19/1746 Westerly married Elizabeth;  Ann born 11/12/1667 Portsmouth NH died prior to 1732 married Eleazer Brown; Eleanor baptized 7/20/1679 Stonington CT, died at Westerly 1712, married William Walker; Dorothy baptized 10/3/1686 Stonington CT, married Lt. Nicholas Cottrill; Sarah baptized 4/18/1675 Stonington CT died young


See "Brian Pendleton & His Descendants 1599"

The History of Sudbury, Massachusetts. 1638-1889 By Alfred Sereno Hudson: In 1642 an addition of upland was made in acres according to the 1st and 2ond divisions of meadows granted unto them by the rule of their estate and Peter Noyes, Bryan Pendleton, George Munnings, Edmund Rice, and Edmund Goodenow were to have power to lay out the 3d division at their discretion. //P//  Edmund Goodnowe (Goodnow, Goodinow, Goodenow, or Goodenough) came in the Confidence in 1638. The house lot assigned to him was on the north street the third east of the meeting house and adjacent to that of John Haynes. He was an early inhabitant on the west side and probably built the Goodnow Garrison See chapter on Philip's War. He was a freeman May 13 1640. He repeatedly represented the town at the General Court was appointed to lay out land and was a captain of the town militia. He died April 6 1688 aged seventy seven. His wife Ann died March 9 1675 at the age of sixty seven. Edmund Goodnow and wife were buried in the Old Burying ground Wayland. Mr Haynes [sic] brought with him to America his children John and Thomas. Hannah and Sarah were born afterwards. Thomas it is supposed died young. Hannah married James Pendleton April 29 1656. Sarah married John Kettle. The Goodnow family has had a prominent position in town from an early date. It has largely dwelt on the west side of the river and to quite an extent in the south part of the town. One of the descendants was John Goodnow the donor of the Goodnow Library who was for many years a well known merchant of Boston as was also George Gootinow who gave a fund for the aid of the poor in Sudbury. Their father John Goodnow lived to be over a hundred years old and was the last survivor in Sudbury of those who did service in the Revolutionary War. He was born on the Noah Clupp farm about half way between Sudbury Centre and South Sudbury from which he went in early life to lands in Lanham formerly owned and occupied by Thomas Read and his descendants. //P// LAWS CONCERNING AMMUNITION AND FIRE ARMS. In 1653 The town appointed Edmund Goodnow and Hugh Griffin to divide the shot and overplus of bullets to the inhabitants what was wanting in shot to make up out of the overplus of bullets and the shot and bullets to be divided to each man his due by proportion according to what every man paid so near as they can. In 1669 Edmund Goodnow, John Parmenter Jr and John Stone were to see to the barrel of powder to the trial of it to the heading it up again and to take some course for the safe bestowing of it. //P// At an early period persons were appointed for the special purpose of hearing small causes In 1655 Lietenant Goodnow, Thomas Noyes, and Sergeant Groute were chosen commissioners to hear issue and end small causes in Sudbury according to law not exceeding forty shillings. //P// The settlers of Sudbury were young men or in the prime of stirring manhood they were not patriarchs near the close of their pilgrimage. Even those with whom because of their  prominence we most associate dignity and gravity were comparatively young men when the settlement began. By the passenger list of the Confidence it will be noticed that only Walter Haine had reached the age of 55 and John Rutter was only 22, Robert Davis 30, John Blandford 27, John Reddet 26, Peter Noyes 47, John Bent 35; John Goodenow 42; Edmund Goodenow 27; Thomas Goodenow 30. These ages are doubtless correct as we have in 1666 a deposition made by one of them Edmund Goodenow in which he alleges that he is about fifty five years old.  


White Swirled Line

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